Astrid’s Adventure

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Big Tits

The first spurt landed across her forehead, and into her blonde hair, the second was across her left eye and nose, and the third was between her half open lips and tongue. The taste was familiar.

As he stepped back, the next guy took his place. His cock was inches from her face, and through sticky eyelids she saw his hand moving swiftly up and down.

She heard the familiar ‘grunt’ and the jet of spunk entered her mouth at the same time as the head of his cock. He jerked three times, pumping the salty liquid to the back of her mouth. He produced so much, it dribbled out between her lips, and ran down her chin, dropping onto the smeared pool of semen across her breasts.

This bukkake party was the beginning of a journey, a journey intended to take Astrid towards her fantasy of a gangbang. Her close friend Stella had arranged today as a courageous first step.

After her messy divorce eighteen months before, she had moved in with Stella while the marital home was sold. Astrid was a curvy, fifty something blonde. Her kids were grown up, and when the separation and divorce happened, her friend Stella had taken her under her wing, because she had gone through the same thing a couple of years earlier. But two horny women in their fifties, living together alone, was a recipe for naughtiness.

Stella had been on the swinging scene for several years. When Astrid moved in it was a revelation for her. Learning from Stella about some of her adventures, and then finally being introduced to some of her swinging friends. It was too great a temptation to a frustrated Astrid.

And so to today. Astrid had revealed a long term fantasy, to be gangbanged. But she wasn’t sure if she was brave enough to go through with it.

Stella suggested a staged approach. At a local swingers club they held ‘greedy girls’ aftenoons, bukkake parties, and gangbangs.

Both of them went to watch a bukkake one afternoon, Astrid found it arousing, and so that is how it all came about.

The rules had been no touching. Astrid would be naked on a couch. The ten guys line up, and in turn, wank their cocks over her face.

As the tenth guy emptied himself over her face, Astrid wondered what a sight she must look. She allowed Stella to take a couple of photos on her phone, and she would see them later.

A few minutes afterwards, she was showering, and the buzz that she felt was an exciting feeling.

When Stella came into the changing room, and said, with a broad smile, “You ready for a gangbang you naughty girl?”

Stella replied, “It’s certainly made me think I’m brave enough.”

“Well, the gangbang they’ve got planned here for tomorrow; the woman has cried off. They need a replacement, so I suggested you! Decision time!”

“Oh god Stella, you can’t expect me to decide so soon.”

“It’s a perfect opportunity, while you’re horned up,” Stella raised her eyebrows.

Astrid took a deep breath. “Ok, say yes.”

And bursa escort so it came to be.

Astrid hardly slept that night. It had been quite a day, and there was still the taste of semen in her mouth to remind her.

Her, and Stella had discussed the gangbang long into the night.

Stella had taken part in a gangbang herself, twice before. Once by arrangement, and once by circumstance. She explained to Astrid how this one would proceed.

It would be at the club, in the same room, on the same couch. She would be blindfolded, but Stella and the club ‘bouncer’ would be present.

There would be no more than ten guys, possibly less.

There would be no violent conduct, no anal play, but she would be expected to perform oral. There would be a ‘safe’ word.

Stella told her about her own experience, and Astrid felt a bit happier after that.

This morning, in the cold light of day, she wasn’t so sure.

She had a long soak in a hot bath, she shaved her pussy, and legs, and massaged cream into her skin. She looked at herself in the mirror, and wondered that, although she was ‘curvy,’ men still found her sexy, and good in bed.

Eventually the time came to leave, she was dressed in black lingerie, black hold up stockings, high heels, and a tight black dress. She carried a bag with a complete change of clothes.

Stella drove, and throughout the journey Astrid remained very quiet.

“You sure you want to do this?” Stella said just before they arrived at the club.

With slight hesitation Astrid replied, “Yep, it’s now or never.”

They parked up, and entered the club.

At the bar there were three guys drinking beer, who looked over as Astrid and Stella were ushered into a side lounge, by Rachel, the club co-owner. They obviously were some of the group who were going to be taking part, and it made Astrid’s heart beat faster.

Rachel questioned Astrid about her readiness, and reiterated what Stella had told her. They agreed a safe word, and Rachel poured her a stiff drink, and said that the men had started to arrive. They would be ready to go in about twenty minutes.

It was a long twenty minutes. Stella was constantly talking, and reassuring her, until Rachel returned.

“There are seven guys who have turned up, three no shows, which is often the case. I know them all. They have done this here before, so I have no concerns, have you?”

Astrid replied, “No, let’s get on with it.”

Rachel picked up a long black blindfold, and went behind Astrid, and tied it tightly behind her head.

“You will be quite safe with me and Stella guiding you.” And they both took her hands, and left the room slowly. Along the corridor was the room where the bukkake took place the day before.

On entering Astrid immediately became aware of others in the room. There was an air of expectation, and some soft murmurings of approval. The room was full of testosterone.

Rachel bursa escort bayan made one announcement.

