Audrey Steps Out Ch. 01

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This story was written based on a request by Hfernandez it is broken into two parts. If anyone would like to see the characters continue I would be happy to write more. As always this is fantasy and all characters are over the age of eighteen.


“Audrey I have a new client for you, should I send her to you?” Audrey sipped her latte as she considered the question. The thirty-five year old brunette was stunning with her long dark hair in a fashionable style and her clear tanned skin.

“What’s she like Rochelle?” Although both were casually seated at their favorite coffee shop, the discussion was serious. Rochelle was slightly below average I height and was just starting to fill out in size, but the red streaks in her blond hair always convinced people that she was ten years younger than her true age of thirty-seven. The two of them had met in high school and had been close ever since.

“She’s forty-two and rich, what more do you need?” Audrey smiled.

“I trust you Rochelle, but I want to be prepared. After all I need to know how to present my business to this woman.” Rochelle laughed for several moments. Audrey would probably have looked around in embarrassment, but years of experience taught her that Rochelle would often laugh with enthusiasm.

“Darling you run a service to connect older women to a young hotties for an evening, if they come to me they are already half sold anyway. All that you really need to present is that you are not a cheap pimp in an alley. And the way you dress when you meet them should make that quite clear.” Audrey smiled and nodded, although still managed to look expectantly at Rochelle. Rochelle gave in and continued speaking. “She has short jet black hair, all of her money is inherited, although not very old, but she does own a shipping company. The company is run by a business manager, so she is rarely in the office. As far as I know she has never married, it’s no secret that she’s been openly gay for years, just no one discusses it. However I have heard nothing about her affairs. She is quite private and her lovers exceedingly discrete.” Audrey finished her latte and set her cup down.

“Tell her to meet me at the usual place tomorrow night, if she can’t make it give her the number and we’ll reschedule.” Rochelle nodded finishing as well.

“So, will you and Susan be able to make it Friday night? Maddie is making something French, although she refuses to tell me what and she is just dying to show off her creation.” Audrey frowned shaking her head, Susan was her wife of five years and lately things hadn’t been going her way.

“I don’t know Susan’s been working long hours lately, I feel like I barely see her.” Rochelle nodded, but remained silent as she stood to leave.

Audrey sat across the table from Susan and occasionally looked up at the gorgeous thirty-seven year old Latina woman that she had chosen to spend the rest of her life with.

“Audrey, how’s the boutique going?” Audrey suppressed a retort. She did her best to smile sweetly, but after five years Susan could spot when she was being insincere.

“Oh, fine, fine, no complaints.” Audrey did not want to discuss her shop as Susan had always been skeptical about her opening The Glass Slipper. Audrey had started her escort business as a sideline so that she wouldn’t have to admit her boutique’s failure. The escort business had really taken off allowing her to keep her shop open, despite the fact that most months saw her lucky to break even. The dinner was equally stilted and after an equally icy evening they retired to bed, Audrey on the bottom and Susan on top as usual. Susan ground against her until they came within moments of each other and Susan rolled over, asleep within moments. Audrey however was not asleep, she had cum that was true, but lately sex with Susan was so mechanical somehow it didn’t satisfy. Audrey would never consider cheating on Susan or leaving her, she was completely in love with her.

The following morning saw Audrey groaning as she felt Susan rising from the bed waking her. She struggled to focus her sleepy vision as she watched Susan dress and thought about the first time they had met. Audrey was a fine arts major and Susan was in business, which pretty much summed up their personalities as Susan always seemed so focused, so serious, whereas Audrey was always the free spirit. From the moment they met they seemed to disagree about everything, from politics to their favorite animal, Audrey said unicorn and Susan said cat. Susan insisted that a unicorn was fiction and Audrey didn’t care. They even debated over being “out” or not. Audrey didn’t care who knew about her orientation, while Susan felt it was no one’s business, but she never lied about it. However it was a love of Pat Benatar (both the music and an attraction to the artist herself) that made them realize that a relationship was possible. The CD player in the bedroom still had Innamorata in it ready to go and Audrey’s phone had “Fire and Ice” as the ringtone for Susan and on Susan’s hers was “Hit Me with Your Best Shot”. Audrey reluctantly rose from Kadıköy Escort her bed to dress for the day. It was nearly nine, her shop was supposed to open at ten so she needed to get ready soon in order to prepare for the day. When she reached the kitchen Susan was just about to leave when she saw Audrey.

