B.M.O.C. – Big Man on Campus Pt. 01

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The music was loud, the crowd was attractive, and Matt was out of his depth.

He had come to McIntosh University for the weekend for a combination campus visit and sibling weekend. His sister, Amanda, was a sophomore, studying psychology. Matt had not decided on a major yet, he just knew psychology was not it.

He was a high school senior with an interest in the arts. He had never really had an interest in sports, but had recently joined the cross country team in an effort to be awarded a fabled Senior Letter. The hours of running during practice and meets had kept him lean and muscular, but, so far, had not earned him any accolades.

Matt had arrived on campus around 5 o’clock that Friday evening and, after enduring an interrogation from the woman sitting at the front desk at the women-only Hamilton Hall, he made his way to room 216. He knocked, expecting to see his sister, but was greeted, instead, by Katie.

Katie was Amanda’s roommate, also a sophomore. She was small and slight, only 5’2″, with a vibrant, bright smile.

“Matt’s here!” she called back into the dorm room, before wrapping her arms around Matt’s neck and hugging him. He returned the hug, feeling the lightness of her thin t-shirt as his hands held her lower back. After a moment, they broke apart. Katie adjusted her glasses.

“Hey, little bro,” said Amanda’s voice as she appeared from the bathroom they shared with their suitemates. She was wearing a tanktop and jeans; her blonde hair was still wet from a recent shower. Matt hugged his sister hello. She playfully rubbed his buzzcut hair.

Katie took Matt’s overnight bag and set it near the futon that would serve as Matt’s bed for the weekend. The girls had bunk beds, set up in an “L” formation, nearby. Matt stole a glance at Katie’s shapely backside, perfectly displayed by her black yoga pants. He looked away just as she turned back around.

“So, the Sigma’s are throwing a huge party tonight,” Amanda said. “We were already planning on going before mom called and said you were coming to visit. You can come if you want, or you can hang out here instead. We’ve got free cable and our Wifi doesn’t suck.”

Matt thought about it briefly. He had never been one for parties; he did not really like modern music, he barely ever drank, and most high school parties involved drinking as much as possible as fast as possible while listening to modern music. But, then again, he was 18 now and he would be in college next year. He might as well find out what college parties were like.

“No, I’ll come along. Might be fun.”


Sigma House was an old colonial on the edge of campus. The party was already in full swing by the time the three of them arrived. At the prompting of Amanda and Katie, Matt had worn jeans and a rugby shirt. It would help him blend in, they said, so that no one would ask who the kid was at the party. Still, he was surprised to find that he was nervous.

“Relax,” Katie had said. “After all, it’s a party.”

They entered the house; the volume of the music increased tenfold. Matt stood in the doorway until Katie dragged him inside. He was greeted by the sight of a large living room, sparsely furnished, packed with college students. The guys were all dressed similarly to Matt, jeans and rugby or polo shirts. But, the girls. Matt had never seen this many beautiful girls in real life before, and all of them confidently showing off their legs and cleavage in a whirling flurry of skirts, tight shorts, tanktops, and t-shirts.

Katie and Amanda dragged Matt around the party and he was introduced to dozens of people. Unfortunately, due to the noise of the party, he could not hear any names, so he spent the next several minutes smiling and nodding. He was handed a Solo cup filled with purple liquid. He took a big sip and nearly choked. It must have been nearly 70 percent alcohol.

He stood there amidst the music, the writhing bodies, and the sweat-scented air for as long as he could stomach before making his way out the backdoor. There were a few scattered pockets of partygoers in the yard and Matt caught the unmistakable scent of marijuana. He sipped his drink in silence and solitude until he felt a hand on his shoulder. He turned around.

Katie smiled back at him, her hand moving to brush a stray hair from her forehead and back into place. She had chosen a plum-colored t-shirt, a black jacket, and skinny jeans for the night. A black choker accented her dark, pixie cut hair.

“Not your kind of party?” she asked. Matt returned her smile, doing his best not to obviously look her up and down.

“Not really,” he replied. “I’m not much for parties in general. No chance to talk. Where’s my sister?”

“She ran off with Darren. She’s had a crush on him for months, so, good for her, I guess.”

“If you say so.”

“You said you wanted to talk. What do you want to talk about?”

Matt shrugged and took another sip.

“Do you have a girlfriend back home?” she asked.

“Yeah,” he nodded, “Sheila. We’ve been together bursa eskort bayan for a couple of years now.”

“Years? Wow. Sounds pretty serious.”

