Autumn on the Mind

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Before I begin, I should explain the brief history between this girl Abby and I: A few months back, I was hired to help her move. Now I had just begun obsessing over this sexy neighbor of mine, Autumn, and thoughts of her were on my mind, which led to me getting a hard-on that just wouldn’t go away. Abby noticed, I guess she thought it was for her–which it would have been in my ‘pre-Autumn’ days—and comes onto me. One thing led to another and, well, I came on her.

We left on good terms, but we hadn’t seen or even talked since. Honestly, I didn’t think much about it. I probably should have, considering I was a horny 18 year old, Abby was the second girl I’d ever had sex with, and the first good fuck I’d ever had at all. But she wanted the responsibility to maintain the relationship (in other words, she said she’d call me, and asked me not to call her) and when I didn’t hear from her, I decided it must be for the better.

That was why it was such a shock to see her enter my bathroom unannounced while I was taking a shower early one evening. Literally months had passed since our one meeting, and yet apparently Abby had tracked down my address, drove into town without calling, and boldly walked into my house, and then my bathroom!

Not that I’m complaining.

Abby was a special mix of cute and hot, with a petite body, a gorgeous, apple of an ass, small, perky breasts and adorable facial features. When I see her, I have to remind myself her name is Abby and not Natalie, because she looks so much like a 20 year old Natalie Umbrulia. Her dark hair had been short when we met, but it was even shorter now—and yet Abby was undeniably one hundred percent feminine from head to toe. Upon entering, she flashed me a delicious smile and playfully batted her long, dark eyelashes over her big, sparkling blue eyes. She wore a tight top and jeans to help accentuate all these gifts, and both me and my dick were noticing.

The look she gave me was both a greeting and a warning; a message that said, ‘yes, I’m back, and I’m going to be naughty’. My erection had sprouted before I could even open the shower door. I could have asked how she found my house, or how she got in, but that would’ve distracted both of us from the moment. So I kept my mouth shut and just watched her, waiting for her next move.

Abby kicked off her shoes, removed her socks, then turned around and seductively removed her jeans, letting the waist slide down one hip, then the other, back and forth until I could see her g-string and then her ass cheeks, so firm and tight that the g-string disappeared between them. She bent down at the waist, presenting her ass, as she pulled the jeans down and off.

Then Abby moved toward the shower, stopped by the door and smiled at me, waiting as the water still sprayed, drenching me and misting her. I leaned in to kiss her, but I also moved my body so my dick would make contact. Our lips met first, and it was a slow, very sensual kiss as we reacquainted. The kiss might have lasted this way, but when my wet hard-on pressed against her abdomen, Abby grabbed it, pushed it against her harder, then wrapped her other arm around me and pushed me to the back of the shower, climbing into the spray herself with her g-string and shirt still on.

The shower wasn’t big to begin with, and two people made it especially cramped, which only made it better as I kissed Abby hard and rubbed my hands over her little ass. She grinded herself against me, rubbing my dick with her tummy as she sucked my tongue. We did a kind of dance as we looked for a comfortable and stable position, which also gave me the opportunity to pull the shower door shut to keep my bathroom from flooding.

When I let go of her to do that, Abby let go of me and pulled her g-string down and let it drop to her feet. Because I was so much taller than her, my dick was still against her tummy, so I had to reach down and cup her with my hand to confirm that she was still shaven bare between her legs. She was smooth and warm in my hand, and she pushed her mound against me, then kissed me with even more intensity, allowing the hot shower spray to rush past our lips and against our coiling tongues while I inserted a finger inside of her.

Feeling the hot, gripping flesh of her pussy around my finger made me desperately hungry to eat her, and so I dropped to my knees and pushed my face between her legs. She was very wet, not just from the flood of water cascading down her body and over her muff from the shower spray, but wet inside, as well. I could taste her clearly as I pushed my tongue into her, despite the water diluting everything. Abby was just as tight as I remembered, and her walls Rize Escort clenched my tongue, drawing me in further.

