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I curled up on the small settee and tried to focus on the television. I wasn’t sure what was more uncomfortable, the lumpy, doll-sized sofa underneath me, or trying to pretend that I couldn’t hear Kevin and Amanda trying to pretend they weren’t having sex on his nearby bed. I tossed and turned (as much as I could), but couldn’t relax. It was brutal.

Walking home wasn’t going to happen, not at 2 in the morning, even if Kevin’s house wasn’t 10 miles or more away from mine. Besides, Amanda and I had each told the other’s parents that we were spending the night at each other’s house; I couldn’t exactly show up alone—that would be a direct violation of the BFF code. Other than waiting the night out where I was, my only other option was to seek out Kevin’s brother, Sean, and hope he was still awake.

I slinked out of the room and eased the door shut behind me, praying that parental units wouldn’t suddenly appear while I let my eyes adjust to the dark. I’d been to their house a few times, but this was the first time I’d ever been in the basement where Kevin and Sean’s bedrooms were.

It was silly, really. We were all adults, if just barely. Sean was a year older than Amanda and I, who had just graduated high school, and Kevin a year older than Sean. Still, there were certain rules Sean and Kevin’s parents expected them to meet in order to live at home rent-free while they went to the local college, and not having girls spend the night happened to be one of them.


There wasn’t much light, but I could see a couple of doors along the hall; unfortunately, I didn’t know which one was Sean’s. I thought that I saw the soft, glowing flicker of a television through a slightly opened door, so I decided to start there. I took a deep breath and knocked on the door lightly as I stepped through.

“Still awake?”

Sean was stretched out on top of his sheets, fingers weaved beneath his thick, black hair, wearing only a pair of blue cotton pajama pants. The sight of his bronze, muscled torso made my heart jump into my throat. I’d had a crush on him since we first met about a year ago, but he was quiet and shy and didn’t seem to reciprocate anything more than my friendship. That was okay, he was a good friend. His eyebrows raised in surprise as he smiled. It was dazzling. I cleared my throat and accidentally closed the door as I leaned against it.

“Do you think I could crash with you tonight? I’m not sure what’s more painful; trying to sleep on that tiny couch or trying to ignore them going at it.”

He chuckled and nodded me over. I tried to keep my breathing even as I crawled beside him, following his lead and staying on top of the sheets. Even wearing just the tee shirt and boxers that Kevin had scrounged up for me, I was warm. Of course, just being near Sean generally kicked my temperature a few notches—even when he was fully dressed.

The bed was probably a queen-size; it was big enough that lying side by side we weren’t touching, but easily could. I propped myself up on one elbow, head in my hand and he did the same. My nervous mouth took over. It often did when I was around him.

“I thought tonight was really fun. Did you have fun tonight?”

The four of us had spent the night at a dance club. Not anything special or unusual in itself, but tonight Sean and I had gotten a little freaky on the dance floor. I usually didn’t dance like that, and I’d never seen Sean dance like that, but it seemed okay for two friends to have a little fun. It was especially fun for me because my friend happened to be insanely hot.

It started as kind of a joke—we were mocking some of the other couples around us—and then just happened to continue. At one point while we were grinding on each other, I could have sworn Sean was aroused, and the idea made me feverish and weak in the knees. Just for a moment, though. I quickly dismissed it; I knew he didn’t think of me that way, I was lucky he tolerated me babbling at him every time we were together.

Not that I’m unattractive. I might be awkward, but with clear skin and glossy hair, I hear ‘cute’ a lot, and at 5’3″ I only weigh about 110 pounds—most of that in my bra. Unfortunately, around the time Amanda started dating Kevin and I met Sean, one of the first things he did was ask out our other friend, Bonnie, who is only an inch shorter than him at 5’10” and has a much slimmer, athletic build in comparison to my curvy one, which made it evident I’m not his type. SIGH.

Now, however, as he nodded, his handsome face blushed deeply, and I reconsidered whether or not he might have actually been excited to be so close to my body. I didn’t want to embarrass him, but I had to know…was it situational? Was he thinking of one of the many other girls at the club that would have eagerly thrown me off of the balcony to take my place? Could it have really been because of me? I pressed. Biting my lip, I said softly,

“You’re a lot of fun to dance with.”

He smirked and shrugged. His eyes dropped and he started to trace a design on the crumpled sheet with his finger, but he Sivas Escort didn’t turn away. The spice of his cologne made me bold.

