Avon Calling

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A Taste

Note: This is a story about adult sexual activity intended for adults. Everyone in this story is over eighteen. While the events in this story are based on true experiences some names have been changed and times have been compressed for this format. The events took place prior to the need for safe sex due to epidemic of STDs.


My Saturday lawn mowing ritual was finished and I was ready to relax and enjoy my weekend. Marlene, my wife of four years, was away shopping with a friend. With a nice breeze blowing off the Gulf the ninety degree heat was bearable; life was good in Tampa, Florida.

After a cool shower and slipping into some old gym shorts and tank top I decided to fix a snack and have a glass of wine instead of my usual cold beer. I heard the door bell ring and left the Gouda cheese on the counter and went to answer the door. I immediately recognized the very pretty woman, Ruth, our neighborhood Avon Lady.

“Hi Will! Is Marlene here?”

I explained that she was not, that she and Carol from across the street had gone to Orlando to check out the new Florida Mall.

She asked, “Could I leave some products here for her and Edith?”

“Sure, come on in. I’ll be happy to take them.”

She lugged a large sales case into the living room, set it on the sofa, and began going through packages and brochures to leave Marlene and Edith, our next door neighbor.

Ruth was a very successful Avon representative who had been calling on my wife for several years. She was an attractive, small frame woman about five foot two and maybe a hundred and ten pounds, probably in her late thirties. Her short, curly black hair framed her very pretty face and smile. She was always professionally attired in a tailored business suit, always with a skirt instead of pants, which complimented her small but shapely figure.

I paid her for both Marlene’s and Edith’s order. As she bent over the sofa to record the transactions in her receipt book I admired her shapely ass and flared hips. The arch of her garter belt clearly showed through the material of her fitted skirt as did the clasps of the suspenders on the backs of her thighs holding up her stockings.

I must have focused too intently on the beautiful site; when she looked over her shoulder at me she immediately brushed her hand across her bottom and asked,

“Do I have something on my skirt?”

I sheepishly admitted, “No I was just admiring a beautiful site.”

She asked with a coy smile, “What would Marlene say about you ‘admiring’ another woman’s bottom?”

I sighed with a smile, “When I tell her tonight her first concern will be if I embarrassed you. Then she will compliment me on my good taste and say what a very pretty lady you are, as she has said many times before. Did I embarrass you?”

She replied with wide open eyes, “No, I’m pleased that someone has paid attention to my, ah…bottom”

As she handed me a receipt I decided to ask, “I was just fixing a snack with some cheese and wine, I would I would be honored if you would join me?”

She paused for a moment then said, “It has been an exasperating day; I think I will take you up on your offer if it isn’t too much trouble.”

“Not at all.” I said as I moved into the kitchen to finish what I had started before she rang the door bell.

Ruth removed her suit jacket and laid it over the back of one of the chairs then joined me on the sofa; we sipped wine, and ate the cheese with crackers; she told me about her exasperating day. Eventually the conversation turned to the earlier topic of why she felt no one paid attention to her.

“My husband is a wonderful man, a good father, and an excellent provider but he shows no interest in me as a woman.”

“Really? That’s hard to believe. Do you think he has someone on the side?” I asked then immediately realized that wasn’t very nice to ask.

“I don’t know. I’m almost afraid of finding out. He does travel out of town and often works late.”

I had to ask, “Have you thought of taking a lover?”

“I have many times and have actually had two lovers but they both turned out to want more than just sex. I would like to have a torrid sexual liaison without entanglements.”

I injected, “Then you have come to the right place.”

Ruth raised her eye brows with interest and skepticism, “Oh really? How is that?”

“Well, Marlene and I have a rather unconventional relationship.”

Then she asked holding up her empty wine glass, “Could I use your restroom while you refill our glasses? Then I want to hear all about that.”

I directed her down the hall to the restroom then moved into the kitchen to refill our glasses.

When she returned to the sofa she immediately exclaimed, “I love the pictures displayed in the hall.”

Marlene and I put together a montage of black and white pictures, mostly of her nude, to display on the hall wall outside our bedroom; only friends we trusted would ever see them. They were professionally Gaziantep Gecelik Escort done using light and shadows to tastefully show very explicit scenes of her, some alone and some with me and/or our friends, both male and female.