“I like to think so,” said Matt, taking another drink.

“So, have you fucked her?”

Matt involuntarily spat.

“Sorry!” Katie laughed. “I forgot you were just a high schooler!”

“No, no, it’s OK,” said Matt, choking slightly. “To answer your question, though, no, we haven’t.”

Katie looked surprised. “Never? Why not?”

“We… we decided to save ourselves for marriage.” Matt realized how stupid it sounded as he said it outloud. Maybe it was the booze.

“So, like, nothing then? No sexy fun?”

“Well, after prom last year, we…” he paused, suddenly realizing how much how much he was revealing.

“You what?” she flirted, moving closer. Katie’s warm body next to him put Matt at ease.

“We fooled around a little bit in her family’s hot tub.”

“Fooled around? How so?”

“I… I fingered her while she straddled one of the jets and she… well, she gave me a handjob under the water,” he confessed.

“Ooh, that sounds fun,” Katie smiled, downing her drink. “Would you like another?”

Matt was shocked, startled, and more than a little aroused. “W-what? I mean, I guess so. I just don’t know how I’m supposed to ask for something like that.”

“Another drink, genius,” Katie laughed.

Embarrassed, Matt handed her his cup.


The night had cooled off significantly. Matt stood alone on the deck, waiting for Katie to return. A gentle murmur of conversation mixed with the marijuana smoke floating in the backyard. He could still feel the pulsing beat from inside the house. Occasionally, someone would enter or exit the house and the sound of the party would pierce the near-silence of the night.

The door opened again, and Matt looked towards it, expecting to see Katie. Instead, a short, curvaceous girl stumbled outside. Her sandy blonde hair was tied into a loose ponytail. Her ample breasts were barely concealed by a white halter top. She paused, looking at Matt.

“Heeyy-mmffmmm…” she mumbled, trailing off. She was clearly very drunk as she cautiously made her way over to him. She reached out, her right hand resting on Matt’s chest for balance. Her hand ran down his chest, over his abs, her fingers wrapping around his belt and pulling him close. Matt was frozen in shock.

“Mmm… you’re cute…” she drunkenly giggled. He felt her breasts press against his torso; his penis began to stiffen in his jeans. She reached up, grabbing the back of his neck and pulling his face towards hers. He felt her warm breath on his lips as she…

“Stephanie! What the fuck?!?!”

Katie was back with the drinks.

The mystery girl backed away from Matt slightly, looking back towards Katie. Her hand was still clasped around his belt.

“Oops, you caught me,” she playfully replied with a drunken smile.

“Back off, slut,” Katie commanded, walking closer. “He’s mine.”

Stephanie withdrew her hand from Matt’s waist, turned towards Katie, made a face and gave her the finger before staggering back inside.

Matt took his drink from Katie, taking a big swig to calm himself back down. He coughed as the potent drink stung his throat. Katie laughed.

“Pace yourself, kid. This shit’s strong.”

He smiled, then paused. “Wait, why did you say ‘he’s mine’ to that girl?”

“Stephanie? Oh, she’s like this every Friday. If she thought you were here alone, she’d be all over you all night.”

Matt nodded in understanding. “So, what’s your major?”

“I’m still undeclared,” Kate said, taking a sip of her drink. “I’m just taking a little bit of everything right now. The theater keeps me pretty busy.”

“Oh, you act?”

“No,” she said, looking a little embarrassed. “Actually, I design and run the lights.”

“That’s cool,” said Matt, genuinely interested.

“Really? You don’t think I’m a huge dork for being on the light crew?”

“Well, not just for that,” he teased. Katie stuck out her tongue and playfully shoved Matt’s shoulder. “No, seriously, I’m really interested in that stuff.”

“Then you should come to the show tomorrow night. We’re doing Marlowe’s ‘The Changeling’.”

“I’d love to,” Matt replied, adding “it’s a date.” He immediately hated himself for saying it.

Katie raised an eyebrow, then laughed at the awkwardness of the moment. Matt shook his head, laughing quietly at himself.

“Just… just fuck my shit up,” he said, taking another drink.

“Maybe later,” she flirted back.

“So, do you have a boyfriend?”

“Occasionally,” she replied. “I’m not a long-term relationship person like you are. I think the longest I’ve dated one guy exclusively is three months. And that was the guy I lost my V-card to.”

Thanks to the alcohol, it took Matt longer than he was proud to admit to understand what V-card meant.

“And when was that?” he asked.

“Oh, back in high school. bursa merkez escort I was 15, he was 17.”

“Was it his first time, too?”

