At My Friend’s House

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Just after I turned 18 my best friend invited me to stay over for the night. She had a surprise for me, she said, with much giggling. Bitch would not tell me what it was, just giggling and saying it was something fun. So I capitulated and wandered around to her house for dinner, prepared to stay the night.

Suzy lives with her father. He’s a big friendly man of about forty. I’ve always got on well with him. He’s genuinely nice and has a great sense of humour. Suzy was surprisingly close mouthed about the surprise, just telling me that we would get around to it after dinner.

We had dinner and did the dishes and Jack, Suzy’s dad, went off to watch TV while Suzy and I went to her room. Once in her room Suzy turned to me, giggling.

“Jack sent me these,” she said, holding up a box. “The note he put in with them said I could use these for practice until I was ready for the real thing.” (I should point out that the Jack she was referring to was Jack Junior, her brother, currently away at school. It was not, most definitely not, her father, Jack Senior, who was going to throttle his son and heir when he found out about this present.)

There were two dildo’s in the box. I was blushing and giggling right along with Suzy. I mean, we were both still virgins and I don’t think either of us had ever actually used a dildo before. I know I hadn’t.

We giggled and fooled around with the dildo’s, turning them on and off, threatening each other, pretending we were going to use them, just the normal clowning. As you can guess we eventually got around to holding them against ourselves and each other, just buzzing each other through our clothes to start with.

Things heated up a little when Suzy dropped her panties and started using the dildo to stroke herself. (Still externally, at this stage.) Not to be outdone, I followed suit, so there we were half naked, buzzing ourselves with dildos and breathing a little hard, feeling both naughty and excited.

Suzy again led the way in inserting the dildo. Not sticking it right in, we weren’t going to be stupid about it, but just sticking the end of it in and then closing her legs to hold it there while it buzzed, her face flushed.

As you can guess, it was a case of monkey see, monkey do. I followed Suzy’s example. The trouble is we ran into a little problem at that stage. Or rather, I ran into a little problem, and it was called Suzy.

I’d just insert this dildo inside me, not too deep, and was feeling it vibrating and doing odd things to me. Then Suzy jumped up off the bed and tripped over something. Probably the clothes lying on the floor. When we ditched our shorts and panties we’d just dumped them on the floor. After all, we were intending to put them back on.

Anyway, Kartal Escort Suzy tripped. There was no way she was going to risk falling with that dildo half up her. Imagine accidentally sitting on it. So she jerked it out real fast, even as she was falling. So how did I get involved? When she jerked the dildo out her elbow came around and banged hard right on the end of mine.

I was easing the dildo inside me when it happened. One moment the dildo is just passing my lips, buzzing and tantalizing, the next, Suzy’s elbow goes pow right on the end of mine, driving that damned dildo in a lot further than I expected or wanted.

Oh god, I just couldn’t believe it. That dildo went banging up me and something gave way and it fucking hurt. I gave this loud painful yowl and jerked the dildo out, screaming again, in fright this time, as I found myself bleeding rather badly.

Suzy looks at me and looks at the blood and she starts yelling and then there was a hard knock on the door. Suzy gave an even louder squawk and literally jumped into her panties and shorts, heaving them into position even as the door opened.

Me, I was left standing there, half naked, crying, blood running down my legs, a dildo in my hand. Not my finest moment.

As you may have guessed, there being no one else in the house, it was Suzy’s father, come to investigate the panicky screams, which I suppose was a reasonable thing for him to do.

He looked at me and just shook his head slightly.

“I’m bleeding,” I wailed, not knowing what to do.

Jack calmly took the dildo out of my hand and held it up for a moment before tossing it onto the bed.

“I think that you’ll find that you have managed to pop your cherry,” he said cheerfully. “That will explain the pain, the screams and the blood. Rather careless of you.”

“But I’m bleeding,” I wailed again. I could still feel the blood running down my legs.

Jack was all smooth sympathy. Don’t worry about it, he told me. Everything would be fine. Come along and I’ll get you cleaned up and make sure that you’re not actually hurt. With that he coldly told Suzy to wait where she was and then he was ushering me out of Suzy’s room and down the hallway and into his. He told me to just stand still for a minute and then he grabbed a towel from the en suite and draped it on the bed. That done he had me sit on the towel.

Next thing I know he’s got this warm damp face washer and is using it to clean the blood off my legs, starting at my feet and working up.

“You’ll find that it should stop bleeding of its own accord,” he told me, his manner briskly professional, but still a little embarrassing.

It was even more embarrassing when he wiped Tuzla Escort the blood away from my pussy and then used a small hand towel to pat me dry.

“I think the bleeding has stopped already,” he told me quite calmly. “I think you’re going to be fine.”

