Babbette’s Boobies Ch. 01

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The Family

Bill Branch was born September 18, 1963 6’1″ 185 pounds Black hair blue eyes he is a corporate office manager and married Bonnie November 20, 1984 settling down in Kansas City.

Bonnie Branch was born October 3, 1963 5’7″ 140 pounds 38-26-40 Blonde hair and Green eyes she is a dentist’s secretary but considers her first job caring for her husband and their three kids.

Bobby Branch was born August 9, 1985 6’2′ 195 pounds Black hair and blue eyes he is Bill and Bonnie’s oldest child about to enter his third year of college where he is on the swim team and is admired by girls as being one of the true hunks around campus.

Babbette Branch was born June 25, 1986 5’5″ 135 pounds 44-26-42 Blonde hair and green eyes the middle Branch child entering her second year of college has looks that stop everyone guys and girls alike in their tracks.

Bambi Branch was born April 14, 1987 5’6″ 125 pounds 38-24-36 Black hair and green eyes the baby of the family who just graduated high school and was looking forward to college life but not the studying.

Brenda Cooper was born February 9, 1978 5’3″ 115 pounds 36-24-38 red hair and brown eyes Bill’s business partner and thinks other people are made for only one thing – for her to give lots and lots of oral sex to.

Brad Cooper was born December 28, 1977 5’11” 185 pounds Brown hair and blue eyes Brenda’s oversexed husband who cannot get enough of her fellatio.

Our story

If the sounds that came from his parent’s room weren’t proof enough that they enjoyed fucking every chance they got, then, certainly, the public displays of affection would convince anyone that they still liked the physical side of their love. They carried on like teenagers. Bobby had always known that they couldn’t keep their hands off of each other as he was born nine months after the wedding, his sister Babbette ten months later, and then Bambi ten months after that.

After Bambi was born his parents, Bonnie and Bill, must have finally gotten his mom on birth control pills as no more kids would be a result of their lust for each other since Bambi’s birth in April of 1987. This Summer Babbette and Bobby are home from college and Bambi is enjoying her last summer off before starting college herself. All three of them are determined to have the summer of their lives and things got off to a great start in mid-May the day after Babbette and Bobby got home.

After living in the dormitories, without any privacy, Babbette and Bobby were glad to be back home in their large house with five bedrooms. In the dormitories people were always running in and out of each other’s rooms at all hours which explains what happened that very first Saturday morning after they got back from school. Bambi hadn’t had to lock her door when she wanted privacy as mom and dad would always knock and wait for an answer before coming on in. But, Babbette and Bobby had gotten used to college ways that if a door was unlocked you were welcome to come and go as you wish.

Bambi was, like the rest of her family, starved for sex even if it hadn’t been long since she had last been fulfilled. She was lying in her bed, wearing only her panties, teasing her hard little nipples as she thought about how sexy Bobby and Babbette looked the previous night. She swore she saw a large bulge in her brother’s pants and her sister was dressed to kill.

Evil thoughts of getting her siblings to bed filled her mind as her fingertips ran down her tummy and under her hot pink panties until she was playing with her clit. Suddenly, the door flew open as Babbette bounded in and stopped three feet inside wearing only her sheer short red nightie with a very low neckline and white cotton panties. Babbette had come into see if Bambi was ready to go on down to the kitchen for breakfast.

She opened her mouth but no words would come out. She found herself hypnotized by the sight of Bambi’s fingers pushing against the crotch of her panties as she played with her cunt. Something told Babbette to reach behind her and close the door so that her parents wouldn’t see her sister satisfying herself. What Babbette could not believe is that Bambi hadn’t stopped jerking off when she came into the room.

In fact, Babbette looked up at Bambi’s face and her sister was giving her a broad smile. The older girl was debating whether to leave when Bambi motioned for her to come closer. As Babbette glided toward the bed as if pulled by a tractor beam Bambi asked, “Do you want me to take these panties off so you can see more?”

Babbette’s throat was suddenly very dry. She thought of running out of there but, instead, simply nodded her head up and down. Bambi’s fingers disappeared from under the panties as she quickly moved her hands to the sides of the undies and yanked them off. Babbette felt a stirring in her loins as suddenly before her was a beautiful thick wet black mound of hair with a glistening pink slit running right down the middle.

