Avery and Jenna Pt. 10: Licentious

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The rest of the night had come and gone, and the sun was rising high above the sleepy city. Its rays were still too low to reach the bedroom window of Erin’s apartment, but there was just enough illumination for one to make out what was transpiring. Erin sat between his legs. Her knees were bent, and she rested one of her small hands outside of his thigh, supplanted on the bed. She remained as quiet as possible, not wishing to wake him, in the unlikely but plausible event he tried to stop her. What she was doing was something she had always wanted to do with a man. Erin’s head bobbed slowly underneath her blanket. He felt thick and heavy in her mouth. She was unaccustomed to sucking on something as large as him, so she initially found it overwhelming; eventually she relaxed, concentrating solely on the sizable member cramming her mouth. A familiar flavor saturated the thin skin surrounding his cock, a remnant of their sex from the previous night. It was little more than six hours old. Downward pushed her medium-sized lips around his cock, while her mind imagined what may happen, should he awake to find his cock being drained by her thirsty mouth.

How sexy would it be, if he grabbed the back of her head?

How sexy would it be, if he took control by thrusting his cock into her mouth with speed and purpose?

Her swollen pussy salivated as the thoughts manifested into a delightful story in her head. Using the hand grasping his dick, she stroked him in unison with her mouth. Her wrist twisted counter-clockwise as her hand traveled down the ample length. He was too long for her to fully engulf; she had a powerful gag reflex that could not tolerate much stimulation before she would cough or choke. Reflex aside, she would submit to him, were he to wake up and decide that he wanted to be in control. The rougher he was, the better. The scene played out in her mind like a movie…

(…Her hand moved from his cock to his thigh, and she squeezed it firmly as he thrust himself into her mouth and against her tongue. Straining but willing, she did her best to breathe through her nose as he found some mythical way of shoving himself into her throat…)

…Erin was so entranced by her fantasy that she did not even notice him beginning to stir. Shaking his head side to side delicately, he realized something enjoyable was taking place between his legs. Deep brown eyes softened by a greasy sheen of fatigue peered downward to see the blanket moving up and down near his crotch. At first, he did not remember where he was. He did not know if he were still with Erin or somehow made his way back home to Jenna.

“What’s happening?” He asked, rubbing his eyes with his hands. When Erin heard him, she scooted backward towards the end of the blanket. She smiled widely to him, brushing her hair out of her face. He could not even tell she had been sleeping. Every strand of Erin’s hair rested perfectly atop her head, like a crown. Truly, she must have been the envy of every woman.

“Good morning,” she spoke, barely above a whisper. Though her mouth was gone, she made sure to keep working him with her hand. There was enough saliva on his cock that she could stroke without friction.

“What are you doing?” He asked, watching her movements. Erin put her index finger over her lips. Shortly after, they formed the shape of a circle.

“Shh,” she shushed him. “I want to suck it, so lie back and let me.” He posed no further objection, so she returned her mouth to him, sliding down towards the middle of his rigid dick. Knowing he was awake encouraged her to perform more thoroughly, so she increased her speed, twirling her hand around him. He said nothing. He steadied himself on his elbows while Erin travailed on him. She ran her tongue along the side of his cock before reaching the head, where she took it between her lips and licked the hole at the tip. From there, she moved to the place on his cock where the head met the shaft. It formed a v shape. She was experienced enough to know that often, men found this area especially sensitive and could even reach climax from its stimulation alone. Hearing his moans fill the room, she was elated to find that he was among those men. After her tongue slathered the gentle spot, she changed her approach and ran her tongue against the opposing side back to the one she just licked. Starting from the head, she moved down the tip all the way to his base. There was some stubble present that brushed against Erin’s tongue uncomfortably, like sandpaper. She withdrew from the base and licked her way back towards the head, where she then gulped him once more. He watched as Erin’s lips spread apart, yielding to his girth. Erin was too involved in what she was doing to notice him watching her. Even if she could tell, she would be too embarrassed to look at him. She knew she had competition with which to contend and wanted to surpass all expectations.

“That thing you’re doing with your hand feels amazing,” he said. Erin leaned moldova escort away but kept massaging him with her fingers, twisting her wrist each time they slid downward.

