Attitude Adjustment by Loving Wife

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Attitude Adjustment

[This is a story of a loving wife who trains her husband with the use of ruined orgasms and chastity. If this is not your cup of tea, that’s okay. For this who appreciate this kind of love, awesome! If you don’t like it, then don’t read further. But if it really bothers you, and you insist on tormenting yourself, please do so, and then leave a really low rating, and use your time and energy to leave many long and nasty comments too. I love hate mail.]

“Come here V, I have a something for you,” she said, leading him to their bedroom. V followed L up the stairs eagerly, for it was Christmas Eve, and he was all gaga for surprises from his sweet and sexy wife. “Do you remember when you made you wish some weeks ago?”

“You mean the one about getting orally pleasured by you?” he asked in growing anticipation.

“Yes, but you described it more crudely from what I recall. The exact words were something like ‘I want to face fuck you and come in your mouth and see you swallow it like a good slut.’ And it sounded more like a demand than a request. Does that ring a bell honey?” she asked.

“Oh yeah, baby, now you’re talking my kind of Christmas Eve!” he exclaimed, closing and locking the bedroom door.

“Yes, well, let’s see. You know I don’t respond well to such demands,” L countered. The smile on his face vanished. “But it is X-mas eve, so I thought of a way to fulfill your wish.” With a sly grin, she had him take his clothes off, then blindfolded him. He expected to feel her kneel in front of him and suck his erection. A minute later, she came around behind him, pulled his hands behind his back, and then tie them together tightly. His erection grew in anticipation of a completely effortless blowjob where his hands could relax and his mind could imagine what his eyes could not see.

L tapped his cock lightly, then instructed him to step his leg into something. Then the other foot. She pulled it up, tucked his dick inside, pointing it down. ‘Oh shit, no…’ he thought to himself, realizing that she had put him into a pair of soft silky panties. He felt the tightness of the panties near the crotch. He could feel the lacy edges of the panties with his fingers behind his back. Then to his horror, he felt his wife pull something else up along both arms. Unknown to him, when she cuffed his wrists earlier, she had also put his hands through the straps of a bra. She quickly pulled the bra into position and hooked it together in the front.

“There you go. Much better. Now I’d like you stand here and think about what you said to me and the tone of how you said it,” she whispered, leading him to stand in the corner.

“Oh come on, love, it was just me expressing a wish. That’s all. You’re over-reacting!” he complained.

“Over-reacting? Was it a respectable thing for a sissy to make sexual demands of his mistress and treat her like a slut?” she doubled down. He went quiet. “You think about it while bilecik seks hikayeleri I take a shower.”

He stood in the corner, dressed in panties and bra, blindfolded with his hands tied. His erection had dampened down now due to uncertainty. When she returned, he started to blather an apology for his tone. “I’m really sorry. I should not have said it like that. It was a simple request. What I meant to ask was that if I was worthy of oral sex, I would like it… but I’m sorry for the misunderstanding…”

She stopped him. “V. your words are good to hear, but what’s spoken is done, and can’t be taken back, now can it?” she asked, leading him to the bed.

“No mistress, it can’t be taken back, but I’m apologizing.”

“Words are cheap, husband. Lie down on your back,” L instructed. He felt a sinking feeling about what was about to happen, but he had little choice. Soon he was on his back in the middle of the bed, with his hands still tied together. She tied his ankles to the feet of the bed, stretching him out into a Y-shaped formation. She tugged his panties down, just far enough to let his cock spring out.

She sucked him a few times, bringing his manhood to life. He groaned in delight. For the next ten minutes, she lied next to him, teasing his cock with light feathery strokes, keeping it at the edge, hard enough to be pointing up rigidly, but never with even a hint of desirable stroking or firm pressure. She tickled his balls and ran her fingernails up and down the shaft of his penis. She rubbed the ultra-sensitive tip of his penis on the underside with her pinky. For every one second of light touching, she alternated with several seconds of no stimulation. He grew increasingly frustrated.

V begged for her to suck him and massage his cock nicely. “I’m so sorry. It’ll not happen again! But please don’t torture me anymore. I need a good, proper orgasm. Please honey!!”

“Shhh. You talk too much. Shut your mouth and think about why you’re not going to get a suitable orgasm tonight. Why is that? Could it be because your whiny attitude needs a correction?”

“Yes, mistress,” he admitted quickly.

“Or is it because you’re focused more on your pleasure than mine?”

“Yes, that too,” he said, hoping to check all the boxes so that he could still experience the pleasure he was craving.

“Or is it because a sissy doesn’t get the same rights to pleasure that a real man does?”

“No! Please mistress. I’m not that.” He could not even bring himself to say the shameful word.

“Oh no? Are you sure? You’re wearing panties and a bra, so lacy and soft, with such pretty, feminine colors. And your erection indicates that you feel right at home in these feminine undergarments. I think that pretty well qualifies you as a sissy, don’t you? No real man would be dressed like this and enjoy it!” she teased. “Tell me what you really want, husband.” She continued to stroke him lightly.

