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She had called the Facilities department an hour ago to have someone move her fax machine and clean up the tangled cable mess under her desk; even though she was told that someone was on the way, no one had shown yet. With a heavy sigh, she acknowledges that it is a long holiday weekend and most people have left already to start their fun but she needed to finish this one report for a big meeting on Monday and she didn’t want to work on it over the four days so she decided to stay and finish it.

She stops to wonder if it was Andy that would be the one to move her machine. Maybe Andy had already left, thinking I had left early, too and would fix it before I come in on Monday morning as he is here early enough. Oh, well, she thinks to herself, just deal with it until then. She kicks her 3-inch heels off under her desk and gets to work on finishing the needed report.

As she nears the end of the report, she hears someone come into the cubicle area she works in. She calls out, “Hello?”

“Hey, Miki, sorry about coming late,” his deep sexy voice replies, “I had a pipe break at the other building and was working on that for the past hour and a half.”

She turns around and is face to face with Andy’s crotch. She blushes and looks up at his face. She always thought he was a good looking man but this close up, he was absolutely gorgeous and the bulge she saw made her more aware of how sexy he is. He lifts an eyebrow at her blush and a sly grin comes across his beautiful lips. They always flirted with each other and when she masturbates at home, she thought of him often doing more than flirting with her.

“Hi, Andy,” she says and rises out of her chair. Realizing that she didn’t have her heels on, she felt very short standing next to him as he was quite tall. “Ah, um, do you need me to do anything?” she asks, as she drops to her knees to retrieve her heels under her desk. She is still blushing from her close encounter with his crotch and he seems to know that.

“You can tell me where you want to move your fax machine, for one,” he says chuckling as he watched her retrieve her shoes and come back up from under her desk. “Can you shut everything down so I can unplug everything and clean this cable mess you are complaining about?” he says with a grin, looking at her cleavage, appreciatively as she stood back up.

She sits back down in her chair to shut her PC, printer and scanner down. While she is doing that, she realizes that Andy has crawled under her desk to check how many outlets there were and figure out how to re-arrange everything under her desk. He rubs against her leg a couple of times, which sends a blast Ordu Escort of electricity to her pussy. She hears a mumbled apology both times but does not really care. Touch me again, she thinks. Put your face between my legs and lick me deep in my pussy, she thinks. With that last thought, she jumps out of her chair and moves towards the entrance of the cubicle, her face beet red from her thoughts.

He slides out from under her desk, looks straight into her eyes and asks if it was ok to unplug everything. Stammering, she tells him that everything is shut down and that he could. He has a grin on his face as if he knows how he is affecting her. As he slides back under the desk, she could hear him ask, though muffled, “Why are you still here?”

“I wanted to finish a report for a meeting on Monday, so instead of having it hang over me all weekend, I thought I would finish it today and have four days to enjoy the holiday,” she replies.

“Any fun plans for the weekend?” he asks, trying to make conversation, she assumes.

“No, not really; just hanging out with family tomorrow and then relax the rest of the weekend, I guess,” she answers back, “You?”

“Yeah, the same for me; hang with the family tomorrow and then no plans the rest of the weekend,” he replies. “Ok. I guess that is everything. Can I get you to drop the cables? Is everything where you want it except the fax machine?”

“Sure, I can help,” she says, “I think everything is where I like it, so just moving the fax would be great.” She replies.

He slides back out and stands up, towering over her as she still hadn’t put her heels back on. “I am going to move the fax but will need you to drop the cables after I do; ok?” With that, he lifts the fax machine and moves it to a location that she pointed to and slides back down under the desk. He calls out, “ok, now slide the two cables down the hole on your desk, please.”

She leans over the desk, grab the cables and slide them into the hole, making sure he has a hold of them. A few seconds later, not realizing that she is still standing there, he touches my thigh and she jumps with the electric shock he sent through her body.

“Um, can you move, so I can get out?” he chuckles yet again.

“Oh, oh, yeah, I am so sorry,” she stammers and moves out of his way.

He slides back out and grabs a handful of cable ties and goes back under my desk. A couple minutes later, she can hear him curse and ask if everything is ok. He slides back out and says he can’t get the data cable back in as his hands were too big for the area it has to go in and wondered if she could try it. She gets down Ordu Escort Bayan to the floor and slide in next to him and he points where the cable needs to be place and she is able to plug it in.

The confines of the small area under the desk and his presence, she becomes breathless but hope he thinks it is because she had to strain to plug the cable in.

