At Home with the Rothwells

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Bethany Rothwell lies naked on her bed listening through her headphones to her favorite Patsy Cline CD, enjoying it yet with her usual sense of sadness that such a wonderful singer should have died so tragically in a plane crash. And so long ago now, too, more than forty years, 5th March 1963 to be precise, long before Bethany was born though Patsy’s superbly extravagant voice and the evergreen songs still sound as fresh and invigorating today as they did when they were first recorded.

As the last track comes to an end, Bethany reluctantly switches off the stereo and places the headset on the bedside table. Immediately, the sounds of a different kind assail her ears as grunts and groans of pleasure come drifting up from the garden through the open bedroom window.

Smiling, Bethany slips off her bed and hurries across to the window and peers out. The hot scene which greets her doesn’t surprise her at all. There, in the secluded garden under the early morning sun, her grandmother Audrey and mother Lauren are giving her younger sexy brother Kyle alternate blowjobs. The action taking place between the three family members, all naked like Bethany, is so intense that, almost without thinking, Bethany lets a hand stray south and she begins to finger her fanny while the late great Patsy Cline is temporarily forgotten.

“Fucking hell,” Bethany says to herself as Kyle’s balls disappear inside his mother’s mouth while his grandmother continues to lick along the thick seven or so inches of his stiff pole, “this family is incredible.”

Bethany isn’t the only ones to hear the sounds of sex emanating from the garden. Her father John, emerging from the shower, hears them as soon as he turns the jets off. The bathroom window does not overlook the garden so he towels himself quickly and then walks completely nude out onto the landing to see what is going on. By the time John gets to the window, Audrey, Lauren and Kyle have changed positions with Audrey lying back on the sun lounge with her legs in the air, her grandson’s head buried in her hot steaming muff while Lauren is on her knees behind Kyle, licking the crack of her son’s asshole.

John’s prick swells to become fully engorged, matching his son Kyle’s impressive hard-on every inch of the way in both length and girth, as he watches his mother, wife and son enjoying a very hot threesome.

“Fuck,” says the forever horny John to himself, “I’ve gotta have some action, too. I wonder where Bethany is.”

The question answers itself a few seconds later as, making his naked way down the hall with his outstretched cock leading the way, John notices the door to his daughter’s room is ajar and, knowing Bethany will not disapprove, he sticks his head into the room. Straightaway, he is greeted by the wondrous sight of Bethany’s succulently smooth bare ass sticking up in the air as she leans out the window, craning her neck to get a better view of the action outside and all the time continuing to finger fuck her fanny.

“Hi, honeybunch,” John says, using his pet name for his daughter and after he has ogled her naked frame for several moments, licking his lips at the sight of Bethany’s delectable bum as she plays with herself. Bethany’s ass cheeks are soft and round and complemented by a divinely long cleft.

“Sounds like there’s a lot of fun going on out there,” says John, advancing a few steps into the bedroom.

Bethany brings her head back through the window and turns and smiles at her father, not batting an eyelid that they are both completely nude and that John is standing there with his hard throbbing cock in his hand.

“Hi, dad,” Bethany says, smiling with joy to see her father so aroused and enjoying again the thrill of being likewise full frontal nude before him with no feelings of shame nor embarrassment whatsoever, “gran and mom have been sucking off Kyle but now Kyle’s giving gran a tongue job.”

“So I saw from the landing,” replies John, “and his mom is licking his ass, too.”

“Yeah, dad,” says Bethany, “its really hot. And that big cock of yours looks like it could do with some attention, too. May I?”

“Thought you’d never ask,” laughs John as Bethany hurries over to him, pressing her naked body up against that of her equally naked father. They kiss deeply, snaking their tongues into each other’s mouths in a long incestuous kiss, as John’s hands reach round and begin to explore, not for the first time, his daughter’s magnificent buttocks.

“You’ve got a fabulous ass, honeybunch,” says John, enjoying once again the texture and feel of the silky soft rumps in his eager hands.

“And you’ve got a beautiful prick, dad,” replies Bethany, dropping to her knees as John relinquishes his grip on her buns and she cups her father’s balls in her right hand as her eyes scrutinise the hard twitching rod standing erect and proud right in front of her eyes.

“Just like Kyle has,” Bethany goes on as an image of her brother’s hard prick appears briefly in Ankara bayan escort her mind’s eye, accompanied by memories of the tremendous fucking Kyle gave her the night before at the latest of the Rothwell family’s frequent gangbangs with everybody present in several scintillating hours of hardcore incestuous sex.