I tongue-fucked her for a while, then pulled out and just enjoyed licking her in every which way, making sure to give special attention, but not too much attention, to her hard little clit. The water rushing over her only added to her pleasure, as was evident by how loudly and deeply she was breathing–much more intense than the first time I’d gone down on her. Of course, the first time I’d eaten her out was only my second time ever doing it at all, and I’d had a good amount of practice since then.

Remembering another thing about Abby from our first time, I reached up underneath her sopping wet shirt that she still wore and worked my fingers past her bra until I had my fingers on her nipples. She had very small nipples, even when excited, but their size must have condensed and heightened their sensitivity to mega-proportions, because she sped right into an orgasm the last time I played with them. I didn’t want her to cum now, but I did want to bring her as close to the edge as possible, so I just held her little nubs in my fingertips, making sure not to rub or squeeze them.

This seemed to create the desired effect, because Abby began wriggling and undulating her body with a new urgency as soon as I touched her there. To help balance things out, I licked her more tentatively; giving her clit light little kisses and teasing her sopping wet pussy lips with only the tip of my tongue. If my goal had been to bring her as close to orgasm without sending her into one, I’m confident that that was exactly the state Abby went into to. She leaned back against the wall, making all sorts of noises ranging from short and loud to long and soft, all while struggling for each breath. Her body was especially tense, so much so that she was quivering all over, and she was so restless she couldn’t keep her hands in any one place; first pushing on my head, then rubbing the sides of her own breasts through her shirt, then slamming her palms hard against the walls of the shower.

“Oh God,” she panted. “Oh yes, yes…Oh….My…Goddd.”

Amidst all of my soft licking, I gave her pussy one long, broad, heavy stroke with my tongue. Her whole body responded, but I resumed to teasing before she climaxed.

“Oh, oh, oh,” she breathed. “Oh God, Autumnn…”

Her last word kind of trailed off, and was also hidden by the sound of the shower spray, but I’d heard it enough to recognize the word. I was so taken back that I wondered if she might have meant something else and just got tongue-tied trying to say it; maybe ‘awesome’, or, God-forbid, ‘Adam’. But no, it was definitely Autumn. And I know people don’t just say the names of the different seasons while they’re approaching climax. This was a name. It was the girl of my dreams’ name.

Technically, I couldn’t have been sure Abby and Autumn hadn’t known each other before I came in to either of their pictures. But judging by the fact that Autumn had moved into town at the beginning of the summer, and Abby was moving out of town at about the same time, it didn’t seem likely.

In our first “date”, Abby had been in control during the sex, knowing what she wanted and not hesitant to say or demand it. So to hear her say Autumn’s name in a tone that seemed so inadvertent suggested that, like me, Autumn had become so imbedded in Abby’s head that she couldn’t shake thoughts of her even during sex with someone else.

Now I can forget about Autumn if she isn’t fresh on my mind, but if I’ve just seen her before I start getting frisky with someone, the memory of Autumn’s face or body or smile is impossible to shake. That was why I knew, if someone as in control as Abby was accidentally saying her name, she must have just seen Autumn, probably on the way into my house. And if Abby knew my sexy neighbor by name, it wasn’t just a casual image that had taken over her consciousness–it was some kind of intimate experience.

I knew celebrities on TV better than I knew Abby, so I wasn’t sure if she was bi, or bi-curious, and therefore didn’t know how fragile she would be in the hands of Autumn, the great 18 year old seductress, but I did know Autumn well enough that if she was on another girl’s mind, it was because she had put herself there on purpose. This would make Abby, in fact, the second girl in my life to fall for the unmatched, red-headed beauty next door.

