Aunt Linda

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This will be the first of many memories I’ll tell to you but first, let me give you some background.

My name is Antoinette but I prefer to go by Annee. My parents felt as if they were royalty (in their eyes, money makes everything and everyone better) so when they started having children, we were all named after kings and queens. I personally thought this was a stupid idea but I guess everyone has their own thing. My dad had only one sibling, a sister by the name of Linda. They were very close and every couple of weeks we would go to see her. Linda never married or had children and as a child I never thought anything about it. She was a beautiful woman, was well respected in her community and in layman’s terms, was very rich. She owned a gorgeous home with all the things your heart could desire. We loved going there to visit and swim and she always had kind words for all of us, especially me. I thought it was just because I was the youngest but now when I look back, I know why. As the years went by our visits to Aunt Linda’s dwindled. During my high school years I saw Linda only once a year, for the holiday’s. My senior year of high school my dad passed away. This made me think about how important family is and that made me think of Linda. So I decided that I would start going to see her more often. The summer of my graduation I went to stay with her for the weekend. A weekend I’ll never forget.

As I pulled into her driveway I looked at my odometer and when I got to her house I looked again. Her driveway was ¾ of a mile long. She had a rustic ranch home that was built into a hillside. It was a 4 bedroom with a basement and a pool. It sat on 20 acres so, needless to say, she had no neighbors. I didn’t have to knock on the door because it was already open and she was standing there with a big smile on her face.

“Annee!”, she said as she gave me a big hug.

“Hi Aunt Linda. How are you doing?”

“Oh I’m fine, just fine. And don’t you call me Aunt, just Linda, ok? There’s no need to be so formal. Well, come on in and put your things in your room. I’ll bet your hungry so I’ll make you a sandwich.”

I could hear her messing around in the kitchen as I put my things up. When I came to the kitchen she led me out the door onto the patio. We sat there talking while we ate our sandwiches. We decided we would go shopping the next day and watch some movies that night. Before we knew it, it was late and we decided to go to bed so we could get an early start the next morning.

I awoke around 8am, got a shower, got dressed, and when I came to the kitchen she was waiting, all ready to go. We went to many stores that day, mostly clothing stores. As we browsed she would point to different things and say how cute I would look in it. I would tell her that it wasn’t my style and she would just smile. At one store she found a silk knee length robe in my favorite color. She said she would get it for me that way I had a robe at her house. Because it was my favorite color, I agreed. Little did I know she also found matching bikini underwear to go with it. We got back to her place around 6pm and decided to order pizza for supper. After we ate she suggested that I take a shower and put on the robe she got me.

“Then you’ll be all comfortable when we watch movies”, she said. She handed me the bag and I went to shower. Needless to say, I was surprised to find the matching underwear it the bag, too. When I put them casino şirketleri on I looked at myself in the mirror. “Damn, I look good in this. I bet Steven (my boyfriend) would like to see me in this.”

I found Linda in the den, she was thumbing through the TV guide when she looked up. “Oh my. Honey, you look sooo nice.”

“Thank you.”

“Did I get the right sizes?”

“Yes, everything fits perfectly.”

“Good, I’m pleased.” Then she added, “There’s nothing on and that’s pretty sad. I have damn near every channel you can get in this country. Sooo….. would you want to watch a video?”

“Sounds good to me.”

“Ok, well, I keep all my videos in the rec room. Shall we?”

“Sure.” I love her rec room – it has everything! Pool table, big screen TV, video game systems, VCR, DVD, there’s a bar, an extra bedroom, a bathroom, and a kitchenette. There are double doors that open up to a green house (of sorts). During the winter she keeps all her outside plants in there. During the summer she has tables and chairs there. This room opens out pool side. She could have a massive pool party and have none of the mess upstairs. Everything you could every need is in the basement.

“I have a special collection of video’s, if you would like to watch one of those.”

“A special collection? What do you mean?” I asked.

“Well, honey, have you ever seen me with a man? Obviously I’ve never had a husband but have you ever seen a boyfriend around? I’m a lesbian. I hope this doesn’t shock you.”

