Asked to Flash ( fun on my own)

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Asked to Flash ( fun on my own)One day while I was at work my boss came in and said I had to go out of town for a few days to help get our new plant set up. I was about to ask if I could take the wife along if she could get off work. Before I could ask he said the plane tickets and were in here and handed me an envelope and said hotel reservations were all set. I didn’t catch that he said, tickets were in here at first but he called judy in, (a new girl) and said the two of us were going. She sat down and he told us about it and told us to take our time and make sure everything got done right. After they left I called the wife and told her and said I was going to ask if she could come with, she said she would love to but couldn’t get off anyway. When I got home that night we ate and sat relaxing talking about it. I mentioned that judy was going with and the wife asked who that was. I told who she was and what she did when she asked how old she was, I said I really didn’t know but guessed that she was in her early twenties. She just said oh and didn’t say anymore, I told her I didn’t have any choice about it and she said she knew that and it didn’t matter to her I trust you. She didn’t say anything else for a bit then looked at me and said are you going to let her see him and grabbed my cock. I told her no so since I didn’t know her and didnt need to be teasing any girls from work. She didn’t say any more and we sat relaxing till it was time to go to bed. We were laying there and she reached down and started stroking my cock then moved down and started sucking me. She got me rock hard then stopped and looked at me and asked if I wanted her to finish. I said yes and she started sucking again then quit and said don’t you think she would enjoy seeing you like this and held my cock up. I said she probably would but wouldn’t be able too let her see it like this anyway. The wife said well maybe not like this but you could try and let her see it. I asked if she was serious and she said yes I told you before I like to see it and want to hear about it if you do it when im not around. She made me promise that I would try and let her see it before she would finish sucking me off.The night before I had to leave I had to work a bit later with judy and when I got home my wife said I got everything ready for you and pointed to my suitcase. I ate and showered the relaxed a bit and went too bed since I had to be up early. It was three in the morning when I got up and the wife was still sound asleep and I looked and thought how nice it would be to just climb back into bed with her. When I got to the airport I was there before judy and had to wait till she showed up before boarding. I didn’t think she was going to make it but at the last minute she showed up. We took off and talked a little bit but pretty much we both snoozed till we landed. When we landed we got a car and went right to the plant and spent the day working. When we got threw we drove to the hotel and went to our rooms. We had adjoining rooms on the ground floor with a swimming pool inside the building outside our rooms. I knocked on judy’s door and asked what she wanted to do for dinner. She was on the phone but came and answered the door, she said why don’t we just go down to the dining room since she didn’t feel like going anywhere. I agreed and told her that sounded good to me, then said I was going to jump in and take a quick shower. She said ok and I told her türbanlı adapazarı escort to just come over when she was ready and told her I would leave my door open. I went and showered real fast then got an idea and came out and called the wife. I was laying back on the bed with one knee up talking to her, I told her what I was doing and she told me to lay there like that till she came over. It wasn’t long and I saw the door opening and turned my head to look out toward the pool. I acted like I didn’t know she came in and changed the subject and started telling the wife about the rooms. I waited a second the turned my head and saw her standing there looking right at me, she said im sorry and i put my leg down and covered up with my hand and told her I was sorry. She said i’ll wait till your done then said just come over when your ready. When she left the wife asked if she saw and I told her yeah, she said good then said try and let her see you again. I told her I didn’t know if I could but would give it a try if I could. We got off the phone and I got dressed and went over to judy’s room. I apologized again and said the wife called just as I got out of the shower. She said that,s ok and said she should have knocked first. I said it wasn’t her fault, I told her to just come in then said at home I run around nude all the time so i’ll try and remember to keep covered here. We went to dinner and I found out she wasn’t married and was talking to her daughter on the phone when I came over. Nothing more was said about her coming in but after we got back up to our rooms I told her I would leave my door open if she needed anything just come over.I went to bed early and when I got up in the morning I knocked on her door and she was up and ready to go to work. We went to work and spent the day doing what had to be done. On the way home we stopped and had dinner and I mentioned about going in the pool to relax and judy said that would be nice but didn’t bring a suit along. I told her that was no problem we could stop somewhere and she could grab one. She said no at first but after a bit of talking I talked her into it. I didn’t have a suit either but had seen that the wife had packed a couple pair of shorts for me. We stopped and judy went in and got a suit and we went back to the hotel. We go to our rooms and I told judy I would meet her at the pool then went and put on a pair of shorts and went out to the pool. I was in the pool enjoying it when I saw judy some out, at work she would wear baggy clothes so it was hard to tell what she looked like, but she wasn’t too bad looking just a little on the chunky side. She came over and got in and we swam around a bit enjoying the water. We swam awhile then I told her I was going to get out and get a drink and asked if she wanted one. She said sure and I went and got us a couple drinks then went over and sat at a table. She got out a couple minutes later and came over and sat down. We sat talking and I noticed her glancing down at my crotch, when she wasn’t looking I looked down and saw why she was looking. The head of my cock was sticking out showing, I hadn’t planned it but since it was I figured I would have some more fun. I slid my ass forward in the chair a little and felt my shorts pull up some then took one leg and rested it on the support for the table. From the way I was sitting im sure she had a clear view of türbanlı adapazarı escort bayan everything showing up the leg of my shorts. I sat like that and kept watching her looking down checking me