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Alexa Thomas

The darkness closed in, no light filtered under the door, none invaded through the window. The drawn curtains even blacked out street lights. In my minds eye I knew my surroundings and easily maneuvered the obstacles in my path. I made my way to my bed and the comfort I hoped it would provide.

I was emotionally drained. Physically, my body was tired from three hours of running from my feelings. I was mentally wide awake, hoping for sleep, and knew it would allude me this night. I wondered what was going on across town at my sister’s apartment.


Just a few hours ago, my sister and I spent our usual brother and sister night together at her apartment. Every week, our practice was to spend an evening and sometimes the night together being ourselves with no one telling us it is impolite to scratch where it itches, and beer belches are rude. It is our one night of letting our hair down and telling society where to stick it.

We are not romantically connected, let’s get that straight. When we are together for our brother and sister night, we are brother and sister in every sense. We have dinner, talk, have a few drinks, usually beer, and support one another through the difficulties of being young 20­something’s in an adult world that treats us like we should be older 50­something’s.


My name is Stephen, not Steven as everyone seems to pronounce it. My sister calls me Steph. My parents were not to creative naming my sister Stephanie; I called her Fanny. Yes, a play on names, Steph and Fanny. Fanny is actually my older sister by a mere 21 minutes, yep, we are paternal twins. In three weeks we turn 23 and start our last year of college in the fall.

The obvious question to most people, our parents included is, “Why do you have separate apartments when you share everything else?” I don’t think either of us have a rationale answer other than needing babe space separate from boy space.

Our rents are about equal and pooling our money on a larger two bedroom apartment would save us both a few dollars. We could afford better food at the grocery store and share household chores. The problem is we could not entertain unless we both wanted to entertain together. Let’s not even begin a conversation about having overnight guests in our bedroom’s, that would be just too much information. We were content with our current arrangement.


We both inherited height genes from our parents. I am just short of six feet two inches and Fanny is five feet eleven inches. Fanny has a basketball scholarship and rules the woman’s basketball team from three­point land. I have a swimming and diving scholarship. We both earned the privilege to live off campus through academics and proven skills in our sports. We are not part of the party crowd although we get invited and do participate. We understand that fun does not have to involve heavy drinking or drug use.

Fanny is golden blonde with crystal blue eyes. Her hair is usually tied in a ponytail, her signature hair style on and off the B­ball court. She has a sprinters body from years of sprints playing basketball.

I am a similar build but stronger in the arms and broader in the shoulders from swimming. My hair is darker, more of a light brown than blonde. My eyes are green with a crystal blue halo around the green. I guess I am a typical swimmer, I shave or wax my body hair because hair can cause even the slightest drag slowing me down one or two tenths of a second. Yes, I shave there, too.

Fanny and I have a closeness that only twins understand. Even in my present confused state, Fanny understood. She knew my confusion stemmed from tonight’s conversation. She wants us to share an apartment our final year of college and “take on the campus together.”

How harmful would that be since we are well known as brother and sister, no one would challenge our sharing of apartments. None of this has to do with bedrooms or sleeping arrangements, it has everything to do with sharing one bathroom. Our class schedules and sport schedules are very tight and very similar. We would have to share the bathroom at the same time. How crazy would it be, me at the sink shaving while Fanny showers or me having a good dump while Fanny brushes her teeth. Then there is the whole nude thing.

“That’s all true Steph, and we can’t change our schedules. However, we know our boundaries as siblings and we would never cross the line.” It was that last phrase that got to me, “we would never cross the line.” Was she saying that for my benefit, her benefit, or our benefit? “Would we?”

Why the fuck did she add that last question; I was conflicted. Would we, the question echoed in my mind. I repeated the question to her, “Would we, Fanny?”

“Of course not, that would be out of the question. Even though I think you are masculine and attractive, it couldn’t happen.” Fanny went red immediately after her revaluation and turned away to grab her beer and pulled hard on the can taking a long drink.

“No, görükle escort couldn’t. Even though I find you feminine and attractive, it could not happen.” Our cards were on the table and feelings exposed. “Fanny, I better go because we are not talking about an apartment together any longer. You know what I mean.”

“And, Steph, you know what I mean. Call me later, please.”


