Aunt Peg’s Panties Ch. 03

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Peg was on her knees holding Tyler’s cock. She slowly licked his balls and worked her tongue over the shaft and to the head. Her mouth engulfed his throbbing cock head and she slid it back down over the shaft. Tyler moaned. He reached up to grab Pegs head but she pulled back.

“Uh-uh.” She said. “No touching. I rushed you earlier. This time sit back and enjoy.”

Peg’s mouth worked on her nephews cock while her hands toyed with his balls. Ever so often she would jack his shaft as she sucked hard on the cock meat. Tylers body jerked as her mouth reached sensitive spots on his cock.

Peg loved sucking cock and she almost made it into an art form. She knew exactly which parts to pay attention to and when to speed up or slow down to prolong the pleasure. Her fingers moved to her own pussy that was sopping wet. She teased her own pussy and groaned in pleasure around Tylers cock. She slowed down her ministrations on the cock as she felt it throb hotly in her mouth.

“Ohh Goddd.. ” Tyler moaned. “This is the best blowjob I’ve ever had.”

Peg pulled her mouth off his cock and looking up at him smiled. “Your father loved my blowjobs too.” She said. She got up and pulled him by the cock to the bedroom. She knew the short walk would calm him down a little and he would last a little longer as she knew she had him on the brink.

She got on her fours on the bed and waggled her ass in the air. “Fuck me Tyler.” She cooed. “I’m so wet for you.”

Tyler grabbed her hips and placed his cock at her weeping slit. He slid forward in one hard stroke causing Peg to gasp as the cock plunged deep into her. Tyler kept it buried in her for a while and then slowly started to fuck in and out of her.

Peg lowered her head into the bed and raised her ass higher. “Oohhh… yess.. fucckkk… fuckk…unnnhh” She moaned loudly. She could already feel an orgasm building up deep within her and she moved one hand behind her to strum her pussy as Tyler’s cock fucked into her. She rubbed furiously on her clit as her thighs began to spasm.

“eeaaagggggghhhhhhh” She cried out, her voice muffled by the bed, as her body was wracked by an intense orgasm. Tyler sped up his thrusts and she continued to convulse as her pussy clamped and squeezed down on Tyler’s cock. Her hand moved to cup his balls and tease them as she continued to cum.

“yessss…Aaaaghhhh Oh goddddd Oh fucccckkk fuck meeeee”

Tyler slammed harder into her, he could feel the spunk building up in his balls, aided by Pegs teasing of them. He ploughed harder into her and the he tensed and his cock started to spurt hot lava into his aunts pussy.

“unnnhh… Aunt Peggg… Ohhhh Godddd” He buried his cock deep inside of her and trembled as his cock pulsed and throbbed. He could feel her pussy clamping on his cock, greedily milking the sperm shooting out.

Aunt Peg collapsed forward on the bed causing Tyler’s cock to slip out of her with a pop. Tyler lay beside his aunt and gently rubbed her back. Aunt Peg moaned soflty. “Ohhhh goddd baby… that was so good.”

They lay together in silence for a bit, Tyler continuing to rub her back softly and ever so often giving it soft kisses. Peg turned over and leaning up, gave Tyler a peck on his cheek.

“You gonna continue your story now?” Tyler asked eagerly.

“Oh my god!” Peg exclaimed. “You just got fucked and you want to hear more of my stories??”

Tyler grinned at her. “Why not?” he said. “Unless you don’t want to tell me…”

Peg laughed and rolled over to her side. She propped her head up on one arm.

“Okayyyy… So where did we leave off?”

“You left home. Came here for work.” Tyler reminded her.

“I may have left some stuff Gaziantep Escort out…” Peg said, giggling.

“What do you mean?”

“Well… after I left, your Dad would still come and visit me every so often. We’d practically just stay in the entire weekend and fuck. I would make trips back too and check into a hotel and not tell anyone. He’d come over in the day time and we’d fuck. Then he’d return home as if nothing happened and I’d be alone at night. It killed me everytime he left.

“While I was here, I’d ‘cheat on him’ if you could call it that. I’d sometimes meet guys on dating apps or whatever but it was always just for a fuck. It was kind of payback. It was cold, casual sex but it was sex. I figured if your Dad was getting it on at home with your Mother than I would too. It was also a physical need.