“Oh, sorry baby did I wake you?” Audrey shook her head and embraced Susan to pull her in to kiss her good bye. They did this every morning, Audrey always denying that Susan woke her up and Susan knowing full well she had. Audrey reached up to Susan’s breast and began kissing down her neck to her collarbone, but Susan stopped her.

“Audrey, no I have to get to work.” Audrey however was determined and reached inside Susan’s jacket for a better feel.

“Come on Susie, just this once be a little late.” This time Susan was more firm.

“No, I don’t know what’s gotten into you, but I don’t have time.” Audrey reluctantly released Susan, watching as she walked out the door. Audrey made breakfast and sat down, but barely tasted it as she felt incomplete when they were apart, but she rarely saw her. These days Susan was really busy with her work as a financial advisor, having recently started her own firm and was working with people managing millions of dollars on a regular basis. They were doing quite well financially, Audrey didn’t need to work and Susan’s only concern would be that Audrey was occupied rather than necessarily earning anything. Audrey was frustrated by how they had drifted apart over the course of the marriage. As she finished and prepared to go to work herself, she wished and not for the first time that Susan wasn’t nearly as successful, while it might mean that it would be more important that she earn something at least she would see Susan more.

Audrey entered the Glass Slipper, her assistant Gwen was double checking that everything was in its place and that the shop looked immaculate. Gwen looked up from straightening a dress when she heard Audrey’s approach.

“Good morning ma’am, how do you think today is going so far?” Audrey smiled shaking her head, Gwen always seemed so enthusiastic about life.

“Morning Gwen and after nearly two years I would think that I could get you to call me Audrey. ‘Ma’am’ makes me feel old.” Gwen turned her attention back to the dress o display, Audrey felt comfort in this morning ritual as she went to her office to check the details on the shipment of new accessories she was expecting in the next few days. The shop opened as normal and a few regular customers arrived, although Audrey suspected that they generally came to talk to Gwen, however she didn’t mind as Gwen never allowed it to interfere with her job. Part way into the day Audrey’s phone rang, the ringtone told her it was Rochelle.

“Hey, Rochelle, how are you?”

“Audrey, that woman I mentioned has agreed to meet you at the hotel at seven. Her name is Melissa. She will have little trouble agreeing to your usual rates, if she’s interested in one of your girls.”

“Thanks Rochelle, talk to you tomorrow.” Audrey hung up and checked that her bag had everything she would need, this consisted of the profiles for the three girls that worked for her as escorts. Her rules were simple, for clients they had to be women, rich and if they hurt her girls they would answer to her. As for the girls they had to be respectful, take care of themselves and everything had to be agreed to in advance, otherwise she would have to be called and new negotiations made. When it came time to close the shop Audrey was actually in a good mood, she had made two sales of over a thousand dollars each and one of them seemed sincere when she said she would recommend the shop to her friends. Audrey checked her phone seeing that Susan had texted her saying she wouldn’t be home for dinner and groaned. Gwen heard her and approached.

“What is it, ma’am?” Audrey turned to Gwen and only hesitated a moment.

“Susan’s working late, again. Gwen do you have any plans tonight?” Gwen nodded.

“Well my boyfriend is coming to pick me up, but we didn’t have any particular plans, why?”

“I thought you would like to join me for dinner, your boyfriend is invited of course.” Gwen smiled she knew about her boss’ orientation, but never once believed that Audrey would pursue her.

“Deal. Where did you want to meet?”

“That little sushi place on third.” Gwen looked outside and turned back.

“He’s here, we’ll be right behind you.” Gwen walked to her boyfriend’s car and Audrey finished locking up before heading to her own car. The dinner was pleasant and Audrey liked Gwen’s boyfriend, Drew. She decided that if Susan could be tied down to being home in time for dinner, Audrey would have to invite the young couple over some evening. The evening was going well, but all too soon Audrey glanced at her watch and realized that it was almost time for her meeting with the client. She settled the bill and said good night to Gwen and Drew. Fortunately the hotel where she met potential clients was not far and she stepped into the bar Kadıköy Escort Bayan just before seven. Audrey sat at the bar and ordered a Long Island Iced Tea. She hadn’t been waiting long when someone approached her from behind.

