Babs Goes To the Golf Dinner

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Babs was laid in bed with her husband when he turned to her and said.

“I will just go and make us a cup of tea.”

He got out of bed and put his dressing gown on and walked out of the bedroom.

“He is a good man.” she thought.”

“I just wish he was a bit more active in the bed department. What he does is excellent and I love going to bed with him but I need sex all the time. Ever since I hit the menopause I have gone mad for sex and I cannot get enough of it and I am not that bothered who I do it with. There are times that I wish that he was out of the house all of the time.”

She sneaked her hand under the duvet and under her nightie and onto her pussy and found that she was yet again wet. She was always wet these days. Right now she wanted a good rodgering. She decided to try and get a rise out of her husband.

Downstairs her husband was making the tea but he was taking his time. He had woken up feeling in need of some good sex and had taken one of his pills in the hope that it would begin to work before he got back to the bedroom. He was sure that Babs would be up for it. She never seemed to say no these days. Finally he could put off going upstairs again no longer he just hoped that he was up to the action.

Meanwhile Babs was slowly playing with herself. She had woken up horny again and she hoped that when her husband went to play golf that she would get the chance to do some action with her pussy and her toys. She had some beautifully long vibrators that would do just the trick this morning. She heard her husband come back up the stairs and quickly pulled her hand out from between her legs and for some reason she also pulled off her nightie.

She thought – Sod it- I might as well make it known that I am horny this morning and see if he takes the bait. She saw her husband walk in with the tea but she also saw the semi-erection in his pyjamas. Mmm this could be interesting. She watched as her husband put the tray of tea on the table at the side of the bed. She then watched as he took off his pyjamas and climbed into bed naked. She had not expected this.

He climbed into bed and snuggled into her. As they snuggled his hands came up and began to caress her breasts. He moved in and gave her a kiss which became a snog. They threw back the years and became young lovers again. She loved these moments. They came so far and few between but they were so special. She still loved her husband as much today as the day that they married.

He was massaging her breasts and her nipples were growing which made her pussy very wet. She ran her hands down his chest and stroked the little nipples that he had. They became like little stalks and she broke the kiss and moved down his chest and began to kiss them. She kissed them tenderly and then bit them gently. This was making love it was not having sex. She had sex with her men that she met when she was out and about but it was only with her husband that she made love. She stopped kissing his nipples and moved her hands down his abdomen to his groin.

She took the beautiful cock of his and began to stroke it. The pill had begun to work and he was becoming a bit harder but still not as hard as Babs would have liked. She began to masturbate his cock and slowly she felt it begin to rise until it was a good 8 inches long. He was also quite thick and when he did get his full erection he could be quite impressive. She moved her hand up and down the shaft. She loved the feel of a hard cock and she could stroke them for ages. She longed to kiss it.

She knew that she would be doing that soon enough. First of all she went to her drawer at the side of the bed and opened it. She rummaged around and found a cock ring. She went under the duvet and found his cock. She took the ring and placed it around his head and rolled it down his shaft. This would make sure that he maintained his erection.

Whilst she was down there she kissed the head of his cock and savoured the taste of it. She loved the taste of his cock because he kept it so clean but she also liked a mucky cock because that was just down right dirty. She kissed the head for a while then she moved her head down the shaft and took his 8 inches into her mouth. It hit the back of her throat but snugged into her mouth quite nicely. It was about the length that she could tolerate without gagging. She began to move her mouth up and down the shaft whilst massaging his balls. She loved the feel of his ball sac. It always felt so full and she loved the spunk that it delivered.

As Babs kissed her husband’s cock she moved so that her pussy was in his face. She knew that he would get the hint because he loved to lick pussy. She felt him put out his hand and spread her pussy lips. Next she felt his tongue begin to lap at her lips. He loved to run his tongue up and down her lips and savour her taste. She was a wetter and he absolutely loved it. As he licked at her pussy lips she began to leak juices all over his face. He then moved from her lips and stuck mecidiyeköy escort his tongue into her pussy hole. He began to tongue fuck her. In and out his tongue went like a mini cock. She began to push against his face and tried to get his tongue as deep as could be possible.