“Oh, Hell no,” Katie said, her voice tinged with laughter. “He was – what’s the nicer word for slutty? – experienced. That’s it. He was very experienced.”

“Did that make it feel any less special?” Matt was curious. He had always thought that virgins should lose their virginity to other virgins, because that way neither party had any preconceived notions of what was meant to happen. Katie smiled at the memory.

“No, not at all. I think everybody should lose their virginity to someone with experience.”


“Yeah, as long as the experienced person is willing to take the lead. It really helped me feel more confident and not so… awkward,” she confessed, taking another drink.

Matt understood immediately. While he was beyond excited to sleep with Sheila one day, he often worried that his inexperience would ruin the moment. Lost in thought, he had not noticed that Katie was now pressed up against him, her hand resting on his arm.

“Mmm, you’re warm,” she purred. Not for the first time tonight, Matt was frozen in confusion, unsure how to react.

“Y-yeah,” he stammered. “I… I don’t really get cold.”

“Glad to hear it.” Her hand slowly moved up and down his arm. Her touch was soft and comforting and it made Matt feel weak in the knees. He looked down at his near-empty cup.

“This is strong shit,” he said, trying to cut the tension.

“Yeah, the Sigma’s call it LPR: Liquid Panty Remover,” she smiled. “But I’ve found that it works just as well on boxers.”

The growing tent in Matt’s pants pulsed at her words. His mind raced. He thought of Sheila and the promise they had made to each other. He thought of the shadow of anxiety that hovered over every fantasy he had of the two of them losing their virginity to one another. The alcohol swirling in his head advised him that, sure, it would be nice to lose his virginity to Sheila, but wouldn’t it be better if, like Katie had suggested, one of them was experienced and able to guide the other through the encounter? Yes, that was it. By doing this now, he would actually be strengthening his relationship with Sheila.

Alcohol is fantastic at rationalization. Matt cleared his throat.

“This party sucks,” said Katie, suggestively. “Want to get out of here?”

Matt mustered a weak smile and nodded.


It was 1 AM as Matt and Katie stumbled their way through Hamilton Hall and up the stairs to room 216. Matt leaned against the wall next to the door as Katie fumbled with her keys. She unlocked the door, grabbed Matt by the collar, and pulled him into the dorm room, shutting the door behind them. The room was dark, save for the moonlight streaming in through the open window.

Katie slammed Matt against the door, pressing her body against his and kissing him hard. Matt’s arms moved to Katie’s hips, sliding around to her back, and up under her jacket, holding her close as he returned her kiss. His tongue flicked into her mouth and she sucked on it. Her hands moved across his chest, up to his shoulders, and around to the back of his neck, prolonging the kiss as long as she could. Matt tugged at her jacket; Katie dropped her arms as Matt slid it off her shoulders and onto the floor, never breaking the kiss.

He ran his hands up her back, to her neck, entwining his fingers in her short hair and playfully pulling it. She broke the kiss with a soft moan. Matt leaned forward, kissing and nibbling her neck as she wrapped her arms around his.

“Oh, yes,” she whispered.

He ran his fingers down her back, sliding under her shirt and caressing her back. He kissed down her neckline. Katie smiled and gently pushed him away. Matt stopped and immediately removed his hands, terrified that he had done something wrong. She took his left hand, pulling him towards the beds. She kissed him again, then lightly shoved him, causing him to fall backward onto the lower bed in a sitting position.

Katie stood in front of him with a sly smile. She hooked her thumbs into the lower hem of her t-shirt, slowly pulling it up, exposing her flat stomach, then her black bra. Matt tried to maintain his cool as he stared at her body. She was slender and toned, with small, perky breasts. She tossed the shirt to the side, stepping forward and climbing onto the bed, straddling his thighs. Katie grabbed the bottom of his shirt; Matt obediently raised his arms as she pulled it up and off. He fell backwards, disoriented by the combination of arousal and alcohol. Her fingernails ran down his chest and across his abs.

“Mmmm,” he moaned. She adjusted her position, crawling up his body, sitting split-legged on his crotch. She leaned forward, kissing him full on the mouth, as her hips started to gyrate. Matt’s penis swelled, straining against his jeans. He reached down, past her hips, and cupped her firm backside as she grinded against him. bursa sınırsız escort bayan He squeezed; a giggle mixed its way into her kiss.

