Aunt Peg’s Panties Ch. 10

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Note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.


Tyler and Peg practically ran to their car. They got in and Tyler started the car.

“Aunt Peg?” he said softly.

“What is it Tyler?”

“Let’s be dirty” Tyler smiled.

“How much more dirty do you want to be than doing it in a toilet?” Peg laughed, placing her hand on his thigh.

“I was thinking… lets go to a motel. It’s closer and I’ve never been to a motel just for sex…it’s kinda kinky….and we don’t have to worry about cleaning up any mess.” Tyler suggested.

Peg’s hands moved up to his cock. The cock that had been in her hardly 10 minutes ago. She felt a tingling in her pussy that shot up to her stomach. She moaned softly wondering what depravity her nephew had in mind.

“What kind of mess were you planning to make?” She asked softly.

“Fucking you senseless… having you make a mess. Maybe.. maybe even….” He paused.

“What is it Tyler? What do you want to do to me?” Peg asked, her hands now lightly stroking his crotch.

“Remember I told you about that girl, Joyce? The one that wanted to pee on me or me on her? And I wasn’t ready…. Maybe I’m ready now… Maybe have you piss on me… or me on you?” There was a little silence, as if Peg was digesting it. “It..its okay if you don’t want to or if you’d rather just go home.”

“Oh Fuck….you’re so naughty Tyler… I love the idea of a motel. And… haven’t had pee sex in such a long time” Peg said. “Lets do it. Lets go to a motel.”

Tyler started driving out of the parking lot, heading off to the motel nearby.

“You think maybe you want to call the salesgirl too?” Peg offered.

“No…No… I don’t want anyone else…” Tyler said. “Err… unless you do?” He asked tentatively.

Peg laughed. “No… You are more than I can handle… guess we were both testing each other.”

“I don’t want to share you Aunt Peg… not yet anyway!”

Peg laughed again as she teasingly slapped his thigh.

“You’ve had pee sex?” Tyler asked, almost hesitantly.

“Yes, I’m sure I told you.”

“I don’t think you did, but remind me anyway.” Tyler said.

“Well… again, it was with your father. There’s something very intimate about pee sex for some reason. Your father was the one that brought it up. I guess I was kinda freaked out when he did.”

“What did you do?” Tyler pursued.

“One day he said he wanted to suck on my pee soaked panties.”

“Of fuck!” Tyler responded. “And did you?”

“Anything your father wanted, I would do…. So yes. I peed in a little bucket then soaked my panties in them. Brought them over and stuffed them in his mouth and then I sucked him and fucked him. All the while he was sucking my pee panties dry.”

“He seemed to love that and we did it a few times. He also asked me to pee on him in the shower and he’d pee on me too. There was just something really exhilarating about it. And really intimate too. I cant explain it.”

“So you liked it?” Tyler asked.

“Yes… I cant say I didn’t.”

“You never did it again with any of your other men?” Tyler went on.

“No.. No… none of them asked. I didn’t bring it up either coz I didn’t want to freak them out and at the same time, in those days, I never really asked. I just did whatever they wanted.”

Tyler’s cock was really throbbing now.

They reached the motel and parked the car.

“How shall we do this? Shall I go in and book the room? I think I should.” Peg said. “Stay here, I’ll text you the room number.”

Peg got out of the car, taking the packages with her and a knapsack that was lying in the car. “So it looks like I’m travelling and not coming her just to get fucked!” She laughed and headed off to the lobby. Tyler watched his aunts ass as she walked away, feeling his heart beating fast and hard. Aunt Peg never failed to turn him on. He felt he could just keep fucking her over and over again. His cock stirred in his pants.

He waited in the car. Glancing bursa escort bayan at his phone ever so often to make sure it was still on and he hadn’t missed her text. Time seemed to pass so slowly and Tyler was getting restless. Suddenly his phone beeped and he checked the message.

226 was all the message said.

Tyler got out of the car and walked toward the row of rooms. Scanning the one of the ground floor he saw 106 and realized that 226 would be on the first floor. He climbed up the stairs and located room 226. He rang the door bell and could hear footsteps before the door was opened slightly ajar. Peg then stepped behind the door and opened it fully, letting Tyler in.

The room was sparse, with only a small desk and a TV aside from the King Sized bed. It was clean though, with freshly painted white walls. It looked pretty decent. Tyler turned to look at Aunt Peg.

“Oh fuck!” he gasped.

Aunt Peg did a little sashay as she showed off the maroon lingerie that she had bought. The lace barely covered her breast and then tapered outward along her hips to her thighs. The back and front were both crotchless, held up by two thin strips of fabric.

“You like?” She teased.

“I love!” Tyler replied as he went over to grab his aunt and kissed her deeply. They continued kissing as Peg unbuttoned his shirt and took it off. Still kissing, Tyler walked her back to the bed and pushed her back on it. He took off his pants, his cock already standing proudly.

“Baby….turn on the TV. You know how loud I can get and these walls seem pretty thin.” Peg said.

Tyler smiled and moved to turn on the TV, turning up the volume. He moved back to the bed and knelt at the foot of the bed and caressed Pegs’s thighs. He moved in to kiss her thighs and slowly worked up to her groin encased in maroon lace.