“Can I ask you a question?”

His inky eyes lifted to mine, and I almost lost my nerve.

“I had a great time tonight…and I thought that you seemed to…enjoy dancing with me. A lot…”

He blushed even deeper, the flush spreading down his neck and the top of his broad, muscular chest. Mortified, he rolled on to his back, his hands covering his eyes.

“Oh, god, Kace! I’m so sorry, that’s never happened before!”

I quickly leaned over him and placed a hand between his well-defined pecs. My palm tingled against the soft spatter of hair there.

“No, no, no! Sean, don’t! I didn’t mean to embarrass you!” I felt bad that I had, but also stimulated at the thought that I might have aroused him. Me!

Well, maybe.

I was suddenly very aware of the soft, warm skin beneath my hand, and the warm wetness in my lacy, blue panties.

He allowed me to pry a hand away from his face, but I couldn’t get him to look at me.

“I swear I’m not trying to embarrass you, Sean, and I promise I’ll never say anything about it again, I just…I have to know…was it friction, or was it, you know…me?”

I leaned away a little, but put my hand back on his chest; his heart was racing, and I thought mine might pound straight out of my ribcage. Eyes closed, he sighed heavily. He turned to me and propped himself back up on his elbow. Very quietly, he said,

“It wasn’t friction.”

My breath caught in my throat. He opened his eyes and licked his lips, but he didn’t look at me yet, his dark eyes veiled by thick lashes.

“You smelled really good and I couldn’t stop thinking,” He took a deep breath and finally looked me in the eyes. “I couldn’t stop wondering what you tasted like.”

My heart felt like it stopped. My entire body tingled, and warmth spread through my belly, snaking straight between my legs. This could absolutely be a dream—it most likely was—and as much as I didn’t want to wake up or derail the way things were progressing if I did manage to stay asleep, I didn’t trust dream-Sean to continue being so uncharacteristically bold. I moved my face closer to his and answered huskily,

“Why don’t you kiss me and find out?”

With no hesitation, his free hand moved around the back of my neck as his full lips met mine. My eyes closed and I opened my mouth, allowing his soft tongue to explore. He pulled me in and kissed me harder while I wrapped my arms around him to run my hands along his naked back and broad shoulders. He wound his hand in my long, red hair and broke our kiss to move his mouth to my ear. Even if I wasn’t wrapped around an extremely sexy student athlete, a tongue in my ear would make me moan and shiver.

As it was, I did moan, I did shiver, and I dug my nails into his muscular back. My enthusiastic response drove him to be even more aggressive. He pushed me onto my back and rolled on top of me, the growing bulge in his pajamas pressing directly into the spreading wetness between my legs. I gasped at the gratifying sensation.

Sean pushed himself onto his palms, concerned.

“Did I hurt you? Am I too heavy?”

I immediately wrapped my arms around him to keep him on top of me.

“No,” I gasped, wrapping one leg around him as well. “You feel really, really good.”

I ground my hips into his and forced his lips to mine, bringing his full weight back to my waiting body. His hot mouth made it back to my neck and ears, and I moaned again, biting my lip in an attempt to stifle the noises he was eliciting from me. He propped himself up on one forearm and began to explore my eager body with his other hand.

He was teasing me, tauntingly caressing me through the thin, oversized tee shirt I wore. I writhed beneath his palm, wanting more. His hair wasn’t long, but long enough that I could wind my fingers into it and guide his ear into my mouth.

I toyed with it, tracing it with my tongue, sliding the lobe between my teeth, enjoying hearing his breath get heavier and feeling his cock getting harder as he kneaded my breast through the tee. Then he stopped.

“Is that my shirt?”

I grinned. I was pretty sure it was, that’s why I’d chosen it when Kevin had offered up a selection. I raised an eyebrow and panted,

“Why, do you want it back?”

He looked dumbfounded, which in turn surprised me, considering what he’d said to start all of this. Still, I was too worked up to let things stop now. I pushed him off of me and sat up on my knees, peeling off his shirt to reveal a flat stomach and large breasts contained by a lacy, blue bra.

He sat, slack jawed, legs outstretched. I went further and hooked my thumbs around the waistband of the boxers I had also been wearing as de facto pajamas.

“I’m pretty sure these are yours, too.”

I slowly inched them past my hips, revealing the delicate pair of panties that matched my bra.