Katie sat up, still writhing on top of him. Her hands reached around to her back. Matt’s eyes widened as she unclasped her black bra, sliding it down her arms and off, exposing her pert breasts. He only had a moment to glimpse her perfect, petite body before she collapsed back onto his chest, kissing him. He felt her hard nipples against his skin and his erect cock pulsed in his pants.

She must have felt it, because Katie broke the kiss, dragging her lips down his chest as she slid down his body. She knelt at the edge of the bed, her hands drunkenly fumbling with his belt buckle. Matt stared at the ceiling, unable to believe that this was actually happening. He felt Katie tug at the cuffs of his jeans and he raised his hips, allowing them to slip down and off. His cock tented his red plaid boxers; a wet precum spot dotted the front. Her hands ran up his thighs and grasped the waistband of his boxers, gently pulling and tugging them down. Matt’s erection caught on the waistband, causing his seven-inch cock to spring forth once the boxers were pulled off.

“Wow,” Katie giggled, wrapping her small, warm hand around his shaft. Matt’s breathing got heavier as her hand slowly rubbed up and down. He sat up slightly, looking her in the eyes as she casually stroked him. She winked, licking her palm and fingertips before rubbing her saliva on the head of his cock, mixing it with his precum and swirling her lubricated hand up and down.

Matt shuddered. He had never been touched like this before he never wanted it to end. He collapsed back onto the bed.

“Oh… oh my god…” he muttered, barely able to speak.

“Has your little schoolgirl – what’s her name? Sheena? – has she ever done this for you before?” Katie inquired, massaging his shaft with one hand and starting to playfully squeeze his balls with the other. Matt shook his head.

“Hmm, her loss,” she said, flirtatiously. Her hand moved steadily and confidently, up and down. His cock throbbed and pulsed at her touch. Matt squirmed and twitched, unable to control his movement due to the pleasure he was feeling. He sat up again, looking her in the eye. It was the signal she had been waiting for.

Katie leaned in, slowly running her tongue along the vein of his cock, from base to tip. She paused briefly, winking again, before lightly sucking the head of his cock, causing Matt to throw his head back and moan.

“OH my god,” he gasped.

Katie smiled as she continue to slurp his cock, taking him deeper and deeper every time. Her hand continued to rub up and down in rhythm with her mouth, only stopping briefly when she took him down her throat. She choked slightly, pulling her head off his shaft, a string of spit stretching from her lips to the tip of his penis. Matt gripped the blankets, trying to keep from losing control. Katie’s hand was flying up and down his cock now, her lips wrapped around the head, sucking gently.

“Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck…”

Matt could not hold out any longer. His whole body seized as his cock pulsed once, twice, then erupted into Katie’s mouth. She moaned, sucking his seed as the orgasm dominated his body. His hips spasmed and twitched. She continued to stroke his shaft, coaxing every drop out. After what seemed like hours, he started to calm down. Katie withdrew his cock from her mouth with a loud pop.

“Mmhmmhmmhmm,” she half-moaned, half-giggled with her mouth full. She leaned her head back, swallowed, and stood up, licking her lips. Matt laid motionless, a stupid grin plastered across his face. Katie crawled onto the bed next him, resting her head on his shoulder.

“Holy… holy shit,” Matt managed to stammer. He was not sure what he was supposed to do or say, so he took his best guess. “Uh… thank you?”

She kissed his chest and looked up into his eyes.

“I know how you could thank me,” she smiled. “Stand up.”

He obeyed, unsure of what was coming next. Katie shifted on the bed, sitting on the edge of the mattress and dangling her legs over the edge. She motioned for Matt to kneel in front of her and he eagerly complied. She unbuttoned her jeans and wiggled out of them, showing off her black cotton panties. Katie rested her right leg on his left shoulder. Matt’s heart was racing.

“Now, you’ve never tasted a pussy before, have you?” she asked.

He shook his head.

“I thought you hadn’t,” she said. “I’ll help you. First, touch my thighs. Gently. And take it slow.”

Matt nodded. He ran his fingers from the ankle of her right leg, up her calf, and softly brushed her inner thigh. He was yearning to pull her panties to the side and touch her wetness, but he knew she wanted him to be patient. His fingers brushed across the front of her panties before tenderly caressing her left thigh.

“Mmm, good,” she sighed. Matt leaned in and kissed her inner thigh; she gasped slightly and reached down, brushing her fingers against his short hair. Taking this as a good sign, he kissed closer and closer to her panties, before sliding across her crotch and playfully biting her left thigh.

“AH!” Katie squealed in surprise, sitting upright and gently swatting the top of his head. “You bastard! Don’t do that!” He recoiled slightly.

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