“If you are going to stay in here you have to strip and you can have a seat Giresun Escort right here?” Bambi kicked a spot on the bed near her feet where she wanted her sister to sit as she resumed diddling herself. Mesmerized Babbette flung off her clothing and sat where Bambi showed her. Her eyes quickly became glued to her sister’s cunt again. Before long, Babbette started pinching her own very hard nipples.

Bambi had never taken the time to study her sister’s boobs before. My god, they were sure massive she thought to herself. But, that wasn’t there only quality they are actually very beautiful. The nipples are the size of pen caps and appear to be as hard. Those beautiful orbs are perfectly symmetrical and don’t have a single blemish on them. Now, the only thing Bambi was thinking of as she frigged herself quicker was Babbette’s flawless titties and how she wanted them every way possible.

There was one very special thing Bambi had always wanted another girl to do with her. Now, that Babbette’s hand was gliding down her tummy to her full bush maybe she was turned on enough to go for it. Bambi spread her legs further apart and pulled her cunny lips wide open as she kept playing asking, “Babbette, does my horny and super hot steamy little pussy turn you on?”

“Oh yes, my fucking god, it is fucking beautiful,” Babbette managed to utter as she was now getting into masturbating herself. Bambi was now sensually rubbing her fingertips up and down the edges of her cunt ant licking her lips seductively.

“Well, Babbette you have the sexiest boobs I’ve ever seen and I want them down there. Oh shit it would be so damn sexy if you would fuck my clitty with your titties.” At first it didn’t register with Babbette what her sister wanted her to do. She thought about it for a second and then realized she was being asked to fuck her sister with her breasts which caused a chill to run down her back.

Bambi placed a foot on Babbette’s thighs and ran it gently up and down the soft skin. A pool of moisture was collecting in Babbette’s cunt as she pondered what to do. Then she shrugged her shoulders and decided that she only lived once and this might be sexy. So, she climbed into position between Bambi’s sultry legs and sniffed in the wonderful aroma of the hot cunt before her.

Laying her right shoulder on the uppermost spot on Bambi’s thigh Babbette lowered her left breast until it was directly in front of her sister’s heavenly twat. Bambi shuddered in anticipation as she couldn’t believe this fantasy was about to come true. Babbette teased her sister by stroking her thighs with the sides of her boob and then the nipple but stayed away from her pleasure pot.

As the sensation of skin on skin felt so good to Bambi she did not complain about what Babbette was doing to her. Both girls almost creamed themselves when Babbette finally rubbed the bottom of her big orb against Bambi’s thick bush. Slowly, she let the nipple trace down the edges of the crotch where it meets the thigh; first down one side then up the other. Then, Babbette swirled the tip of the nipple against the edge of the moist cunt lips causing Bambi to jump at the contact.

Gradually Babbette explored deeper and deeper into her sister’s pussy. She had never been this turned on before in her life and wanted to see how much of her boob she could push inside the hot box. She grabbed her tit firmly in her hand and began shoving it in. Bambi felt the pressure building from the invading booby and moaned loudly as she pushed back against the assault. With one hand playing with her own tits and the other running through Babbette’s hair Bambi cooed, “Oh, I want my cum all over those huge tits of yours. Oh yes, nipple fuck my clitty!”

Taking her sister’s suggestion, Bambi withdrew slightly and aimed her nipple right for the hard nub of Bambi’s clit. A jolt of lightning shot through Bambi’s body as Babbette circled the button with her nipple. Bambi was moaning without regard to who might be listening. Babbette, a bit more aware of their surroundings urged, “Quiet, you’ll spoil everything. Oh my God you have a hot little cunt; my boob feels so good down there.”

“Oh god, fuck, I am cumming; oh God please, eat up all of my juices and I’ll eat yours.” Babbette wasn’t sure if Bambi was suggesting a sixty nine but was sure that is what she wanted, and now. She jumped upon Bambi and rammed her overheated cunt into Bambi’s face. Both mouth’s went right to work licking and sucking as if the world itself would end unless they both came right away.

Sweat was pouring from their bodies as their hands explored one another pinching, caressing and stroking every place they could reach. The sweet scent of cunt juice filled the entire room as the girls kept working on one another. They lost count of how many times they came but exhausted they both stopped but not before Babbette rubbed both of her tits one last time against Bambi’s pussy.

The older sister climbed off of Bambi and turned around and hugged her sister to her bosom. Gently Bambi Giresun Escort Bayan licked her own juices off of her sister’s tits. Babbette looked over at the clock on the nightstand and jumped out of bed, threw on her nightie and ran out as their brother or parents would be looking for them soon.