Peg put her hand on his head. “I didn’t wash… I still have your cum in me.”

“I don’t care” Tyler said, staring at her glistening cunt. Before Peg could say anything he started lapping at her pussy. He could taste his cum mixed with her juices and that only fed the flames of his arousal.

“Ummmhhh… Ohhhhh Tyler… your tongue… your mouth… they always feel so good. Oh fuck yes.”

Tyler pushed his tongue inside inside her, licking hard then pulling out to tease her clit. Peg jerked in response, her body aflame with desire. “Eat me Tyler… Eat your Aunt Peg” She moaned, grabbing his head and pulling it closer to her pussy. Tyler fastened his mouth around her clit and started to suck on it as he moved his lips around her lips and clit. Peg bucked up at him.

“Oh god… fuck…yesss”

Tyler worked his mouth harder and faster on her pussy. Her thighs were beginning to tremble and he placed his hands under her ass, lifting her up to his mouth. His tongue darted out every so often to enter her seething slit as he sucked and munched on her clit.

“unnhh…. Ohhh. Fuckkkk YEsssssssssss!” Peg screamed out, not bothering if anyone heard her. Her entire body started shaking and her thighs quivered. Tyler didn’t let up and kept on at her pussy, this time licking the folds of her labia and then her clit again. Peg moaned again, coming down from her orgasm. Tyler kept licking her, slipping a finger into her. Peg reached down to pull it out. “Just lick me honey. Make me cum again.”

Tyler licked with long strokes. Licking across the vulva and up to the clit then back down again. Peg moaned and began thrusting her hips up at him. Her hands moved to her mound and she parted the hood of her clit, giving him more access to the sensitive nubbin.

He ran his tongue up and down her clit, feeling her shudder as he applied more pressure. Her moans became louder and the thrusting of her hips more frantic.

“Ohhhhh…ohh fuckkkk…Ohhh..OHhhh..Nyaaaghhhhhgghhhhh!” Peg screamed out again as her body convulsed and spasmed. She felt her stomach clenching and her pussy spasm. She moaned almost incoherently. Tyler kept lapping. Peg moved her gorukle escort hands to his head. “Stop. Stop. Baby stop.” Her thighs kept quivering and trembling as her body responded to its orgasm.

“Fuck me baby.. fuck me now.” Peg pleaded. Tyler raised himself up and pulled Aunt Peg to the edge of the bed. He pressed his cock against the opening of her pussy, framed by the maroon lingerie and pushed in slowly. Peg gasped as the big piece of meat filled her. She felt her body responding again, she was so hot for her nephew. Tyler fucked into her slowly till his balls slapped against her ass. “Your so deep in me baby” Peg mewled.

Tyler lifted her legs and spread them. He began to fuck into her with long hard strokes. Peg moaned and gasped as his cocked plunged into her. Her breasts shook with each deep thrust. Tyler started to quicken his pace. Her breasts swayed with the buffeting, kept together in the lace outfit and he felt her pussy starting to spams on his cock.

“Oh god Aunt Peg are you coming again?”

“Yes… Yes… Oh my god Yessss” She cried out as she felt Tyler bury his cock into her and her body trembled and spasmed again. Her pussy spasmed on Tylers cock and just as he felt the spasms start to subside, he started to fuck her again.

“Oohhhh fuck baby… oh fuck oh god..Tyler.. Tyler…”

He quickened his pace. His hands reaching out under the lace lingerie to tweak her nipples. Peg groaned and her head lolled from side to side. Her breathing was raspy and she was moaning. “Yes…fuck… oh fuck…gonna…gonna…”

“Fuck I’m cummmminnnnggggg” Her body stiffened again and she let out a high pitched shrill almost like a scream. Tyler felt her pussy really spasming on his cock but this time he didn’t stop. He kept fucking into her.

“Fuck… your so fucking tight Aunt Peg… oh fuck. So tight and wet” Tyler moaned, fucking her harder

Peg screamed as her pussy continued to spasm. Her entire body was trembling and her muscles contracting. Her pussy clenched hard on Tylers cock as her stomach quivered and trembled.

“Aaiiiiyyeeeeeeee” She screamed and then collapsed back, arms falling at her side. Her legs wrapped around Tylers back, pulling him in and stopping him from fucking her. Her whole body kept shaking as she almost sobbed in ecstacy.

“Oh god… Oh fuck…Tyler baby.. honey… I’m cumming so fucking hard.”

Tyler watched his aunt cumming in awe. He had never seen her cum so hard before and he felt intensely proud. He hadn’t cum yet but watching her cum this hard was almost better than cumming himself.

He pulled out of her with a loud smacking sound. Aunt Peg curled over on her side, still moaning softly. Tyler moved up to lie beside her and cradle her body. He could feel her trembling in his arms. He held her tightly close to him.

Peg slowly calmed down, her breathing still ragged. Her hand snaked behind her to find his still rigid cock. “I’m sorry Tyler… you didn’t cum.”

