Auntie Sin

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Author’s Note: Welcome to my latest story. I’ve always thought aunt/nephew is damn hot scenario and am surprised to see how few of them there are here as opposed to other ‘pairings’ so thought, why don’t I try to help the cause and toss one up here? As always this is a longer story so it may not be for everyone. A disclaimer for my long time readers. I have made a name for myself here by striving to create ‘plausibility’ in a category that by nature defies it. It’s hard work sometimes, but always worth it. But sometimes…well sometimes I just want to relax, cut loose and delve into some fun porn absurdity. So this story is a little light on motivation, but high on the fun stuff. Hope you like it. LC68


“Delayed!” Mom said, disgustedly while scanning the arrival board. “Just like her to make me have to wait around longer.”

“I don’t think Auntie Sin did that, Mom,” I told her from my spot on the end of the bench.

Peering around dad, she pointed at me, “Your aunt’s name is Sinclair”.

“She always says to call her Sin.” I explained.

“Because she doesn’t like to admit she’s an aunt and a woman in her late thirties. Sin is her slut name.”

“Carol.” Dad shook his head, “You shouldn’t say things like that.”

“She’s my sister, and I call a spade a spade.” She crossed her arms over her chest and gave her blonde hair an indignant toss.

“She’s Jake’s aunt and she’s always been good to him so at least keep your cattiness to yourself.”

“Do I tell you how to talk about your sister, Paul?”

“I don’t call my sister a slut.”

“Because she’s not one.”

“Hey, mom what did aunt Sin…Sinclair,” I corrected myself “Do that was so bad?”

“You don’t need to know the details, just know she’s not a role model as an aunt or a woman.”

I started to speak, but dad had shot her a look and rolling her eyes, mom got up. “I’m going to grab a coffee.”

She walked away in a huff and dad leaned back on the bench.

“It’s going to be a long week.”

“Why does mom hate auntie?”

“She doesn’t hate her, she just…” he put his hands up, “They’re sisters and they’re very different. They were raised kind of old fashioned and mom stayed that way, your aunt?” Dad laughed, “Not so much.”

“That’s no reason to say she’s a slut.” I frowned, “Auntie’s always been good to me.”

“She has.” Dad agreed, “And that’s why I bought her a ticket to your graduation and told your mother that she’s not only coming, but staying with us.”

“Bet she was thrilled with that.” I grinned.

“It…” he laughed, “Let’s say it was cold showers for me for week.”

“Whoa, I don’t need to know about that stuff.” I looked around to find mom and saw there were a few people in line ahead of her and figured it was safe for a few more minutes.

“So dad, what really happened with mom and Aunt Sin?”

“At least for this week it’s Sinclair, okay? Your mother never liked that nickname, especially since they had that argument.”

“What about?”

“Why the twenty questions, Jake?” Dad asked, “Your mother’s blow out with Sinclair was two year ago. Why are you just now bringing it up so much?”

“Honestly” I smiled, “Because you told me when I became a man we would talk a lot more and there wouldn’t be anymore, ‘you’re not old enough’.

“True.” Dad nodded, “So how about you don’t need to know?”

“I just think it kind of sucks.” I kept going, “Auntie used to be around a lot. I’d sleep over on the weekends and she would always watch me when you guys went away. Now she’s never around.”

“She also moved to Florida not too long after the argument when she bought the club down there. So it’s not like she’d be around a lot anyway.” Dad reminded me.

“I know, but last two summers she’s offered to fly me down for a couple of weeks and mom says no.” When he didn’t answer, I simply said, “I just miss her is all.”

“I understand” Dad sighed, “Jake it’s just something you really shouldn’t know.” He put his hand on my shoulder, “I know that’s a shitty answer. You’re a man now and I know you think you should know everything.”

“Exactly.” I told him with a smile.

“But it’s kind of dicey and I think mom’s right for keeping her issues with your aunt from you.”


“Let’s just say it might change how you look at her.”

“Oh.” I frowned, “She’s not into drugs or…”

“Nothing like that.” Dad said quickly, “She’s not a bad person and your mother might be over reacting, but… There might be something to it.”


“Important thing is Jake I’m on your side with this. I insisted Sinclair stay with us for a few days before your graduation and maybe her and your mom can work things out. So how about you let it go at that?”

“Okay, I get it” I flicked my wrist and made the sound of a snapping whip.

“You’re going to get it smartass.” Dad said, but couldn’t help laughing.