“A sure case of like father, like son, eh?” laughs John, peeling back his foreskin and exposing the bulbous head of his prick, slick with pre-cum.

“Certainly is, dad,” says Bethany, “but right now, I think yours is the most beautiful prick in the world.”

“Thank you, honeybunch,” replies John, “it’s all yours, baby.”

Bethany doesn’t need any further encouragement, she leans forward, opens her mouth and quickly takes her father’s morning wood into her mouth, sliding it across her tongue and savoring the taste of pre-cum as the head comes to rest at the back of her throat. John gasps as Bethany once again begins to demonstrate her cock sucking skills.

“Oh yes, Beth,” John says, placing his hands on his daughter’s head and running his fingers through her soft auburb hair, “that’s wonderful, honeybunch, you really know how to suck. My cock feels so good in your hot wet mouth.”

Bethany can only grunt in reply, not willing to relinquish her father’s delicious hard-on from between her lips for even a few seconds. John gasps as Bethany continues treating him to another of her superb blowjobs, she just gets better and better, and his groans are accompanied by the screams of pleasure from outside as his mother continues enjoying the administrations of his son …


As Bethany continues to blowjob her father, Kyle is in paradise as he runs his tongue jubilantly along the sweet-tasting groove of his grandmother’s gaping pussy, allowing him to lick and kiss deep inside Audrey’s love box while simultaneously enjoying the thrill of a good ass rimming from his mother. Lauren now has her tongue deep in her son’s asshole.

“Oh yes, babe,” says Audrey, placing her hands on her grandson’s head as his tongue runs circles around her old swollen clit, “you are so good at this.”

Kyle smiles, delighted and proud to know that he is the perpetrator of his grandmother’s intense pleasure. “It’s a privelege, gran,” he says, smiling up at her, “I love licking your cunt.”

“And I love you licking it too, sweetheart,” replies Audrey, drawing Kyle’s face back towards her gaping gash.

“Yeah,” says Lauren, sliding her tongue out of Kyle’s asshole for a few moments and smiling at her mother-in-law, “and I love licking his ass.”

Kyle looks over his shoulder and smiles broadly at Lauren. “I love you licking my ass, too, mom,” he says, “so get your tongue back in there and lick it hard.”

Lauren doesn’t waste a second as Kyle spreads his ass cheeks and opens up his hole as wide as he can, exposing his inner sanctum to his mother. As Lauren plows her tongue back into her son’s sweet pink-puckered fuck hole, Kyle turns his head back to Audrey’s old but still beuatiful pussy and inhales deeply, enjoying the scent of the old lady’s feminine aroma as her juices start to flow, smearing Kyle’s face with her sweet-tasting nectar.

Back upstairs, Bethany is still on her knees sucking her father’s cock and has been doing so without stop for ten minutes or more, alternating every now and then to lick and taste John’s big sweaty balls, devouring them like a thing possessed. Bethany loves having a cock or a set of balls in her mouth, be they her father’s or brother’s – and, at one time, her late grandfather’s – and over the five years since she became old enough to participate in the family orgies, she has perfected her technique and is now as accomplished a cock sucker as her mother and grandmother.

John is on cloud nine; he is a very happy dad and is so proud of his beautiful sexy slut of a daughter, especially when she is treating him to such a stupendous blowjob like the one she is happily bestowing on him at this very moment. John’s prick is his pride and joy and now, in its aroused state, is the sole focus of Bethany’s loving attention as she alternates between licking hungrily along the paternal shaft and taking it all the way into her talented mouth. It is so nice, John thinks as Bethany once again goes down on his balls, that he and Lauren’s now adult daughter and son have inherited their love of hot passionate sex but in a family like theirs, this is more like first nature than second.

John eventually hauls Bethany to her feet and cups her voluptuous tits in his hands, gazing down at the dark aureoles and the nipples which are standing out firm as Bethany’s excitement increases.

“Your boobs are beautiful, honeybunch,” says John, kneading them in his hands before declining his head and licking and sucking each one in turn, cramming as much of them into his mouth as possible and tasting the erect nipples.

“As beautiful as mom’s and gran’s?” asks Bethany, grinning impishly.

“Now Escort bayan Ankara that would be telling,” replies her father, “but you’re all beautiful in your own ways.”

