Ava and/or Eva Pt. 06

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Author’s Note – This story has 8 parts which I am releasing as I finish editing them. For the best experience, please read them in sequence or you may not be able to follow the story properly. Although this is a work of fiction, it is based on real characters and events. All names and locations are fictitious. To check on the status of the next part, please see my profile. Thank you.


Curves In The Road

Dinner that evening was a happy feast of food, chatter, and joy. All my ladies were back in my shirts, which were partially or barely buttoned while I had thrown on my pair of shorts again. I laughed and smiled as Eva and June told me how they had prepared Crystal for her ‘deflowering’ ceremony with Crystal interjecting comments of what she was seeing and feeling. She was a nervous wreck, but felt like the proverbial princess getting ready for the ball. Hearing all of this inside stuff from them was very ‘ego boosting’ in a way, but that is not who I am.

I have never seen myself in this manner. I’m just an ordinary man living my life from day-to-day. I realize that I’m lucky… for the most part… especially when it comes to women and sex. When Ava entered my life and became the center of my universe, I was the luckiest man alive. Everything else around me that meant something special to me… my mustang… my home… my properties and income lifestyle… were nice, and I worked hard to get them. Still, they were just accessories to my Ava… and now Eva. My loves are what my life is all about. All the rest is just ‘stuff’.

The biggest secret that Ava ever told me was not done directly. I love women… all of them. Her directness and bluntness opened a door into the world of their psyche where I was able to see and understand… for the most part… what made them tick and how to spot their clues, or signs. During all our years of sexual escapades, she would constantly whisper to me, ‘Watch this’, then she would tell or show me what the women were actually needing or wanting. I don’t claim to be an expert, but I definitely have more of a ‘clue’ than most men.

I finished my meal and took my dishes to the sink before grabbing a new beer and heading to the patio. Leaning against the railing, I enjoyed the late afternoon. It wouldn’t be long before the full heat of summer started bearing in, but right now the temperatures were wonderful.

I felt a pair of arms wrap around me and a familiar body press into my back. When I turned my head to look back, Eva kissed my on the cheek and smiled. “I love you, David.”

Her use of my name struck me oddly and I turned to face her while asking her to explain, “David?…what…?” She put a finger to my lips to silence me.

“You’re my daddy… and now you’re also my lover… but what I have seen you do lately made me want to tell you what I think of you as man.” She looked up at me tenderly and finished her thought, “I don’t know of many men that would have taken the time or effort to do what you did for Crystal. I’ve never seen her real personality since she was already fucked up when June and I met. I’m just blown away by who she is and what you have done for her…I just wanted to tell you that, daddy.”

“Thank you, cuddlebug. I appreciate that, just as long as you realize that you also played a part. We all helped her, okay?”

“Okay,” she conceded, then kissed me once more. “June will be pulling you aside to thank you… just a warning!” Poking me in the ribs, she went back inside.

True to her word, a few minutes later June came up to me and asked, “Can we take a walk down by the pool, David?” I nodded as she took my hand in hers. By the pool she went on, “Words will never be able to tell you how much what you have done means to me. So, I am just going to say thank you…from the bottom of my heart, thank you, David.” She stopped and turned to me, put her hand on my cheek and kissed me lovingly. When she finished, she flashed me the biggest smile I had ever seen.

I modestly replied, “You’re welcome.”

“Show me the yard… I want to feel the grass in my toes.” When we stepped on the lawn, she wiggled her toes and grinned before speaking, “She’s back, David. I haven’t seen her like this since before Jake moved in with our mom. She’s alive again. Last night when we all went to bed together, she was asleep in like 5 minutes. I couldn’t believe it… it takes me hours sometimes if I can even get her to sleep at all. I went to the other bedroom and slept like I haven’t slept in forever… alone… by myself.”

As we slowly walked around the yard, she opened up about the nightmares and all the horrors she had lived through with Crystal. Then, she reminisced about Crystal when she was growing up and the girl she was before it all turned bad. I was astonished and happy at the same time.

When we neared the pool again, she said. “I have my sister back, David… maybe not all the way… but for the most part.”

“I want to check with you about something…I have one more idea I want to try.” She looked at me blankly, nodding. “She’s back bursa eskort bayan for the most part, but I want to break the link she still has with the pain. If I am thinking right, she used to have orgasms of a sort when he was abusing her… correct?”