I winked, and turning around, scanned the lobby of T.F. Green. I enjoyed people watching; well more specifically girl watching. Being a warm June day there was some casino şirketleri pretty good eye candy wandering by in shorts, short dresses and tight little tops. While watching a tall slender brunette walk by in a pair of fuck me sandals and shorts that exposed the tips of her ass cheeks I wondered what Auntie would be wearing.

I knew that wasn’t a normal thought for a nephew to have about his aunt, but she sure as hell wasn’t a typical aunt. Aunt Sin-who she would always be to me- had originally earned that nickname back in college when she had decided not to work with mom at their parent’s diner.

Instead she went to work as a cocktail waitress at a strip club and eventually became one of the dancers. Going by the name of Nikki Sin, Auntie had become the clubs most requested dancer and unlike the other strippers who were into the drug scene, Auntie banked most of the money she made.

Once she’d finished college, she kept dancing and eventually managed a club before buying one with three other women down in Florida. At this point she still stripped, but very rarely and by special request and for ridiculous amounts of money.

My parents had no idea Auntie had told me this nor did they know I had once over heard mom make a crack to auntie she knew she did a lot more than dance for that money. Auntie’s reply had been, “I had it, and they were willing to pay for it, why not?”

That comment had never ceased to turn me on and once I’d heard it, the already occasional dirty thought about my hot aunt had led to some all out taboo fantasies. I’d overheard another conversation once when I was at her house during which auntie had told someone those days were over and she was a business woman.

She’d then added any fucking she did now was purely recreational and had laughed. Just hearing her say that in the slightly raspy phone sex purr she spoke in had caused a sea of images a nephew shouldn’t have about his mom’s younger sister.

Especially seeing that even in her mid thirties when I last saw her, Auntie still looked as if she could swing from a pole and make top dollar. To say she was good looking was like saying Donald Trump had a couple of bucks to spare. I stopped thinking of auntie long enough to return the smile of a cute redhead who had slowed up when she walked past me. She gave me a pretty long look followed by a playful wink.

I started to get up to see if I could start some small talk, when a guy who had been walking behind her, caught up with her and took her hand. I sat back down and heard dad say, “That could have been interesting.”

I glanced over to see him grinning at me and shrugged. It sounded like a bad thing to say, but looks ran in the family. Auntie was smoking hot and my mother was a lot prettier than she put herself out there as.

Mom dressed and acted conservative, but got more than her share of looks on the beach and had the same long light brown hair and smoldering brown eyes as her sister. Of course, Aunties smoldered with a come hither look, while mom’s was usually because she was pissed at someone.

I had the same big dark eyes, but had dad’s thick black hair. I worked out as much as I could and was told I had a great smile and good sense of humor. I couldn’t be too bad looking as I could usually find a date without too much trouble, but so far hadn’t met anyone that I’d really clicked with.

Sitting back on the bench and watching for auntie, I let my mind wander back to when I used to stay at her house when I was younger. Auntie was always a lot of fun. As high strung as mom was, auntie was that laid back. She would take me to whatever movie or sometimes concert I wanted to; never telling my parents. She’d feed me cold pizza for breakfast and take me shopping where she bought me whatever my parents said I couldn’t have.

But as much fun as she was, Auntie was serious about one thing and that was school; always asking what my grades were and once refusing to take me for the weekend because I failed to study for a test and did poorly on it. She said education was everything. I once brought up how she made her money and with a smile she said, “Education taught me how to manipulate and get what I needed with what I had.”

Auntie had a lot that was for sure and was never shy with showing it. I could never admit it to my parents, but once I hit the age of knowing what I was looking at, the trips to auntie’s house were even better than before. Not only would she generally wear revealing outfits while out and about, but when home she would walk around in slinky little tank tops or silky camisoles with satin shorts that looked like they should be underwear.

I used to have to struggle not to let her catch me looking because whenever she bent over my eyes would be glued to her ass or her impressive tits that looked ready to fall out of her little shirt.

Maybe it was because I was her nephew and she figured I didn’t look, but Auntie saw no need for a bra at night and her nipples were always visible through her flimsy attire. Glancing at dad as if I was afraid he could read my mind; I thought casino firmaları back to the best part of those last few months of weekends spent with Auntie Sin.