He ‘thinks’ I’ll be fine? I’d rather have a gold plated guarantee. I still had the memory of that stabbing pain. He must have seen my disquietude, because he gave me an encouraging smile

“Don’t worry,” he said. “I’ll make a quick check to see that everything’s OK. It can’t be any more embarrassing than what’s already happened. I’m assuming that you don’t want to go and see a doctor and have a formal examination?”

God forbid. I’d sooner die. I guess he could tell as he just lifted me up onto my feet.

“It’ll be fine,” he said. “Just bend over slightly while I check.”

I found that he’d got me to turn and face the bed and I was now bending forward over it.

“It definitely seems that the bleeding has stopped.” he said, and I could feel him touching my pussy, easing my lips apart. “Just relax a little.”

I could feel his finger gently poking me, probing along my passage a little. Then his finger withdrew and then it came back again, easing its way inside me. It was probably half way down my passage before I realised that it wasn’t his finger.

I just felt numb with shock, feeling his cock easing deeper into me. I could feel myself stretching, my passage easing open to let him pass. He couldn’t be doing this, I told myself.

“Oh my god, you’re fucking me,” I half gasped, half yelled.

“Um, yes, I am. How does it feel?”

How did it feel? Was he kidding? Come to think of it, how did it feel, apart from shocking me half to death?

“Um, actually, not bad, um, good. It feels good.”

And it did. I hadn’t felt any pain or anything like that when he went into me. Just the shock of his cock slowly moving up my passage. I couldn’t help but be shocked yet again. Jack, Suzy’s father, was sticking his cock up me. Even if it did feel good it was still shocking.

“That’s good,” he said softly. “Let’s just press on and see how things go.”

That’s when I got my next shock. I thought his erection was already in me. Not so. I was waiting for him to pull out and start pumping. I mean, I know what men do. In theory, anyway. But he didn’t do that. He just pushed against me a little harder and I could feel him going in even deeper. I’m, like, thinking what the hell, and he’s pushing in further and further, stretching me past what I would consider to be reasonable.

In nothing flat I’m reduced to going, “Oh, oh, oh my god,” and he’s laughing at me. Not loudly, I admit, but I know a laugh when Anadolu Yakası Escort I hear one.

When I felt his hairy groin pressing against my pussy, that’s when I knew he was finally home and ready to rumble. Me, I was just bent over the bed, stuffed full of cock, half comatose from fright, and thrillingly alive with expectancy. (Fright because there seems to be so much cock to a cock once it is in you. Expectant because it was still feeling pretty good, firing up all my nerve endings with the promise of more.)

Oh boy. What happened next. If I hadn’t been there I wouldn’t have credited it. I could feel him dragging his cock back down my passage and oddly enough even that felt good. Then he was pushing back into me, hard and fast, and that felt wonderful. That flying fuck also jolted my memory as well as my nerves. I was supposed to push to meet him when he pushed in.

The next time he pushed back into me I was ready, pushing firmly back to meet him. My god, doing that doubled the rate at which he slapped his cock into me, and my pussy was screaming yes, please, exulting in the feeling. With that he started banging into me at a steady tempo, me hip-hopping my hips to make sure I banged him as hard as he was banging me.

My god, he just kept on going and going. I was making little ah sounds with every thrust, and my body was screaming more, please. And I knew that there was more to it. What was happening was wonderful, but I could sense that it was still only the preliminaries. After a while I could hear myself starting to babble, asking him for more, to go faster. I didn’t know exactly what I wanted but I wanted it anyway and I just knew that Jack could deliver.

If he’d just pull his finger out and get a move on.

By the time he did decide to get a move on I was almost at screaming point. My body was just one big expectation of something about to happen. Then something changed and Jack was hitting me harder and faster and then, oh god, a climax just ripped through me, rippling through my body, sending waves of intense pleasure rolling over me.

Afterwards Jack had that warm cloth again and was wiping me clean and patting me dry. Damn it, I nearly had another orgasm when he patted me dry.

He escorted me back to Suzy’s room, and I was blushing. I was, after all, still naked from the waist down. Suzy pounced as soon as we walked in.

“What was that scream? Are you alright? You’re not hurt are you?”

“Scream?” I asked, puzzled.

“You screamed at the very end,” Jack said casually, and I blushed. I hadn’t even known.

“Oh, that was nothing, Suzy,” I hastened to reassure her. “It’s just that your Dad thought he should fuck me to make sure I was OK. I guess I got a bit noisy.”

“Da-ad!” shrieked an outraged Suzy.

“What?” Jack demanded. “It was therapy. I had to repair her self-confidence. You wouldn’t have wanted her to be scared of sex in the future just because you’re careless with a dildo. Speaking of which, where did you get them?”

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