Atlanta Gloryhole Part 1

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Atlanta Gloryhole Part 1I love glory holes and when I found myself in Atlanta I went downtown to an old favorite arcade on Cheshire Bridge Rd. I cruised the videos and toys for a while. This place was hopping. Guys and women of all types: Bi, gay, straight, Hispanic, black, white, working class and white collar, were in the store. Of course only the guys were going back to the arcade. I went to the arcade and went into booth number 5 which has holes on both sides. I put $20 in the machine and stripped out of all my clothes. I was naked as I started to watch the porn. I rubbed my 6” cock and got it hard as a rock. Soon, precum was starting to ooze from my cock. I slowed down on the stroking not wanting to cum. I took a finger and scooped a little precom from my pee hole and tasted it. Mmmmm. I was getting horny as hell when I saw two güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri fingers wave me through on the left side hole. I did not want to cum yet, so I stood close. A hand came through the hole and I let him feel me up. My balls and cock were getting pleasured by this wonderfully warm hand. I was soo close and worked up, but held off and pulled back with my cock and balls. The guy really wanted to suck me but I was not ready for that yet. Finally, he moved on. I heard the door close and the un-buckling of pants in the arcade on my right and instantly, got down on my knees on the cold floor. I could see a tall white guy with short dark hair and a beard with his pants down and his hard cock in his right hand. On his left hand I saw a wedding ring that just turned me on. I stuck my fingers güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri through the hole motioning my desires. Soon, the head of a smooth cut cock poked through the wooden hole. I stroked it slowing watching this beautiful cock reach full staff. I used a little spit to lube my thumb and rub it over his sensitive glans and the underside of the top of his shaft. I heard him say through the wall “Put it in your mouth, you bitch”. Wow, this was my kind of guy! I loved the forceful banter! I gently sucked him for about 2-3 minutes and then looked at this rock hard cock. It was 7” and his big velvety head had turned a deep purple. He was so tasty, slightly salty and I had to stretch my mouth wide to accommodate him. I licked his head and was working his about 3inches in and out of my mouth, güvenilir bahis şirketleri when he said “suck it deep bitch” . I took him about 5 inches in which was all I could handle. I stroked him deep with my lips, tongue and mouth as I repeatedly took him to my limit. My nasty friend then commanded “gag on it bitch”. I pushed him down my throat about an inch before I gagged. I repeated this twice gagging each time. “Good bitch” I heard him say through the wall.I then worked him as deep as I could and alternated with some good licking of his head. I put my hand on his base and used it along with my mouth to pleasure his rock hard cock. He was quiet and I did not hear a word. I was wondering if he was enjoying this, when all of a sudden I felt a huge squirt hit my tongue and back of my mouth. Cum flooded my mouth as he came. Squirt after squirt filling my mouth with his copious seed. I let his cum drip out of my mouth down my chin and onto my chest. I squeezed the last little bit out and he pulled back. I rubbed his cum all over my naked body.Soon I heard him pull up his pants and buckle up. As he left, he said “that was a fucking good BJ, bitch”

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