“Just a little something I picked up. I’m glad you like it,” she said, placing her lips back onto him, sucking faster and harder. He closed his eyes and blocked out everything except thoughts that involved his member in Erin’s mouth. Meanwhile, Erin felt her jaw beginning to lock up, but she did not want to stop. From her perspective, she could not stop. Jenna had much experience over her; she could, no doubt, bring him to orgasm using her lips and tongue in less than ten minutes. Erin had been sucking for close to twenty minutes, yet he showed no visible or audible signs of getting close to climax. Thoughts of inadequacy swarmed in Erin’s head. Her two previous lovers would not be able to last longer than five minutes before they came. Was she not using enough saliva? Was she not stroking or sucking with enough force? Perhaps there was something special that Jenna did during oral about which she did not know. Regardless, Erin was franticly trying to get him off.

The pain in her jaw had evolved, from a slight tingle to a full ache, and she was having trouble maintaining her rhythm. It presented a compelling case for her to give up on sucking, but before she could pull away, he placed his hand on the back of her head. Staving off the discomfort, she sucked as firmly as her sore jaw would allow. Seconds later, the first spurt of his cum showered her mouth. Erin was amazed at how strongly his dick twitched during orgasm. Each spurt that blasted against the roof of her mouth filled her, not with just his seed, but with confidence as well. Satisfied with her efforts, she calmed her jaw, allowing him the privilege of discharging between her lips. After roughly twenty seconds, the convulsions stopped and Erin no longer detected streams of cum firing into her mouth. Convinced he was finally done, Erin squeezed him once more with her lips to ensure she unearthed the last few drops hiding in his shaft.

She rose from his lap and tilted her head backwards, accepting the challenge to swallow it; swallowing cum was exceptionally difficult for her. Only in three instances did she manage it, and those loads were not as voluminous as what waited in her mouth now. A small amount of his seed slid down into her stomach before the consistency activated her gag reflex. Erin leaned forward, trying to clear her throat of the creamy obstruction. At the same time, she wanted to maintain what was left, so a second attempt could be made; she managed to imbibe a little more than the first time before gagging again. Leaning forward to clear her throat, she was unable to contain the fluid. A strong cough forced her to spew a composite of cum and saliva squarely into his navel. When he saw it, he did not move, for fear that he may make a mess of her sheets. Erin continued to cough, removing all traces of his spunk. She wiped her lips clean with the back of her hand.

“Are you okay?” He asked. Erin coughed a few more times before regaining her composure.

“I’m sorry. I feel so embarrassed for gagging,” she said, holding her hand over her sternum. A thick knot formed in her chest.

“No, I’m sorry. I should have said something, but I thought you could tell how close I was.” Erin waved her hand next to her head after he spoke.

“I was too caught up in what I was doing to notice. Please don’t take me spitting it out to be a bad thing. I like to try, but I always have a hard time swallowing. The taste wasn’t bad, but there was just too much,” she said, laughing quietly to herself.

“It still felt amazing,” he responded.

“Let me get you a towel,” Erin said, leaning forward to kiss him on the lips. As Erin quickly leapt out of bed and ran into the hallway, he sighed the remnants of his gratifying climax. He looked down at the muddle in his navel and whispered to himself.

“What a way to start the morning.”


His shower concluded, he stepped out of the stall, feeling refreshed. The wake-up call from Erin was wonderful. Avery could not believe how pleasurable it was when Erin stroked him earlier in bed; even Jenna was unfamiliar with the technique. He toweled off and exited the bathroom. Hearing him open the bathroom door, Erin poked her head out of the kitchen to speak.

“Hey!” She called to him.

“Hey,” he turned towards her, tightening the towel around his waist. His chest was still damp. Erin’s cheeks went red at the sight. Sadly, she was much too sore to do anything other than what she had already done.

“I don’t know if you’re in a hurry, but I made breakfast. Nothing fancy. Just some pancakes and a fruit salad. I made enough for both of us if you’re interested.” Avery had no other plans for the day. It was a Saturday, after all.

