Aunt Kate Ch. 02

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This a work of fiction that eventually will evolve into incest between consenting family members. If it depicts or resembles you or any of your family members, it is sheer coincidence. This writing is an imagination of my own mind and nothing more. If you have not done so, please read Aunt Kate to get the first part of this store into its proper perspective. From the criticism I received, it needs work, but I cannot edited it, so please be kind.


In my shadowed bedroom, I could not see all of my mother’s face, just those beautiful eyes of hers. I was desperate to see any expression she had. My real concern, how much trouble was I in? Aunt Kate gave no indication that mom was there, or had been watching. If she did know, maybe she just didn’t give a shit. As an afterthought, it dawned on me that I was naked. Reaching down I searched to find a sheet, anything to cover my nakedness. I was pulling the sheet over me when mom finally spoke.

“Oh Kevin, what in world have the two done?

Mom’s voice was rather hushed, which told me she could be much more upset than she was, for some reason. I knew I should respond to her question, but what in the hell was I going to say? My mind was working on the situation she had found. Did I need to try to come up with an excuse? If so, what in the hell was it going be.

Mother, Aunt Kate come in here drunk and need fucked so I obliged. What else was I supposed to do?

I didn’t say a word; I just couldn’t find any words that would make any sense. Mother then did the most unexpected thing. She knelt down on the floor next to the bed. I could now see that she was at least smiling some. Mom then shocked the hell out of me. She bent forward and kissed my flaccid cock, through the sheet. That move literally floored me. Every rational thought I was thinking disappeared.

Aunt Kate said. “Sis, give him some slack for god’s sake. I started this, not him. I will tell you this, he sure knows how to fuck and he sure wants to please. Jesus his cock felt good in me. Now would you quit messing with his mind? We knew this was going to happen. I just made it sooner rather than later.”

Aunt Kate’s words made me shudder. I was more than just confused. They, knew this was going to happen? What in the hell had happened in this house since the last time I was home? I just had incestuous great hot sex with my beautiful Aunt Kate, now my mother was in the room with us, participating somewhat. I was trying to wrap my mind around this situation, when mom said.

“I know Kate, but damn it you could have waited until you were at your house at least. Fucking my son in my house was not part of the discussion. I would have remembered that part.”

“Well it’s done now, and we can’t undo it, so fuck it, it’s time we moved on. Besides, my pussy feels a little neglected right now. I’m thinking it needs of a second round of that big hard cock of his. What’s say you Kevin, want some more of this fine Aunt Kate pussy?”

My mom snickered, then, she laughed. “Jesus you got a mouth on you.”

Aunt Kate rolled over towards me, snuggling up close. Instinctively I wrapped my arm around her pulling her closer. She started rubbing and pulling my nipple. She kissed me on the cheek. Mom was watching her do it. It was finally sinking in. There had been some planning to what happened. Aunt Kate had come to my room with purpose, and it worked. Question was; who all was going to be involved. That’s when I thought what the hell, I pulled Aunt Kate’s face up to mine, started kissing her deeply with a lot of passion. As we were kissing, bursa eskort mom pulled the sheet off me. She took my now half-hard cock in her soft hand. I flinched when she did it. Aunt Kate broke our kiss, pulling herself up above me. Looking down into my eye’s she whispered.

“Your mother wants to suck your cock. She has wanted to for a long, long, time. Are you all right with that? You will enjoy it; she is supposed to be very good, so I have heard. If she sucks cock like she eats pussy, you’re in for a real treat, because she eats pussy like it’s her last meal.”

I groaned as mom started gently stroking my cock. I mumbled something incoherent, then I smiled up at her, she in turn kissed me again, I’ll take that as a yes, she said.

“Suck his cock mommy.” She said. “Give that nice big dick some real mommy loving. You get him ready because I’m really in the mood now for another good fucking. Hell he’ll probably want to give me another cream pie. If he does, I’ll let you clean up afterwards if you want.

Aunt Kate kissed me again then spoke softly, yet loud enough for mom to hear also.

“Your mother has somewhat of a fetish. She has a thing that she likes to do, when the occasion arises. She likes to clean cocks, after they have fucked a pussy. She also likes to eat cream pies from a just fucked pussy too. Yes Kevin, to answer your question, she has eaten my pussy after I have been fucked before. The thing is, if I don’t share with her, she gets pissed off. Would you like to watch that, you know me and your mom getting it on with each other?”