From the time I was a kid, Auntie always had a huge TV in her room, first a big one on the bureau then a nice flat screen. Auntie loved to watch movies in bed and eat popcorn and used to let me sleep in her bed and watch silly comedies or cheesy horror movies to all hours of the night into the morning.

As I got older she continued this tradition and I never thought anything of it. That was until she would shut the TV off and go to sleep and I would lay there staring at her scantily clad body. There was not a lot to Auntie’s night attire; usually the same type of skimpy shorts and tops she paraded around in at night.

She always slept with a candle lit; saying the flickering light helped her sleep. So I had a pretty good view of her lust inducing form. Many weekends I lay there at night, hard as a rock staring at the curve of her breasts, her long legs poking from under the sheet and if she were warm I would get a good look at her perfect ass.

It would get to the point that at first I would slip into the bathroom and jerk off for relief. Envisioning the unnatural act of my Aunt letting me play with her body or better yet take her nephew between her full red lips and into her experienced mouth. That became a routine until one memorable night when Auntie had rolled over and draped her long leg over mine.

I lay there feeling her warm thigh over mine and swore I could feel the heat of her pussy through her shorts. My hard cock was inches from her thigh and grabbing it; I rubbed until I squirted in my underwear while wishing to hell it was all over the soft swelling of her breasts which had been pressed against me.

Even now I wondered if Auntie ever knew. There had been a couple of times she had rolled over against me and pressed her leg and once; her ass, into my raging hard on. In my fantasies she not only knew, but would tell me she loved it. In reality if she did know she chalked it up to me being a horny kid and probably laughed to herself about it.

“Goddamn, Pete, check her out!”

The voices came from behind me and I glanced over my shoulder to see a couple of guys my age leaning against the wall, both smiling. I followed their gaze and felt both my heart leap and my jaw drop; Auntie Sin was walking towards us. My aunt was dressed to kill even by her standards. Her sleeveless black top was low cut and skin tight, propping up her already large breasts and the middle of the shirt was black lace leaving the skin between her breasts visible.

The shirt was short, leaving her flat tan stomach exposed and even from several feet away I noticed the silver pendent hanging from her pierced naval. Her skirt was long, the hem flowing well past her knees, but there were slits up each side showing off her leg almost to her hips. I could hear her shoes clicking on the tiled floor and looking down, I took in the black stilettos, noticing how the straps wrapped around her calves to tie at the knees.

With an act of will I forced my eyes to find her face and noticed that despite the warm weather, her long light brown hair was down and she was wearing her trademark deep red lipstick. I was so excited to see her, I hadn’t realized I had stood up and was already heading towards her. She was looking towards the other side of the lobby and I called out,

“Hey Auntie!”

She turned to look at me and removing her sunglasses, exclaimed, “Jake!”

She ran the last few feet to meet me and I wondered how the hell she could walk in those heels, let alone run. Then again she’d spent years dancing in them on a stage. Auntie reached me and throwing her arms around my shoulders, said, “I missed you so much!”

She pulled me close to her and as I returned her hug, It struck me how much I had missed her. Forgetting about her stunning appearance, I hugged her tightly against me.

“I missed you too!” I kissed her cheek, “It’s been a long time!”

“Two years.” Keeping her hands on my shoulders, she stepped back and gave me a quick look up and down, “Look at you! Even in these heels you’re taller than me!”

“Yeah, I finally grew.” I laughed.

“And not just taller,” giving my bicep a squeeze she winked, “Filled out quite a bit didn’t we?”

“I’ve been working out.” I told her, then wanted to kick myself for sounding like a dufus. This was my aunt, not some girl I was trying to impress.

“It shows.” She gave me another look, her large dark eyes working their way up and down my body.

She seemed to linger at my chest and arms and with an odd smile, she said, “Wow, last time I saw you, you were a skinny kid, now look at you.” She ran her long red tipped fingers through my hair, “You’re a man now and a good looking one at that!”

I felt myself beginning to blush, “You look amazing, Auntie.” I told her, and then added, “As usual.”

“And smooth.” She laughed, then pulling me close once more, gave me a kiss on the cheek. “Honey, I am so looking forward to spending güvenilir casino time with you this week.”

That had come out in a sexy purr that caused my eyes to widen. Auntie followed those words with a quick peck on my neck, just below my ear. Not quite the place an aunt would kiss her nephew, but it sent a shiver through me. Auntie leaned back again and her eyes staring into mine she whispered, “You and I are going to have a lot of fun, Jake.” She winked, “A lot of fun.”