It didn’t occur to me until later that the whole reason Abby and I had hooked up in our first meeting was, coincidentally, because Autumn was so dominant in MY head. And now here I was, with this sexy little package of passion Rize Escort Bayan offering herself to me, but the driving force behind the action was that Autumn was on her mind. Call it poetic justice, but when it happened, I didn’t see it that way. I saw it as a threat and an insult, and even though I was more turned on than I was angry, I wanted my revenge.

I wanted Autumn more than anyone wanted anyone else on the planet. I needed her like I needed solid matter to exist, and certainly she knew that, but instead she had offered herself to two women in my life, and made sure I knew about it. How dare she string me along like this, I thought, no matter how excited it got me. And Abby–Abby was not going to give Autumn all of her focus while it was me going down on her; no, I wasn’t going to let that happen. She needed to know it was me. She needed to be calling out MY name.

A surge of energy rumbled through me, so volatile that I only barely had control of myself. I stood up, grabbed Abby roughly and spun her around, pushed her against the wall of the shower and in one swift move I sunk my throbbing cock deep into her wet cunt from behind. She jumped, cried out, and pushed back against me, but that’s not what I wanted. I needed her to know it was me, and that Autumn couldn’t give her what I could. I wanted to take her so powerfully that she would get no chance to give anything back; she would just receive me and become so overwhelmed that all she could think about was me and how fulfilled I was making her.

I fucked Abby hard, with long, brutal strokes, pulling out until only the tip of my cock remained between her soft, tight lips, then drilling into her all the way to the hilt. I slammed her with such force that I was lifting her off of her feet each time, and she was soon calling out “yes!” so loudly that her sounds bouncing off the walls of our tight quarters hurt my eardrums.

I pushed up her soaked shirt and sports bra, freeing her perfect little breasts and closing my big hands around them, holding her tight as I fucked her with a lust I don’t recall ever having reached before. I pounded her so hard that I was inadvertently adjusting our position as I held her; the wall I had originally pushed her to face was now at our side, and she was facing a different wall. With each successive stroke we moved further, turning in a circle, her screaming “God”, “Fuck”, “Yes” and a host of other things as she became closer and closer to facing the shower spray head on. “Autumn” didn’t seem to be in her vocabulary anymore, but I wasn’t about to back off.

“Who’s fucking you!” I grunted at her.

She didn’t answer, and I drove balls deep into her tight, wet cunt again. The movement finally brought her to face the spray, and the water poured onto her head and face. She didn’t answer, and perhaps I waited too long for one, because I missed a thrust and so she sunk back against me on her own.

I picked her up with my arms, intent to be the only one “giving it” between the two of us, so that she was fully off of her feet and therefore had no leverage to fuck me. She leaned forward, her face heading towards the wall under the shower head until she grabbed the controls underneath, steadying her front self as I held her bottom. Her weight now distributed between me and the shower control, I was afforded the perfect angle and opportunity to ram her over and over, filling her with my cock and making sure her whole body jolted each time I did.

“Who’s fucking you?” I asked again between thrusts.

“You are, baby,” Abby said, wincing, but with pleasure.

“Who’s fucking you!”

“Gavin,” she said, shouting my name. “You are, Gavin! …Oh fuck…”

Abby’s weight on the shower control eventually moved just enough that she accidentally turned the water off, but it didn’t slow me down for a second. She couldn’t let go and readjust, or she’d lose her balance, so she continued receiving me, crying out and shaking, water still dripping off our soaked bodies. With the almost deafening spray now silenced, the sounds of our wet flesh slapping together resonated in the shower stall, amplifying the noises we made. The steam from the hot spray clouded our bodies, stifling us and turning the drops of water into perspiration.

This went on and on, me drilling this petite thing, getting her to bark every sound she could come up with, until I noticed her arms were shaking. Knowing she didn’t have the strength to support herself on the shower controls much longer, I decided to let her finish. I took one hand from her hips and reached to her chest, spreading my fingers so I could touch both of her hard, pink little Escort Rize nipples at once. As soon as I did she began to slip into a climax. The tremulous sensation passed on to my cock inside her, triggering my own orgasm deep within my balls. I let her nipples be and held back onto her for what I knew would be my last frantic, forceful thrusts.