“I wondered about that and no it doesn’t bother me.” I replied.

“Good. Well…. these tapes….. they’re girl on girl. Now I realize you have a boyfriend and I know your not necessarily interested in my life style but…… I think you are beautiful! And your looking REALLY good in this robe. Oh, I’m sorry, I seem to be freaking you out.”

“Umm, yeah, you’re my aunt.”

“I know and I can’t believe I’m saying this but…. When you were a child I knew you’d grow up to be stunning. I’m not asking you to have a relationship with me, ok?”

“Ok, that’s good.” I said.

“So……would you like to watch one of those videos?”

I agreed and we went into the bedroom. From under the bed she brought out several totes filled with movies. There must have been over 300 tapes! I was surprised. I never thought she would own any, and now, I never figured she’d own so many!! She grabbed the one she was looking for and headed for the VCR. I sat down on the one end of the couch and she sat down in the middle. She pressed the play button and onto the screen popped a woman caressing another woman. The “other” woman resembled me!

“This tape is my favorite. The reason why is this…..this is what I’m talking about. I would love to do what this woman is doing. Only I want to do it to you.” The brunette woman was pleasuring the “other” woman. The only thing the “other” woman did was enjoy herself. “We need to sit down and make some rules so that you’re comfortable with the situations. I’m not asking you to do anything to me. But I would like to see you in different outfits, like the one you have on now, and I would like to teach you the pleasures of being a woman. A woman has many erogenous zones and I would like to show you where they all are.” She put one of her hands on my thigh. “So…what do you think?”

“Uhhh…..your saying that you want to get me off and all I have to do is lay there?”

“Yeah, casino firmaları basically.”

I looked back at the TV and the brunette is sucking on the “other” woman’s nipples. “Hmmm….” I didn’t take my eyes off of the screen for a while just to see what would happen. And within a few minutes it started. Linda starting rubbing my thigh, slowly, never getting off of the material of my robe. After what seemed like a few minutes, she started to the part of my thigh that was bare. She started rubbing it slowly and commenting in my ear, softly, about how smooth and soft my thigh was. I could feel my nipples start to perk up.

After a few minutes she whispered, “This couch is a recliner on each end. I’m sure you’d be more comfortable if you reclined.” I reached down and grabbed the handle. After I reclined I crossed my ankles and put my hands behind my head. Linda rubbed my thigh a little more then I felt her finger tips go up the rest of my thigh, across my stomach, to the belt of my robe. She slowly untied it and moved it out of the way.

“Uncross your legs for me, honey.”, she whispered. I did as she asked. Then she parted my robe so she could see the panties she bought me. Now my nipples are rock hard.

“Oh yes, those look wonderful on you. I love to see a beautiful woman in lingerie and you definitely are that.”, she whispered. Now I’m starting to feel my pussy moisten. I look down and she’s starting to rub my bush through my panties. I don’t know why but this is exciting and I feel a soft “Mmmm” escape from my lips.

“That’s it. Just relax and enjoy.”, she whispers. I lay my head back and close my eyes. Her hand moves from my bush upwards. She grabs the robe again and this time she opens it completely.

All I can think is, “I’m laying here, damn near naked, in front of my Aunt waiting for her to get me off!! This isn’t right….. so why is my pussy so wet?!” Before I could answer myself I hear my Aunt whisper.

“Baby, you have the most gorgeous body…… your so soft and smooth…… you have the prettiest little titties….. and I bet your pussy is just as nice as the rest of you.”

“Titties……pussy…. Oh my god, I can’t believe I’m hearing this out of my Aunt’s mouth,” is all I can think!!

Then I feel her fingers needing and pinching my nipples and tits. Then I feel her tongue licking one of my nipples.

“Mmmmmmm” escapes from my lips again but all I can think is “My pussy is soooo fucking wet!! If this is all she wants……I could oblige. I mean, if I enjoy this it doesn’t make me a lesbian.”