They were both working hard on each other’s sex organ and it felt amazing. She loved these moments with her husband. They established a rhythm quite easily because they knew each other so well. Babs was working her husband’s cock hard but she knew that because of the cock ring he would not cumm anytime soon. Her husband’s tongue was darting in and out of her pussy and she was leaking juice all over her husbands’ face. She loved the fact that she was a leaker and the fact that she could wet his face and sometimes when she was really aroused she could make him gag. In and out his tongue went and up and down her mouth went. He was so good that soon she came and flooded his mouth with her juice. He drank it down and managed to take it all. She moved again and got in position to be made love to.

She rolled off of him and got onto her back. She spread her legs and invited him to come and make love to her. He got up and climbed on top of her. He took his cock and placed it at the entrance to her pussy. She was so wet- she always was- that he just slid into her. He began to move in and out of her tenderly and at the same time they kissed. This was definitely making love. She wanted sex and she would probably get it at some point later on in the day but for now she was making love to the man that she worshipped. In and out he began to move. Babs was sighing in pleasure. He was so tender and caring and he made her tingle still. She bucked up against him and encouraged him to go as deep as he could. He pushed in harder and suddenly Babs came. She leaked juice all over the bed sheets but still he made love to her.

He withdrew his cock from her pussy as she came down from her orgasm then he flipped her over. He liked to do her on all fours. He stared at her glorious arse and he covered it with kisses. He could kiss that arse all day. He spread her pussy lips again and entered her from behind. She let out a small groan and grabbed a pillow and buried her face in it. He began to make love to her again and because of the position that he was now in he could go a lot deeper. He moved in and out of her faster and faster. He was getting to the point where he needed to cumm. He pulled the cock ring off and came deep in her pussy. This made her cumm again and she let out a scream and was thankful that she had her head buried in the pillow so that her neighbours did not hear not that she cared but she did not want to make them jealous. They collapsed onto the bed and kissed each other. They snugged for about ten minutes which they always did when they had made love.

After they had recovered they sat up naked in bed and had their cup of tea. They had gone cold but they tasted ever so good. When they had drained their cups Babs got out of bed and went to the bathroom. She did her ablutions and then she went to the bedroom to get dressed. She could feel her husband eyeing up her naked body. She went to the drawers and first of all she pulled out some knickers. She always chose sexy ones. She pulled them on and then she chose a bra to match and pulled that on and did it up. She then went to the next drawer and pulled out a suspender belt and then she attached a pair of stockings. Finally she went to the wardrobe and pulled out a skirt and a blouse. She then did her make-up and styled her hair and left the bedroom. She took the cups with her and went downstairs to tidy up the kitchen and left her husband to get ready because it was his golf morning. When he came downstairs he looked really smart. He kissed her on the forehead and then before leaving he said.

“You haven’t forgotten that it is the Golf Club Dinner tonight?”

“No darling I haven’t and I have everything in hand.” Babs replied.

With that he left the house. Babs did a bit of housework but she was dying to get to her laptop. She needed to check her e-mails and also she needed to add some more to the story for Jeremy because she had another client waiting for a story. It took her about an hour to do all that she had to do around the house. She could not rush things because her husband would notice and he did not know about her private life and she intended to keep it that way so she only worked on her computer when he was out of the house.

Once she had finished she flicked on the kettle and made herself a cup of coffee. She took it to the table and opened her laptop. She logged in and after a couple of minutes her computer came to life and she was able to check her e-mails. Jeremy had sent her a picture that she quite liked and asked how his story was going.

Other than that there was another request for a story. She read that one and the idea was quite intriguing so she thought she would might take on that challenge. Once maslak escort she had read her e-mails she went to work on Jeremy’s story. She was getting frustrated because she always had to stop and start on it and she just wanted a day when she could get on and write it and not be disturbed by anyone.

