Aubrey’s Special Present Pt. 01

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All characters are well over the age of 18. This story contains infidelity and cheating; if this upsets you I suggest that other stories might be more to your liking. Fantasy, unlike real life, is consequence-free, so please don’t worry about our heroes. This was written for one person, but I hope all readers enjoy the story.


It was a busy day for Aubrey. She’d forgotten her coffee and had to stop on the way to the shops — well, maybe not *had* to, but basically had to — and as a result she was running late. Somehow despite the line no one in front of her seemed to have considered their order until standing before the barista, hemming and hawing at the counter. This drove Aubrey nuts.

She needed to pick up a few important things before her date with Daddy. The plug pushing into her despite the soft fabric of the driver’s seat was a reminder that he’d been clear about expectations and her shopping list.

1) New, white lingerie. Panties must be crotchless.

2) A ball gag (She suspected this was just to embarrass her, as he knew her squeamishness with buying overtly sexual toys at the mall, which was the only place she’d been permitted to go today).

3) A three-pack of condoms. These were Daddy’s constant rule, as she wasn’t on birth control and knew that she had no difficulty conceiving.

*One-two-three*. She ran over the items in her head to make sure nothing was forgotten. This should be quick, then she would have time to run home and make sure she was properly dressed and presentable before heading to the hotel to meet with Daddy.

*One-two-three, plug in me.* She giggled to herself at the rhyme. Aubrey loved her Daddy. He wasn’t her real father of course — in fact, he was several years younger than she — but for over a year he had just been Daddy in her mind; thinking of him by other names felt wrong. They had met online and clicked immediately, and she had found all of her deepest, darkest secrets tumbling out of her into his inbox and ear over the past year.

Life was easy with Daddy; she didn’t have to think about school lunches, laundry, dirty dishes, work, or anything else when she was his. She was simply his. Daddy called her Pet, or Fuckpet, or all manner of other names when he was playing with her; most she didn’t mind, some she loved, but none of them mattered. She was a good girl for Daddy, no matter what he wanted to call her.

She did, of course, have a husband. And two darling children. Her husband didn’t know about Daddy; how could he? There was nothing wrong with the marriage exactly, it was just different from what she needed and got with Daddy. This had made her feel terrible at first, but over time she’d decided to simply accept it. It felt good, it felt right, and she was going to do it. Plus Daddy was married too — the universe seemed to have just thrown them together in a deeply fulfilling way for some reason, and whether it lasted another week, another year or another ten years it was best just to enjoy it.

And so she walked out of the mall an hour and a half later humming happily to herself, having spent the most time in a lingerie boutique that was shockingly well-priced and had a terrific selection. She’d found the perfect thing in the bridal section (and enjoyed the amused look from the clerk). It almost made up for the look of awe from the teenager half her age in the joke-gift shop when she had bought the ball gag, a look which had made her blush furiously.

Aubrey took extra care in her shower to clean herself thoroughly, as instructed. Daddy liked her to be smooth all over, and she spent extra time washing and conditioning her long, dark hair. Daddy loved her hair. Simple make-up — bright red lipstick, a favorite of his — and she was ready to get dressed. She slid on her new lingerie, delighting in the feel of the delicate lace against her lotioned skin. A breezy wrap dress, some low-heeled sandals, and it was time to go. On the way out of her bedroom she sprayed just a touch of the light, fruity perfume that Daddy loved so much.

Driving to the hotel she wondered what the afternoon held for her. Daddy had promised her a special present today and his presents were always good. They weren’t always actual things, of course. She shifted in her seat as she thought of Daddy’s other presents — a little gold bracelet with ‘Pet’ inscribed; a particularly debauched afternoon of blindfolded teasing followed by an orgasm that sinop seks hikayeleri made her see stars; a ‘scavenger hunt’ that had led to sex in a Macy’s changing room; and much, much more. He was endlessly inventive, and she loved following his lead, melting into his presence.

She walked into the hotel bar as instructed and saw him sitting there: trim, tall, well-groomed in a pair of dark jeans, oxford shirt, and dark grey blazer. Her heart stopped for the hundredth time that day then she did a little skip and let out a giggle. The restraint could come later; for now she was just delighted to see Daddy.

“Hi Pet.” He greeted her casually, a smile spreading across his face unabashedly. He loved to see her, each and every time. “I’ve just signed the bill. I’m afraid we don’t have time for a drink; I have plans for you today and I’d like to get started.”

“Yes Daddy” she answered, as she almost always did. Skipping drinks was fine by her, especially since she knew the next stop was his suite. She used to get embarrassed saying yes Daddy or no Daddy in public, but she’d long gotten over that. She didn’t really care who heard her anymore, and being a good girl, a good Pet, was more important.

As they headed towards the elevators he put his hand comfortingly on the small of her back, steering her through the lobby. He leaned in and kissed her softly on the cheek, murmuring what a gorgeous thing she was as he pulled away . Aubrey smiled from ear to ear and resisted the urge to nuzzle into him. As the elevator doors closed behind them Daddy’s hand dropped lower, at first just sliding over her backside then more aggressively slipping a finger into the cleft between her cheeks, probing her. No plug at the meeting (Daddy’s orders) but his fingers caused Aubrey to draw in her breath sharply and she tottered a little despite her sensibly low heels.