“Sure. I’ll have some.” Erin smiled widely and leaned back into the kitchen. Avery walked back escort istanbul into her bedroom and finished toweling off. He tossed on the white shirt he wore underneath his dress shirt from the previous night, followed by his boxers and dress pants, and last his black dress socks. He grabbed his cell phone, walked out of Erin’s bedroom, and into the dining room. On top of her table was a full spread of food. In the center was a large serving plate with at least ten pancakes on it. Next to the plate was a big, clear, plastic bowl of chopped-up fruits, including pineapples, apples, blueberries, strawberries, with orange and grapefruit wedges. There was a small dish with butter, two types of syrup, a big pot of fresh coffee and a pitcher of water. Erin emerged from the kitchen, carrying two coffee mugs, one white and one orange, and two tall glasses for the water. She was only partially dressed, wearing a pair of white panties, similar to the pair Avery ripped apart last night. Her nightgown from the previous night was missing, but her aquamarine robe covered her modestly.

“I’m sorry. I seem to have run out of juice, but I have coffee and milk, or I can make you some tea if you want,” she said, turning around to move to her seat. Avery walked over to the table first and pulled out her chair. Erin blushed intensely, accepting his gratitude. After she sat down, Avery picked up the plate in front of her.

“What would you like?” He asked. Erin looked around the table to make her order.

“I would like two pancakes, some fruit, and some coffee with cream and two stevia packets, please,” she replied. Avery prepared her plate, first picking up her pancakes. Afterward, he took a hold of the large spoon in the fruit salad and dumped a large portion onto her plate. He placed a small pad of butter onto the top pancake and placed the plate in front of her. She reached for the maple syrup while he started making her coffee, first filling her mug. Next, he added a small amount of creamer, and then blended the two stevia packets into the cup. He placed it in front of her and sat down to help himself to her appetizing meal.

“You made quite the breakfast this morning,” he observed, taking three pancakes for himself. He pulled some fruit from the bowl and then collected a small pad of butter for his pancakes. Erin poured some coffee into his mug for him.

“I love to cook, and I haven’t cooked for someone special in a while, so I thought it would be nice,” she responded, handing back the coffee mug to Avery.

“I’m special? That’s very sweet of you. Everything was sweet. Thank you for everything,” he replied.

“It was my pleasure. Trust me. How’s your hand?” She asked, taking a small bite of fruit. Avery looked at the bandage on his left hand. The wound was causing him much more discomfort than it was last night.

“It hurts more than yesterday, but you nursed it very well,” he answered, diving quickly into an entire pancake.

“Do you remember how it happened?”

“Not really. A lot of what happened last night is kind of a blur.”

“What can you remember?” She asked, cutting up one of her pancakes into manageable pieces.

“I remember the cab ride. I remember you wrapping my hand. I remember us making love on the couch,” he said, trying to recollect what else transpired.

“Oh yes. The sex on the couch was pretty wonderful. The sex in the kitchen was good, too. The whole day was just great! I’ve never been choked during sex, but I actually loved it,” she proclaimed.

“I don’t remember choking you, or much else, but I hope I didn’t hurt you.”

“Here’s what I know: you took a cab here, and I covered your fare. Which was over eighty dollars, so you owe me big time for that,” she jeered.

“I’ll pay you back when I find my wallet. I promise.”

“Good, because I don’t even loan family members that much money, much less friends or lovers. Anyway, I cleaned and bandaged your hand. Then, you gave me the strongest orgasm of my life.”

“I’m sorry. I was drunk, and apparently really horny last night.”

“Stop apologizing. I don’t regret any of it.”

“Not even this morning?”

“It’s been a fantasy of mine to suck a guy off while he slept. I’m sorry about the failed swallowing. And spewing it back on you. I tried, but it was not happening,” she said, finishing off her pancakes.

“It’s okay. Thank you for being so kind to me,” he said, chewing on a pineapple chunk.

“By the way, does it normally take you twenty minutes to get off from oral?”

“Not always. I have a big oral fetish. Sometimes I concentrate more on what’s happening instead of how good it feels.”

“That’s understandable,” Erin answered, chewing on a blueberry. “So, what kinds of things do you like to do with Jenna? Sexually, I mean.”

“I enjoy doing everything with her.”

“Everything?” Erin inquired. There had to be something at which Jenna did not excel. She could not be perfect at everything.