Suddenly, Andy is on top of her and kissing her with ravenous passion. She can feel his bulge growing harder against her thigh and she feels her pussy start to flow with its wetness. She moans deep into his mouth as his tongue has plunged in her mouth and assaults her tongue. His hand gropes her tits and pinches her nipples through the blouse as he grinds his hip into her thigh.

“God, I want you so bad,” he growls as he nibbles and nips at her neck and ear. “You get me so fucking hot. Every time we talk, all I can think about is spreading those creamy thighs of yours and plunging my cock in and out until you scream with pleasure.”

Her hands are on his ass, pulling him closer into her body, wanting to feel his hard bulge in her pussy. “Oh, please, yes; I’m all yours, Andy. I want to feel your cock in my pussy. I want you to thrust hard into me,” she whispers into his ear.

With that, he slides out from under the desk and pulls her along. He stops and grabs her heels and with a grin say, “We may need these, I’m sure.”

They walk into the conference room by her desk and he locks the door. She leans over to put the heels back on and he turns her around and bends her over. “Oh, yeah, perfect height to ram your pussy from behind with those on,” he says as he lifts her skirt and yanks her panties off. “Oh, Miki, you are so wet for me,” he says as he slides a finger into her pussy. She grinds her hip towards his finger and he start to pump her pussy in and out as he slides his pants down.

She looks over her shoulder and sees that he has his cock in his hand and is stroking it with the same rhythm as he is finger fucking her pussy. She bends over the conference table and moan with pleasure at what she saw and how he is making her feel. “Want my cock, baby?” he grunts.

“Yes, please, Andy. Take me, please.” She moans.

With her response, he removes his finger and glides his cock around the entrance of her pussy and teases her with the head, rubbing it over her pussy lips and over her clit using her juices to lube his cock.

Then with one plunge, he shoves his cock in hard and reaches around to rub her clit as he pounds into her wet hole, making her arch her back with the such intense pleasure as he gives her what she’s been wanting Escort Ordu for so long.

“Oh, yesss!” she screams, “ram me hard with your cock. Make me splash all over you.” She pushes her hips harder onto his cock, which causes his finger to rub her clit harder. “Oh yes, fuck, that feels so good!” She is panting, “fuck me; fuck me; fuck meeee!”

He cannot believe hot tight her pussy is and the power he seems to have over her pleasure that he knows that when he cum, he will explode. But he wants to feel that pussy tighten over his cock with her orgasm so he grabs her clit more firmly and starts to rub faster and faster.

With that, she bucks into his cock harder, panting like a little bitch in heat. She is moaning and groaning with such pleasure that he knows she is just about to cum, so he says to her, “Cum for me, baby; cum all over my cock. Come on, baby, that’s right, grind your pussy onto my cock. Yeah, baby, yeah.”

With that, her whole body starts to shake and she grunts over and over as she is overcome with her orgasm. With him still pounding her pussy and rubbing her clit as rough as he could, he could feel another orgasm building in her and rams his cock even faster as it hits her again. But just as she cums again, he can’t hold off any longer and shoots his hot liquid deep into her cunt as he yells out, “Ahhh, take that; take my juice in your pussy, Miki!!!”

As she comes down from her pleasure, he slowly pulls out of her, turns her around and kisses her deep using his tongue to tease. She grabs at his cock and starts to rub him and he feels himself getting hard again. “You want my cock again?” he asks her and she says that she wants to taste him in her mouth, so she drops to her knees and moves her lips around the head of his cock and licks it with her tongue. She slowly takes more of his cock in as it gets harder and longer.

“You like that?” he asks and she looks up and nods her head as she continues to suck on his cock. “So you’re a little cock sucker, huh?” he grins down at her. “Oh, Miki, you suck so good. Ah, yes, take it all, baby.” So she takes in more of his enlarging cock and starts to move her head back and forth to fuck his harden rod. “Ah, yes, that feels so good. Oh, suck me, suck me hard,” he moans as he grabs the back of her head and starts to fuck her mouth. She slowly caresses his balls which make his moan even louder. “Oh, fuck, yes!”

She is sucking his dick so hard and so fast that before he can really pound her mouth more, he shoots his cum down her throat with grunts and groans coming out of his mouth.

“God, Miki, you fucking make me hot,” he tells her. “I need to fuck you more. I want to spread your legs and lick your pussy and nibble on your clit. I want to make you cum over and over.”

She stands up, pulls her skirt down and looks at him through her lashes and says coyly, “so what are you doing this weekend?”

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