“Uh..sure.” I said nervously as her fingers trailed down my arm.

“Sinclair!” I heard dad behind me. “It’s been a long time!”

Pulling away from me, Auntie gave dad a big smile and as he embraced her said, “My favorite brother in law!”

“I’m your only brother in law,” Dad said with a grin, playing his part in their ritual.

“Right! Like I said; my favorite!” Auntie laughed.

“We were expecting you at the other gate.” Dad said, releasing her, but keeping his arm around her shoulders.

“I ended up on another flight.” She sighed, “Whole thing was a cluster fuck.”

“You look…” Dad paused, “Hell, Sinclair you look good, but I think you know that.”

“Always good to hear from a couple of good looking men though!”

She put her other arm around me and pulled us both close to her, “I missed the men in my life.”

“Oh, well look at this.” Mom said coming up from behind us. “What, you have to walk around advertising your business?”

Auntie stepped out from between us and stepping towards mom, shrugged, “There were investors at the club today and I was…”

“Showing them the product I’m sure.” Mom crossed her arms over her chest, “You couldn’t change?”

“If you need to know I come on stage to introduce each dancer. I told you, I don’t perform anymore, but I still need to dress…”

“Like a whore.” Mom stated.

“Carol.” Dad stepped between them. “This is the first time you’ve seen your sister in two years and besides, Jake is standing…”

“Jake knows what his aunt does for work, Paul. I don’t need to keep it a secret. Besides it’s not like he couldn’t figure it out now that he’s older.”

Dad frowned and looked at auntie, “You told Jake what you used to do?”

“I’m not ashamed of my choices.” Auntie waved her hand disgustedly, “I made a choice, made a lot of money and make a damn good living now because of it. But the two of you are ashamed for me it seems. Perhaps I’ll just find a hotel and see you at the graduation.”

“Hey!” I exclaimed, “Can’t we just forget about things like that? I mean we’re supposed to be family.” I put my hand on auntie’s bare shoulder. “And I want her to stay with us.”

“I like the hotel idea, personally.” Mom muttered.

“Jake’s right.” Dad said. “We’re family. We all make our own way in life and all that should matter is we take care of each other.” Turning to auntie he said, “Sinclair, I would like it if you stayed with us the way we planned.”

“What about you big sis?” Auntie asked, “You okay with your slut sister lowering your property values?”

Mom frowned as she faced auntie, their identical brown eyes locked onto each other. Mom glanced briefly over at me and I mouthed the word, “Please?”

Mom’s shoulders slumped in resignation, “I’m sorry about the way I’m acting and I would love for my little sister to stay with my family to celebrate Jake’s big day.”

“Aww,” Auntie smiled, “You haven’t called me your little sister in years!”

“Because honestly, Sinclair, it always seemed as if you were older than me.”

“Nah,” Auntie laughed, “Just more experienced.”

Stepping forward she hugged mom and to my delight mom returned the hug and gave her a kiss on the cheek. “Welcome home Sinclair.” She said softly, “I hope we can start over.”

“That’s up to you big sis.” Auntie replied, while stroking mom’s hair, “You’re the one that’s upset.” Leaning back she held up mom’s hair, “Speaking of starting over, Carol, you have to let me help you with a new look, you’re far too young to be this plain.”

“Gee thanks.”

“I’m sure Paul would enjoy seeing what I could do for you.”

“What size is that dress?” Dad laughed.

“I would never wear that in public.” Mom declared.

“Okay, how about around the house?” Dad asked, hopefully.

“We’ll see.” Mom replied, her face turning red, “I don’t quite have my sister’s assets shall we say.”

“You have plenty for me, honey!” Dad gave mom a playful spank on the ass causing her to blush even more.”

“Whoa! TMI guys!” I put my hands over my ears.

“Jake, I’ll get the car, how about you go with auntie and grab her bags?”


As mom and dad headed across the lobby to the car, I walked with auntie towards the luggage pick up. Auntie took my hand in hers and when I looked at her she squeezed it, “I really am looking forward to spending time with you Jake.”

“Me too.” I told her.

As we stood and waited for her bags to come around I noticed the looks auntie was getting. Not a guy of any age walked past her without either blatantly staring or in some cases doing a double take. I found it to be a strange turn on to see guys checking out my aunt, to know they desired her. More of a turn on was the tall blond who not only stared, but walked over and told auntie,

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