Aunt Meg part 3 Slumber Party

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Aunt Meg part 3
Slumber party

I just don’t know how I am going to handle 6 girls…First off I don’t think I have the strength. Hmmm I guess I will have to cheat. I think I have an idea. At lunch I looked for Lori and Keri and told them as much as I would like to make love to 6 girls I felt it would be unfair to them to have to divide myself up that much. How about if I ask my friend Tony to spend the night too.

Tony was considered to be a Dreamboat by most of the girls. He had curly black hair, black eyebrows and long eyelashes. He resembled an older actor Tony Curtis. He had broad shoulders and 6 pack abs.. He had told me he rarely dated in our school because last year two girls had a fight over him and they got expelled. He was a freshman while we were still in middle school.

They were thrilled with the Idea. Now I had to convince Tony. I called him and asked him to meet me after school He said okay. The rest of the school day dragged by. The final bell was like a relief spring . I rushed to the High school to meet Tony.

How would you like to have 6 girls waiting for you to screw them with out having to make a date or spend any money. Two of the girls are my cousins Lori and Keri. If you want to set up something later that is between you and them otherwise a one time thing..All you have to do is agree to spend the night at my cousins house tonight.

Tony agreed, he called his mother and told her he was going to spend the night with me. Since we have done this before she said no problem. I packed a bag for the night and put it in to Aunt Megs guest room. I hid out Tony while I was getting things set up. I talked to my cousins, the other four girls were the Cheer girls that had taken up for me.

When the girls arrived I told them we were going to play a game. They were to strip and put on blind fold and line up around the sofa. First their pussy would be licked till the first one got their cookies. Then they would get one or two strokes of my cock until one of them got me off then we would go from there.

So I wouldn’t get antsy, I would wait in the next room till they were ready. When I was called I looked in to the living room they had added another twist. All of them had towels over their heads so I couldn’t tell which was which. I got Tony… he took one look and said wow. I told him to start on one side and I would start on the other.

We agreed one minute of licking then move to the next. We were in heaven 6 pussies all spread and waiting I began licking and tasting and sucking and sticking my tongue as deep as I could, escort bayan I grabbed hips and pulled them into my mouth. I even nibbled on clits with my teeth.

Tony and I made two full rounds of sensational pussy eating when Tony was licking Ellen, she began to bounce around and then she collapsed. I laughed and said there goes cookies. I looked at Tony and smiled we both stepped forward and entered the girl in front of us. There were indrawn breaths around the circle. Two slow strokes and out a step to the right and insert in to the next pussy.. Tony and I were enjoying our self’s and it was obvious the girls were too. As we began to pull out, it seemed like the girls tried to use their internal muscles to keep us inside them.

I lost track of how many rounds we had made when I glanced up at Tony and I could see the sweat rolling off his face and the tension was obvious he wasn’t going to last. We moved again and as I entered the next pussy I realized Tony was not the only one nearing completion.

I made my two strokes and on my second I went as deep as I could and fell over onto the girls back as I let loose of ropes of cum into my partner.. I looked over to Tony he also had reached his climax. I slowly pulled out and said ok girls remove your towels. The only ones that knew Tony was here were my cousins and Tony got his rocks off in Keri. I got off in Linda one of the Cheerleaders.

The girls laughed when they saw Tony. Linda and Keri were discussing about who got off in them. They compared notes and since Keri is the only one who had been cummed in by us both she could tell the difference… Then she got it wrong.

I knew Tony was interested in the twins so we split up the girls. Tony took the twins and Ellen and I went with Linda, Marie and Joy. I took the guest bed room and Tony the Twins room. Now the fun begins.

My girls and I entered the guest bed room. I told them I would be right back and I went into the bathroom to empty my bladder. When I came out of the bathroom I saw they hadn’t waited on me. They were together in a mass of pussies and tits.

Linda was on her back, Joy was a straddle of her face and Linda was licking her pussy. Marie was on her knees with her face buried in Linda’s pussy and she was licking my cum out of her pussy. Well I could see there was only one place for me.

First I reached over and tweaked Joy’s nipples and kissed her swirling my tongue in her mouth. I stroked on down to pinch Linda’s nipples then reached under Marie and gathered in her tits for a squeeze or two.

