Babes and Boys 02 – The Sequel

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Thank you, readers, for sending email messages requesting this sequel. With your encouragement, I am pleased to add this unit to .com. I hope you enjoy it.


“You’re serious! Uncle John and Aunt Rita are brother and sister! Mom’s brother and sister!”

Fanny looked at me with a silly grin. “Yes. Mom told me when we had our talk. She said we should call them. They can help us deal with some of the stuff that is ahead of us.”

Not that we were doing poorly in school, we weren’t. However, we were now motivated in many new ways to be our very best. Fanny was very athletic and worked her way into a starter position on the basketball team.

The end of the basketball season was approaching for Fanny and the end of the semester was coming up soon. We’d have almost two months before the next semester.

With that time available to us we made arrangements to see our uncle and aunt John and Rita.

John and Rita live about 500 miles away. They have their interior remodel and design company and work out of their converted barn on 600 acres of mostly wooded areas. A few cleared fields are here and there that served as part of their contribution to the local farmers market.

They would not answer any of our questions until we were face to face. That left us a bit apprehensive.

“Steph, what are they going to tell us. Will it be all the bad stuff that can happen between sibling lovers?” Fanny was sniffling back some tears.

“Listen, Fanny, if mom told you we should talk to them, it can’t be all bad.” I held her close and nibbled on her neck until she began responding to me.

I am still amazed by how quickly Fanny gets aroused. She was pressing against me and as my hands slid down her back to her jeans covered butt, Fanny moaned loudly. “Quick, Steph, take me to bed.”

We didn’t make it to bed.

Fanny stood up and moved to take my hands. I did not let her achieve her goal. Her athletic shorts hung loosely on her hips. I avoided taking her hands rather, I grabbed the hem of her shorts and gave them a swift tug. Fanny’s pussy glistened into view. I adjusted my posture so I sat facing Fanny directly, my eyes were about her navel level.

I lunged my face at her secret garden and my tongue tasted her nectar. Fanny was not holding back a bit. She braced herself against my shoulders and pressed hard onto my tongue. Only seconds elapsed before she released all savory mixture. Her loud cries were the telltale evidence that she had a big cum.

Fanny didn’t drop to her knees. It was more like a collapse. I had to catch her weight as her whole body relaxed after a rocking orgasm.

I pulled her close, held her at my chest. I was in an emotional paradise for the few minutes Fanny rested against me. I whispered a simple, “I love you, Fanny.”

Fanny began to snuggle more intently, wantingly. She began to shift down to sit on her calves. Her hands tugged at my shorts until the root of my passion came free to her grasp.

Her hot breath and gently touch were quickly replaced by tight lips and grasping fingers. Fanny was jerking me and sucking me into a crescendo. I didn’t hold back either.

“Now!” And my load went off into Fanny’s gulping mouth.

We made it to the bedroom where we began anew with real foreplay, necking, and bursa eskort bayan petting.

Fanny took control by mounting me slowly. At first, teasing her clit and backing away. She reached a point that rubbing herself wasn’t enough. Fanny took just my glans and backed off. She did this until she was almost glassy-eyed.

The point at which Fanny knew the time was right came and slid me fully in and cried out wildly as she came again.

Each of my hands gripped a globe of her butt and pulled hard as possible to bury myself at depth and turn loose another blast of cum to mingle with her’s.

“Steph, thanks for holding me and whispering you love me.”

Our biological twin connection burst into life. Fanny let me in so completely, I felt her feeling my cock in her. More! I felt her great love being poured from an endless reserve.

Through our connection, I shared a mental image of an ultrasound when mom was pregnant. We were wrapped arm in arm facing each other. The headshot seemed to confirm we were kissing. I let my vision flow through our biological connection and hoped she received me in the way I received her.

Her reply came through the reaction of her body. Though we were not rocking against each other, and I was just barely contained in her, Fanny had a cum.

After our hardcore lovemaking, I was depleted and deflated. My cock released itself from Fanny’s warm grip. I felt the warmth of our mixture dribble from her vagina, down my wilted cock, and over my balls.

It was sensual, highly sexual, and beyond erotic knowing that our sibling nectar is what I was feeling moisten me. The final moments of my ecstasy came to an end.

I think she did it on purpose because I sensed a warning bell that was overridden by my post cum high.

Suddenly, Fanny released her remaining fluid in a loud wet pussy fart. She jumped up dashing for the bathroom. If the simple act of peeing can be orgasmic, Fanny just orgasmed as a rush of pee cascaded to splatter in the bowl below.

I heard the flush and the shower water turn on. “Come shower with me, Steph. Remember, you promised dinner out tonight?”

“You’ll have to remind me, when did I promise that?” I wanted a shower too and dinner sounded good.

“Never mind when. You promised.”

“McDonald’s drive-through it is. I’m coming to wash your back.”

It wasn’t McDonald’s drive through. I was a bit more upscale than that. A Mexican restaurant was near and it was a college hangout. Final exam preparation week was underway and the restaurant was pretty busy with students burned out from finals studying.

Some of Fanny’s teammates were at a table with a couple spaces open; we took them.

“Hey, Fanny, what are you and Steph doing over semester break?” It was one of Fanny’s closest team friends.

“We are invited to visit an aunt and uncle about 500 miles away. They own a remodeling firm and live on 600 acres of mostly woodland. We’re going to stay with them and try to get this last semester out of our heads.”

“You know, Fanny, I can never understand how you always look so relaxed and satisfied,” the friend smirked. “You must be hiding a boyfriend none of us know about.”

“There are a lot of ways to get satisfied that don’t require a boyfriend.” bursa otele gelen eskort bayan Fanny had one of those coy silly smiles on her lips as she rubbed her leg against mine.