“Shhhh… Aunt Peg, its okay. Shhh.. Are you okay?”

“Yes. Yes Tyler,yes. God I came so hard.”

She turned to face Tyler and kissed him full on the lips. She stroked his face a little and then smiled softly at him.

“I want you again Tyler… in my ass this time.”

His cock lurched at her words. “You sure Aunt Peg? You don’t want to rest?”

“I want it Ty… I want your cock up my ass.” Peg said as she slowly edged herself back to the end of the bed. She raised her legs, pulling them back slightly. “I’ve never wanted it so badly in my ass before.”

Tyler remembered the last time he had fucked Peg’s ass. He had stuck his fingers in her ass as he fucked her and then she had begged him to fuck her ass. Perhaps she loved it when she was in a heightened state. He shook his head, not wanting to think too much. He recalled how tight and hot her ass was and his cock throbbed again. He got off the bed, moving to the edge of the bed and held his Aunts legs, pushing them back to raise her ass. bursa merkez escort bayan He pressed his cock against her rosebud, feeling the resistance.

Peg looked up at Tyler. “Push it in baby. Fuck your cock into my ass”

Tyler groaned at the sordid words of his aunt and he pressed forward,pushing her legs back even more as he leaned on her. He felt the resistance give and then his cock entered her ass with a popping sound. He pressed his weight down feeling his cock plunge deep into her.

“Unnnnhhhhhh aaaaahhhhh” Peg cried out as she felt his cock searing deep into her bowels. Her eyes bugged out and her mouth opened and closed. Her ass felt on fire. A fire that seemed to flow across the thin piece of flesh and straight into her pussy. She could feel Tylers hot, hard meat throbbing in her ass.

With his cock buried deep in his aunts ass, Tyler moaned softly. Her ass felt so hot and tight. He started to move in her slowly, feeling the tight muscles of her rectum clasping the shaft of his cock. Peg wrapped her arms around Tyler, pulling him down further against her legs giving him a better angle to plough into her ass.

“Ahhh…OHhh… god” Peg mewled, feeling the cock moving in and out of her ass. Tyler leaned forward and sucked on her lower lip and then kissed her as he fucked her ass slowly.

“mmpphh…yess.. fuck me.. fuck my ass Tyler… Oh god…yes…yes”

Her hands moved to her sides, almost as if in surrender as she started to take short, quick breaths, moaning and groaning with each long slow thrust.

“Oh Tyler… I love it… your cock in my ass. Fuck yes… it feels so good… awwww.. oooohhhh.. oh fuck”

Tyler grunted, getting even more turned on by his aunts dirty talk.

“Awwww…aahhhhh..awww… you gonna make me cummm Tyler… you’re making me cum fucking my shithole… Awwwww Aarrrrghhhhhhhh!!” Peg screamed and her arms flayed as she came and kept cumming on Tylers cock.

“unnhhh.. Aunt Peg.. Aunt Peg… I’m… I’m gonna cumm”

“Cum Tyler! Cum! Cum in my ass! Cum baby…. Oh Tylerrrrr”

“Aunt Peg..Aunt Peg… Aunt Peggggggggg!” Tyler grunted and shoved in hard into Peg, causing her to scream out in pleasure again. His cock throbbed and spurted his load of hot cock cream into his aunts bowels. He cried out again as his cock spurted. “Oh god… oh fuck Aunt Peggg”

He held her legs up as his cock spurted and throbbed hotly in her ass. Peg moaned softly trying to catch her breath as her body kept shaking. “I love it Tyler.. I love you Tyler.” She kept saying softly over and over.

Tyler kept her legs up till he felt his cock slowly slipping out of her ass. He looked down as his cock finally slipped out and cum dribbled out of her asshole, down to the sheets. He slowly lowered her legs down and then climbed back up on the bed to cuddle his aunt. His dripping cock leaving trails of cum. She turned to face him and held his hands in her face. Her hand moved to cradle his cock as she kissed him softly over and over again on his lips.

“That was amazing Tyler. I”ve never come so hard with a cock in my ass before. Oh God, what you were doing to me. I’m still shaking.” She smiled softly.

Tyler stroked her hair softly. “Your ass was amazing Aunt Peg.” He could feel his cock still leaking cum out into his aunts hand. She smiled back at him as she brought her hand to her mouth and licked some of the gooey mess off it, smacking her lips as she did so. She got up and took off her lingerie, hanging it over the chair carefully.

“Why are you taking that off? You look so good in it!” Tyler protested.

“Its delicate honey. It’s worn for fucking, not for lounging around in!” She explained. She came back to sit beside Tyler, both of them completed naked.

“This was a good idea coming to the motel.” She laughed softly “I think I need a cigarette after that.”

Her nephew got out of bed to get the pack of cigarettes and they both lit one each. Peg’s hand moved to hold his. “Your cum is still leaking out my ass. ” She laughed. “Good idea to come here or else our sheets at home would be a real mess. And that’s another reason I took of my lingerie!”

Tyler smiled as his hand clasped Aunt Pegs and he pulled her closer to him, liking the way she referred to her bedsheets as ‘our sheets’…….

– To be continued –

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