“Well, I pretty bulgar escort much like everything. Oral, vaginal, anal, titty fucking. I like everything. I’ll try anything at least once.” Erin meditated on the new information Avery gave her. It was obvious Avery had a bit of an oral fixation. She looked down at her breasts; while hers were half the size of Jenna’s breasts, she had more than enough for him to play with as he wished. Perhaps she would had gotten more attention from Avery in high school, were they larger. Her B-cup tits were no match for Jenna’s Ds, but Erin did have one physical asset that was better than Jenna: Erin’s large, round, firm ass. She had never dared to try anything sexual with her ass before, as the thought terrified her. Especially now, considering the size of the cock that would be involved. She surmised a way into Avery’s heart, aside from his stomach, was through his cock. More specifically, it was through his cock inside of her ass.

“What about lingerie? Do you like lingerie?” She questioned. If she were going to get fucked in the ass, an act she believed to be slightly demeaning, she at least wanted to look good while it happened, for she doubted it would feel good.

“I do and I don’t. I like that it exists, and when the right pieces are on the right body, there’s not many things better than that. But I feel like it’s a lot of money to put a small amount of cloth on a body that is, presumably, already sexy without it. I mean, you wear it just to take it off? I find that really counter-intuitive.” Erin nodded in acknowledgement, thinking of alternative ways that she could further seduce Avery.

“I do like corsets, though. Those are really sexy.”

“Corsets? Like, any corset? Do you like a particular style or color?”

“I don’t know. Any corset, I guess. There’s just something about them, you know?”

“Interesting,” Erin said softly, finishing off her fruit. “So, what are your plans for today?”

“Well, it’s the weekend, so no work. I’ll probably just relax,” he answered, putting a large dent into his final pancake.

“I asked because I originally planned to go work out and then shopping for some new furniture, but if you’re available, I can skip the gym. It would be nice to spend some more time with you today,” she said, finishing her coffee.

“I would, but I should really get home. I need a change of clothes and Jenna’s probably wondering where I am,” he replied. Erin’s blood boiled when he mentioned her name. Did Avery think what was happening between them was merely sex and nothing more? Erin felt disappointed. And used. He read the sad expression on her face.

“I can make time for you tomorrow, or another day if you want.” Erin waved her hand in disapproval.

“I have something to do tomorrow that will take up the whole day, but we can get together sometime next week,” she said, refilling her mug with fresh coffee. The words were a lie; she had nothing planned for tomorrow.

“May I ask you for one more favor?”

“What is it?”

“Can you please drop me off to pick up my car?”

“Sure. I can do that, and then I’ll head off to the gym!”

“Sounds like a plan,” he smiled and nodded to her. Erin nodded in accord, collecting a third pancake. She was determined to prove she was better than Jenna, and she knew exactly how she was going to prove it.


Standing in front of the door to his condo, he realized that he left his keys in his jacket pocket. Avery reached up above the door frame and removed the spare key. Unlocking the door, he slowly walked inside, lamenting that he left his jacket at the hotel. Or so he thought. Entering the living room, his jacket sat atop Jenna’s jacket on one of the couches. On his computer desk was his wallet, placed where Avery normally situated it. It was kind of Jenna to make sure she brought all of his things home. Despite its familiarity, the apartment did not seem like home. It felt colder than usual, even in the winter air surrounding it. Avery walked to his computer desk and sat down into his chair, placing the spare key and his dead cell phone onto the desk. He tossed his shirt onto the couch next to him, where the jackets rested. He sighed and ran his hands through his short hair, relieved that he was home. The relief was short-lived. Moments later, Avery heard the door to the bedroom open. Jenna emerged, wearing a white shirt and grey shorts. Her arms were crossed in condemnation. She appeared as though she had not slept; her hair was disheveled and lifeless, dark circles plague her eyes, and the skin on her face looked paler than last night. A wide distance separated her from him.

“Where have you been?” She asked. Her tone possessed no measure of concern for him.

“Nowhere. I was just out,” he answered.

“You were just out?”


“Did you go anywhere?” She pressed for more. Avery sighed and turned his head, not having the patience for an inquisition.

“I went over to Carter’s place.”

“You went to Carter’s apartment?”


“Wrong. I called Carter twice last night, and once this morning, to see if you somehow stumbled over there. He said he hadn’t heard from you all night. So, try again.” Avery sighed a second time and looked away from Jenna.

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