“I never told him of course. Anyway, I finally told him no more. That things had changed and that he had decided to focus on Mandy. He kept pushing to have sex but I held fast. That’s another reason I stopped coming home. Each time I was home he would try something. But I told him I was tired of being his mistress.

“I went into a state of withdrawal. I didn’t want those meaningless fucks anymore as it just seemed like too much trouble to chat online then get preened and dressed up. Sometimes the men were real assholes in person too so I stayed away. I was probably celibate for a good year or two.

“Then I met James at work. He was married but he was clearly into me. Actually, all the guys that I had fucked since your Dad were all married. It just seemed easy. There was no risk of them falling for me. And I liked the taboo. James was into sex toys and that opened up a whole new world for me. He was also really kinky at wanted to try threesomes and asked if I was bisexual!

“Are you?” Tyler asked.

“I always thought about it. What it would be like with another woman. But it wasn’t easy finding one.” Peg replied.

“Anyway, James managed to organize another woman to join us. I wasn’t sure how I felt about it but I guess I wanted to explore my sexuality. She was Asian, Korean I think and very attractive. She had small boob but long nipples. We met at a hotel and there was a lot of kissing and touching. Then she lay back and I went down on her. She wasn’t particularly enthusiastic and it felt like I wasn’t doing it right. Then James fucked her and she was all moaning and screaming. Then I sucked on James while she licked me out and it was good. James finally finished in my pussy.

“After a while, James wanted to fuck her again and I kinda felt left out coz she seemed to prefer having it on with James rather than me. We didn’t do a threesome with a woman again after that although James was always keen. I guess I was too but as I said, it was difficult finding a woman. Emotionally, I didn’t feel betrayed like I did with you father as with James it was just sex. I went in knowing what to expect and I kept an arms length.”

“You didn’t do a threesome with a woman… “Tyler picked up on what Peg had said. “Does that mean you did a threesome with another man?”

Peg laughed. “Nothing gets past you does it!!”

“It was kind off funny. James had organized to meet with a couple. He thought it might be fun to do a couple swap or whatever. I wasn’t terribly keen as to be honest, I didn’t quite like the idea of him paying attention to another woman. Yes, Yes, I know I’m a contradiction but lets just call it a woman thing.

“So anyway, we met up with this couple and the woman was bragging about how hung her husband was and that she didn’t think I could take him. I also think she wasn’t particularly interested in James. Gaziantep Escort Bayan We had a pleasant evening and it was fun chatting and exchanging stories but she decided not to proceed with it. Terry had asked for my number that night and he contacted me the next night to ask if I would be interested in meeting up. For some reason I told James about it and he hummed and hawed and finally said he’d be okay if we met together.

“I told Terry about it and he was game so we met up at a hotel in the afternoon. It was kind of awkward as no one knew where to start so I took the initiative and undressed and started to suck on Terry’s cock. The lust started to flow and we all ended up in bed with me sucking James and Terry fucking me. That was pretty awesome, being skewered on both ends. We spent the night there and more or less fucked the whole day and whole night. At one point I had a cock in my pussy and a cock in my ass at the same time. I remember thinking I wished there was a cock in my mouth too.

“After Terry left, I suddenly felt all dirty and used. I had enjoyed it but when youre not in ‘lust mode’ your so called morals come flooding back and I just felt really dirty. James seemed to be quite perturbed by me taking both cocks and enjoying it and we had a bit of a fight and he called me all sorts names. I argued that he seemed okay when he was fucking two girls at the same time and I brought in his wife and it just got kinda ugly.

“We fucked a few more times after that but it just petered out after a while and I stopped seeing him or answering his texts. I guess it was about this time that I figured I was done with married men. They were more complicated than I thought and I felt I should give myself a chance with single guys.

“That’s when I met Tony. He was single and attractive but wasn’t particularly good in bed. You know, there were times that I’d spend the night with him and come back home and use my vibe on myself to get off nicely. He was a nice guy though but the problem with him was that he was clingy. He wanted to see me all the time and he was just so stifling. So after 3 or 4 months, I cant remember, I basically ran and stopped answering his texts or calls.