Ruth seemed very invigorated by the sight of our pictures so I used them to explain our unconventional relationship.

“Did you notice the picture of Marlene with me and another man?” I asked.

She indicated she had and wanted to know more about it.

“Well, Marlene and I have enjoyed including other couples and some singles in our sex life for a number of years but always together and in the same room, then we decided that we wanted to include others solo. We made some rules that would allow us to take advantage of daily life situations which come up where we meet interesting people; we can only meet them once unless we included the other partner.”

I continued, “The other man in the picture was a photographer Marlene met through work and spent an afternoon with once; she invited me to join her when he called to tell her the prints of the photos he had taken were ready. We took more pictures of our meeting. I’m the one whose head is visible just above her thighs.”

I added, “That’s why I said you came to the right place if you only want to have a sexual encounter.”

Ruth let out her breath, “I had no idea Marlene was bi-sexual either; she never gave me a hint. I have been bi-curious so some time.”

“And she wouldn’t have unless you had shown interest in her. The only neighbors that know about us are ones we have been involved with sexually. We don’t kiss and tell.” I gave her a smile and a wink.

We were sitting closer facing each other with arms on the back of the sofa, our legs drawn under us, our knees almost touching. Ruth asked more questions about the unconventional relationship Marlene and I had and how it had developed.

“Marlene and I have always been very sexual and we enjoyed watching XXX movies like Deep Throat. One night we had sex in a almost dark, crowded night club with people around us; we enjoyed it enough to join friends’ nude in their hot tub-they watched us and we watched them.” I didn’t tell her it was our next door neighbor, Edith whom Ruth knew through her Avon business. “Have you ever watched someone have sex or been watched having sex?”

Ruth replied, “My college roommate and I sometimes had sex in a car with our boyfriends. I enjoyed that even though we were mostly clothed; it was fun listening to each other during sex too. I have often wanted to do that again.”

I rubbed the backs of my knuckles against Ruth’s chest where I thought her nipple would be. I was right on target and her nipple quickly responded by pushing against the material of her bra and silk blouse. Her face flushed.

I continued with the story as I pinched and pulled her hardened nubbin. Her eyes closed and her breathing increased.

“Several months after the hot tub event we spent the weekend at Daytona Beach with another couple. It was a race weekend and because of the demand for rooms we ended up having to share a room with two queen sized beds. One thing led to another and our wives decided to switch beds in the middle of the night; we continued to switch back and forth throughout the weekend. Later we joined their nude beach club.”

My fingers began to unbutton Ruth’s blouse and move across the bare, soft swells of her breasts. There was no doubt about where we were going and there was plenty of time to get there.

“When we meet someone alone we always come home and tell the other one about it in great detail. It’s very exciting to listen to your partner tell you about having sex with another person. I will tell Marlene about our time together and she will ask dozens of questions then we will have great sex afterwards.”

I slipped her silk blouse off her shoulders and arms then unfastened the clasp of her front opening bra and slid the straps down her arms. Her areolas were small, quarter sized, rose pink with thick, long nipples; they showed no signs of having fed her two, then teenage, boys. I bent to kiss them lovingly and let my tongue stroll over and around them. Her body was almost trembling and her breathing was labored. I raised my head to her lips and kissed her passionately; she returned the kiss using her tongue to explorer my mouth.

Ruth broke our kiss right in the middle and announced, “I should warn you that I tend to get loud and I love to talk dirty during sex. Do you mind?”

I smiled and assured her that I did not “mind” then lifted my old tank top over my head and pulled her bare chest against me to feel her soft, warm tits against my bare chest. Her tits were not large by any means but on her small frame they looked large.

I laid her hand on the engorged cock that had made a tent in the front of my thin gym shorts along with a pre cum wet spot. She moaned and gave it a firm squeeze as our tongues continued to duel.