I reached my cell phone and hit speed dial on Fanny’s number although I had no clue what to say. Fanny answered as if groggy but not asleep. When I heard her voice through the phone, the depth of my emotional state gushed from my mouth. “Fanny, I love you!”

“Why did you run away, Steph?” I heard a little tension in her voice and a little anger. “Of all the people in the world, why did you run from me? The only person who knows me better myself, and you ran from me.” Now I heard soft cries of my sister and knew tears rolled from her eyes; tears filled my eyes as well.

“Fanny,” I’m sure she heard my emotion, “I didn’t run from you, I ran from me. When you called me masculine and attractive, I heard more than your words. Then I said you are femenine and knew we changed somehow. The truth was out for both of us.”

“What truth is that, Steph? The truth that we think the other is attractive?”

“Fanny, there is still a little Friday night left, and my car is over there. It will deliver you to my door if you want to talk some more tonight.” I wasn’t sure what we would talk about, yet knew talking would help.

“I’ll be there in 15 minutes. Steph…,” Fanny paused, “Steph, I love you too.”

Fifteen minutes and I needed a shower. The apartment was in its usual ‘a guy lives here’ state but that didn’t matter, I went to the shower.

Fanny arrived with my car, the beer, and the snacks we were going to have tonight. I had a couple frozen pizzas if we wanted more. Once the bags were set down, we drew toward the other like magnets attracting. We hugged in a simultaneous embrace of man and woman. In that moment, our course was set although in uncharted waters.

Fanny lay her head on my shoulder and I felt her breath on my neck; we did not relax our hug. I felt her lips pucker and kiss me gently on the neck. Only then did I move my head and she move hers so we could look onto the other’s face. It was a deep and very penetrating gaze that lasted a mere second before being punctuated by a truely passionate kiss.

In like minds that only twins share, our kiss broke and together we began saying, “Is this the line we will never cross?” Then before another kiss, we answered together, “Yes.”


In the keeping secrets department, neither of us had secrets. We knew the other’s sexual history and even the best writer couldn’t fill a page with our combined sexual exploits. I can count the number of women I’ve had sex with on one hand and have three fingers left.

Fanny told me about her first virgin sex. She wanted a pleasant experience with a guy she really liked and he just wanted some pussy. I held her, comforted her, and swore I would get her revenge. As fate had it, he had revenge taken out on him one night in a DUI coupled with a manslaughter charge. He is Bubba’s boy now.

Fanny and I date, yet it is never serious and Fanny hasn’t tried sex since her first bad encounter.

We are as much virgin as two non virgins can be.


When we did disentangle, we knew beer and snacks were no longer on the menu. We held hands and danced around the apartment to music we only imagined. Between imaginary songs, we stopped for another kiss before beginning a new dance. Through all this, we remained innocent of any fondling and groping.

We knew that our innocence would soon be lost to the other; however, we only sensed the reality to come. We were like kids discovering ice cream, it tastes good and we want to savor it as long as possible.

The music stopped playing in our minds as we sank into my couch, we felt a connection only twins understand. Call it extra sensory perception, telepathy, or any other paranormal term you want, we began communicating without words, smiling, little giggles, and nods. We felt wrapped in an aura of warmth, an aura of love.

We did not ask what’s next, in our minds, what’s next was already happening. Fanny began moving ever so cautiously pulling at the hem of her knit top. Slowly her abs came into view then the bottom of her chest appeared and I made out the curve of her lower ribs. Higher she pushed her top until her demi­bra encased breasts appeared. In a final swift motion, her top was off and flung to the floor.

Fanny’s breasts are not large but they are full and firm. Her lace bra was a stark contrast to sports bras women wear. I saw her nipples poking through the lace. They looked stiff, kind of swollen, more than I could imagine. I noticed the front clasp as Fanny skillfully broke the seal. The bra fell away exposing my eyes to her exclusive territory.

My eskort bayan eyes moved to her face; I saw her glow. Our minds remained connected as I began drowning in her gaze. Every emotion I could encounter in a life time, I encountered in Fanny’s gaze at that moment. I began unbuttoning my shirt holding my eyes on Fanny’s beaming and gleaming eyes. My shirt joined hers.