Both girls hurriedly cleaned themselves up and got dressed. Luckily for them Bobby and their parents were just now getting to the kitchen themselves. Little did the sisters know but Bobby had heard them carrying on. He watched them as the family ate and noticed them nervously looking at each other when they thought no one was looking. The only question for Bobby was which one he would try for first.

His cock was rock hard and he was determined to play with one of his sisters right after breakfast. As soon as the meal was finished his father left for his golf game and his mother called Bambi to help her go through some clothes in her closet. Hurriedly he finished clearing the table as his mom had asked him to and set off looking for Babbette who had slipped out right after her last bite.

Bobby didn’t have to look far as he wiped off his hands and walked toward the back of the house. He had no more than entered the hallway and there was Babbette coming toward him in her one piece swimsuit. Not trying to hide the large bulge in his shorts he asked, “Babs, can we go to my room and talk for a second?”

“Sure,” Babbette said shrugging her shoulders as she noticed his brother’s cock pushing against his cotton shorts. She was still horny from what she and Bambi had done earlier and really wanted to fuck and play some other games. Secretly she hoped that was what her big brother had in mind but thought the chances were slim. She followed Bobby to his room admiring his cute little ass as they walked down the hall.

Meanwhile, Bonnie was trying on clothes and asking Bambi’s opinion. Bonnie was disappointed that she hadn’t been able to figure out how to get any of her children into bed yet. She knew it was wrong but other parents just didn’t have three kids as sexy as hers. Her pussy was on fire as she wanted to taste Bambi’s pussy so bad. But, her daughter wasn’t seemingly taking the hint no matter how sexy the outfits she was trying on were or how naked she got Bambi seemed to be sexually indifferent to her mother. What Bonnie didn’t know was that Bambi was smoldering and about to explode.

Bambi’s pussy was aching as she continued to watch her mom. Then, Bonnie pulled off her bra revealing those 38″ tits. Sensually, she replaced the white cotton bra with a black silk and lace one and threw a low cut dress over her head which perfectly showed off her ample cleavage. Bambi almost came right on the spot especially as she thought she saw a wet spot on her mom’s panties as she bent over to get the dress off of the bed. Bambi stood up and waltzed over to Bonnie and grabbed a boob in one hand and the back of her mom’s head with the other and pushed her lips hard against her mother’s full lips.

All Bonnie could think of was that it was about time as she threw her hands around her daughter grabbing an ass cheek in each hand. Their tongues explored the deepest recesses of each other’s mouths as they reached down and swiped everything off the bed onto the floor. They fell with a crash to the bed. Clothes were flying off of their bodies as Bonnie roared, Bambi, I have wanted your god damn body for so long!”

“Mommy, all you had to do was ask I have wanted all of you so long too and I fall asleep dreaming of licking every inch of your sweet ass.” They were nibbling on each other’s ears as they frantically removed the remaining clothing.

“Oh god, baby, I dream of kissing your sweet pussy; I’ve even been sniffing your underwear when I do the laundry and they smell so good that I cum every fucking time.” Bambi couldn’t believe what she was hearing her own mother jacking off with her underwear. She gave her mom a deep passionate kiss and squeezed hard on her boob.

Then quickly sliding out from under her sexy parent she stood up beside the bed and looked down at her posterior. Her dad had turned her on to the idea of kissing her mom’s rump as he was always telling Bonnie that she had a sweet ass and that it was good enough to eat. As sexy as her dad is she knew that he couldn’t be wrong about the wonderful ass that laid before her now. She climbed between her mother’s legs and cooed, “I need to kiss your backside mommy first Thing; and then you can eat my twat or whatever else you want to do.”

“That sounds wonderful sweetie, but, we had better keep it quiet so Babbette and Bobby don’t hear us.” Bambi planted kisses all over Bonnies butt and before long her tongue was snaking all over the large firm athletic cheeks that had two little dimples apiece right in the middle. She worked her way to the peach fuzz lined crack. Gently she dipped her tongue deeper and deeper into the plummeting crevice.

The aroma of her mommy’s bowels was getting stronger and stronger. Finally, she Escort Giresun found the little puckering hole and swirled her tongue all around the outer edge. Her mother was now gently pushing her asshole up to meet her daughter’s tongue giving her all the encouragement she needed to explore. With one firm jab Bambi stuck her tongue just inside the tight ring of the rear entrance. Bonnie couldn’t help it as she let out a little moan. Soon, Bambi was tongue fucking her mommy’s puckering hole with abandon. The sensation was wonderful for both of them and their pussys had begun leaking juices.