Ruth stood up and unzipped her skirt, stepped out of it then tossed it toward the chair with her blouse. She stood in front of me wearing silver lace panties, a matching garter belt to hold up her stockings, and a pair of high heels; the matching bra was already on the sofa. It was obvious that she was nervous and wanted to cover up with her hands but she resisted and allowed me to enjoy the beautiful, sensuous site.

I ordered her, “Turn around and let me see all of you.”

She did as she was told and slowly made a complete turn. I move to her and took her into my arms; our hands slowly explored each other bodies.

Again I ordered her, “Face the wall, place your knees on the edge of the sofa, and put your hands on the wall.”

She assumed the position while I stood back and admired the beautiful site of her tits dangling downward, her slender, bare back sloping to her flared hips and perfectly round ass; her short shapely legs were slightly open. The arch and suspenders of her garter belt perfectly framed a work of art above the tops of her stockings.

I moved closer and dropped to my knees to kiss the soft, smooth skin above the top of her stockings. I pressed my nose into the damp crotch of her panties then kissed along the line of lace around each leg. She began slowly moving her hips as my lips continued their soft kisses.

I slowly slid the waist band of her panties over her flared hips and perfectly round ass and down about mid thigh. Her cheeks were open enough to expose the rose pink petals of her tightly closed rose bud. In spite of the thick, curly, head of black hair on top her pubic hair was very sparse forming a thin line along the puffy lips of her vulva. Her labia were completely exposed and fell downward from the long sheath of her clit like hot wax runs down a bottle candle holder; they formed an upper and lower set of lips of varying shades of pink.

The tip of my tongues danced around the pink petals of her tight ass as my hands massaged and spread the sweet cheeks that surrounded it.

“Mmmm, I haven’t had my ass licked since my college days.” Ruth said looking back over her shoulder.

I went lower with my tongue after slipping a finger into the pink orifice at the top. Her cunt was no longer just damp but rather drenched with her slick creamy juices. I lapped up the excess to keep it from running down her thighs.

She again looked over her shoulder and said, “I do love what you are doing but I really need to feel your cock in my pussy.”

She had obeyed my orders so how could I possibly resist following her wishes. I stood and dropped my shorts with the tent in front onto the floor and moved close to the exposed juicy cunt. With my erect cock in hand I moved its purple head up and down the slick lips glistening with her sweet nectar. Ruth continued to look over her shoulder as I took my time granting her wish. Then with a slight push I slipped deep into her juicy wet hole.

When I was balls deep she commanded, “Hold it right there.”

I immediately felt her cunt embrace my entire shaft. While I was used to women squeezing me with their muscles at the opening of their vagina, I had never had my entire cock so completely embraced. She closed her eyes and held me there for several minutes while she slowly moved her hips.

With her eyes still closed she shook her head slightly and smiled. A few minutes more she opened her eyes and commanded, “Fuck me hard Will!”

I didn’t need any more encouragement than that and began thrusting hard against her flanks. It was easy to hold onto her small hips and pull her backwards with force while at the same time I slammed her against her from behind.

The squishy sound of a cock moving in and out of a very juicy cunt could easily be heard between the sounds of our bodies slamming together but was quickly muffled by the sounds that emanated from Ruth’s mouth. They covered a complete range of sounds from low guttural moans to high octave yelps and shrieks. “Fuck”, “pussy”, and “cock” were some of the words that were clear enough to be heard.

I reached between her legs and lifted her enough to spin her around like a pig on a spit. With her facing up I could easily suckle her long, thick nipples while I continued to slam into her. She crossed her ankles behind me for added support then wrapped her hands around my neck. I was half standing and half sitting as we took full advantage of an almost vertical fuck.

Ruth was looking me straight in the eyes telling me, “Yes, that’s the way I want to be fucked. My pussy is on fire, put out my fire, Will. I’m going to cum with you.” over and over.

I began to encourage her to let go, telling her I was going to fill her with hot, gooey cum. She began to use her legs against my hips for leverage to increase our thrusts. We were drenched in sweat, panting for breath, and grunting primal animal mating sounds.

I felt an explosion in my balls and heard a scream in my ear as an extreme force moved through the center of my engorge shaft. Every cell in my body turned to jelly as a bright, white light surrounded me. Ruth went limp and quiet except for her breathing. I somehow managed to move us onto the sofa where we did not move even a tiny cell for a long time, or though it seemed.