When words did return to our mouths, we gasped together, “You’re beautiful.” This set off another round of dancing to tunes in our minds as we hugged and kissed skin to skin. The dance continued until we reached the bedroom.

This time, I took the lead unbuckling my belt, popping the waist button and sliding the zipper of my pants down. Gravity took over and my pants fell to my ankles. I kicked them away. In my underwear, there was no mistaking my hardened condition.

Fanny motioned me to her, placing my hands at her breasts, inviting me to get acquainted. Her hands went to the elastic band of my briefs, her fingers pushed through that restriction, pushed my underpants over my hips, and my cock greeted her. Fanny’s fingers, well trained in firm but delicate grip on basketballs, took my cock in her hands.

What Fanny did next was totally unexpected. She went to her knees, played my cock in her hands, then opened her mouth. Her tongue flicked across the throbbing head of my cock. Then she smiled taking me into her mouth.

I had never felt such a wonderful sensation and our mental connection told me that Fanny had never experienced this either. She was clumsy in her efforts; however, I would never have known it. She had me at my breaking point, she knew I was there, and simply nodded. I came a bucket of cum in her mouth.

Fanny tried to contain it in her mouth, yet some escaped and rolled down her cheek and fell to her breasts. She swallowed some to make room for more. That was the best orgasm I ever had and when I finished cumming, Fanny swirled the concoction in her mouth and swallowed. I went to my knees before her and we shared the deepest kiss our passions could produce.

My hands began searching the waist of Fanny’s pants finding the little side zipper and opened it. My fingers touched her forbidden flesh as firmly and gently as hers touched mine. Was it instinct or our mental connection; however, Fanny knew I wanted to give her what she gave me.

Fanny rose from her knees while swiftly removing her pants. Her scant lace panty was all that remained. As Fanny did to me, I did for her. My hands slid up her thighs finger tips barely making contact, Fanny began breathing big gulps of air as my fingers touched the lace covering her lovely butt, she moaned and her body shook. I guided her to the bed.

My fingers snaked into the waistband of her panty as I began removing her last piece of modesty. What greeted me was a tiny heart shaped tuft of hair above an otherwise shaved mound. I kissed her right on that little heart.

Fanny sat on the edge of the mattress with all her attributes exposed. I began kissing the insides of her thighs and she leaned back on her elbows. As I came closer to her secret inner passage, her arms failed in their support. On her back, Fanny gripped at the bed covers and thrust her hips at my face.

I licked at her pussy as she had licked at my cock. Fanny released some of her aroma onto my tongue causing my immediate addiction. I kissed and licked around her outer lips and found her tiny bead at the center of her being. A kiss and lick at it send Fanny into a screaming orgasm. Her womanly cum bathed my face, filled my mouth, and continued for several long seconds until she screamed, “No more!” I did not want to stop, I wanted her to suffocate me. I gave her a few more gentle licks then rested my head on her stomach.

I became suddenly aware of Fanny crying. Our mental connection was not working now and I was concerned that I did something wrong. “Fanny, why are you crying. Have I done something wrong?” I rose to see her tear streamed face smiling at me. She beckoned me to her and we began another round of passionate kissing.

“I’m sorry, Steph. I’m sorry I can’t give you my virginity. I’m sorry you can’t be my first.”

“But, Fanny, I am your first. You gave your body to me in the womb. We lay naked together for nine months. Now we can lay naked together for the rest of our lives.” I was not sure if I said the right thing, I hoped I had.

Fanny reacted swiftly and decisively leaping atop my reclining body showering me with tears and kissing each tear drop from my face. “My sweet Steph! You know what I mean but you make it sound so simple.”

“Fanny, it is that simple. We tossed and turned in the womb and I was the first to touch your beautiful body. Now I am poised to be your first, I hope only, lover.” I held Fanny tightly until she calmed from her emotional state. When she smiled looking me in the eye, I knew we were about to consummate our love.

We kissed and caressed our bodies, we altıparmak escort both came alive with new higher levels of desire. I was hard and Fanny was rocking her hips trying to capture her prize in the warm wet confines of pussy. When she got it right, she gasped and moaned loudly.

