At Master’s Table

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He glanced at the clock on the wall, expecting his friends any minute. The table was set with snacks and cards and poker chips. A cooler with chilled beer bottles sat nearby. Everything was in place for the party, including the girl. He glanced at her, kneeling next to his chair, her head bowed but her back straight, and grinned. He was proud of his property. She was beautiful and well-trained. She wore her dark hair long and had big brown eyes. She had a black leather collar around her neck, but she was not attached to a leash tonight. She wore nothing else. Her pale breasts were firm, her nipples puckered in the cool room. He paused to pinch and tug on her hard nipple. “You ready to be a good luck charm tonight?” he asked, though he knew he wouldn’t get an answer. He used the same tone of voice most people used when talking to their dogs. “Daddy’s gonna win lots of money tonight, and you are going to help me.”

She was starting to respond to the rolling and tugging of her nipple, her body stretching toward him, her mouth opening slightly. The motion caused her to lift her hips and he admired her smooth mound. He pinched down harder and she released a soft whimper from her throat. The sound excited him. “Up,” he ordered. She immediately stood. He spun her and pushed her over the arm of his chair. He took his thumb and began massaging her clit, forcing her legs apart with his knee. “Little bitch,” he growled, slapping his free palm against her ass. Her hips were starting to rock so he spanked her again. “Dirty horny bitch.”

He pressed harder, his thumb rotating and massaging, while his free hand worked open the buttons on his jeans. He slapped his stiffening dick against her ass while he worked his thumb faster. He positioned the head at her slick opening and was getting ready to thrust forward when the doorbell rang. He stepped back, tucking himself back into his pants and getting control of his breathing. He slapped his palm against her ass one more time before walking toward the door. He glanced toward her before opening it and was pleased to see her back on her knees, head bowed, back straight. He saw the flush to her skin and grinned proudly.

Ted Dyer was the first to arrive. Ted was always the first to arrive. He was a short man with thinning hair, but he went to the gym religiously. Ted lived alone and looked forward to poker night more than any of the other five individuals in the club. He talked a little too much, but he never won more than a hand or two, so the club kept him. Ted greeted Dean Riker and walked into the house without looking at the girl. “Can you believe that shit Bob threw at us today?” he demanded, walking straight to the beer cooler. “I mean, he brings us this load of paperwork at four o’clock and expects us the have it all done by quitting time. It’s not even that important. It doesn’t need to be done by Monday. Hell, it doesn’t even need to be done by next Friday. What kind of shit is he on, anyway? Just because he has the power to tell us to do something doesn’t give him the right to order us around. You know what Bob’s problem is? Bob wanted that promotion and now he’s pissed off because he has the responsibility and nobody to go drinking with. Bob is pissed off because he thought that hot little number in the steno pool would fuck him because he has the title Manager, and he’s not getting any from there. He sits behind his desk wanking to online porn all day while we do all his work and make him look good.”

While Ted had been talking, he had unzipped and removed his pants. He sat down at the poker table and popped a chip in his mouth, finally silencing his tirade as the doorbell rang again. Riker opened it without responding to Ted. Ivan Novahich was leaning against the door jamb with a bottle of wine in his hands. “Riker, I hope you are ready to lose it all tonight. I am feeling lucky. Hi, Ted.” He patted the girl on the head and handed her the bottle. She silently rose and walked into the kitchen to take care of it. “I’ll tell you how lucky I am. That wine came with a free hand job.”

“From a man or a woman?” Ted grumbled.

“Why? Do you want to volunteer for seconds?’ Ivan asked in his thick Eastern European accent. “Because there’s plenty for you, Teddy boy, I mean, if your old flabby body can make me get it up.”

“Trust me, Comrade, if that did it for me, you’d be saluting all the time.”

The girl returned and silently handed Ivan a glass of the wine. She sat the bottle in some ice next to his spot at the table and then knelt in front of him, unzipping his pants and pushing them down his legs. He sipped the wine while he watched her work, and then took the seat across from Ted at the table as the doorbell rang again.

Mila Navaro was a goddess. Every time she walked into a room at work, everyone fell silent. Each had their own fantasy of Mila’s blonde hair spilling over the pillows of their bed or her long legs wrapped around their hips as they drove into her. So far, only Riker and the hot number in the steno pool knew that feeling. Mila typed a lot more letters than anyone else gaziantep bayan escort in her department. “Riker, Darling.” She greeted him with a long kiss. She trailed her red nails down the girl’s cheek and the girl pressed into the caress. “Some wine, dear.” The girl immediately rose and disappeared into the kitchen again. Mila crossed to Ivan, standing beside his chair. She bent slightly and when he turned to greet her, he was greeted by a glimpse of her large breasts. “Hello, man-slut.”