Taking Bethany’s hand, John leads his daughter over to the bed and they climb onto it and quickly get into the sixty-nine position. As Bethany lowers her cunt onto her father’s mouth, her head comes down on his prick. She begins sucking again, harder than she did when she was on her knees, her face cheeks puffing out and gagging and gasping all at once as John flicks his tongue up, down and over Bethany’s twenty-three years old pussy and enjoying the thrill as he slurps it over his offspring’s clit which is sticking out like a small cock …


“Sounds like my son and granddaughter are having some fun, too,” says Audrey, glancing up at the wondow while still being licked by Kyle as Bethany’s cries come floating down to the garden. “Maybe we should go and join them.”

“No, Audrey,” says Lauren, treating her mother-in-law to a look of mild reproach, “we had a nice family orgy last night and we’ll have another one tonight, I’m sure. But for now, leave them be. Besides, I’m enjoying our little scenario here.”

“Well then,” replies Audrey, “in that case, we might as well get on with it. Why don’t you fuck your son’s nice tight ass with your dildo until his dad can give him the real thing? I want to see my grandson take it up the ass.”

“Oh yeah, mom,” says Kyle excitedly, removing his tongue from his grandmother’s pussy and jumping up and turning to face his mother, proudly displaying to her his erect penis which is so hard it points directly up at the sky, as hard as granite, complemented by his large scrotum nestling in a fuzz of hot sweaty pubes, “you know I love being fucked, especially when gran is watching.”

“Well, OK then,” says Lauren, smiling, “but wouldn’t you like to wait until later and get a proper fuck from your father?”

“It’s great getting fucked by a proper prick like dad’s,” replies Kyle, “but you’re just as great a fucker, mom, with your plastic prick,” he continues, giggling.

“Yes,” says Audrey, as images of the previous night’s party come into her mind’s eye when Kyle had been fucked by both his mother and father and he had returned the compliment on them and his sister, putting on a superb sex show for the family matriarch.

“OK then,” says Lauren who is now feeling more horny than ever at the prospect of once again fucking her son’s divine twenty-one years old asshole with her strap-on and less than twenty-four hours since the last time, “if that’s what you want, I’ll go and get it.”

Before doing so, however, Lauren leans in and gives Kyle’s prick a quick suck and his balls a lick, then reluctantly relinquishes her son’s tasty rod from her mouth and, standing, turns and heads off towards the house.

“Back in a mo’,” says Lauren, looking over her shoulder and smiling as Audrey resumes licking and sucking her grandson’s sumptuous prick and huge balls while, simultaneously, Kyle feels his mouth fill with saliva as he watches his mother’s sexy bare ass cheeks swaying, deciding then to make sure he gives her another good cunt and ass fucking before the morning is much further advanced. But right now, even though he is very much enjoying Audrey’s attentions, he wants to feel his mother’s strap-on in his ass and the anticipation increases his excitement tenfold as more screams and cries come wafting down from the window of Bethany’s bedroom …


“Wow, dad,” says Bethany, as the long hard sixty-nine she and John have been enjoying comes to an end and she lies back on the bed and lifts her legs in the air, “that was brilliant. I sure am pleased I belong to such a wonderful family like ours.”

“Yeah, honeybunch,” replies John, “a wonderful incest family. There’s no other sex like it,” he adds as he spreads his daughter’s labia with his hands, exposing the folds of pussy skin now slick and wet with sex juice and gazing with pride and admiration at Bethany’s womanhood as if he is seeing it for the very first time.

“I’m so proud of you, Beth,” says John, “and I’d like to lick your pussy again.”

“Of course you can, dad,” replies Bethany, “I’d be annoyed if you didn’t.”

“Always polite to ask first,” replies John as he lowers his head and once more sticks out his long pink tongue to give Bethany some further hot cunnilingus, something there is always plenty of whenever John and his daughter make love to each other, which is practically every day. John knows Bethany likes to be licked hard and he gives it everything he has, pressing his tongue into the eagerly awaiting cunt and lapping up the scent and taste of his own daughter’s delectable pussy while gratified to hear Bethany responding to the onslaught with little whimpers of pleasure.

“Oh, dad!” cries Bethany, fondling her tits as all kinds of thrills engulf her body, her excitement now at fever pitch, “you are such a great cunt licker. Bayan escort Ankara Please don’t stop.”

John continues to lick and kiss every inch of Bethany’s cunt for a good quarter of an hour, during which time Lauren passes the door on her way to her and John’s bedroom to look for her strap-on. She sticks her head through the door of Bethany’s room and smiles at the sight of her husband licking their daughter’s pussy.