“Yes.” She tried to explain it better, “She said that after the pain got to a point, she would go into a kind of ‘trance’ to not feel it anymore, then sometimes she would just cum. After we escaped, she wanted to get back there… wanted me to beat her so she could, but I couldn’t do it… I just couldn’t hurt her like that. I tried to make her cum through masturbation and eating her, but I could never get her there. She would freak out and throw tantrums… it was pure hell. These orgasms she just had were her first normal ones. That’s what I think has set her free again.”

I stood and thought how I wanted to phrase my idea before telling her. “Ava and I…and, to some extent, Eva, now…were into BDSM, but not anywhere near the sadistic shit Crystal has experienced. I wouldn’t even call what he did BDSM… he was just a violent beast who took out his anger on her.” She was looking at me with a serious, quizzical look as I went on, “I want to introduce her to BDSM in it’s true form… which is… some pain mixed with love and desire… it’s an amazing thing. I want to change her idea of what amount of pain is needed to achieve an orgasm… that she doesn’t need to be beat to death. Does that make any sense?”

She thought hard before replying, “I get what you mean, David. I don’t see why not since we already broke her fear of men and of letting go. Sure… let’s try it.” She squeezed my hand firmly.

“Okay… expect some ‘strange’ things to take place this evening, but just go with the flow. Eva will fill you in as we go along. I just want to warn you, ahead of time, that you are going to be privy to some very personal stuff… okay?” She nodded. “We’ve opened the door for her… now, I want to shove her through.”

When we headed back to the house, Crystal was watching from the rail. As we approached, she smiled and asked, “David, can I talk with you a minute… alone?”

“Sure, sweetheart. Let me speak to Eva for a minute… then I’m all yours, okay?”

“Sure… I’ll be right here.”

June and I walked inside and when I didn’t see Eva, I called out her name. “Back here, daddy,” she answered from the laundry room. Folding clothes when I entered, she announced “Shirts!” while pointing at them hanging on the rolling clothes rack.

As I filled her in on my idea, I could see her visualizing what we were going to do. I told her it was going to be a lot of improv and to do what she thought was best, but to try to stay in character as much as possible. I wanted her to ‘mess up’ a lot at first so we could show the ‘punishment’ aspect, and that when I sent them upstairs, she was to explain all the ‘rules’ to June. I filled her in on my discussion with June… that she was going to go along, but was totally in the dark about what was going to happen. Eva was giggling by the time I left.

Returning to Crystal who was waiting patiently on the deck, I bent down, giving her a tongue-swirling kiss. She locked her arms around my neck and clung tightly as we enjoyed each other again. When I pulled back, her eyes were a little watery and she had a weepy look on her face. “I’m all yours for now, Crystal. What did you want to talk about?”

“Well…you beat me to the kiss part, dammit!” she chided me. I removed her arms from my neck and looked at her for a moment before reaching out and undoing the single button holding her shirt closed. She stayed silent as I opened it, examining her lovely breasts.

“I didn’t get to enjoy these last night…may I?” Her eyes grew wider as she shyly nodded. Cupping their fullness in my hands, I stroked them with my thumbs as I told her, “They’re beautiful, Crystal. I was so busy enjoying your delicious pussy that I never got a chance to show you how much I like these, too.” I moved my hands slightly so my thumbs slipped into the fold at the bottom and lifted them while my fingers squeezed from the side, pushing her nipples forward. Bending down, I took her large nipple into my mouth, sucking firmly then scraping it with my teeth before moving to the other one and repeating. Her hands were in my hair, her fingers playing, as I teased and nibbled on her flesh.

She moaned with sadness when I pulled back and told her, “Come sit on my lap…I don’t want to get too carried away, sweetheart.” While moving to a patio chair and sitting, I spotted June and Eva watching us through the kitchen window. Crystal sat in my lap, and I felt her shudder when my hand moved back to her breast, stroking it. “I interrupted you before… what did you want to say, honey?”

Since I had distracted her so much, she had to think for a moment. “I just wanted to thank you for what you did last night and today. I can’t ever tell you how much I needed that. I know I’ve been putting June through hell these past few years… I hated myself for it… bursa merkez escort but now I feel as if everything has changed.” Her voice was very quiet with a hint of both pain and happiness to it, “They told me it was your idea and that they were just helping. I needed to tell you personally how much I love you… I know that Eva is your real love, David… I’m not a love sick, little girl who wants you all to myself… but I do love you, just the same.”