“Not that satisfied girl. It takes a man to keep you that satisfied.” She looked at me and back to Fanny. “I freaking swear, if I didn’t know better, Fanny, I’d say… Nevermind, I know better. What I don’t get is why neither of you date.”

I decided to chime in, “I just don’t like hearing the romance rumors. You all know what I’m talking about. Heck, you’re guilty with that ‘if I didn’t know better’ stuff.”

I was smiling and laughing while in the back of my mind I wanted to scream. “You’re right! Fanny and I are lovers.”

Break arrived and we loaded my car for the trip. It was early enough to beat the traffic out of town and we could hit highway speed quickly. Five-hundred miles is a lot but we figured it would take about nine or ten hours, lunch and a couple pee breaks figured in.

We reached our aunt and uncles home in about ten hours and 15 minutes. Fanny patted my leg, “Good driving.”

I took her hand in mine, “Good inspirational driving partner.”

John and Rita were expecting us and came rushing out to the car. The revelation that they are our mother’s brother and sister and lovers made it comfortable to meet them with our hands clenched together.

Right away Aunt Rita called us out. “You two are deeply in love. The aura is strong around you.”

Uncle John was no less subtle. “We have the guest house set up for you. Don’t want to have to knock on doors telling you to keep it quiet.”

“Shut up, John,” Rita smacked him. Laughing she added, “It might sound like a duet.”

Fanny blushed and I felt a little uncomfortable as well. They are our aunt and uncle even if they are brother and sister. It was strange hearing them talk like that with us.

“Let us assure you,” John started, “we are one-hundred percent on your side and one-hundred percent coconspiritors in your life choice.”

Rita kept the moment alive. “Talk to us, ask us anything. Don’t hold back. Now, let’s get inside and have some hot soup and sandwiches.”

Aunt Rita and Uncle John’s house was modern design, wide open, lots of glass, and wooded scenery all around. Rita showed us to the bathroom. “Take a few minutes to refresh from the road. Supper will be in about 15 minutes.”

Neither Fanny nor I had spoken much since arriving. “Aunt Rita, I’m so happy to be here,” Fanny’s voice broke with emotion.

I pulled her close as her emotion took a toll on me, “Yes, we are.”

Behind the closed bathroom door, we kissed long and hard. “Fanny, I’ll never stop loving you.”

It took a lot of cold water to cool our emotions. Fortunately, redeye from the drive and sun was an excuse.

We made our way back to the huge kitchen and smelled a hot stew on the stove and grilled reuben sandwiches ready to eat.

As we sat down to eat, Fanny broke any tension there may have been with her first question. “When did you discover you were in love?”

“Were not twins like you two,” John began. “I was the older brother and wanted to take care of my baby sister. For me it was right away when Rita was a baby.”

“John bursa eve gelen escort was always there for me and let me come along with him and the guys. He took a lot of crap for it, too.”

“We held hands all the time. When Rita started the process of becoming a woman, I couldn’t stay away from her. We kept it clean until Rita was 18. Hugs and kisses but nothing else. When Rita turned 18 we went out on a brother and sister date and came home openly in love.”

“It didn’t even hurt when he took my virginity. I wanted him so much. That first time we made love five times and I had multiple orgasms until I almost passed out.”

“I came so much each time. Rita had to run to the bathroom each time. Her cum and mine, it was a lot.”

John looked at Rita with love and lust, “I hope you know what I have planned for tonight.”

Rita didn’t answer in words, she was worked up and rubbing herself on the chair.

“Fanny and I better find the quest house pretty quickly or we’ll witness it first hand,” my hand was already rubbing between Fanny’s legs and she was lighting up to.

Fanny began to tell the story of our own discovery. The argument, the reconciliation, the virgin sex all the time her voice getting huskier with my fingers toying on her pubic bone.

Fanny squeezed her legs tightly, almost crying out, “I came, too.”

“Holy fucking shit! I can’t believe you coaxed her to cum at the table, Steph.” John was amused and obviously ready to take Rita.

“After that scene, John, we better get them to the guest house.”

Supper was ended, table cleared, and leftovers put away.

Sexual tension remained high as Rita told us to follow John to the guest house. “Bring your car around so you don’t have to carry your bags too far.”

We didn’t waste time unpacking. We went off to the shower for a quick wash. Something important was on Fanny’s mind and she didn’t want to say anything right away. There wasn’t tension in the air; however, I sensed after tonight many things would change for us.

Still naked, we sat quietly in the open living room of the guest house. Fanny found her usual comfortable position on my lap and rested her head on my shoulder. Her little kisses ignited my desire though I knew something was going to be said. I held back.

“Steph, what could happen at school if we came out as lovers? Remember last night before we left? Remember what was said, ‘If I didn’t know better I’d say you two…’ but the sentence didn’t finish?”

I lifted Fanny’s head and held back no longer. I kissed her deep. It was as if all the feelings and emotions I ever had burst through my lips and planted on hers.

“Are you ready for that step,” came my question after a prolonged kiss. Both our eyes were wet with emotional tears.

“What would happen?”

“From the administration, the same thing that happened when gay rights passed. It is only society that finds it wrong for Rita and John, you and me, and probably thousands of other sibling couples.”

Fanny shifted her position to straddle my hips facing me. She was moist and warm against my hard cock.

“From what I think I know, Fanny, there would be others at school who would come out too.”

In a swift instant, Fanny’s eyes changed to hot lustful wanton and demanding. She impaled herself on my cock and screamed. Her thrusts made me aware that she wanted more than love making, more than sex, she wanted to be fucked. I returned her thrusts until it was that moment of final reward. Fanny came hard and so did I.

With no further discussion, the decision was made. We were to be open about our relationship.

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