“That’s a good girl.” Daddy’s voice was soft in her ear. “You look lovely, Pet. It’s so nice to see you.”

He pulled her into his body and kissed her. She could feel him smile at her eagerness as she rubbed herself against him and kissed back like she needed him to breathe. His fingers dug into her more forcefully, one hand firmly gripping her ass and the other set of fingertips digging into her hip.

“Be patient, please” he said as they broke off the kiss. “I’m going to take care of you Pet, don’t worry. Are you excited for your present?”

“Yes DaaAAady” she answered in response, struggling to maintain her voice as his hand slid casually between her legs. Through the fabric of her dress he found her lips exposed by the crotchless panties.

“That’s my girl. I have a gift for you, then you’ll have a gift for me. Have you brought what I asked?”

She had. In her purse were the condoms and ball gag, and she suspected that he’d confirmed already that she was wearing crotchless panties as directed.

The doors chimed open and they started down the hall, Daddy steering and Pet obeying. As they entered the room — her first, him following — Daddy removed his jacket and folded it neatly. He casually pulled the belt of her dress to undo the knot in front, then sat in the small desk chair and looked at her expectantly.

Aubrey shrugged out of her dress quickly, happy to be under his gaze. Sheepishness about her body was a concern of the past too; Daddy never made her feel anything other than beautiful.

“The shoes too, please.”

As Aubrey kicked her sandals off she felt the cool air of the room on her freshly washed and lotioned skin, and was keenly aware of the lack of fabric between her legs. The lacey white bra rubbed her nipples pleasantly; they were eager for Daddy’s attention. She stood patiently, quietly, letting him drink her in.

“Good girl” he murmured again as he stood and approached her. She stood still, conscious of the fact that he was inspecting and admiring her, both of which made her feel proud and increased the heat building between her legs. Her job was to be good.

“I have a very special present for you today, Pet.” His fingers trailed softly across her stomach and down onto her hip as he walked behind her. Aubrey shivered. He grabbed a handful of her hair — not pulling, just holding her in place — and then relaxed, gently scratching her scalp at the back of her neck in the same way you might scratch a dog. He pushed her hair to one side and leaned into her back, both hands now on her hips. His breath was soft on her skin as he kissed the side of her neck, then her ear.

“Do you love me, Pet?”

“Yes Daddy.” Not a moment’s hesitation.

“And do you want to give all of yourself to Daddy?” His hands were sliding down to her thighs, one working its way between her legs and sliding a finger between her lips. Aubrey sighed softly.

“Yes Daddy. Everything is yours, inside and out.” She said and she meant it. She was his for whatever he wanted; the more she erased herself and melted into him the happier she was.

“That’s a good girl.” His hands were moving now. One arm was wrapped around her from behind, his finger slipping slowly in and out of her. The other hand slipped inside her bra and teased one nipple, pinching hard enough to make her gasp then releasing and brushing over her breast. Still his voice was in her ear.

“Are you ready for playtime, Pet? It certainly feels like it.” He emphasized the last point with a sharp pinch and twist of her nipple and she let out a little sound. This was all the response he needed. His hand slid out of her bra and back into her hair, holding a fistful of it tight as he added a second finger inside her and started to work them more forcefully.

Daddy steered his Pet over to the bed, ignoring her little disappointed moan as his fingers slid out of her. Still holding onto her hair he tugged, indicating she should climb onto the bed. When she had done so, kneeling facing the headboard with his hand still in her hair she felt him tug her downwards. As she started to get on her hands and knees he slapped her ass. It wasn’t a full, stinging, spank, but she froze nonetheless.

“On your back, head towards me Pet.” Questions were finished and she nearly slipped off the bed in her eagerness to position herself correctly. She looked up at him with her hair tumbling over the edge of the bed as he stood above her, surveying her body wrapped only in a white bra and panties. Their eyes met as he undid his belt.

“First, Pet, I’m going to fuck that pretty little face. I expect you to take all of me, and we’ll stop when I’m satisfied.” He shed his shirt then slipped his jeans down and stepped out of them. Without boxers his cock sprang free, dangling over Pet’s face and she groaned internally, like Tantalus eyeing the feast that kept drifting just out of reach.

“Hands stay by your sides, palms down. If you do a good job you’ll get your present soon enough. Oh, and Pet?”

He leaned down, his face inches from hers. Daddy kissed her softly on the forehead, then her nose, then finally on the lips. She was in heaven, and had to stifle a giggle at the upside down kiss.

“Open up for me, please.” She did so, expecting him to slide his cock into her mouth. Instead she watched as he pushed a line of spit from his mouth out and down. She held her mouth open obediently as it fell into her waiting throat, some on her lips. This was something no other man did to her, and she didn’t want anyone else to. But Daddy was different, and him spitting in her mouth made her feel dirty in the best way — like she was just a slutty toy for him to use, but also somehow safe and owned.