He licked his lips and placed his hand on the inside of her leg, pushing up slowly. “Why, Mila, it would appear that I am happy to see you.”

She tucked her finger under his chin and tilted his face up. “I told you to call me Ma’am.”

“Yes, Ma’am,” he whispered, his fingertips reaching the top of her legs.

She stepped away, sinking into the chair beside Ivan and crossing her legs as the girl handed her a glass. “Hello, Ted, and are you as happy to see me as Ivan is?”

“Always,” Ted answered. He didn’t continue. He never seemed to be able to talk when Mila was present, but that wasn’t the only reason Riker invited her to play poker with them. “Uh, Riker, is Karl coming?”

“Not tonight. He’s a newlywed, you know. He’ll be back soon enough.”

“Who’s coming in his place?”

“Neil Harlow.”

“Does he know the rules?”

“I told him to bring a thousand dollars and a box of rubbers. I think he’ll get the picture.” He looked at the girl and a grin formed on his face. “In fact, I think we should surprise him.” He tilted his head and she obediently crawled under the table. The table cloth dropped into place and someone not looking for her would not see her.

She saw plenty. Mila uncrossed her legs beneath the table and opened them, giving the girl a view up the short skirt to the blond pussy hidden beneath. The goddess had her hand in Ivan’s lap, slowly stroking him to erection. On the other side, Ted’s cock was stiff and his legs were bouncing excitedly. The tip of Ivan’s cock was glistening with pre-cum by the time Neil Harlow rang the doorbell.

“Harlow,” Riker greeted. “Glad you could make it. I believe you know everyone.”

“What is this? Strip poker?”

“In a manner of speaking,” Mila answered in her husky voice. “And I’m winning.” Ivan jerked stiff and a stream of cum hit the girl under the table. “Where are our manners?”

Ivan licked his lips and struggled to speak. “Thank you, Ma’am,” he whispered, his face flushed red.

Riker took his seat and indicated that Harlow should take the remaining chair. Riker shuffled the cards, announced the game, and dealt the cards. Everyone threw in their chips and for the next several minutes, only the sound of the game filled the room. There was an eager anticipation in the room as the bets increased. Riker was the first to fold. He casually leaned back in his chair and the girl laid her cheek against his knee. He calmly petted her head while the game continued, his fingers combing through her long hair. Ivan and Mila folded next. Riker nudged Ted, who folded the next round. Ted threw his cards down in frustration and Harlow took the pot.

The money was not the only prize the winner of a hand got. Underneath the table, the girl shifted. Harlow dealt the cards and announced the next game. As the group made their bets, the girl nudged her head between his knees. He jumped and cursed, hitting his thighs against the table in surprise. Ivan and Mila laughed. “Welcome to poker night,” Riker said calmly as he placed his bet. The girl unbuttoned and unzipped Harlow’s trousers and pulled his cock free. “Harlow,” Riker announced. “It’s your bet.”

Harlow was watching as the girl began licking the head of his cock and took a moment to refocus on the game. He placed his bet and groaned as the girl wrapped her lips around the tip and began sucking. Her tongue expertly teased the opening. Harlow scooted to the edge of his seat, pushing his dick deeper into her mouth, as it came his turn to up the ante. He swallowed with difficulty and threw some additional chips on the table. His vision swam as he attempted to focus on the cards. The girl’s mouth quickened, sucking harder on his lengthening cock. “Fuck,” he growled, placing his free hand on her head to hold her in place. Across the table, Riker grinned knowingly, calmly raising the bet.

Ted folded first, frustration on his face. Ivan calmly pulled out next. Harlow was sweating and had loosened the collar of his shirt. His breathing was labored. “I’m done,” he announced, laying his cards on the table. As soon as he pulled out of the round, the girl pulled back, releasing his cock from her talented mouth. “What the fuck?” he snapped, looking down in surprise and disappointment.

“Those are the rules,” Ivan explained. “Winner gets a prize, but only as long as you are alive in the next round.”

Mila quietly threw chips on the stack. Her steely blue eyes were focused on Riker’s face. Riker studied her unreadable expression. “I call,” he said, matching her bet and spreading his cards. “Four of a kind, sevens.”