“Surprise, Crystal…I love you, too! I consider you and June part of ‘my family’ now, and there is nothing you could do to stop me…so there!” I stuck my tongue out playfully and she snickered, strongly hugging me. Eva and June had slid open the window and apparently heard everything. Eva shot me a thumbs up while June wore a big grin. I let Crystal cling to me for several minutes, enjoying the heat from her breasts pressing against my chest and the sweet scent of her perfume.

Eventually, I whispered, “Let’s go back inside…I need to pee and a fresh beer.” As we went inside, I told Eva with a wink, “Show her how to use the stereo and let her put on some music for us.” Going to the lower bath, I took care of business. When I came out, I stepped near Eva and asked quietly, “Ready?” She nodded. I walked down into the family room where Crystal was looking through my CD collection and swaying to the music that was playing. “Crystal, would you help me move the coffee table please?” I wanted it out of the way for what was about to happen… it was way too early to show them the playroom yet. She gave me a questioning look while helping me move it against the wall. “Join me on the sofa?” I looked at her and she nodded, moving to my side when I sat down near the middle.

Eva had alerted June and they were watching from the kitchen. When I said, “Eva, playtime on.” June’s look became curious. “Would you like something to drink, Crystal?” She shook her head and had the same look on her face. “Eva, bring me a beer and a fruit drink for Crystal.”

Eva was in character and replied, “Yes, daddy.” As she moved to fill my order, I could see June understanding what was happening while Crystal was still in the dark. Eva came bouncing up with our drinks, handing them to us.

“Remove your shirt, I want you naked.” Her shirt instantly hit the floor. I looked at her, asking her gruffly, “Didn’t you forget something?”

Her head lowered as she replied, “Yes, daddy… sorry, daddy.”

“Come here and bend over.”

“Yes, daddy.” When she was in position I gave her a medium slap on her ass… hard enough for effect and to leave a slight red mark, but hopefully not sharp enough to frighten Crystal who was staring incredulously at Eva’s ass in front of us… her mouth open and eyes wide.

“Eva, remove June’s shirt… I like my women naked in my house.” I actually didn’t… I preferred the shirts with the constant, tantalizing flash of ass, tits and pussy. But, this was for the show, so to speak.

“Yes, daddy.” She hustled to her and June’s shirt quickly hit the floor. June was trying to play her part, faking surprise as best she could.

“Eva, ” She snapped to attention. “You’re making a mess… pick up those shirts, then come here for your punishment.” She lowered her head again in fake shame, grabbed the shirts, and presented her ass for me. “Two shirts equals two smacks.” I announced and delivered them. They were a little harder this time, but I needed to add in the reward factor now. I leaned forward, kissing her lovingly on the two red spots while softly rubbing them with my hands. Her back visibly arched as she moaned with real pleasure this time. “Good girl, Eva. You may get up now.”

When she turned to face me, I could see some fire in her gaze while she licked her lips and smiled erotically for effect. “Eva, take June upstairs and dress her and yourself in proper attire. You have my permission to tell her what my rules are, and what she can and cannot do.”

“Yes, daddy.” She ran to June and took her by the hand, leading her upstairs. When they had gone, I realized that Crystal was clutching my arm tightly with her eyes wide. Her shirt was also gone…she had taken my clothing order to heart, and was looking at me like she was afraid to speak.

“Crystal…it’s okay…talk to me, honey.”

“What is going on, David?…I don’t understand.” There was definitely a feeling of fear in her demeanor. I knew I had made a mistake. I should have tried another way to get my point across.

Taking her face in my hand, I apologized, “I’m sorry, sweetie. I wanted to show you something, but I didn’t think you would react like this.”

“What did you want to show me, David?”

“I wanted to show you that not all pain is bad. The right type of pain mixed with the right amount of pleasure can be amazing. Eva and I are into domination and submission, so she enjoys the spanking and other things we do. She can describe it better, but I don’t want to scare you off… I just want to show you how much pleasure you can get bursa sınırsız escort bayan from it, okay?”

“Okay.” She was still a little hesitant.

“Do you mind going on and just watching?… You can say ‘stop’ at anytime if you don’t want to go on. Just so you know, June is in on it, but she’s just learning what it’s all about as well… so you’re not alone.” She started nodding again. “Want to go on?”