“Audrey?” Audrey turned to see a woman of about forty with short jet black hair.

“Melissa?” The older woman nodded. Audrey held out her hand, which Melissa grasped briefly.

“If you would join me in a booth?” Melissa followed Audrey to a booth tucked into a corner that was her usual choice to conduct business. Once they were seated Audrey opened her bag and laid out the three profiles of the girls in her employ. She handed the first one to Melissa. The profile included a picture of a young dark skinned woman with styled hair.

“This is Kate she is twenty and quite well educated if you are interested in conversation.” Audrey would have continued to list Kate’s virtues, but Melissa put the profile down shaking her head. Audrey continued after only a moment’s hesitation.

“Alright if she is not to your taste there is Samantha, she is sweet and innocent as a Catholic schoolgirl, she will even dress the part if requested.” Once again Melissa put down the profile, this one with a blond girl of about the same age as the first. Audrey was now beginning to be a little concerned. “Well I have a third girl, Kiyoko, she is twenty-one and she not only looks exotic she is quite exotic in the bedroom, especially if you are looking for something unusual.” For a moment it seemed that Melissa was considering Kiyoko as she perused the young Japanese girl’s photo. However after a moment Melissa once again returned the profile to Audrey.

“I’m afraid not, I have no interest in playing with little girls. However I am interested in you.” Audrey struggled to avoid showing her shock, clients did not as a rule express interest in her. Usually they wanted to live out a fantasy, typically either schoolgirl and teacher or revenge on the secretary who stole their husband. As such she wouldn’t really fit their fantasies. However if she was honest she would say she was flattered by the offer and even a little tempted.

“I’m sorry, but I merely manage these girls, I do not “see” clients myself.” Melissa nodded, she was clearly disappointed as she rose to her feet.

“Then I suppose we have nothing further to discuss, however if you change your mind, please call, here is my private line.” she handed Audrey a card with a number and walked away.

That night Audrey lay in bed wondering why the offer was so tempting, but the answer was obvious. She barely saw Susan and when they made love it was usually a mechanical process and she was beginning to suspect that Susan was only acting out of habit rather than any real passion. Audrey began imagining what it would be like to kiss Melissa and just taste her mouth. The image in her mind was making her hot and she began feeling her breast under her shirt, moaning softly as she did so. This was not enough and she raised her bottom in order to move her shirt sufficiently to access her pussy. Audrey moved her panties out of the way and began slowly moving her hand between her legs. Audrey’s moaning grew louder, her breathing increased and she could feel the moisture escape her lips. Audrey thought about kissing Melissa all over and she began to plunge her fingers, first one then two, between her lips and felt more juices flow. She imagined the passion that Melissa might show her, a hard embrace kissing for a long time and to look into her eyes and see her lust to just feel desired. Soon Audrey gasped out her orgasm, she couldn’t remember the last time she had cum with such intensity, certainly not in the last year. Audrey rose to go to the bathroom as she wanted to splash some cold water on her sweaty face. As she looked into the mirror Audrey came to a decision.

The next day Audrey called the number that Melissa had given her. It went to voicemail, within a few rings and Audrey barely gasped out her name and that she would call back later. It was nearly three before Audrey had gathered herself sufficiently to call again, this time Melissa answered on the first ring.

“Hello?” Audrey felt butterflies in her stomach as she responded.

“Melissa it’s Audrey, I’ve changed my mind.”

“Good, I was hoping you would. The hotel at eight?”

“Yes, I’ll get a room and meet you in the bar.” Melissa’s reply came rich and even a little husky.

“I look forward to it my dear.” Audrey hung up unsure what to do with herself as this was not a day that she opened the boutique except by the rare request of a particular client and Susan was working as usual. Audrey went to her room to pick out what she would wear, it may not have been a date, but she was also firm with her girls to dress well for their clients. She settled after some moments consideration on a black dress that came to just below mid-thigh and briefly considered not wearing panties, but felt that Melissa was looking for maturity and going commando just did not convey that. Once the outfit was Escort Kadıköy laid out on the bed Audrey went to take a long hot bath. The bath felt good, but she knew she couldn’t linger and rose to dry before sitting on her bed to make a call. She hoped she could get an appointment at the salon. A young cheerful voice picked up on the second ring.

“Stylized, Angie speaking, how can I help you?” Audrey smiled.