A smile broke on Mila’s face. Under the table, her legs opened. “Come on, baby,” she said as she spread her cards across the table, revealing an ace, king, queen, jack, and ten of hearts. She carefully stacked her winnings before she gathered all of the cards and shuffled them.

Underneath the table, the girl had already shifted. She licked the inside of Mila’s thighs, working her way toward the juncture of the woman’s long legs. Mila kept her mound trimmed and the girl used the tip of her tongue to weave among the tight curls. Mila did not respond as she dealt the next hand. The girl moved her tongue to Mila’s slit, lapping up and down slowly. As the group around the table began placing their bets, Mila opened her legs wider and the girl’s tongue dipped between her swollen lips.

Her tongue found Mila’s clit and circled it, working closer to the bud with each rotation. Mila did not react when the girl finally reached her sensitive button. The girl began lapping against her clit. The players raised their bets and got new cards. For a moment, the room was silent except for the soft sound of the girl licking Mila. Ted fidgeted and Harlow cleared his throat. Ted folded immediately, choosing to save his money for a better round. The girl licked faster as Harlow and Ivan raised the bet. Mila answered and Riker folded. Ivan knew Mila, so he folded the next round. Harlow eagerly raised the bet one more time and Mila called. Her three of a kind beat his two pair and she prepared to deal again.

The girl did not pause in her ministrations to the woman. She curled her tongue and found Mila’s opening. She started thrusting in and out, curling her tongue inside Mila’s deep canal. Mila remained calm as the game continued. Ted and Ivan played cautiously, waiting until Mila’s luck was spent, but Harlow was not as wise. In his eagerness to have the girl finish the job on him, he bet high on weak hands. Each round, his pile of chips grew smaller and he became more agitated.

Underneath the table, the girl did not relent in her assault on Mila’s throbbing pussy. She thrust her tongue in and out of the blonde’s tunnel and rubbed the goddess’s clit with her talented tongue. Mila was wet and the sound of the girl licking grew louder. She removed her jacket and unbuttoned the top three buttons of her silk blouse. Her nipples pressed against the smooth material, but her breathing remained carefully controlled.

Riker did not react until Mila won the fourth hand in a row. His eyes narrowed and he leaned forward, watching her every move as she dealt the cards. Harlow folded quickly, finally realizing that Mila was on a roll. Riker’s concentration on Mila distracted him from Ivan. Ted also folded, his eyes flickering nervously at Riker. The host of the party was tense.

Mila’s body started rocking on the chair as the betting increased, the motion rubbing her pussy against the girl’s face. Her eyes glistened and her breasts rose and fell rapidly. Riker kept pushing her bet higher and Ivan stayed with them. “I call,” Riker finally growled, flipping over his cards. “Two pair.”

Mila moaned, dropping her cards. “I have three of a kind.” Her voice caught and she leaned back in her chair. “Oh, yes. Jesus.” She looked down at the girl underneath the table. The girl was on her hands and knees and gazing up at Mila with adoration, her lips and chin glistening with Mila’s juices. “Come on, baby,” she panted. “More.”

Riker pushed away from the table as the girl started to inch forward, but Ivan’s voice stopped them all. “Mila, you can never bluff when you are cumming. I have a straight.” The girl moved to Ivan, her tongue swirling around the head of his stiffening cock. Riker came back to the table, drumming his fingers on the table as Ivan smiled and began dealing a new hand. The girl licked his cock from base to tip and then circled the fat tip. She rubbed her tongue on his balls as the next hand proceeded.

Ivan didn’t have the control that Mila did. By the middle of the hand, he was rocking back and forth, thrusting his cock in and out of the girl’s mouth. He didn’t fold, but Ted finally had a lucky round and won. The girl knew Ted. She knew he didn’t need the extra attention that Mila and Ivan required. She took his whole hard cock into her mouth, working the head into her throat. She started sucking immediately and Ted stiffened. Her head started bobbing as he dealt the cards. The head of his cock moved in and out of her throat and he exploded in her mouth before they finished the round. Ivan won and she went back to licking him, avoiding his cock each time he tried to thrust into her mouth.

Ivan’s distraction gave Harlow the opening he needed. He finally won a second hand and eagerly sat up straight, shifting to the edge of his chair so that the girl could have full access. She didn’t attack full force. She lightly teased him with her lips, kissing along his throbbing shaft. She didn’t lick him or suck him. She kissed his heavy balls and when he won a second round, she took him in her mouth. He bucked upward, his balls slapping her chin. He half stood as he thrust in and out of her mouth. He kept betting and was out of money by the end of the round.