As these thoughts swirled through her head Daddy stood up and stepped over her. His hand rested gently on her throat as he fed her his cock, letting her tongue wash over the head of it and gently thrusting the first inch in and out of her mouth.

She did her best to please him, and was rewarded as he started to push more of his cock into her mouth and throat. As his head hit the back of her throat she gagged and coughed just a little but continued her efforts. She knew she could take all of him, and focused on breathing through her nose as she watched the hypnotic sway of Daddy’s balls above her face. He pushed deep into her throat, watching her struggle and gasp before pulling all the way out. He took another step forward and lowered his balls onto her face; she took them into her mouth greedily, bathing them with her tongue as he grabbed the back of her head and pulled her up into his crotch.

His balls were slick with her spit, as was her face — she could only imagine what she looked like. As she was fighting the urge to slide a hand between her legs he changed the angle of his hips and pushed her tongue deeper. Pet greedily slid her tongue over his ass, rimming him while he kept her head pinned between his hands. Holding her head steady he dragged himself away, his balls sliding the length of her face. Then he started to fuck her face in earnest.

Aubrey lost track of time, focused only on sucking and breathing. Every once in a while his hand would press down and pinch her nipple or slap her breasts, little stinging distractions that made her wince then continue on her mission to please him. Her artfully minimal make up was ruined, her face covered in her own slobber. Daddy slowed his pace at least and pulled out of her mouth.

“You, my darling little Pet, are the prettiest thing I’ve ever seen.” He helped her to turn over and to get on her hands and knees, facing the headboard of the big hotel bed. Then he ran his hands over her back and down, spreading her ass casually before slipping his finger inside her again.

“Would you like to know something fun, Pet? We’re not going to use those nice things you bought for today. I just like to give you something to think and wonder about before we play. The lingerie is lovely and we’ll leave it on, but the rest can stay in your purse. It’s just you and me this evening, Pet.”

Aubrey listened to his voice, pleased by all the talk of the evening ahead and by not having to wear the ball gag. She didn’t hate it exactly, but it was more for certain scenarios than something she wanted all the time. But wait….the condoms?

Daddy slipped his finger out of her and walked around until he was standing next to her head. He held her chin in his hand and she could smell her own arousal. He looked into her eyes.

“This is your present, Pet. No condoms today; I know you’re at the most fertile part of your cycle. That means, sweet little Fucktoy, that Daddy is going to fuck you and try to get you pregnant. Do you want to have another baby, Pet?”

Aubrey reeled. She’d wanted his bare cock inside of her, filling her, his cum in her most intimate place so many times. She had children at home though, and a husband, and and and….for so many reasons she shouldn’t. But god, she wanted Daddy’s baby so badly. She wanted Daddy to breed her, to love her changing body. She couldn’t admit it to him yet, but sometimes when she was alone she thought about being his pregnant little Pet, how his large hands would feel gently massaging her breasts and squeezing the milk out. How it would feel to give herself to him so completely, to bear his child. She was so ashamed of how much she wanted it, knowing how insane it was. Finally, she was ready to answer.

“No Daddy,” her voice trembled, “I don’t want another baby….”

“…..I want *your* baby. No one else’s.”

She froze as he slowly leaned forwards and planted a kiss gently on her forehead.

He smiled at her. “Good girl.”

Without another word he walked around behind and she felt, for the first time, his bare cock pushing deep into her cunt. He went in slowly, pressing and pressing until he was buried inside of her. Then, her Daddy began to fuck her. She could feel his need as he slammed into her, each time taking her breath away as she felt him hilt himself inside her, each thrust (she hoped) bringing them nearer to the time his cum would fill her.

Aubrey had a last second panic as she realized what was happening. She was really doing this, she was really going to let Daddy put a baby inside of her. A cascade of thoughts tumbled through her head: the positive pregnancy test, those early weeks of nausea, her belly swelling gently outwards, her breasts growing heavy and full again, Daddy’s hands on her stomach as he stood behind her whispering in her ear, the sharp pang of shame as Daddy told her she was leaking from her nipples, salved by the soft caress that followed. One idea pushed everything else out, winning the shouting match in her brain by a mile: Daddy’s baby inside her. She wanted him to have every part of her, and she wanted to give him everything. She saw, with utter, terrifying clarity, that she wanted to give him a baby.

Aubrey came. He felt her tighten around him and heard her cry as she collapsed onto her chest, he ass still in the air as Daddy fucked her. He looked down to find his sweet little Pet looking up at him over her shoulder with glistening eyes, fogged by her orgasm, and one word on her lips: “Please. Please Daddy, give me your baby.”

He came, filling her as he never had before. There was nothing he wanted more, and he held himself as deep as he could while his cum pumped inside of her.

The last thing Aubrey remembered was being curled up against Daddy, his hand resting softly on her stomach. She hoped to God it had worked.


To be continued.

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