I lay on the bursa escort bayan bed on my back with my head between Marie,s legs and slowly worked my way upward till Marie’s pussy was right above my mouth. My tongue darted out like the forked tongue of a snake and twitched it around her clit.

I could feel the lowering of Marie’s pussy till it was nestled comfortably in my mouth. Marie’s pussy was one of the bare ones… not one hair other than a trace of fine down. Her pussy lips were puffy it was like the skin of a peach and tasted delicious.

I sucked on her outside lips one at a time then snaked my tongue inside to suck her inner petal into my mouth. I sucked on them for awhile when I felt a gush of liquid flood my mouth. Wow Marie was one of the girls that actually expelled liquid when she reached a climax.

I sucked up her nectar and continued my search for her pleasure spots. I slipped my tongue as deep as I could go. Then circled her clitoris with my tongue and began to suckle it felt swollen and she began humping her pussy on to my chin and mouth.

I heard Joy scream and she fell over on the bed. Linda was on her third orgasm from Marie’s talented tongue when… Marie fell forward and rolled off my face… she was saying no more, no more. After we had gathered our composure the girls said …your time.

Joy stood up on the bed straddled my hips and lowered her self, Linda grabbed my cock and guided it into her. Linda and Marie each took one of Joy’s Nipples into their mouths. I could feel Joy shudder from the top of her head to her pussy snug around my cock. Wee Willy was in heaven.

What had started off as a leisure fuck quickly became a charge to the finish. I was hardly moving when Joy started a rapid pistonning action. She had a blank expression on her face and was rushing headlong to completion. I held on to her hips and just hung on till she screamed and sat upright as if she were an extension of my cock.

When her eyes came back to normal she told us that her titties are very sensitive and with them sucking her nipples at the same time that I was fucking her was more than she could stand. Marie was already easing her way toward me.

Linda began cleaning out Joy, when Marie locked her lips onto Wee Willie. It only took 4 bobs of her head till Wee Willie was standing tall again. Marie pushed me over onto my back and she mounted me. I am starting to like this position I just lay back and let the girls do the work.

When I was all the way in her she showed how limber she was. Sh leaned forward and began bursa eskort to kiss me which placed her tits in the perfect spot for me to feel of them. Leaning over as she was she had not changed the position of her legs. With Willie having the curve to the left and her leaning forward it seemed like we were reaching new parts.

Slowly Marie began to straighten her legs, once they were straight she slid her arms around me and said over. I grasped her and over we went never losing our connection. The control she had of her muscles was amazing. If it had not been for getting off 3 times already I would not have lasted 2 minutes. I pulled out until only the head was still inside I eased in a fraction and I felt her hips trying th pull me back in, Then I thrust forward. Her Pussy felt like hundreds of tongues all licking my cock at the same time.

I looked to the side and could see Joy and Linda asleep in each others arms. There was no hurry so Marie and I changed from fucking to making love. Her velvet glove was the best with the exception of Aunt Meg. When we reached our combined climax we just relaxed together and drifted off to sleep intertwined and joined.

I awoke to a knocking on the door. It was Lori telling us we had to get up and cleanup and get ready for school. I opened my eyes to see Marie smiling at me, we were still entwined but Wee Willie had slipped out sometime during the night

The girls and I took our showers in the guest bathroom…together. Wee Willie stood up and Linda said , It’s mine she put her arms around my neck and leaped up to clasp her legs around my waist . Joy helped by guiding me into Linda’s searching pussy. As I have said before I am not a tall person but I am wiry.

I leaned back against the shower wall, Marie and Joy was rubbing and kissing all over us. I could feel my legs getting weak and my body sliding down till we were on the floor of the shower, Linda never broke stride we slid around on the soapy floor until the moment arrived . Then it was a thrashing around, I slammed up as Linda slammed down.

She threw her body backwards, hitting the shower door and falling out onto the bathroom floor… we weren’t through so I followed her out and impelled her before she could move we were like two wildcats fighting over a ball of twine. Then I could feel a tightness in my scrotum and my balls drew up . Linda’s head was flying from one side to the other. I rammed in and sat back, Linda moaned her face turning very pale and an eerie sound came out of her mouth as she met my release with one of her own.

Another shower was needed…

We got dressed and met our other half in the kitchen. Tony looked worn and so did Ellen and my cousins. We ate cereal for breakfast and headed out the door to school. TGIF

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