Hearing Aunt Kate’s words and mom playing around with my cock, I was hard. I felt mother’s warm breath on my cock head, just before she licked it. I felt as if the room was turning, this was all very strange. Mom brought me back to reality, as she took the head of my cock between her lips, sucking gently. Her tongue never stopped moving, as she slowly engulfed about half of my cock. God her mouth felt good. Aunt Kate and I kept kissing, moaning into each other’s mouths. I started playing with her nipples. I pulled her rings, stretching her nipples out. She moaned into my mouth each time, so I pulled them a little harder.

My other hand went down to my mother’s soft curly black hair. Gently, I pushed her head down, as I raised my hips, pushing more of me into her warm sucking mouth. My cock never left mom’s mouth, as she crawled up on the bed with us, her feet opposite ours. Aunt Kate reached across me and slapped my mom’s ass a couple of times. Mother’s response was to moan, vibrating around my cock, taking my cock even deeper. She was approaching the bottom of dick now. Aunt Kate pulled my hand away from mom’s head, pushing it towards her ass.

She said. “Finger your mom’s pussy. We both like our pussies played with while we suck cock. We do it to each other quit often, but more on that later. Don’t even think about cumming in her mouth, you have to save if for my pussy.”

I had been watching my mom’s ass for years, in pants, shorts, and bathing suits. I had often thought about doing things to her. Hell was I just as kinky as the two of them, if not worse. I patted mom’s tight ass, getting another moan from her. Aunt Kate wiggled out of my arms, turned her ass towards me and told mom to share. The two of them took turns sucking my cock, licking it, passing it back and forth between them.

Their technics were different as day and night. Aunt Kate, was aggressive, she sucked hard while jacking me off. It was like, she wanted me close to cumming and soon. I was sure she was thinking bursa escort bayan that we should be fucking again already. Mom on the other hand was savoring me as she suckled my cock head like large nipple. She played with my pee hole with her tongue, or she would deep throat me. She had wanted to do this for a good while, so she wanted it to last I guess. I was in a very mixed state of mine, as I started finger and playing with each of their pussies.

Aunt Kate’s hairless pussy was wet from our previous fuck and my cream pie. My mother’s trimmed pussy seemed to be as equally wet. Did she have one of my dad’s loads in her hot wet pussy? I worked a couple of finger into each of them. I really fingered the one who had my cock in their mouth at the time. I wanted to give as much as I was getting. They responded well. I knew I couldn’t last much longer, I told them so. Aunt Kate pulled away from my fingers. She straddled my legs ready to mount me. My mother held my cock; Aunt Kate lowered her pussy down over it. In one smooth motion, I was in her all the way, god she felt so warm inside her body.

“Fuck her Kevin, fuck the shit out of her; she’s such a slut when it comes to a hard cock,” my mom said.

I don’t know if I was fucking her, or she was fucking me, but we were really going at it, hot and heavy. Mom moved down with Aunt Kate, helping her ride me, while paying with her sisters beautiful tits. Aunt Kate would raise high as possible, then, slammed down hard on my cock. Slapping, our now sweating bodies together. I finally realized I was just along for the ride, providing the cock for Aunt Kate to ride, like a crazy slut.

“AK, I’m not going to last long, you need to slow down some,” I warned her.

She slowed down, then, slid backwards off my cock. It slapped down on my belly; mom had it in her mouth just as soon as it smacked my belly. She opened her mouth wide, taking my cock as far as she could, then sealing, her warm lips around me. She proceeded to clean Aunt Kate’s juices from my throbbing hard cock. When she was sure I was clean, she would offer it back to Aunt Kate’s juicy pussy. Aunt Kate would sink down on me until there was nothing left to get. She would then ride me hard for a few deep strokes. They repeated this process several times; I finally announced I couldn’t take any more.

“OH shit AK, I going to cum baby I can’t stand it any longer. Put it where you want it, I don’t give a shit, I just need to cum.”