Slowly she slid my cock into her. She grimaced some, she smiled, she sighed, and she moaned until she had taken my entire length. It was a long adjustment for her and when she was comfortable, she sat up and saw herself in the dresser mirror. She looked at us reflected in the mirror as if we were some distant ‘they’ that were not us.

She bent her head deeply and looked where we were joined, twins joined at the hip. Fanny’s naive gestures were teen like rather than adult almost 23. Fanny suddenly shivered and her pussy muscles compressed my cock. She whined a bit then cried out as another orgasm released its energy through her body.


The aura we experienced dancing around the living room returned, we were one body and one mind. I felt Fanny’s orgasm through our mental connection, I felt what she felt and I wanted her to feel it more. I flexed my hips upward slightly pressing hard against her mound. Fanny clamped against me again as another orgasm overcame her. Fanny’s aura glowed white­hot as she experienced a multiple orgasm.

I became engulfed in her glow, it was warm and comfortable and the glow rose until I could not restrain myself. My own orgasm hit and I flooded my sister’s womb with my sperm. Fanny had another orgasm, not as strong as before. Our mental connection told me she was emotionally and physically wiped out as was I.

Fanny relaxed, her body lay atop mine, my cock shrank as she tried to hold me in her. A sudden shock of knowing swept through me, we did not protect ourselves from pregnancy.

“Fanny, what if we made a baby?” I asked the question without shock or concern. “If we made a baby it will be our baby and our baby will be beautiful.”

“Do you want to put a baby in me, Steph?”

My answer came in an instant, “Yes!”

“Steph, I’m pretty sure it didn’t happen tonight. My period is in a couple days. We will have to start using precaution until I can get on birth control. Are you releaved?”

“A little bit, maybe, and a little bit no. What I am afraid of is how we tell our family of our love.”

“Does that mean we are apartment hunting tomorrow? Steph, I want a baby with you, too. We have to wait a couple years for that. Is that okay?”

I smiled at my sister, my twin, my lover, “You already have one picked out don’t you?” “I am only slightly naive.”

I flung my sister to the mattress and began another round of kissing and foreplay. When we were ready, Fanny begged me to mount her and we made wild and energetic love until our mutual orgasms spilled love juices and our sexual aroma filled the bedroom.

In an exhausted heap, we slept.


I awoke to hearing Fanny on the phone. “Mom, I have some exciting news. I am in love with the most perfect person in the world and I know he loves me.” There was a pause while mom talked. “It is so exciting, we decided to get an apartment together.” Another pause. “Of course Steph knows, he is going to help me move. He is excited, too.”

In my mind I could almost hear mom’s concern over her daughter living with some man. “Mom, I am not going to live with just some man. I am not going to ruin my scholarship. I am going to finish college.”

I heard Fanny drop the big bomb. “Mom, Steph and I are in love and we are lovers. We are getting an apartment together just like you wanted.” So much for how to tell our parents.

“Steph, are you awake, mom wants to talk to you.” I was awake and wishing for anything else than the conversation about to take place. I stumbled naked into the living room where my equally naked sister sat.

“Yes, mom, it is true. … I think we have known it for a long time. … I finally accepted it yesterday. … Yes, I finally accepted it, Fanny was way ahead of me. After all, she is 21 minutes older and it took me time to catch up with her feelings and emotions.” I hoped a bit of humor would lighten the moment, Fanny buried her head in a cushion to stifle her laugh.

“Mom, I am not making light. I love my sister, I am in love with the beautiful woman my sister is.

Mom, I am ready to undergo whatever I have to to have Fanny in my life, make her my wife, and have your grand kids with her. I mean whatever!”

Fanny took the phone from me. “Mom, after you and dad think about it for a while, I hope you will accept it just as we have. Bye, mom. Call later if you want to.”

Fanny and I searched the other’s eyes seeing equal determination. Fanny spoke the obvious, “That went over like a fart in church.” When we stopped laughing, Fanny said we needed a shower and needed to change the bed sheets. She went off to shower after finding all her clothes.

I set about finding something for our breakfast.


As I showered, the thought that our sex creating a new life continued to bother me. I dressed and found Fanny finishing a bowl of cereal and toast. “Fanny, I am still concerned for us. Maybe we did make a baby last night. I will buy you the morning after. Will you take it?”

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