Aunt Lynn Rides Again

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This is another chapter in the continuing saga of Luther “The Root” Casey, a Midwestern college student with an impressive cock. Per usual, all characters are fictitious and of legal age.

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Having become lovers, Lute and his Aunt Lynn kept in touch throughout his final year of college. And as his graduation approached, Lynn offered him a special graduation gift: A weekend with her in the city, including tickets for a Fleetwood Mac concert. Lynn was a big fan of the band, and Lute liked them too, so a date was set and Lynn booked them a room at a classy downtown hotel.

Lute didn’t have any Friday classes and it was a mild early spring day as he drove his VW van to the city, rolling into town in the late afternoon, ready to reconnect with his sexy aunt. As he cruised along, his ten-inch cock stretched down his leg as he pictured her sexy body, short blonde hair, and her lovely face with its bright smile.

Moving through the familiar landscape, he recalled the last time he and Lynn had been together. She’d gotten him so insanely aroused by relating nasty details about his mother’s sex life that she worked him into a complete lather. And then they fucked so hard and rough that she screamed at the top of her lungs when she came. And he did the same, sweating and bellowing as he pumped an epic load of cum onto her tits and face until she was splattered in spew. Aunt Lynn definitely knew how to get him riled up.

Lynn was his aunt by marriage. She was married to Jack, his dad’s brother, and she and Lute had been given permission by her husband to include him in the intra-family relationships that crossed many lines of propriety but made for some provocative family gatherings.

Since they’d become lovers, Lute had discovered Lynn’s lust for big cocks and her unabashed nastiness. He also learned that she liked it rough — something neither Jack or Lute’s dad Charlie did quite to her liking. She loved to be fucked like a lascivious slut, and Lute proved more than able to satisfy her lewd desires.

But during their post-coital pillow talks, he also learned more about the spouse swapping that had been going on for years between his parents and his aunt and uncle. They were, it turns out, quite the promiscuous family.

When Lute checked into their hotel he found that Lynn had already arrived. So when he got to the room he knocked lightly on the door before inserting his key.

“Come in!” came a soft reply. And when he entered he found Lynn seated in a comfortable chair by a window overlooking the city, a glass of wine in hand as soft classical music played in the background.

He hadn’t seen Lynn since the previous summer, but she was just as comely as ever. Wearing a low-cut sweater that provided a nice introduction to her bounteous bosom, she gave him a sexy smile.

Dropping his bag as he crossed the room, Lute leaned down and joined with his aunt for a long kiss. Which then lead to another, and as their tongues intertwined he began fondling her big soft breasts, which elicited an appreciative moan from Lynn.

As they kissed and groped, she began stroking his crotch and undoing his pants. And once unfastened, Lute slid off his jeans and unleashed his cock, letting it stand thick and proud before his lover, arching up like a bayonet. Eager to get at his beast, Lynn began slowly running her tongue along its full length and gently sucking on its big helmet head.

“Oh, yes…yes,” she sighed, taking a moment to admire the huge cock that was once again hers to relish.

Having shed her panties earlier in preparation for Lute’s arrival, she slipped off her sweater and undid a sheer white bra, letting her succulent tits flop against her chest. Topped with big pink areolas and wide nipples, they had just the right amount of heft and sexy sag that Lute loved.

Knowing what he liked, Lynn leaned forward and wrapped her breasts around his shaft, and while he slowly tit-fucked her, she sucked on his knob each time it emerged from her cleavage.

With the soft music and afternoon light creating a sultry scene, the couple continued their languid foreplay and exchanged few words, instead looking at each other with steamy smiles, taking in the full measure of each other’s bodies. There was no rush. They had all weekend to become reacquainted.

Dropping a wad of spit into her tit crevasse to provide additional lubrication, Lynn gripped the sides of her breasts and wrapped them around Lute’s veiny tool, working his cock into her mouth as it paused on each upward stroke. She then pulled off with a trailing string of mucous that connected like a power line between her mouth and his slick organ, and then glomped back on for more.

Lynn knew her way around a big cock. Over her years with Jack she’d learned how to control eryaman arabaya gelen escortlar her gag reflex, allowing her to take all of his burly meat down her throat. And though Lute’s cock was longer than her husband’s, with a fatter girth to boot, she was nonetheless able to take in all of his ten inches. A feat rivaled by only a few of his other lovers.