“I’m gonna cum inside you!” I growled.

“No,” she said between bucks. “My face! Not inside…”

“Yes, I am,” I said. “I’m going to fill your cunt!”

“Oh God,” she cried out, her body tightening.

“Do you want it!” I demanded. “Do you want it!”

“Yes!” she finally squeaked out. “Yes, yes!”

“What do you want?”

“Cum!” she cried. “Cum in me, cum in me! Oh God!!”

When the jizz surged through my cock, I pushed into Abby so hard that I lifted her off of her half-perch on the shower controls and pushed her against the wall so tightly that she had nowhere to go, not even down. Sandwiched between the wall and I, I rammed her hard and fast, my hips slapping that apple ass of hers as I shot an incredible load of cum deep inside her body. I came so much that I quickly filled her cunt, and the white, creamy sperm spilled back out of her, down my cock and soaking my balls before dripping to the floor of the shower stall.

As good as I felt, Abby must have felt better, because as I pumped my seed into her, she screamed, calling out like never before, repeating her frantic, mindless “Oh’s” over and over as her orgasm struck her and held her tight. She was still screaming after I had spit my last drop into her. I let her back down onto her feet, but her legs were worthless and she sunk. I guided her to the floor, where she sat in the droplets of my fallen sperm, thoroughly exhausted. I continued to stand, and my half-erect cock was hanging over her, still smeared so thick with cum that it was dripping off of me. Some landed on her lap, causing her to look up. She had a wiped out expression on her face as if she might pass out at any moment, but Abby took me into her hand, guided me to her mouth, and licked my dick clean.

Then she did pass out, sitting there with her back against the wall with my limp dick halfway in her mouth. I can’t be sure if she was actually blacked out or not, but her eyes were shut, her breathing was slow, and she didn’t move for perhaps ten minutes. Either did I. During that time, I just relished the feeling of my cock in her moist, warm mouth, even though she wasn’t doing a thing to it other than breathing on it.

By the time she opened her eyes, I was hard again, and I was so on edge from watching myself grow in her mouth as she rested that I almost came immediately. As it was, all it took was for her to recognize what was happening, take me in her hand and out of her mouth, and I was cumming. She realized it and pumped me, directing me to shoot a load onto her face and tongue. The sensation of this second orgasm took my breath away, and my legs grew too weak to support myself. I slowly collapsed even as I continued to shoot spurts of hot white onto her, dousing her neck, breasts, tummy, and thighs.

As I struggled to catch my breath, I saw a thick drip of sperm oozing just over one of her erect nipples, and I put it to my finger, then rubbed it over that very nipple. Abby sat up stiff and strong, her body shaking again as she came. She gasped and panted, then touched her clit as she shuddered. I watched her, entranced at the beauty of her climax face, half covered in my jizz.

When we both calmed down enough, we still didn’t bother to get up out of the cramped shower. We just sat there, talking, catching up with each other and making plans for the future. The whole time, Abby just left the cum on her alone, and let me tell you; having a conversation with a girl who is completely indifferent to the fact that your cum is all over her face is something every guy has to experience to have said that he’s really lived. Autumn is still the thing of my fantasies, but on that evening, Abby found a special place in my dreams.

Since she lived with her parents, Abby couldn’t spend the night. When she left, I watched her to see if she might give some indication about her involvement with Autumn. As she drove away, though I couldn’t be sure, it seemed that Abby didn’t even give Autumn’s house a second thought, even as she turned at the corner it sat on. But that didn’t fool me for a second. I knew Autumn well enough to know, without a doubt, that while I may have won the battle, Autumn was the significant favorite to win the war.

Either way, Abby would be back to visit this block, and that in itself was a little victory for both of us.

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