out. We would swim a bit then come back out and get another drink and sit there talking and everytime I would try and make sure she got a look. After sitting there showing her and talking she leaned over and said can I ask you something. I told her yeah and she sat a minute then said when I saw you last night, she stopped and I said yeah. She sat there then said you don’t have any hair down there, before she could say anything else I said no then said the wife likes me without any. She said oh then said I have never seen one with no hair before I was just wondering.She didn’t say any more about it and we got up and went in the pool again for awhile then I told her I was going to get another drink and asked if she wanted one. She said no she was starting to feel the ones she already had. I talked her into one more and got out and went to get them. When I did I asked the bartender to make one a bit stronger. Before I came back I tasted them to see and one was a little stronger than the other so I made sure she got it. When I came back I sat down and made sure when she came over she had a good view. She finally came over and sat down and I could tell she was really starting to loosen up, of course I was too. She sat down and while we sat there she would sit looking at me and instead of looking away when I looked at her, it would take her a second to notice before looking away. I wasn’t minding a bit and knowing she was looking I started getting a little excited and felt myself start to come out of my shorts a bit more. When I was sticking out real good she was looking right at me and said I think maybe you should wear underwear. I asked her why and she sat there looking at me and said because your sticking out of your shorts. I looked down and saw my cock sticking out and said I guess its a little late to worry about it now. I looked around then looked at her and said nobody can see but you and you have seen me already. I was looking at her and she was sitting there looking at it and I said it doesn’t bother me if it doesn’t bother you. She didn’t know what to say and said its up too you, I knew I shouldn’t be sitting there showing her but was enjoying it too much. After hearing her say that I figured what the hell she was enjoying it and opened my legs a little farther. We sat there talking and finishing our drinks and she finally said she was going to go take a shower. We went back to our rooms and I stripped and laid back on the bed relaxing. I was laying there watching tv relaxing and started playing with my cock thinking about her checking me out. I was buzzed pretty good and was laying there stroking my cock when I heard a knock on the door from her room. I wanted her too see and laid there stroking away and said come in, she opened the door and saw me laying there and said oh im sorry and started to turn around. I said its ok and asked what she wanted, she wasn’t looking at me but asked if I had any aspirin. I said sure and got up and walked over to the bathroom to get some out of my shaving kit. I looked up in the mirror and saw her standing there looking at me. I got the bottle and came back out to give her some and said sorry but as I said I türbanlı escort adapazarı don’t wear anything at home. I stood right in front of her talking to her and she said do you run around like this when you have company. I told her no and finally told her that the wife enjoys me getting seen and told me to let you see me. She was a bit shocked and said she enjoys you being seen, I told her yeah and she just stood there looking at me. She looked at my cock and then back at me and said I take it you like it too. I told her the first time I did it I wasn’t too sure but then got used to it. She asked how many times I have been seen and I told her just a couple and it was to a friend of the wife’s. She couldn’t believe it and said she had you show off to her friend, I told her yeah.I got an idea and said she wanted me to let her friend watch me get myself off but she never stayed long enough. I told judy the wife likes to see me do it, then said she told me if you saw me she wanted to know all about it. Judy asked why and I told her it gets her excited knowing somebody has seen me. Judy said she is crazy but if that turns her on I guess that’s her thing. I told her the same thing then said it doesn’t bother me as you can tell. She kind of chuckled and said yeah I see that. I stood there looking at her and asked if she would like to help me out. She looked at me funny and asked what I meant, I said she has wanted me to let her friend see me get myself off. Before she could say anything I said since your here can I let you watch. She said she didn’t know about that, I told her I wasn’t going to try anything with her it was just to make the wife happy. She said she didn’t know she would have to think about it. I said that’s fine and she said let me go take these and think about it. She went back to her room and I laid back down on the bed. I looked over and noticed she left the door wide open to our rooms. I started stroking my cock again and laid there waiting to see if she was going to come back. I was laying there and the phone rang, I answered it and it was the wife. I told her about being out at the pool but didn’t tell her I asked if judy wanted to watch me get myself off. She wanted to know all about it, so I told her what I did. I told her if she comes in right now she would get a nice show, she asked why and I told her I was laying on the bed nude stroking my cock. She said I should make some noise and get her to come in. I didn’t tell her the doors were open to our rooms but said I tried that. I could tell she was playing with herself and heard her laugh a little and say just call her and have her come in. I had my eyes closed enjoying myself and talking to her. I was stroking away and opened my eyes and judy was standing in the doorway watching me. I told her judy had the door open and was looking and heard the wife moan. I could tell the wife was getting into it and heard her say play with it baby give her a good show. The wife was moaning playing with herself and asked if she was still watching. I told her yeah and she said show her how good you play with that big cock. I was really enjoying it and waved to judy to come in the room, I thought she may just stay there but she came in and sat down next to me on the bed. I thought I made a mistake and told the wife she just came in the room, the wife said keep going let her see you do it. It only took a couple minutes hearing my wife telling me to let her see and having judy sitting right there watching and I started cumming like crazy. After I was thru judy got up and went back to her room, in the morning I thanked her for last might and she just said your welcome and never said another thing about it. When we finished up that night we got our things and went to the airport and flew home and she never said another thing about it.

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