Looking down at Lynn while she deep-throated his tool, Lute grabbed the back of her head and eased his cock even deeper into her stretched maw, which she took in like a carnival sword swallower.

“You’re amazing, baby,” he whispered when she pulled off and smiled up at him with watery eyes, proud of the oral skills she’d worked so hard to perfect.

“Now, it’s my turn,” he said quietly as he helped her to her feet.

Undoing her skirt, he let it drop to the floor and was pleased to see she wore nothing underneath. Easing her back into the chair, he got down on his knees and planted his face between her spread legs and extended his tongue into her nicely trimmed thatch of blonde fur.

“Mmm…yeah…yeah,” she shuddered as his tongue explored her wet snatch.

Pulling one tit up to her mouth and then the other, Lynn moaned and sucked on her nipples while Lute continued working over her pussy. She’d been touching herself before he arrived, so her pump was well-primed

First sucking on her labia and then flicking his tongue across her clit, it wasn’t long before Lute had her cunt gushing with the first of their weekend’s many orgasms. And as she pulled his head deeper into her swampy snatch, the orgasmic waves rolled through her body one after another until she finally collapsed back on the chair, moaning and laughing at the speed with which she had cum.

“Oh, wow!” she sighed as Lute looked up from her crotch, her juices smeared across his face, “This is going to be an amazing weekend!”

In their previous times together, Lute and Lynn had alternated between slow and tender lovemaking and full-on fucking frenzies. And though they were both horny as hell, this particular round of sex continued along a more restrained path. There would be plenty of opportunities for hard unbridled fucking when they shifted their gears into overdrive, but this was a nice warm-up lap.

Once her climax faded, Lynn stood up and had Lute sit the chair and then positioned her prepped cunt over his cock. Facing him, she grabbed his shaft and eased herself down onto his thick organ.

Like taking him down her throat, Lynn’s pussy had no trouble accommodating Lute’s huge member. Her years with Jack had stretched her cooch to such an extent that she was able to take in Lute’s meat with relative ease. So when he raised his hips and drove his cock into her snatch, it slid right in like a hand into a familiar glove.

“Oh, baby, that feels so nice,” she whispered as she maneuvered around on his cock, letting it plunge into the depths of her pussy.

Her husband wasn’t the jealous type, but he was nonetheless proud of his big cock. And though he knew his nephew was packing some serious meat, Lynn had never told Jack that Lute’s cock was bigger inside her than only one other guy she’d ever fucked. And that other man wasn’t Jack. Nor did she mention that when Lute worked his rapacious tool into her pussy he made her swoon and cum like no one else — also including Jack.

So here she was, riding her nephew’s magnificent cock, on the verge of another orgasm, with him sucking on her tits as he slowly reamed her shameless pussy, all while she rubbed the nubbin of her clit, relishing the oncoming wave of climax number two.

An upstanding member of her community, a respected professional in state government, and a devoted mother and wife, Lynn relished these chances to play out her nasty side. She’d become a big cock whore of the first order, and Lute was the hung lover with whom she knew she could safely be a shameless slut. She trusted his discretion. It was a noble family trait among the Casey men that she appreciated.

“Cum with me, Luther,” Lynn whispered as he grabbed her ass and thrust his cock harder into her hungry cunt. “Fill me up, baby. Give me that big load.”

Lute had become skilled in controlling his orgasms and could usually decide when and where he wanted to blast his seed. His recovery rate between climaxes was also impressive. So knowing this was just part one of what would be a cum-filled few days, he had no reservations about an early launch. And with some additional coaxing from Lynn, he drove his cock hard into her pussy and prepared to give her what she wanted.

“Cum with me baby! I’m ready!” she moaned as she bounced and ground on his thick tool. “Give it to me!”

As his body tensed and alerted her to what was coming, he gripped her ass and prepared to deliver his payload.

“Aw, fuck yeah, baby! Fuck yeah!” he groaned as his cock exploded inside her, filling her pussy with an unholy amount of jizz.

Gasping and throwing back her head, Lynn added to his orgasmic sincan escort bayan blast with one of her own, gushing pussy juices that merged with his milky ejaculate and streamed out of her quim like molten lava from an erupting volcano. The towel Lynn had tossed on the chair earlier was the only thing that kept the upholstery from getting drenched in their liquid efflux.