She was doing very well when the doorbell went. Annoyed she got up and went to the door and almost swooned. There stood a courier but he was gorgeous. He was of Asian origin. He was about six foot four inch tall with black hair and dark piercing eyes. He was also broad shouldered. He was everything that Babs loved in a lover. She invited him in and signed for the parcel. She had to prop herself on the table in the hallway to get over how good looking he was.

“Are you okay madam?” He asked.

“Yeah I will be fine if I can get to the kitchen and get a glass of water.” She responded.

“Do you want me to get it?” He asked.

“Oh yes please.” Babs replied.

The courier followed her into the kitchen and as he went to the sink to get a glass of water Babs took a seat at the table to settle herself. She took a couple of deep breaths to compose herself and without realising it she undid her blouse to try and cool herself down. The courier filled the glass to give Babs the water and he almost dropped the glass when he turned round because he was staring at Bab’s breasts which were rather large and encased in their silk bra.

“Hmm madam here is your water.” He said.

He handed the glass to her and she took a sip. She still seemed oblivious to the fact that she had her blouse open. The courier just stood there and stared at her breasts which he though were magnificent and he would have loved to get his hands on. Eventually Babs finished the water and said.

“Oh good that’s better.”

She suddenly looked down and saw that she had opened her blouse.

“Oh how did that happen?” She said innocently.

“I do not know but that is one hell of a sight.” The courier said.

“Oh you like what you see?” Babs asked.

“Very much madam.” The courier responded.

“What is your name?” Babs asked.

“Sanjit.” He said.

“What have you got planned for the next hour Sanjit?” Babs asked.

“I have my deliveries but I could be delayed for the right reason and catch up later and be late home to my wife.” He replied.

“Would taking me to bed and shagging the pussy off me be enough for you to do that?” Babs asked.

“Yes that would be justification madam.” Sanjit said.

“Please call me Babs.”

Sanjit walked forward and took her by the hand. He stood her up and took her into his arms. He held her there for a few moments and then he tilted her head towards his. He opened his mouth and began to kiss her. There was no tenderness there. He mashed his lips against hers and Babs could feel herself begin to wet her pants. God he was a good kisser. She wanted more. She wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him deeper onto her mouth. She responded with a passionate kiss of her own. Soon they were entwinning togues as only lovers can. It was such a different kiss to making love yet equally as good.

“Would you like to go to bed?” said Babs.

“Certainly.” He said.

Babs took him by the hand. Goodness it was big. She felt engulfed by it and yet she felt so safe with this strange man. He could be up to anything as far as she was concerned but she did not care. She led him up the stairs and towards the bedroom. She opened the door and walked him in and then she laid herself on the bed.

“Strip for me.” She said.

Babs made herself comfortable on the bed and got herself ready for a show.

Sanjit stood there looking a bit uncomfortable. He was used to being in charge In the bedroom and he was certainly not prepared to be told what to by an older woman but she was so sexy and he was erect and he knew that she would be pleased with what she saw.

He ran his hand up his tunic and began to pop the poppers one by one. He wore nothing underneath because his job made him so warm. When all the poppers were undone he opened the tunic and showed Babs his naked chest. Babs let out a sigh of pleasure. He had not got a hair on his body. She loved a nice smooth man so she could run her hands up and down it without her hands getting tangled up in hair. He shuffled the tunic off his shoulders and down his arms and dropped it to the floor.

He then went to his uniform trousers. They were hardly the most flattering of things but he tried to make them as sexy as he could. He really wanted to fuck this woman and he wanted nothing to spoil that. He turned his back on Babs and began to shake his ass at her. She looked at his butt. It was so tight and she could not wait to get her hands onto it. He ran his hands up his legs from behind and took hold of his butt. He stroked it and this just made Babs wetter. She really did need to have this cock of his in her pussy.