Sean ran a hand over his mouth and started toward Sivas Escort Bayan me, his eyes hungry. I stopped him and said teasingly,

“You know, Sean—a good host would want to make their guest feel comfortable. I can’t be the only one in my underwear.”

He gave me a familiar, lop-sided grin that exposed his straight, white teeth. So gorgeous.

“I would, but the problem is I’m a little,”

He gestured to his groin.

“Happy in the pants. I think that if I take my pajamas off, my peter’s gonna pop right out.”

I raised my eyebrows innocently.

“How is that a problem?”

Now clad only in a pair of paisley boxer shorts not unlike the ones I’d just shed, his pajamas hit the floor so fast I was afraid the sonic boom would wake the rest of his family. Instead of letting him climb back on top of me, though, I firmly pressed against his chest until he was propped against the headboard, then straddled his taut body and kissed him soundly.

His hands roamed my body freely, exploring my legs, my back, my breasts, my ass. He caressed and kneaded, he stroked and fondled, all the while kissing my mouth and neck and ears. I tried to keep myself as quiet as possible as I ground my clit into his erection, whimpering in pleasure and whispering his name.

He pulled a bra strap down my arm and ran his tongue along my shoulder, around my neck, and down between the mounds within my bra. A cup in each hand, he rubbed circles on my rigid nipples with his large thumbs, making me tremble. With his gaze boring into mine, he lifted each breast to his lips and gently nuzzled my nipples through the thin fabric.

I rode him harder, begging breathlessly,

“Don’t stop…please don’t stop.”

He reached inside one of the generous cups and fixed his soft lips around a pink areola, sucking hard as he manipulated the firm nub with his tongue. It pushed me over the edge and I came with a low moan, my fingers digging roughly into his scalp.

Keeping one hand around his neck, I slumped back onto his muscular thighs and tried to catch my breath.

“Did you just come?”

I nodded, unable to say more.

“Oh my god, that’s so hot.”

His mouth hung open as he looked at me expectantly, and I knew him well enough that he was wondering if my orgasm meant we were done playing.

“Don’t you dare think I’m done with you yet.”

He mirrored my wicked smile and kissed me deeply until I placed both hands on his chest and pushed him onto his back. He resisted at first, eager to keep touching me. Finally he relented and propped himself up with one hand behind his head, watching me as I kissed and licked and sucked my way across his muscular chest and stomach again and again.

Any time I came to his nipples, his eyes pinched tight and his hips involuntarily jerked toward me. I pressed my slight body down onto his rigid cock, making him emit a deep, guttural moan. It was all I could do not to impale my wet pussy on the willing flesh hiding behind thin cotton, but I was enjoying the anticipation far too much.

I slid my body down his, my freckled skin a striking contrast against his much darker tan, until my tits enveloped the sizable erection still cloaked behind his straining boxers. He stared at me as I balanced myself on my elbows and used my hands to stroke his hard on between my boobs. I stopped just before I fell on my face, but I used the opportunity to tease him a little.

“I gotta say, Sean, I’m a little disappointed…”

He looked dejected, and almost I felt bad for teasing him.

“I thought you said if you took off your pajamas, you were gonna pop right out.”

He looked relieved. I sighed dramatically.

“I guess I’m just gonna to have to do this myself.”

He held his breath and lifted his chiseled backside off of the bed as I pulled his boxers down to his knees, exposing a beautifully-shaped cock. I briefly thought again about just pulling my scant panties aside and lowering my wet, ready pussy onto it, but I decided that as late as it was, it was still early enough in the night to do everything I wanted. And I wanted to make him come in my mouth.

Despite the unbelievable events that had happened since, Sean was in the same position he’d been in when I first opened his door— lying on his back with hands braced behind his head. Now, though, his pecs and biceps glistened with a thin sheen of sweat, and his cock, something that I’d only before seen in masturbatory fantasies, was standing at attention in my hands.

It was so long and thick that it made my small hands look positively tiny in comparison. I ran them up and down the length of his shaft, taking the time to trace every line and curve carefully. Sean watched me with hooded eyes until I started stroking him more rhythmically. His head rolled back, his hips jutted forward, and I couldn’t contain myself any longer.