“Angie, it’s Audrey.” If Angies’s voice had sounded cheerful before, it was nothing compared to how her voice sounded at this news.

“Audrey, wow it’s good to hear your voice, why are you calling, your usual appointment isn’t for another month?”

“I know, but I have something special planned tonight. So, do you have any openings?” Angie didn’t miss a beat.

“If you come over right now I’m sure we can fit you in.” Audrey hung up and rushed over to the salon. She had her hair done, a deep pore cleansing and her makeup done, including having her nails painted. Audrey even decided to have her toe nails painted, while usually she didn’t spend the time. Once finished she went home to wait as she still had plenty of time before she had to leave for the hotel. Audrey went to the kitchen to prepare dinner. She was in the midst of preparations when she received a text from Susan saying not to wait up. Audrey barely stifled the urge to hurl her phone across the room and mechanically finished cooking. She put most of it away and ate the rest quickly. Audrey struggled to avoid crying as she didn’t want to ruin her makeup. She loved Susan completely, which was why she had never considered an affair, the fact that she was getting paid did little to assuage her conscience. At last it was time and she double checked her hair and makeup before getting changed.

Audrey arrived at the hotel at ten till eight and walked up to reception.

“Is number five free?” The man behind the counter nodded, he had given her the key on numerous occasions when her girls saw clients. Audrey stepped into the bar and ordered a White Russian to steady her nerves. She did not have long to wait before she heard Melissa’s rich cultured voice behind her.

“Audrey.” Audrey turned to see Melissa in an elegant knee-length dress that accentuated her figure nicely. Melissa looked Audrey up and down smiling. “You look lovely, shall we go?” Audrey swallowed the last of her drink and the two walked hand in hand to the elevator. Melissa didn’t speak until they had reached the room and Audrey had closed the door behind them.

“Audrey, my fantasy is to make love to you, no more no less. I know you won’t get any ideas, so let’s enjoy this.” Without another word the two approached each other and slowly began kissing. They kissed for some time unhurried not even parting their lips. They slowly moved to sit on the bed, only removing their shoes as they moved. Melissa briefly glanced down before they continued.

“You painted your toe nails, they are really cute.” Once they were seated Audrey parted her lips inviting Melissa in, an invitation the older woman gladly accepted. Audrey slowly moved her hands over Melissa’s face and down her neck to her shoulders. The two embraced and Melissa’s hands began to softly rub Audrey’s back. Melissa’s hands found their way to the straps on Audrey’s dress and brushed them off. Melissa whispered softly before nibbling Audrey’s ear.

“Take it off.” Audrey reluctantly stood to finish removing her dress. She returned to the bed to resume the kiss. Melissa only broke the kiss to remove her own dress. She slowly raised it over her head and Audrey watched as the rest of her legs came into view before revealing the matching thong panties that were all that separated her from Melissa’s pussy. Audrey continued to gaze as the dress rose high revealing Melissa’s taut stomach and her large breasts. Melissa laid the dress aside and pushed Audrey back onto the bed and moved on top to continue kissing her as her hands moved down Audrey’s body. Melissa’s hands lingered on Audrey’s breasts softly pulling on the nipples. Audrey moaned and Melissa’s hands continued their journey stopping briefly on Audrey’s stomach before continuing down her legs, but not going between them. Audrey moaned her disappointment and Melissa broke the kiss. Audrey looked up to see Melissa smiling.

“Pent up are we? Don’t worry we’re only just getting started.” Audrey shifted so that Melissa could remove her panties and saw that Melissa had already removed hers. On their sides their hands were ever moving as they moved their pussies in for a delicate kiss before they moved slowly. Audrey moaned into Melissa’s mouth as they gradually picked up speed. Audrey occasionally felt their clits making contact and the feeling was electric. The juices from both were flowing freely to the point where Audrey felt surely they would drown in it. She could feel herself rising higher and higher as her orgasm approached. Audrey felt her entire body kissing Melissa as if the two would engulf one another, to truly become one. Melissa continued to grind against Audrey as she kissed her way down from her lips. She started with a peck on Audrey’s chin, but soon her kissing became more frantic as moved down her neck, lingering at the base. Melissa reached Audrey’s breasts and sucked hard on her nipples, going back and forth from one to other. Melissa focused on Audrey’s left nipple as they both began to tense.

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