“Get on that dick you teasing bitch, fuck him until he shoots that nasty pussy full. Ride him Sis, milk all that cum out of those big balls. Fuck him, like the real slut you are. Get him deep in your pussy, fuck him good you wanton slut. Work that big cock with those pussy muscles. I just might want to eat his cum out of you; you are a tasty fucking bitch.”

Mom talking like that, saying those nasty things to her sister, pushed me over the edge. I started cumming deep in Aunt Kate; my mom started slapping her sister’s ass. Aunt Kate went into a sexual bliss. She bottomed out on my cock and started undulating on me. I could feel her pussy muscles clutching my cock, as I shot spurt after spurt of cum deep into her warm wet pussy. Hell, I had no choice. She was grinding down hard on my body, while she was getting her creamy ass spanked by my mother. Aunt Kate was making enough noise to wake the dead, when she was cumming all over my cock. Finally, she slowed down; breathing like a well-fucked woman, she eased her body down on top of me. I felt the aftershocks as her body görükle escort shuddered on top of me. Each one caused her pussy to grip my now softening cock. Aunt Kate kissed my face a couple of times; she rolled off me onto the bed.

“My god, Anita, I can’t ever remember cumming like that. You nasty bitch my ass is sore, but you’re forgiven,” Aunt Kate said.

“You’re welcome you nasty slut. Look what you did to my son’s poor cock, it’s all deflated and wore out.”

My mom picked my limp juicy cock up and dropped on my belly. She did it again. I lay there while my mom played with my flaccid cock. I was thinking this was by far the strangest night of my life, so far anyway.

I felt my mother’s warm breath on my cock, she started licking and kissed it so gently. It was like; I was a new toy she had just gotten and she wanted to play with it. Mom eventually got around to taking me into her mouth. Soft she could get most of me in. Her soothing mouth felt wonderful, when I was young and got hurt, mom would kiss the hurt away, making it all better. I was not hurting by any means, overwhelmed yes, but not hurt.

While mom was nursing on my limp cock, I softly stroked her smooth body, as much as I could reach anyway. Her smooth skin felt silky good, reaching under her I started playing with her tits. I had nursed on these beauties as a baby. Tweaking mom’s nipples, just seem the most natural thing to do, they grew hard quickly. Mother moaned deeply, moved around, she got her lower body within my reach now. She lay down on her side, spreading her legs. She offered me her pussy, so I patted her lightly, a few seconds later I had two fingers in her. I pulled at her leg, thinking I would get her to straddle my face. I wanted to return the oral favor, but she wouldn’t move over on top of me. She had her reasons, so I just enjoyed her mouth, while I played with her pussy, the same pussy I had exited her body through many years ago.

Aunt Kate, rested up some now, must have become impatient; she patted mom’s head, breaking into our loving session.

“Hey Sister, mommy, slut you still got a used cunt over here to clean your boys cum out of. I think we promised Kevin a pussy eating show didn’t we.”

“I didn’t you raving slut, you did. When are you two going to give my pussy attention? Kate you slut, you have been fucked twice now and I haven’t been anything other than fingered. I think you owe me some attention, sister. Kevin, move over, sis get your ass in the middle of the bed and spread those sexy legs. She needs cleaned up and I want my clit sucked, while you do whatever it is you want to do with my holes, mister.”

I sat up and scrambled off the bed. Aunt Kate lay down, pushing my pillow under ass and spread her legs wide. Mom leaned down, kissed her on the mouth, she then crawled over her beautiful sister, putting her beautiful face between those spread legs. As mom licked Aunt Kate pussy, she lowed hers down onto her sisters beautiful face. I watched and listened to the two of them for a couple of minutes. This was not the first time they had done this. My cock was semi-hard now. I got on the bed on my knees. Aunt Kate reached out her hand; I put my cock in it. She started jacking me off slowly; she never stopped licking my mother’s pussy. The three of us were getting into some heavy, moaning, and grunting getting into this. I thought about what my mother had said about her holes. Her sweet pussy and asshole were right there; would Aunt Kate guide me into one of them?

I started moving around, straddling Aunt Kate’s head, as she aimed my rock hard towards one of my mom’s holes. I was wondering if she would let me fuck her ass. Working around getting into position, I almost came in Aunt Kate’s hand just thinking about fucking my mother.

My cock wilted, when I heard my dad’s voice from somewhere in my bedroom.

To be continued.

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