At the Baths

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At the BathsIf you are of a certain age you may remember the public swimming baths we used to have in the North of England , they were usually big stone built affairs with slippy floors and changing cabins on either side of the pool , you had to get a basket ,put your cloths in and hand them into the attendant.Our school had our swimming day on Fridays as last lesson , I was one of the chubbiest k**s in the class and was always being ribbed about it , but in the water I was brilliant , shortly after the start of our second term a new lad joined our class from a different area , he too was a big lad , and we got on immediately .As the baths were often full we had to share the changing cabins , as we were great friends we obviously chose to share , the swimming lesson was pretty uneventful and the final whistle was blown , but as we loved the water , we chose to stay on a bit longer and avoid the rush for the end of the lesson.When we decided to get out bahis firmaları and retrieve our basket of cloths , we just went into the same single cabin , even though there were loads empty as the baths were now really quiet, we showered and got into the cabin and stripped our trunks off , as we were big we were constantly touching each other while we toweled off , inevitably after the effects of the swim wore off our dicks started filling out and soon we were semi hard with all the contact.Dave then turned and faced me his cock almost identical to mine in length and width he just pushed forward with his hips and touched our dicks together, the feeling was electric , I was a constant wanker but this was the him first real sexual contact with another person I ever had, he stepped closer to me , our dicks now fully hard and sticking straight up ,I had only wanked by humping a pillow or rubbing against something , so never thought about reaching out kaçak iddaa and pulling my cock.we started humping our dicks together and Dave started feeling my tits and me his , he then reached round and grabbed my bum cheeks and pulled me into his big hard cock , our bellys and tits rubbing each other , I loved the feeling of him separating my bum cheeks and exposing my arse hole , it felt so exciting , I reached round and grabbed his bum , delighting in his big fleshy bum cheeks ,as we pulled each other hard against us , our precum was now oosing like a pair of taps and our dicks were slipping and sliding all over , being trapped against each others bellys , it was just so sexy .We rubbed and humped as long as we possibly could , both of us not wanting it to end , we were fondling each others arse and pulling our tits , and gradually started humping like a pair of demented rabbits , we were so worked up it just couldn’t last any longer , we started kaçak bahis cumming virtually at the same time , a wonderful long spunky come, breathing like long distance runners shooting load after load onto each others cocks and balls and bellys , ,It was truly the best come I had ever had, ,we eventually settled down , and pulled apart , gazing at our swollen well wanked dicks , covered in each others creamy boy cum , , we started giggling like a couple of girls , , we reached out and started rubbing our spunk into each other , making sure to feel each others dicks and rub our balls and the Dave reached under my balls and rubbed a bit of spunk round my bum hole and just rested his finger in me , I just started to push my bum down onto his finger and felt him get it right up my bum hole , it felt soo bloody good,,,,,Then BANG ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, “Right lads all out and dressed “, shouted the attendant , ,,Bollocks …..We quickly finished dressing and shot out of the baths like we had been Olympic runners , and started to head off home.Hope you enjoyed this , and love to hear any feedback and or suggestionsThere is a bit more to this Happening, if you want it , let me know

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