She takes her one hand from the one tittie and moves it, slowly, down my stomach to my panties. She runs her finger along the waist band and then slips it in. I have always believed in keeping a trim bush and she notices. She lifts her mouth from my nipple and whispers, “Trim. I like that. Sometime you should let me do it for you.”

I felt as though my pussy was so wet it was soaking the couch! I never thought that someone whispering in your ear could be such a turn on!

“Spread your legs for me, baby,” she whispered.

I open my eyes and look at her as I spread them and she smiles. I’m thinking, “This is such a turn on. She wants my dripping pussy and actually, I want her to have it!!”

She looks at me, still smiling, and says, “Good girl.”

She goes back to sucking on nipples and starts exploring my bush. “Mmmmmmmm,” escapes from my lips again. She rubs güvenilir casino my fold as far back as she can – never slipping in. All I can think is, “Yes, it’s right there. My clit is just under your fingers. If you would just push down a little you’d find it. Please…touch it!”

She whispers in my ear again, “ You are soooo wet. We should find out where it’s coming from. Spread your legs wider for me, baby.” I bring each foot up and rest them on the “foot stool” part of the chair. “Tip your hips out for me…… Ok, now let your knees fall open as far as they can.”

Now I feel both hands on my sopping wet pussy. I open my eyes and watch her every move. With one hand she pulls my panties to one side and looks at it. “Poor baby, you are so wet.”

“Mmmmmmm……yes I am.”, I whisper.

“Well, I can fix that. You just relax and don’t worry – Aunt Linda will take care of you!”

Aunt Linda……I never thought of that sounding so dirty before! I think I like it!

She runs her finger tip from my clit to my asshole and back again. Slowly she starts rubbing in circles on my clit.

“Mmmmmmmm………yesss.” Escapes my lips.

She works her way back to my opening.

“This area is soo wet……..maybe I should see what the problem is.”

She slowly sticks her finger in.

“Mmmmm…yess, that’s it.”

“Is this the spot?” she asks, looking at me with a smile on her face. She gets into a rhythm of slowly finger fucking me.

“Ohhh, yesss.”

“Are you sure?”


“Do you want me to stop?”

“No”, I say as I stick out my bottom lip some.

“Mmmm, that’s what I’m talking about. Are you enjoying this, little girl?”


“Do you want more?”


“What’s the magic word?”

I look into her eyes and answer, “Please.”

She smiles and says, “That’s my girl.” She lowers herself back down and starts sucking on my titties again. The finger in my pussy starts moving faster.


“Do you want more?”

“Yesssss, pleeease.”

She pulls her finger out of my pussy and reinserts two, never messing up her rhythm.


“Do you want more?”

“Yesss, please Aunt Linda! More, mmmmm yesss, more!!”

With that she releases my nipple and sits up. She moves my panties out of the way so she can see herself fingering me. While holding the panties back she uses the index finger of that hand to tease my swollen clit.

“Yes, that’s gooood!” I say as I watch.

“Your pussy looks so good with my fingers in it…. Does it feel good?”

“Yessss, Aunt Linda.”

She steps up the rubbing of my clit and the ramming of her fingers into my young wet pussy.

“Now, I want you to cum for your Aunt Linda. Do you hear me? I want you to cum all over your Aunt Linda’s fingers.”

“Mmmmmm…yes Aunt Linda.”

I’m just next to cumming when she asks, “Would my little girl like another finger in her sweet little pussy?”

The thought of her putting a third finger in my pussy and the rubbing she’s giving my clit is just too much. I explode all over my Aunt’s fingers – just like she wanted. Of all the men I’ve slept with in my short life, none have given me an orgasm like this one.

“That’s my girl. Soo…….how was that?” Aunt Linda said, still looking at my partially naked body.

“That was incredible. I’ve never came so hard before.”

“Well, if you’d like, we can do this everytime you come to stay with me.”, she said smiling.

“I think I might like that.” And I did! Everytime I went over it was something new and I really started looking forward to my visit’s with my Aunt.

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