“A couple of months later I met Steve. He was really, really nice and sometimes I wonder what would have happened between us. He had a massive sex drive and a huge cock. I’d be sore after he fucked me but it was a good kind of sore. He wanted me everytime we were together and the thing about him was that we had so much to talk about too. We had a lot in common. Went for plays, movies and other stuff and then always end up fucking like rabbits. And what I really liked about his was that he was the first guy ever to tell me that if I wasn’t in the mood to fuck it was okay. I guess with all the other men, I felt I had to keep them satisfied and even if I wasn’t in the mood I would just lay back and let them fuck me. Don’t get me wrong, it was still pleasurable, but sometimes you’re just not in the mood and you don’t want to do it. And other times, you just cant wait to rip of their clothes and fuck.

“Steve was always understanding in that way. He wanted sex to be a two way process. And god, could he lick pussy!! He could spend hours down there and he loved making me cum with his mouth and tongue. No one had ever done that before and in many ways I became used to him pleasuring me when with all the other men I was the pleaser. Sex with him was really good. And I mean really, really good.

“We dated for maybe 8 months and then he got transferred overseas. I seriously considered going with him but I couldn’t give up my job and I really didn’t want to start life afresh Escort Gaziantep in a new country. He never asked me to marry him either and I’m not even sure I would have said yes. We’d meet up off and on whenever he came down which was maybe once in 4 months.

“In between all that there were a few client fucks or business fucks. You know, you do what it takes to seal the deal. Or sometimes it was just nice after a business dinner. They’d ask if you wanted to come back to their room for a nightcap and we’d end up fucking. Sometimes when they were back in town they’d call and ask if I wanted to meet up for drinks and dinner. At times it was just that. Drinks and dinner, other times, when the feeling was right, we’d end up having a fuck.

“How many men have you had Aunt Peg?” Tyler asked.

“You don’t want to know.” Peg laughed. “I stopped counting after a while and only really consider your Father, Tony and Steve as the men in my life. The others were all just to pass the time or to get a physical need satisfied. Oh and then there was Dan.”

“I was with Dan for 3 months ago. We dated for about 5 months too. I seem to have a track record of only keeping men for 5 months at the longest. We met through a common friend. He was like Steve, really gently and caring. Sex was good but not awesome. Seriously, after Steve, it was hard to find anyone as good. But I really enjoyed his company until I could see he too was becoming clingy. He wanted to know my whereabouts and I felt I had to report in to him. He’d want to join me when I went out with other friends. I had had enough of clingy men, so I did my usual run and disappear trick. He was also wanting sex all the time and seemed more interested in his own release then anything else. After sex, he’d roll over and fall asleep. Steve was different, we’d cuddle and kiss and end up having a second round or if not just talk for a long while and then fall asleep in each others arms. Kind of like with you…”

“and that, my dear, brings us to you… You’re the first fuck I’ve had in two months.” Peg said. “But can I confess something? Since I’ve told you everything? “

“Sure Aunt Peg.”

“Earlier today? When I went out for my meeting?” Peg said. “I was planning on using the charm between my legs to seal the deal. That’s why I had on sexy panties and that tight dress. The meeting got cancelled at the last minute though and well…it just so happened I found you sniffing my panties and one thing led to another!”

“And… Can I tell you something else?” Peg asked softly.

“What is it?”

“Tyler… your mouth and your tongue… it was just as good as Steve. And your cock… I haven’t been fucked that way in a long, long time. Seriously.”

Tyler felt his cock growing harder and start to throb. Peg down at his crotch and laughed.

“Does that thing have a life of its own?” She said as she raised herself up and lifted one leg to straddle his thighs. “The beauty of youth!”

She grabbed his cock and slowly lowered herself on to it, feeling the hot, thick meat spread her cunt lips. “You feel so good in me Tyler.” She cooed. “It’s been a long time since I’ve been fucked so many times in one day. And in just a few hours! I haven’t wanted cock like I’ve wanted this… like I’ve wanted Yours in a long time.” She slowly raised and lowered herself on Tyler, fucking him slowly. She planted her ass firmly back down feeling him deep inside her. She leaned down and kissed Tyler on the lips, working her tongue inside his mouth and dancing with his.

Tyler felt a wave of passion course through him as he heard how much his aunt desired him and loved fucking him. He raised his hands and pinched her nipples causing her to main loudly.

“Fuck me baby. Fuck your horny Aunt Peg and make me cum.” She cried out as Tyler grabbed her shoulder and using them as leverage began to thrust hard and fast into her. “Make me cum over and over again. I want it baby. I want You…I want you so bad…”

-To be continued –

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