“Yes, I do… oops… yes, David,” she corrected herself with a little smile. I could see Eva and June coming out of the bedroom door, dressed to kill. Leaning in, I whispered, “You can tease June after it’s over if she fucks up too much.” She snickered as they came down the stairs.

With a sexy sashay around the sofa, they presented themselves for my inspection. Eva had found all the lingerie where I thought Ava had kept it. She was wearing her mom’s bright-red, crotchless thong and demi-bra while June was in Jenna’s baby-blue outfit. They had the garters and nylons on, but no shoes. Eva’s head was lowered. Already knowing the answer, I still asked her, “Eva, where are you shoes!”

“Sorry, daddy… hers wouldn’t fit and there were no others, so I left mine off as well.”

“Okay, I’ll let you go this time, but not again, understood?” Eva answered properly but June paused after the yes part. “June, didn’t Eva tell you how to address me?”

“No… sir?” she guessed.

“June, you may call me David, for now.”

“Yes, David.”

“Eva, come here for a spanking.” She hustled into position and received her smack followed by a kiss and rub.

“Go back, Eva.” When she was in place, “Spread your legs, my ladies, and open your cunts.” I loved their beautiful pussies, all spread there just for me. Turning to Crystal who was still clutching my arm… more for the contact, now that she knew what was happening… I asked, “Aren’t their pussies gorgeous?…I love to look at them.”

“Yes, David…very beautiful.”

“Turn around and bend over.” They obliged me, answering properly and looked back at us through their legs.

“Beautiful…beautiful…I want a taste…bring me a taste, Eva.”

“Yes, daddy.” She slid her fingers into herself and then came to me, offering me her juice. After sucking her fingers clean, I smacked my lips, telling her, “Delicious…my baby girl tastes so wonderful!”

“June, bring me a taste.” I had barely stopped speaking when her fingers were there. She had a slightly sharper tang than Eva, but was also delicious. “June, I could eat your sweetness all day…simply fantastic! You ladies have shown me the proper respect so far, so I give you permission to just do what I ask without having to respond verbally. If I ask you a question, however, you will need to respond with my title.”

“Kiss me, Eva.” I played with her tongue for a moment before asking for June’s kiss. When I was satisfied, I decided to reward them.

“Crystal, would you like to see them give me a blowjob?” When I looked at her she was grinning.

“Yes, David!”

“Ladies, kneel on the floor and french each other.” Wrapped in each others arms, their tongues got busy as they played for us.

My cock was hard and confined, so it was time to get in on the action. Crystal looked a little sad when I stood up and she had to release my arm. Taking my shorts off, I threw them to the floor while I studied the action before me. Eva’s tongue was buried in June’s mouth and I could hear her sucking as her tongue darted around. Even though June had been a good girl, I wanted to handle her sexy ass. Moving behind her, I dropped to my knees and leaned in to tell her, “Your ass is so beautiful, I just have to spank it and show you how much I love it.”

She stopped her kiss for a moment to reply, “Please show me, David!” then returned to Eva. Gripping her cheeks strongly in my fingers, I kneaded and squeezed them roughly causing her back to arch. When I released her, I slapped them several times rather hard before pulling her upper body away from her embrace with Eva then forcing her down to a doggy position. My hands and mouth worked to sooth the red spots I had created before I repeated my slaps and then soothed her once more. Groaning lustily from my actions, she was squirming and then whimpering in pleasure when I finally stood up.

“Eva, show Crystal how I like my cock sucked… June, hold it for her… Crystal, get close so you have a good look.” Crystal had said that Jake face fucked her, but I was sure she had never seen the right way to suck one. Eva started by teasing my knob with her tongue as June’s hand wrapped my shaft, her eyes still glazed and chest heaving from what I had just done to her. Crystal was on her knees and leaned in close to watch.

“Take care of my balls, June.” As Eva’s tongue probed my slit and played under the ridge of my knob, June bent her head and her mouth sucked and licked them while her fingers rolled and pulled them. Eva slipped her lips down over me, her tongue continuing to swirl around. When her head started to bob up and down, it was too much for Crystal. She removed June’s hand from my shaft and joined in, her tongue licking where Eva’s mouth wasn’t. I shifted my leg back to give her better access and she started to play tongue games with June, as well. It was only another minute before they were driving me nuts! I knew I wouldn’t last much longer but didn’t want to stop.

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