“What I want is for you to accept my sincere apology, and then pacify yourself by sucking my cock! I want to feel your warm, wet mouth taking me in and sucking vigorously all through a big juicy release,” he said, imagining what all of his guy friends talked about enjoying with their wives.

“Now, now, I think you’re confusing yourself. You’re telling me what a real man wants. What do YOU want, V?” she teased again.

“I am a real man. That’s exactly what I want!” he demanded as he tried to object by sitting up.

He heard her snickering. “No, sorry, that may what you think you want, but it’s not going to happen, and I think you know why. You’re going to get what a sissy deserves,” she replied as she pushed him down and straddled his face. She lowered herself down to press her pussy against his mouth. She pumped his cock in measured strokes, causing him to harden. A drop of pre-ejaculate appeared at the tip. V buckled and thrashed around but the ropes held him in place. His moaning and begging were muffled beneath his wife’s pussy.

L held her husband’s penis carefully, pumped him harder three times, then stopped, just holding the twitching member by the base. After a few more strokes, she could tell that he was at the edge of orgasm, flailing and humping against the air in vain. She took a final few swipes against the tip of his penis, gently holding rubbing as lightly as she could as he gasped for stimulation. She could feel him groaning in frustration underneath her pussy. She felt bad denying him his desired pleasure, but she stayed firm with the punishment she intended to go through with. She felt another twitch, leading her to immediately release his penis from her hands just as semen began to flow out. It dribbled out steadily, not spurting, but softly spilling, running down the shaft of his penis, collecting in a small pool of goo at the base. She could hear him whimpering. His penis continued to jerk upwards, seeking the tactile stimulation of a vagina, mouth, a hand, or even an inanimate surface. But it received none of those pleasures. Instead, she watched in delight as the twitching slowed down, gradually weakening. Finally his penis rested flat against his body, defeated.

L got up off of his face. She snuggled up next to her husband, giggling and cooing in satisfaction as she stroked his chest, circling her fingers along the cups of the bra. She removed his blindfold, revealing for the first time how sexily she herself was dressed in a sheer baby doll chemise. She kissed him, then whispered, “I regret I had to do that honey, but I needed you to learn your lesson.”

V groaned, “I’ve learned my lesson,” but he said it without the enthusiasm she expected.

“V, I didn’t hear a thank you.”

“Thank you!” he exclaimed with more energy.

“That’s a little better, but it’s still lacking the sincerity. I’m going to lock you in your chastity belt for tonight, maybe for a few nights. Actually, let’s make it one week. Okay?” Linda retrieved a metal chastity belt and proceeded to put the contraption onto his flaccid genitals. V felt a desperation and hungering bordering on tears as he nodded.

L consoled him, “V, look at it this way. You’re going to come out of this stronger. You’ll be automatically more thoughtful when speaking to me in the future. It’s for your own good to learn the limits of sexual privileges for sissies like you. Right?”

“Right, yes, mistress,” he replied.

“Tell me in your own words what the limits are,” she demanded. As he spoke, she clicked the lock shut on his chastity belt, ensuring that his penis would remain confined inside with no possibility of erection or orgasm.

He recited, “Mistress wife, as a sissy, I cannot and should not expect, nor ever demand, to get oral sex,” he answered.

“That’s good, but you forgot one thing. A sissy should also never expect to ejaculate into her mouth or expect her to swallow,” she added. “That’s a privilege reserved for real men only.”

“Yes, but there’s no question of that since I wouldn’t even be allowed inside your mouth.”

“Tsk, tsk. Don’t argue with me. To make sure that you remember this point, we’re going to do one more thing. She took a metal tablespoon and scooped up the pools of semen near the base of his locked up penis. She held the spoon carefully to push every drop of it in. Bringing the spoon up to V’s face, she smiled and whispered, “Open your mouth.”

“Ugh, please no. That’s so gay. I don’t want to taste it,” he complained as he turned his head away.

L waited patiently, “I suppose it is kind of gay, but you shouldn’t be bothered by that honey. It’s very natural for a sissy to eat semen. You didn’t seem to think it was a big deal when you wanted ME to swallow it. You’re fortunate that at least it’s your own this time. Come on, open you mouth wide!” she commanded. V refused again. L held his head steady with her arms, then pinched his nose shut. “Every second you delay this will add another day to your chastity time. One, two, three…”

V opened his mouth, realizing that there was no escaping. She pushed the spoon into his mouth, turning it vertically. “Close your mouth now and lick it all clean. Swallow that cum like an obedient sissy.” V grimaced but obeyed, swallowing the load as quickly as he could. He felt a pungent odor. The slimy taste and texture lingered in his throat.

L released his hands and feet, allowing him to get up. He apologized again to his wife. She kissed him, then led him to the corner. “V, you can stand here for the next 10 minutes to reinforce what it means to be a sissy. Then come to bed. Do not drink water. Let the taste stay fresh in your mouth tonight. You’ll start your 10-day chastity sentence now. Sometime before the end of the year, I will give your sissy buttocks a good sound belt-whipping for your bad attitude. Then we’ll celebrate in 2021. Good night, and Merry Christmas. I love you.”

V sobbed quietly in the corner, crying tears of happiness and surrender. “I love you,” he whispered.

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