The girl sat back on her heels, cum dripping down her chin, as Harlow recovered. “Jesus,” he groaned. “How often do you all do this?”

Riker laughed as he laid down his hand of cards, finally winning a round. “Fuck,” Ivan growled, throwing his cards across the table. Riker reached under the table and lowered the zipper of his jeans. He freed his cock and waved it teasingly at the girl underneath the table. She moaned softly as she crawled to him, the first sound she had made all evening. She began licking him, her tongue lapping up and down his lengthening rod. He collected his winnings and began dealing the next round. She rubbed her tongue over every exposed piece of skin as the betting increased.

“This hand sucks,” Mila groaned, folding early. She slid back her chair, her eyes dropping to watch beneath the table. She unbuttoned another button on her silk blouse and slipped her hand inside, massaging her breast as she watched the girl please her master. Her small hand was stroking his thick shaft as her tongue rubbed his heavy balls. She was taking her time with him, and as a result, Riker had no problem keeping his concentration focused for a second victory.

“That’s it for me,” Ted announced. “I’m done for the night. Come on, Harlow, I’ll buy you a beer and help you come up with a reason to tell your girlfriend you lost a thousand bucks tonight.” He stood and put on his pants. Harlow reluctantly stood. Ivan grunted in farewell, nervously looking at his new cards. Mila smiled warmly at both of them and assured them she would look forward to the next game.

“Thanks for coming, gentlemen…and for cumming,” Riker chuckled. The girl was sucking on the head of his cock now, her lips moving up and down as she continued to lick the tip. Riker didn’t seem to notice. “Ante up,” he ordered the two remaining players. The sound of chips hitting the pile and the girl’s mouth moving slowly over Riker was the only sound in the room as they examined their cards. Ted and Harlow exited and Riker winked at Mila. “I think he had a good time.”

“I almost felt guilty taking his money,” she replied. “But only almost.” She whistled low. “Baby, I hope you are ready for some more pussy.”

“Dammit,” Ivan growled, throwing his cards down again.

Riker lifted one eyebrow at Mila. “I think you are bluffing.”

“Then put your money where your mouth is.”

“If I win, you have to take off your shirt for the rest of the night.”

“If I win, I get to take the bitch home with me for the weekend.”

They stared at each other in silence, each daring the other to blink and reveal their true hand. Riker leaned forward, his hand on the girl’s head as it bobbed in his lap. He knew she was listening to the conversation. “If I win, you stay the weekend here.”

Mila’s breasts were rising and falling as the competition intensified. “If I win, you take off all of your clothes.”

“Call,” he ordered, not laying down his cards yet.

“Call,” she answered. They both laid down their cards, watching each other instead of the game. The girl was working faster on Riker, caught up in the excitement of the bet, her eyes on Mila.

Riker did not have a good hand. He only had one pair. One pair didn’t beat anything but a high card hand. Mila laughed and took off her shirt, revealing her large, firm globes. He licked his lips in admiration and anticipation. “I knew you were bluffing,” he declared. “You give yourself away too easily.”

Instead of dealing a new hand, Riker was staring at Mila, admiring her pale breasts and large, brown nipples. The girl was working a little faster, taking Riker’s entire dick in her mouth, then sliding up until just the head was between her lips before swallowing it again. Mila leaned back, allowing him a full view. “Come on, dammit, Riker, quit drooling and deal again.”

Mila turned her attention to Ivan with a frown. “So rude. I think you owe Riker an apology.”

Ivan looked like he was about to argue with her. In the end, he mumbled, “Yes, Ma’am. Sorry, Riker.”

“Sorry, Riker, Sir,” she stated expectantly.

“Sorry, Riker, Sir.” Ivan bowed his head and scooted close to the table, staring at it until Riker finally dealt the next hand.

He only dealt cards to himself and Mila. Ivan did not say a word. “This game for the skirt?” Riker asked casually as he looked at his cards. The girl had slowed down on him again. She was using the tip of her tongue to trace the veins in his thick member.

“Pants?” she prompted. He nodded and they both picked up their cards. The room was silent as they arranged the cards in their hands. Each of them laid down some cards and took more from the deck. They could hear the soft sounds of the girl’s mouth at work but Riker was still showing no reaction to her attention. The sound of chips landing on the table became the next sound in the room. Riker raised one eyebrow and nodded his head. Mila laid down her cards, revealing five black clubs. Riker smiled and spread four sevens across the table.

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