She pushed up her skirt merter escort and lifted up her bottom and took off her knickers. She began to touch her pussy. As per usual it was wet and she expected no problem accommodating this man. Sanjit then moved his hands round to the front of his trousers and went for the zipper on them. He pulled it down and then he unclipped it and slowly pulled the trousers down his legs. Once they were by his ankles he stepped out of them. He had forgotten his boots and socks. He quickly removed them and stood there with just his trunks.They accentuated his butt and his cock. Satisfied that he could tease her no more he turned round to face Babs.

Babs had loved the look of his butt she loved the look of his erection even more. It was straining at the front of his trunks. She invited Sanjit to join her on the bed. Sanjit walked forward and climbed onto the bed. He shuffled up until he was next to Babs. He then watched as she sidled off the bed. It was her turn to remove her clothes.

She stood at the bottom of the bed. As her blouse was already undone she just pulled it off and dropped it to the floor. She took her breasts in her hands and wiggled them. She wanted to kiss the nipples but she knew that would have to wait. She then went to her skirt. She reached round the back and found the button that fastened it together. She pulled at it and it came undone. She then went for the zipper and pulled it down. The skirt sat snug on her hips because she liked to show off her arse. She had to pull the skirt down and she did it as gracefully as possible. She stood there with just her knickers, stockings and suspender belt on. Se did not have the time to undo her suspenders and take her stockings off so she decided to keep them on. She put her hands into the waistband of her knickers and pulled them down nice and slowly. As she did she revealed her naked pussy.

“Nice pussy.” Sanjit said.

Now that she was naked Babs climbed back onto the bed. She shuffled up the bed until she was next to Sanjit. He was such a handsome man and he was so sexy. His dark eyes drew her into them and she could not wait to fuck him and hoped that he was as good a lover as he looked. She moved towards him and they began to kiss. He was a good kisser and all he did was turn her on even more.

She ran her hands over his smooth chest and played with his nipples. She twisted them and he sighed at the pleasure. He could not believe that she was such a sexy woman for one of her age. She knew how to turn a man on. His cock was more erect than his wife had made it in a long time. He thought that this could be the start of something good not knowing that Babs did not do relationships with her lovers. She used them for her purpose and then discarded them. She found that she was never short of a lover so she did not care. She could find another one easily enough in fact they seemed to find her.

Babs stroked his nipples and his chest and his abdomen and then she moved her hands down to his trunks. She placed her hands on the outside of his trunks and traced the outline of his cock and balls with her fingers. Using her sensitive touch she recokoned that he was about ten inches long, quite thick and hiis balls were nice and heavy. He was a typical virile young man and she could not wait to fuck him.

“Let’s get those trunks of yours off.” She said.

Babs went for the waistband of the trunks. Sanjit gave her a hand by lifting up his bottom and holding his buttocks off the bed as Babs pulled the trunks off. When his cock came into sight she was not disappointed. He was as long as she thought he was and to make things better he was circumcised and he had no hair on him. To her he looked like the complete adonis and she was just ashamed that she would be fucking him and then letting him go because she felt sure that he would want to come back for another session.

Babs placed her hands on the shaft of his cock and began to masturbate it. It was so smooth and she loved the feel of it. She could have masturbated it for hours but she knew that she did not have the time. Her husband would be home before not too long. She moved down his body until she was looking at his cock.

Babs stared at it for a moment and then she opened her mouth and took him into her wet hole. She let her teeth gently grate down the shaft of his penis. He seemed to like this so she did it again. As she moved her mouth up and down his shaft she used her teeth to keep him aroused. He was thankfully a stayer and she had to suck him for a good fifteen minutes before he said.

“I am going to cumm Babs. Where do you want it?”

“In my mouth will be fine.” Babs replied.

With that he spurted the first load of his cumm and it hit the back of her throat. Babs swallowed it down. She loved the taste of cumm and could not get enough of it. She squeezed his ball sac and encouraged him to give her more of his cumm. He spurted three more times all good quantitites and Babs took it all. She was a cumm slut. When he had finshed she took his cock out of her mouth and licked her lips clean. She then slid up the bed and opened her legs. He knew what she wanted and he began to move between her legs. Babs noticed that he maintained his erection and she was impressed.

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