“Gentlemen, this is Astrid, who will be entertaining you today. It’s her first time so be gentle with her.”

There was a slight chuckle from a few of the men, and then Astrid felt the closeness of someone on either side of her.

In her blindfold, the feeling of vulnerability, and almost helplessness flooded through her. But she knew both Stella and Rachel were there.

And then she felt a hand, several hands. One touching her breast, one stroking her ass, and another unzipping her dress.

As the dress dropped to the floor, she felt someone behind her kissing her neck, and as this man unclipped her bra, another took one of her nipples into his mouth.

It was now that her body started to react. She felt her pussy warming, and moistening. Her nipples grew hard. Her heartbeat was racing, and she heard herself moan quietly.

She felt one of the guys moving her gently towards the couch. She was turned around, and she felt the leather up against the back of her thighs. As she was pushed backwards, and lay back, her panties were slid down and off. She was now totally naked, apart from the black hold ups.

She felt her legs being lifted, and parted, and the unmistakable feeling of the rough stubble of a guys chin against her inner thighs. At the same moment a tongue probing the inner folds of her pussy.

Just as she sighed with pleasure, her head was pulled to the side, and a cock pushed into her mouth.

She started to suck the head of the cock, wondering what the guy was like. But as she was enjoying the thrill of this, she experienced the thrill of the tongue running over her clit.

Her body squirmed, and as the pleasure increased, she felt the guy move his body between her thighs, and press his cock against her pussy lips. In a second he was inside her, thrusting, grunting, moving quite quickly. He couldn’t last. She felt him starting to cum. The familiar warm sensation as spunk was spurted inside her.

He withdrew, and she felt another body between her thighs, and another cock slide straight inside. This guy was in a hurry. He pounded in and out, his balls slapping against her ass, and within two minutes he had cum.

Already two guys had fucked her and cum without her getting even close to an orgasm. It seemed very mechanical, and anonymous.

She continued to suck first one cock, then another. The third guy was now pulling her legs over his shoulders. She wondered how he would cope with her pussy, which seemed to be eating cocks up to now.

She felt him against her pussy. She expected him to enter straight away, but as he pushed, she quickly realised that he was very thick, very, very thick.

Her pussy stretched, and as the head of his cock prised itself inside, she pulled her face from the cock she was sucking, and cried out, “Fuck, fuck.”

The escort bursa guy had his hands gripping either side of her hips, pulling her onto him. He had positioned himself so that his cock, lubricated by Astrid’s pussy juices and semen, was massaging her clit as he thrust in and out.

Astrid was now focused. This guy knew what he was doing. He knew from her response that he had her. He was taking her all the way.

Her hands were gripping the sides of the couch, and with a loud cry of ecstasy she began to cum.

“That’s right baby,” she heard the guy say. “Take it like a slut.”

That shocked her, being called a slut, which, of course, she was being one. But as her orgasm was waning, he was jerking inside her, emptying himself.

As he stepped aside, Astrid was fed another cock by someone standing at her shoulder. She took it into in her mouth, and as she sucked she tasted the precum. The guy must have been wanking, watching her as she came. With not much delay, he started to cum in her mouth. She wasn’t expecting it, so much was happening at the same time.

Swallowing the spunk at the same time as a fourth guy fucking you was a pretty novel event.

The guy fucking Astrid now continued for several minutes, but then withdrawing, he told her to get on all fours so that he could do her ‘doggystyle.’

She obeyed, turning over, onto her knees, and spreading her legs. As she did so, she felt some of the semen inside her dripping onto the couch. In this position some of it was also oozing down her inner thighs.

She was entered again, and the steady thrusting rocked her back and forth, which suited the guy with his cock in her mouth. This was the classic ‘spit roasting’ that Astrid had always fantasised about.

When eventually he came the guy being sucked replaced him and thanks to her expert oral skills he didn’t last long.

Only one guy was left. Astrid deduced from his accent that he was a black guy, and that would be another first.

He placed her on her back once again, and spreading her legs, he rammed into her. He was big, but also was able to press all of Astrid’s buttons. He found a rhythm that brought her very quickly to another orgasm.

Her body was tiring now, and all she wanted was for this guy to cum. He was taking an age. But he did cum, and her pussy was filled again.

As she lay there, exhausted, the room emptied, but there was a last surprise.

Still blindfolded, she felt someone gently pressing there head between her thighs.

A tongue started to lap at her pussy, a pussy that was dripping semen. The tongue lapped over her clit and she gasped.

Realisation dawned, it was Stella.

“God Stella, you filthy bitch. I never imagined…” The words drifted away as Astrid started to cum for a third time that afternoon.

Shuddering in orgasm and confused, she ripped off her blindfold, and half blinded by the light, focussed long enough to watch Stella, her mouth smeared with spunk, lean forward and kiss her.

It wasn’t the first time they’d kissed, but in these circumstances it was the most thrilling and erotic.

How could they top this?

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