Ava and Marcus Ch. 03

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Ava was trembling unsteadily, swaying slightly. She had a deep red flush that started right above her breasts and spread up her neck and into her face; Marcus couldn’t believe how beautiful she was. Every inch of her was perfection and he was determined that she see that beauty as well. He was never sure why she hated mirrors so much, unlike many women Ava did not express body concerns. He bent down to whisper in her ear, his finger moving teasingly over her clit. Her cunt was so wet, her body tense and tight, he needed to tread carefully lest she cum from his touches.

“Pisoi, look at the mirror, see what I see.” He pressed down on her engorged clit, making her stiffen. “You are so beautiful, your face is glowing in pleasure, you make my cock hard just watching you.” With each word he could feel her melting against him, pressing her ass against his pelvis. Marcus knew she could feel his cock, hard and straining, against her backside. He wanted very badly to fuck her, to take his cock out and press between her thighs. He knew Ava’s pussy would accept him readily, she was so wet that he would just slide right in. The sight of her soft skin drove him wild, seeing her ass reddened with his handprints just made him that much more determined. He wanted her to play the game, he wanted to lead her down the twisted, kinky path that he loved so much. If, however, she didn’t enjoy it as much as he did there was no reason for them to walk it together. So he didn’t release his cock, didn’t slide into that soft flesh, didn’t claim her pussy. Instead, he continued his mental assault.

“Don’t you want to play with me, aren’t you having fun? If you’re not having fun I’ll stop right now, no games, no teasing. I’ll lay you down in that bed and fuck you until you cum all over my cock. But, if you want to play I promise it will be fun.” He rubbed her pussy, his hand getting wet. She was leaking, and now she was thrusting her ass back at him. Marcus was sure she would end the game now; Ava would choose not to play.

That’s why he was completely surprised kocaeli escort when she suddenly looked up and locked eyes with him in the mirror. She stared at him for a long moment before deliberately rearranging her hands flat on the furniture’s surface. Grinning Marcus slipped two fingers back into her pussy, she grabbed at him right away. Her face was flushed but her eyes were determined, her breathing heavy. Her body trembled so hard she almost seemed to be vibrating, she was very close to cumming.

“Watch yourself Pisoi, see how sexy you are when you cum.” He whispered to her as he finger fucked her. His thrusts, which started slowly, picked up speed as she moved her eyes off him and onto her own face. He watched her face too, her eyes wide and her mouth partly open. Her tongue peeked out to wet her lips. Each time he slid deep into her pussy, his fingers brushing and pressing against her inner walls, her eyes would droop slightly and then snap open again. She was so close, she was fighting the urge to close her eyes and simply feel. He thrust harder, catching her by surprise, and watched her eyes and mouth open in wide. She whimpered and mewled at him as she desperately thrust back to meet his fingers.

“You are everything, you are my everything.” Marcus murmured to her and he saw the exact moment when she was ready to cum. With one last thrust deep into her pussy he wiggled his fingers, pressing them against her and she shattered. Her eyes closed then snapped open, she watched herself as her mouth opened , and she moaned. Her moan grew louder, became a scream as her whole body tensed up. Suddenly the tightness in her body exploded and she fell forward. He pressed her hard against the drawers so she would not fall. Her pussy clenched his fingers tightly and suddenly his hand was wet down the wrist, she was cumming all over his fingers.

Finally, as the last tremble took her, she dropped her eyes from the mirror. Marcus continued slowly fingering her, gently now. His other hand stroked kocaeli escort bayan her back, long, calming strokes that hard her practically purring. He was amused and joyed to see that she kept her hands firmly down. After several minutes of silent petting she halfway rose, lifting her head to look at him in the mirror.

“What did you think Pisoi, was it bad?” He asked her, “or did you like watching your face as you came?” He expected her to get annoyed, and he wasn’t wrong. She glared at him in the mirror and let a small growl out. What he wasn’t expecting was the way her pussy tightened around his fingers. He had assigned the task as an easy way to test her willingness to obey, but her reaction showed that perhaps she had been aroused by it. He thought for a moment and then grinned, perhaps his beautiful Ava had a bit of an exhibitionist streak in her. That was something he had not considered and he found the idea very arousing. He would have to keep that in mind for later, but for now he wanted to see just how horny watching herself had made her. Perhaps her body was only still throbbing from the orgasm brought on by his touch. There was, of course, an easy way to check.

“Ava,” Marcus whispered “Did you like seeing how sexy you were in that mirror? Did you enjoy the dirty show you put on, the way you screamed as you came?” Her pussy tightened again, trying to milk his fingers. “Did you get off on it?” Ava dropped her head, was she embarrassed? Either way she was getting riled up again. Her body was tensing as she very slightly began to sway on his hand, grinding lightly. Marcus pulled on her hips, making her lift them up again. He slid his fingers out of her pussy then back in, long deep strokes that reached down inside of her. He watched his fingers disappear in her pussy, his cock complaining that it was not taking over. If he didn’t get to fuck her soon it was going to become painfully hard to control himself. He had pushed her just a little, there was so much more he wanted to escort kocaeli try, but he knew that he had to stick to his plan. If he pushed her too hard then she would back away. Still though, Marcus thought with a smile, she had done really well. He would have to reward her.

“Pisoi,” he said and she mewled in response. Marcus wasn’t sure if every woman could cum so hard and often as Ava, but he loved how insatiable she was. She was already moving her hips again, her body begging to be used.

“You played the game very well, I’m proud of you.” Marcus said. “I would like to reward you now. So, tell me, what would you like as a reward?”

“A reward?” Ava questioned.

“Yes, I think you deserve one.” Marcus replied.

“I want.” She gulped, took a deep breath, and tried again. “I want you to. I want you to lay me down in that bed.” Her voice was hoarse, she sounded like she was struggling to get the words out. Marcus was suddenly distracted by the idea of teaching her to talk dirty. He wanted her to be unashamed of her desires, of her needs. There was plenty of time for that later, however, right now he needed to focus.

“You want me to lay you down in the bed?” Suddenly Marcus reached down and swept Ava up. She squealed in surprise. Ava was very tall and unused to being manhandled, she clung to his neck and then cried out as he lowered her onto the bed. She giggled breathlessly as he dropped to his knees next to the bed. Marcus caught her eye, “Now what Pisoi?”

“I want you.” Ava blushed hard and lowered her head, “I want you to use your mouth on me.”

Marcus blinked, glad she wasn’t looking at his face. He had truly believed she wanted to be fucked and his cock was ready. The idea of eating her pussy, though very pleasant, had been a complete surprise. He suddenly smiled. His little Pisoi wanted her pussy eaten as a reward? That was something he could give her. His cock ached angrily at the idea that it would not be buried in her mound but his mouth watered.

“You want me to eat that pussy?” He asked her and she nodded up to him. Marcus had never seen her face so red before. “You want me to lick that pussy clean? To run my tongue all over it until you cum and then lick your juices up?” He continued speaking dirty, enjoying the way she blushed.

“Yes please, eat my pussy please.” Ava answered finally.

“With pleasure Pisoi.”

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