The smell of cunt fluid was over taking the room and Bonnie couldn’t take it anymore. She had to eat Bambi’s pussy this very minute. Rolling over she presented her own cunt to her daughter. Bambi didn’t make a move toward the heavenly sight before as she remembered that her mother wanted to eat her cunt. Instead she asked, “Mommy, do you want to sixty nine with me?”

“Fuck yes,” was all Bonnie had to say before Bambi was virtually sitting on her face. Bambi couldn’t believe she was eating cunt for the second time in a couple of hours. Bonnie was not disappointed as her daughter’s cunt tasted even better than she had thought it would and there was so much of these glorious juices to lap up. Mother and daughter spent the next hour and a half kissing, licking and caressing every single spot of each other’s bodies.

As they straightened out her mother’s room Bambi couldn’t help but wonder what fucking her dad would be like or perhaps her brother. Little did she know that down the hall Babbette was finding out things about their brother that Bambi, so far, could only imagine. When they got to Bobby’s room Babbette and Bobby turned and faced each other in silence for several seconds before Babbette asked, “So what is it?”

Placing a hand on his sister’s spine Bobby leaned down close to her breasts with his nose in her cleavage as he sniffed in deeply he smirked, “Babs, I smell the sweet aroma of cunt cum on your boobs.”

She wanted to yank down the straps of her swimsuit right there and push his face hard into her tits but thought better of that idea. She thought she had gotten all of Bambi’s juices off of her giant orbs so there was no way Bobby could be smelling what he said he was. So feigning anger she snapped, “What the fuck are you talking about my boobs don’t smell like pussy juice.”

“The fuck they don’t; they smell like Bambi’s cunt. I heard her earlier tell you to fuck her clit with your tit. Then, I heard moaning so I can only assume that you did as she asked. So, it is my turn to fuck these titties of yours!” Bobby buried his face deep and hard in between her big globes and grabbed one of them with each hand. Babbette was embarrassed that Bobby had heard her with their sister but even more excited as this opened a whole new world.

“Oh my God, yes Bobby you can fuck them but only if you fuck me in the pussy, too.” Babbette yanked the straps of her swimsuit off of her shoulders and helped her brother peel the material from her tits. Her sibling hungrily dug into her boobs as she put her hands on the back of his head as if guiding him from spot to spot. Suddenly, she pulled away and ran the few steps to the bed giggling as she left him with his mouth open and telling him to strip as her suit fell to the floor.

“Oh yes, I’ll fuck you wherever you want with my cock babsy; fuck, you are unbelievably sexy!” It took less than thirty seconds for Bobby to join his sister on his bed. Straddling her hips he leaned down and they kissed passionately as a single drop of his pre-cum dripped on to his sister’s belly. He was too turned on to be slow and sweet so sitting straight up he positioned his erection in the valley between Babbette’s titties.

“Oh Bobby, that feels fantastic in there; oh fuck cum on my boobies for me.” All four of their hands worked playing with her boobs while, at the same time, pushing the orbs tightly together creating heavenly friction for Bobby’s cock. Bobby had never fucked a girl’s tits before and was finding it to be very erotic. His sister’s melons were red from all of their squeezing and pushing. In and Out his cock went between those soft firm orbs.

On virtually every upward stroke his prick hit Babbette’s chin. It was after a couple of minutes of this Babbette got an idea. On the next stroke she leaned her mouth forward and licked the head of that sexy cock. She got bolder and bolder swirling her tongue all around it longer and longer each time that it returned.

Both of them were moaning now as Babbette had dug her fingers into her brother’s ass as her tits seemed to be standing up on their own now. Not only did the cock between her breasts feel real good but she was tingling in her twat as well. His movements became harder and faster as he yelped, “Shit, Sis, I am gonna fucking cum!”

“Oh yes, cum on my boobies, cum all over them, Oh God Bobby do it cum all over me!” The dirty talk was just enough to drive the young man over the edge. His first shot hit his sister right in the chin. Pulling back a little and just a couple of inches away his next load hit her right nipple. His cock spasmed again and the third load covered her entire left boob as it was the biggest load yet. Babbette immediately started to paint his cum all over her chest.

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