The lovers stayed joined for a good long while as their orgasms receded, kissing and groaning as Lute continued slowly working his still-hard member in her sullied cunt.

The quantity and force of Lute’s ejaculate was another topic Lynn had never mentioned to her husband. Like his eight inch cock, Jack was also quite proud of his orgasmic discharge. And though it had lessened some over the years, his output of semen during their lovemaking remained impressive. But even during his prime, his spew never matched his nephew’s. Not even close.

So as Lynn reveled in the carnal bliss of her nephew’s rock-hard cock as it continued grinding inside her pussy (long after Jack’s would have slid out,) she shoved her hand back into her crotch and brought herself off one more time as Lute cajoled and sucked on her big floppy tits.

“Yeah, that’s right, baby. Cum for me! Give me another one!” he whispered as she shivered and moaned and released another gusher of her lady juices, “That’s right! Cum for me, Auntie!”

When she was finally spent, she collapsed onto him as their mouths melded back together. But still hard, Lute kept maneuvering his cock around in her drenched pussy, working it like a gondolier’s pole in a marshy canal while she slowly writhed on his steadfast meat.

Once they’d showered and dressed for an evening on the town, the couple walked to a nearby Italian restaurant Lute had frequented while working in the city. It was a classic old place that served great food, so while sharing a bottle of wine, the hungry lovers dug into plates of northern Italy’s finest.

Their dinner conversation started out like any ordinary relatives catching up on each other’s lives, inquiring about school and jobs and various friends and family members. But when Lute asked about Barbara, Lynn’s sister, things got interesting.

Barbara now lived in Los Angeles, working in PR for an entertainment company. She had been one of Lute’s early sexual tutors at their family’s lake house the summer after he turned 18. She was a beautiful and highly sexed vixen who had been a patient lover with him, teaching him how to use his mouth and big cock to please a woman — techniques he’d put to good use ever since.

As she talked about her sister, Lynn got a devilish smile when she told him that Barbara was now seeing a fellow named Dante — a sexy young Italian man with a really big cock.

Lute knew that Lynn and his mom had gone to visit Barbara a couple of months before, and when he asked about the trip it became obvious there was more to the story than Lynn was letting on. But it didn’t take much to get her to confess that her knowledge of Dante’s cock size wasn’t second-hand.

Her tongue loosened by the wine, Lynn giggled as she told Lute of the threesome she and Barbara had done with Dante while his mom went out for dinner with an old college friend. But when Lute laughed, saying that his mom was surely sorry she’d missed out, Lynn’s smile grew conspiratorial when she told him that Denise had joined them for a foursome a night later.

“Wow!” was all Lute could say before he asked, “But what about dad and Uncle Jack, do they know about this?”

“Yeah, they do. We got their permission,” Lynn said with the same sly smile, adding “It all worked out great. Really great.”

Envisioning his mom getting fucked by a stranger with a huge cock gave Lute pause. But when Lynn reached under the table and stroked his member, she found that he had a raging hard-on and knew she’d pushed just the right buttons to get her young lover aroused for their next round of fucking.

She was also confident that the final piece of information she was holding would further incite him to fuck the bejeezus out of her — which was exactly what she wanted from her young stud.

For their next stop of the evening the couple hailed a cab and went over to a dance club Lute knew. The music production company he’d worked for had done business with the club, so the bouncer gave Lute a friendly bro’ handshake and waved them inside.

Over the next two hours the couple danced and had a raucous good time. Lynn loved to dance, but like most people her age with an active family, she didn’t do it nearly as often as she would’ve liked. So being out with a young hunk like Lute, shaking her tits and ass while guys sized her up, made the evening especially fun for the foxy forty-something.

Becoming increasingly horny as the night went on, when they took a break and slipped into a secluded booth for another drink, Lynn shoved her tongue down Lute’s throat and gripped his cock.

Lute remembered how she became frisky when she’d gölbaşı sınırsız escort had a few drinks and danced, and tonight was no exception — she was loaded for bear. And from the attention she’d drawn on the dance floor, he knew there were at least ten guys in that room who would dump their dates in a heartbeat for the chance to take her home.

“God, I want to fuck you so bad!” she whispered as she rubbed her fleshy tits against his arm, “Is your cock ready for my nasty pussy, baby? Are you ready to make me scream?”