I became conscious of a hand against my face and a small, soft body move slightly in my arms. I opened my eyes and saw Ruth’s pretty smile.

“If you will tell me where I can get a wash cloth I’ll clean up this mess before it gets on the sofa.” she said with a much softer voice than just minutes earlier.

I gave her a quick kiss saying, “Don’t worry I have the perfect pussy cleaner.”, as I slipped down her body.

My limp slimy cock slipped out of the warm cocoon where it had worked so hard to bring pleasure to its owner. A long string of cum slid off the tip onto the floor as I moved into position to clean up the mess I had caused. Her vulva was red and swollen; the sparse line of black pubic hair was wet, shinny, and matted near her slit. A small drop of gooey, white cream had escaped the well and rested on the pink petals of her tight rose bud.

I had to start low and work my way upward, what a chore I faced. Once I was able to clean up the perimeter I was ready to begin the larger task; I caught a larger drop as it slipped out of its pretty pink hiding place. I looked up to see Ruth smiling as flicked the large drop with the tip of my tongue then she tightened her muscles. A huge, thick cream pie rushed out and onto my tongue. I had to place my mouth around the entire area to get it all.

“Are you not going to share?” she asked.

I moved up to her lips slowly dragging the tip of my nose over her sensitive torso and across her now back to normal nipples. Once close to her lips we kissed using our tongues to swap and share the mass of thick, salty cream.

Once my cream pie was devoured I slipped back down to enjoy the treat I had started on earlier. I lapped at her sweet nectar and inhaled her musky, fresh fucked aroma. I was gentle on all the most sensitive parts after they had suffered through a brutal workout. Ruth’s hips moved slowly as she began to purr. I slipped my finger into her rear orifice which had not seen ample use since her college days; she smiled down between her nice tits at me. I wondered what kind of attention it had seen back in those college days; had it enjoyed a hard, erect cock or just a finger or two?

We rested and enjoyed a snack with more wine as I took my turn asking her about her sexual experience. I found out that anal sex in high school and college had helped her to keep her virginity until she married. Her husband thought anal sex or anal play was repulsive so she never told him about her experiences and that she missed it. He would not perform oral sex on her either and would only allow her to kiss his cock, not put it in her mouth.

With a sad look on her face she admitted, “I am so starved for sex that sometimes I think I will go crazy.”

My cock had already regained its dignity and was standing proud as we continued talking. When there was a pause in the conversation she reached over and took my cock in her small hand, examined it, then lowered her head to take me completely in her mouth. I ran my fingers through her black, curly hair as her head bobbed up and down on my hard shaft. I was already thinking about inviting her to join me and Marlene sometime soon; I was certain she would.

We stretched out on the living room sofa across the room from a large bay window where we would be clearly visible from the street for anyone driving by who cared to look our way and anyone who walked up our drive way or approached our porch couldn’t help but see us nude in a very compromising position. Ruth didn’t seem to mind the possibility of getting caught.

I retrieved a tube of KY jelly from the drawer of one of the end table and Ruth smiled at my preparation.

“You keep KY lube in the living room?” she asked.

“Well one has to be prepared for any event. Besides Marlene and I never know where our next fuck will take place.” I replied.

I pulled her sweet ass against my lap then lifted her top leg to give me access to her puckered, pink hole. I smeared a small dab of jelly around her opening with my finger then dipped my finger inside to spread it deeper. I put a small dab on her fingers to spread over the engorged, shinny head of my cock.

“Wow, I hope that will fit.” She said as she slowly lubed under my glans.

“Well, let’s see.”

Ruth held up her top leg in the bend of her elbow as I pushed my cock head against her well lubed hole. It first flattened against the resistance of the puckered orifice before almost popping inside the tight, hot hole. She let out a yelp at the initial pain of being stretched so suddenly but quickly relaxed when I stopped with just the head of my cock in her.

“Wow that feels so different than I thought it would. Can you go deeper?” she asked.

I gave a slow push and slipped deeper.

“Oh yes that feels so nice. Fuck my ass Will.”

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