“That looks great,” says Lauren, furiously fingering her fanny and licking her lips at the hot taboo action being played out right in front of her, “we can hear you out in the garden.”

“Yeah, mom, we can hear you, gran and Kyle, too,” gasps Bethany as another thrust from her father’s tongue penetrates the deepest darkest recesses of her cunt. “Dad’s giving me a great cunt licking,” she adds, unnecessarily, “he’s so good at it.”

“You don’t have to tell me that, darling,” laughs Lauren, feasting her eyes on her husband’s beautiful bare buttocks as memories of the many thousands of times John must have licked her in exactly the same way in the last twenty-three years or so, come back to her. “I’d love to join you but Kyle’s waiting for me to fuck his asshole with my strap-on.”

“Don’t let us stop you,” laughs John, looking up and glancing over his shoulder and smiling at his wife before turning his attention back to Bethany, “go and give our son the thrill of his life.”

“Yeah, mom,” adds Bethany, “just like dad’s giving me.”

Lauren smiles as she makes to leave. She would have loved to have lingered longer for some hot incestuous lesbianism with Bethany, licking her daughter’s pussy and sucking her tits while her husband watches in a nice hot mom, dad and daughter threesome but she doesn’t want to keep Kyle waiting and is also mindful of her earlier comment to Audrey to leave John and Bethany to themselves. So, reluctantly, she hurries to her and John’s room and find the strap-on in a drawer of her dressing table and then just as hurriedly runs back down the stairs, crying a cheery “have fun” to John and Bethany as she passes, Bethany’s cries accompanied by the sounds of Audrey giving Kyle a blowjob out in the garden …


Lauren fixes the strap-on around her middle as she re-enters the garden and walks towards Audrey and Kyle, her large tits swaying in the soft morning breeze and smiling at the sensational sight of her gorgeous adult son with his beautiful bare ass on show and his aroused prick buried deep in his grandmother’s mouth, his exceptionally large balls slapping hard against Audrey’s chin. Audrey has kept Kyle happy with a non-stop series of blowjobs and ass licks while Lauren went to get the strap-on. Now, Audrey lifts her ancient body off the sun lounge so that her grandson can position himself there to receive his mother’s prick.

“Get on your hands and knees, sweetheart,” says Audrey to Kyle, “and stick that fabulous masculine ass of yours in the air. Lauren, come over here and fuck your son’s ass.”

“That’s exactly what I intend to do,” says Lauren, moving up closely behind Kyle and kneeling down to get a bird’s eye view of her son’s firm protruding ass cheeks and the long narrow slit of his crack. Lauren, like Audrey, has a real fetish for the male ass and is always looking at her son’s bottom, even when he is dressed though, in a family like the Rothwells, that isn’t very often.

“But first,” Lauren continues, unscrewing the tube of KY she has also brought with her, “his asshole needs some lubricating. Spread your cheeks, son, and let mom grease you up to make it go in easier. Open up your hole.”

“Sure, mom,” replies Kyle, clasping his buns with his hands and once again spreading them wide and winking his rosebud to his mother, enjoying the same overwhelming thrill of excitement that Bethany feels when she showcases her cunt to her father. The fact that society frowns on incest only serves to heighten the intensity and spiciness of the proceedings for every member of this particular family.

“Don’t take too long, mom,” says Kyle, “I really need a good fucking. Now!”

“This won’t take a minute, sweetheart,” says Lauren as she works up a wad of saliva in her mouth and then spits the spit into her son’s asshole, admiring the thin little lines which have formed on the walls of Kyle’s ass, either side of his anal orifice as he continues to stretch his cheeks with his hands. Audrey kneels down next to her daughter-in-law and does the same, sending a further long gob of spit into her grandson’s exposed asshole.

Lauren puts a couple of the fingers of her right hand into Kyle’s ass and smears the KY around, mixing it with the spit and then deftly starts to insert the strap-on into the waiting hole.

Upstairs in the house, John looks up from licking Bethany’s cunt as he hears his son moaning through the open window. He jumps up and takes Bethany by the hand, hauling her to her feet, and together father and daughter move over to the window to watch the other members of the family going at it as if the world is about to end and they have to get as much enjoyment as possible from their bodies before it does.

“Look at that, dad,” says Bethany in delight, “look at mom fucking Kyle’s tight ass.”

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