Lute was definitely eager to pound his comely aunt, so they were soon in a cab and on their way back to the hotel. And as they rode, their kissing and groping continued while Lynn whispered more nastiness in his ear while he slipped his hand under her skirt and fingered her bare pussy.

“Mmm…yeah, I’m so fucking wet for you, baby,” she whispered as he worked his fingers deeper into her slot canyon, “And I could get used to this ‘no panties’ thing. My vag loves the fresh air!”

Then putting her mouth against his ear she whispered, “Hey, you know that thing I was telling you about — the one that Barbara and your mom and I did with Dante in LA?”

“Yeah, that sounded like some real fun.”

“Well, it gets better.”

“Really? It sounded pretty great already,” Lute laughed.

“Yeah, but here’s the deal — we videotaped it,” she whispered, though loud enough that the cab driver looked in his rear view mirror, ready to hear more.

“No kidding?”

“Yeah, we did. A friend of Barbara’s works for a movie studio, and she had him come over one night with his video camera and some lights, and he taped us doing it with Dante.”

“Wow…that’s so cool!”

“Right? So, do you wanna’ see it…the tape, I mean?”

“Wait! What? You have it with you?”

“Yeah, we all agreed there would only be three copies of the tape — one for each of us ladies. We had the video edited by Nicole, a photographer friend of your mom’s back home. I think you know her. And I just got my copy in the mail last week.”

“Damn! So, has Jack seen it?”

“Oh yeah. We watched it together as soon as it came. And then we fucked like crazy. It’s really hot! And from what your mom told me, your dad had a similar reaction. They even took the next day off from work and hardly left the bedroom. She said they must’ve watched it ten times and fucked non-stop.”

“That’s amazing!” Lute laughed before he caught himself, “But what about my mom? Is she okay with you showing it to me?”

“Well, we never talked about you, specifically. We all just agreed we wouldn’t share it outside of the family.”

Mulling this for a moment, Lute then said, “Okay. Sure…of course, let’s watch it!”

Expecting this response, Lynn had arranged for the hotel to set up a VCR in their room. So when they returned, they got undressed and slipped into hotel robes, made cocktails from the minibar, and snuggled up on the bed.

After Lynn hit the Play button, a couple of introductory title and credit screens appeared with “Three Sisters Ride a Stallion” and “A Nasty Ladies Production.” Then the camera moved in on a handsome dark-haired man reading a magazine, lying on Barbara’s king size bed.

Dante was a ripped guy in his thirties who obviously made good use of his gym membership. He had six-pack abs and a lean, muscular torso. Wearing only a pair of loose unfastened shorts, he continued reading until he was joined on camera by Denise, Lute’s mom.

Fully clothed, Denise moved next to the bed and leaned over to give Dante a long soft kiss, running her fingers lightly across his chest as she did. Then she smiled seductively at her younger lover and began to slowly undress.

Lute was now glued to the screen, transfixed by what he was seeing.

“Get ready, baby. You’re gonna’ fucking love this!” Lynn whispered as she slid her tongue around his ear.

Denise was wearing a white blouse and a short pleated skirt, and as she unbuttoned her top, Dante put down his magazine to watch her unveiling.

With her blouse undone she tossed it aside, revealing her big tits encased in a lacy white bra. Then undoing her skirt, she slipped it off, showing Dante her matching bikini bottoms.

Pausing the striptease for a moment, she moved her hand onto the crotch of her panties and worked her fingers into the slit of her pussy mound, all while keeping her eyes fixed on her engrossed lover.

When the video had first started, Lute noticed right away that the quality was quite good and that the camera operator was definitely a pro. The video’s production was far beyond any amateur porno flick he had ever seen, and the tape’s editor had also done some nice work, adding in tasty background music and seamless cuts between shots.

But any additional musings on the video’s production were now far from Lute’s mind as he watched his mother unclasp her bra, letting her big tits flop down against her chest.

From his previous viewing of his mother naked at their lake house, Lute had gotten a good long look at her sexy body, and her tits were just as beautiful as he remembered. They had a perfect heft and bore big dark and pimply areolas and nipples that begged to be sucked. Having checked out her bra size some years before, he knew she was a 38DD, and this had since became his gold standard for tits.

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