I inhaled all that I could at once, which admittedly wasn’t much considering all that remained. I pulled my head back, sucking hard, and went down for another Escort Sivas try, and another, and another, gorging on a little more of the massive shaft each time. I snuck glances at his face when I could; sometimes he was staring at me fixedly, his mouth pinched to a narrow line, other times his eyes were screwed tight. Once he was biting into his hard bicep, trying to keep his grunts of pleasure to an acceptable level. It wasn’t long after that that I heard him weakly say,

“Kace…Kace, I’m gonna…I’m gonna come.”

I looked him straight in the eyes and took his cock deeper down my mouth than I had yet as his entire body tensed and he came down my throat. I drank every drop. Never in my wildest dreams had I imagined this would be happening! Okay, I had, I just hadn’t imagined it would be happening tonight.

I gently licked him clean and he sat up and pulled me into his lap, kissing me deeply, and it was my turn to hope that play time wasn’t over now that he’d had an orgasm. He didn’t leave me uncertain for long, as I felt his erection reviving underneath my scantily-clad ass almost immediately.

Sucking on my tongue, he yanked both bra straps down past my elbows, fully exposing my breasts, which he hungrily devoured while I reached behind myself and removed my bra completely. I’d barely unhooked the clasps when he clutched his large hands around my waist and rolled me over on the bed beside him.

He crawled over me and stuck his tongue in my ear, making me claw at his back until he whispered,

“When I said I wanted to know what you tasted like, I meant I wanted to eat your pussy.”

I laughed out loud and had to slap a hand over my mouth. I looked at him as seriously as I could.

“Yeah, Sean, I kinda guessed.”

At least, I’d hoped.

He gave me another lop-sided grin, and I wiggled out from underneath him just enough to spread my legs provocatively.

“If you’re still wondering what I taste like, why don’t you kiss me and find out?”

He shook his head and smirked as he finished pulling his boxers off, then positioned himself between my open legs, his nose nudging my wet panties. I could barely lay still.

“You smell even better than I’d imagined.”

His breath on my legs, coupled with the revelation he’d put serious thought into what my pussy smelled like, made me quiver. He slowly kissed the inside of my thighs, occasionally brushing the wet spot on my panties with his nose or his lips. I relished every second. He locked my gaze and pressed his tongue flat against my vulva through the lace. I moaned in pleasure and frustration, grasping at the pillow above my head.

He took pity on me and threw the blue lace across the room before he plunged his face into my expectant cleft. Licking and sucking, he covered my labia and clitoris in wet kisses before sticking his tongue deep inside me. I took a play from Sean’s book and bit into an arm to keep myself from screaming out loud. The other hand was buried in his thick hair, tearing at it as he made my body go crazy.

It wasn’t long before I’d built into another orgasm, but I didn’t feel the need to warn him beforehand—he was well aware when the time came (so to speak). Still, he continued to ply his tongue into my sensitive folds until I used both hands to pry his head back by his hair. He grinned from ear to ear, and I knew I was paying for teasing him earlier. I didn’t mind.

Languidly, he pulled his strong body over mine, pausing to kiss me here and there while I regained a little composure. His breath was heavy when he found himself at my ear again.

“I wanna be inside you.”

I nodded fervently. I wanted it so bad. I’d wanted it since I first met him.

He raised himself to his knees, his erection again at full mast. I felt a momentary twinge of nervousness as he reached into his nightstand and grabbed a condom. He was huge—bigger than anyone I’d ever been with; I hoped it didn’t hurt.

Regardless of whether or not he was aware that his cock was of extraordinary size, Sean was gentle and slow as he entered me, increasing the pace of his thrusts only after I’d had a chance to get used to his length and girth and began raising my hips up to meet his. I’d worried that his huge cock would make me scream or moan or otherwise betray our activities to the rest of the house, but he felt so amazing inside of me that I could barely breathe! I probably looked like the proverbial fish on dry land, gasping for air as I drown under wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure.

I was almost grateful when he folded over me and groaned into my neck, the sound of my name from his lips bringing me to one last climax as he enjoyed his. I’d lost count of how many orgasms he’d given me, but I was fairly sure that I could make him come every hour on the hour for the next three or four days and still be in his debt.

Sean held his body close to mine as his breath normalized, and I shuddered as he pulled his softening cock from inside me, lamenting its absence. He disposed of the condom and slid back into bed, pulling the top sheet over our nude forms before sliding a burly arm around me to curl me into his warm body. I nuzzled into the soft, dark hair that sparsely covered his broad chest, still reeling that the most amazing wet dream I’d ever had had happened during my waking hours.

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