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Our family is a very close family, always finding an excuse to get together to have a party or some sort of celebration, at one party I got talking with my Uncle Jack (on my father’s side) as I’d only just celebrated my 18th . He’d wanted to know what I’d spent all my money on – birds or alcohol? But I gave him a little of a shock and told him I’d spent most on a games console. “Why the hell did you do that??” “Well I’m more into gaming than anything else, and didn’t see the point in getting drunk on one night as it would been a waste.” “Well there is that, so what games did you get?” “Oh just two couldn’t afford the 3rd as it had just been released.” This conversation went on for a while, but he told me that if I called round to his place I could borrow some of his games. I thought oh great least I’ll be able to have a game on something else other than the two I’d played to death on. So a few days later I told my parents I was just nipping up to Uncle Jack’s and shouldn’t be too long. It didn’t take too long to get there as they he only lived up the street. Knocked on the door, but when the door opened my Aunt May stood there. Her hair was a little messed up and looked a little tired. I should point out that Aunt May even at 42 was a great looking woman, with all the gym time she spent she never let her figure go out of shape. “Oh hi Ash, how are you?” “I’m fine Aunt May, just come to see Uncle Jack as he said I could borrow some of his games.” “Sorry but he’s out at the moment, but your happy to have a look through them.” I walked in and asked what she was up to Escort Anadolu yakası with her hair in a mess, she explained that she was just cleaning up some cupboards and found a load of old board games that the kids used to play. When we walked into the living room it was a complete mess, now I could see why she was a mess. Games all over and boxes falling off each other. “Would you like a hand cleaning all this up Aunt May?” “Would you mind as some of the games are all messed up and I’ve no idea where all the bits go with each game?” We sat down and I was figuring out all the boxes and game parts and was able to remember them all as I think most of the time I used to play some of these games when we used to come up to their house. Then I got to one box which as the old game of ‘Twister’. “Damn I haven’t seen this one in a loooong time.” “What’s that one Ash?” “Twister, I remember playing this one with Kirsty and Carl, always kept getting our legs mixed up. Damn I miss that.” Kirsty and Carl were Aunt May and Uncle Jacks 17 year old twins. Carl and I used to hang out a lot but then when he discovered girls he’d be out every day or night and Kirsty used to act like one of the lads, until she got to high school that’s when she took up football. So we hardly ever saw each other except at the family get-tog-ether’s. Boy could Kirsty kick a ball, she always seemed to like kicking the ball at my cock to get a reaction. Anyway we got all the games sorted out and I went over to when the games console was to have a look through Kurtköy escort all the games my Uncle had got. It was a big collection, from the latest games that just been released to some old classics. He was as mad at gaming as I was, maybe even more. But I picked out two games that I liked the look of and was just about to go into the kitchen where my Aunt May was making a cuppa when she walked back in with two drinks. “Here you go Ash you deserve it for all the hard work you’ve put in with helping me. It would have taken me even longer if you haven’t of come round.” “Oh it was a pleasure, saves me going home and getting my jobs done.” I laughed back. “I hope I won’t upset your mother, I’ll let her know how much of a help you’ve been.” So we sat down on the couch drinking and chatting away, I was telling her about how much I’d enjoyed the party we’d had and I couldn’t wait to start some real work, as all the job hunting was taking its time on me. But explained that I’d just got a new job at the local gym where she used to go. “Ah, I hope I’ll get a discount then from my ‘favorite’ nephew.” While placing her hand on my leg, smiling back I just told her I would see what I could do for her. With that I was just about finished with my drink and Aunt May got up and asked if I wanted to have a quick go at one of the new games my Uncle had just bought. I thought sure why not, so she turned the console on and put a camera up on the TV. It was one of these games that tracked your every move and placed you in the game. I’d never played Maltepe escort bayan this type of game before and was interested in how it worked. So Aunt May got me to stand at the side of her and I could see her waving at the screen, up came the game and we were supposed to be on some race track against one another. She must have been playing this game a lot as she was way out in front of me and I was having a hard time catching her up. So I started to nudge her a little so she would lose a little balance, this would cause her car to slow down. I just looked at her with a cheeky grin. “Ooooh we playing dirty tactics are we?” “Well its fair game in love and war – see ya!” With that I drove right past her. She did not like that and got back up and pushed me out the way causing my car to slow down. There we are pushing and shoving each other while trying to race against one another. When all of a sudden I could see the finish line, then noticed in the corner of my eye she was about to bash me hard. I leaned back to slow my car down and she flew right past me straight into the couch, with a laugh I drove over the finish line. “YES!! Got ya Aunt May.” Still laid out on the couch laughing her head off I reached down and tried to pick her back up, but she wasn’t letting me pick her up, Then a hard pull on my arms yanked me down falling on top of her. Laughing and giggling she said. “Now I got you that time!” Looking right into her eyes, I could feel the heat coming from her body. Her breasts were pushing right into my chest that’s when I felt my cock start to come alive. With that I pushed myself up off her as I didn’t want to stay there too long and die of embarrassment as I only had some jogging bottoms on. I picked my Aunt May up and told her fair game. But I’d have to go soon as it was getting close to having some lunch. “Oh don’t be silly, you can have lunch here if you want.

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