Asia’s Hotwife Transformation

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Asia’s Hotwife TransformationAsia’s Fantasy 2: Asia’s Hotwife Transformationby Max, Asia, and RLM===========================================================Prologue:In 2009, Max and Asia contacted me to let me know how excited they got when reading some of my posted stories. Max’s unedited e-mail message to me follows:——————Hi RLM,I have been a consistent reader of your stories for a long time and truly appreciate the effort you have put into them. They are truly magnificent.I and my wife both share the fantasy of her being a hot wife even though we have not acted out our fantasies till now. But we do plan to make it real one day.While appreciating your work again we would feel privileged if you can write a story about my hot wife “Asia”. You can use any of our pictures that are available on the links below or else I can provide you with the originals.Max.—————————————-An extensive correspondence followed the receipt of Max’s initial e-mail. The result of this correspondence was the 2009 posting of the story “Asia’s Fantasy”. “Asia’s Fantasy” relates in story form the fantasies Max and Asia enjoyed when contemplating their future lives together. It is now 2017, eight years later, and much of Max and Asia’s lives have unfolded. True to their fantasies, Asia has now become a gorgeous, exotic hot wife. The present story is the result of a second collaboration between us that brings to you the erotic story of how Asia’s transformation occurred. Most of the illustrative photos that accompany the narrative are recent, authentic photos of Asia.Max, Asia, and I hope you enjoy “Asia, Max’s High-heeled Hot Wife” as much as we have enjoyed bringing it to you.———————–===========================================================Erotic Discussions:It was almost 7 PM when Max finally managed to fight his way through the afternoon traffic and reach home. He had no doubt that Asia already had dinner prepared and was getting more and more perturbed by his lateness. As Max parked the car in the driveway, he ran through a list of excuses he might use. The problem was that Asia had already heard most of them and was not going to be impressed nor convinced. By this time, dinner was on the table and getting cold. Shaking his head, Max killed the engine and hurried into the house to confront the firestorm that awaited him.When Max entered the living room, there was no sign of Asia. Even more disturbing was the fact that there was no aroma of prepared food in spite of the late hour nor was anything cooking in the kitchen. When he found no one in the den, panic began to take over. Hurrying down the hallway toward the bedroom, Max wasn’t halfway there when he heard the hot female moans.“AAAHHHH! AAAHHHH! OOOOOHHHHH FUCK! FUCKKKK! OOOOHHHH GOD! RAM THAT BIG COCK INTO ME, MR. BRINTEL!AAAAHHHHHH!! AAAAHHHHHH! FUCK MY HOT CUNT! PLEASE! FUCK ME! FUCK ME!”Instantly, he stopped and listened to his wife gasping and moaning as she begged her lover to fuck her harder. He knew he was supposed to be angry… furious… ready to attack the man fucking his wife. But he also knew that his cock was iron hard and seemed to be getting even harder as his wife told the man that she was about to cum. Cautiously, he peeked around the open doorway. The erotic sight on the bed almost made him ejaculate in his pants.Asia was alone. She was lying in the middle of the bed wearing nothing but a pair of 6-inch pink heels. Her hips were elevated on a pillow as she furiously rammed her large penis vibrator in and out of her gushing cunt. The fingers of her free hand flashed over her engorged clitoris in rapid, circular motions while her hips thrust against the pumping vibrator. As she approached an orgasm, her legs rose until the pink fuck-me heels pointed at the ceiling. Each time she drove the vibe into her throbbing hole, the heels jerked spastically.Asia was masturbating furiously and didn’t stop just because Max had caught her doing it.?As Max stepped into the room, she stared at him through her wide open legs and screamed, “He’s fucking me, Honey… OOoohh gawd… He’s fucking me with his huge cock…. AAAHHHHHH OOOOHHHH, Baby! He’s gonna make your wife cum!”Almost without conscious thought, Max extracted his throbbing cock and began to jack off. “Who’s fucking you? Who’s making you cum?” he gasped as his hand pumped his shaft in perfect time to the vibrator moving in and out of Asia’s vagina.“It’s Mr… Mr… AAAHHHH SHIT! AAHHH! AAAHHH! OOOHHHH! UUUNNGGHH! UUUNNGGHH! HE’S CUMMING IN ME! SHOOTING HIS LOAD INTO YOUR WIFE’S CUNT… AAAAHHHHHH! I’M CUMMMING … CUMMING… UUNNGGHH! UUNNGGHH!”Asia was climaxing so hard she wasn’t able to talk. All she could do was scream and babble as her vagina pulsed and spurted all over the vibrator and bed covers. For the first time, Max noticed that the bed sheets were already soaked. Obviously, his wife had been pleasuring herself for some time. When her orgasm finally ebbed, she ran her tongue sensuously over her lips and said in a passion-filled whisper, “Mr. Brintel is fucking me, Honey. I’m his maid, and he fucks me several times every day. He’s even letting his friend Norman fuck me.”“Who is Brintel and this guy Norman?”“Look at the computer screen, Honey.”As soon as Max turned his attention to the screen, he saw a photo of his wife wearing the sexy, transparent red dress he had bought her. The caption to the photo read, Asia knew she looked like a whorish, hot wife who wanted to be fucked, which was true.?Instantly, he realized that this was the story, “Asia’s Fantasy” that RLM had written about their fantasies.“When was it posted?” he asked as he scanned the story. His hand never stopped sliding up and down his now fully erect cock. The more he read, the faster he jacked off.“I found it around 4 PM. It’s so hot. By the time I had read just a few pages, my pussy was a swamp. When Brintel fucked me for the first time, my clit was so hard that all I had to do was just rub it a little and I exploded in an incredible orgasm. After that, I couldn’t get out of my clothes fast enough. I only stopped long enough to get into my come-fuck-me heels. I’ve been fucking myself with my vibrator and rubbing my clit ever since. I read a page and it gets me so hot, I have to stop and masturbate again. I just can’t believe this story. It’s everything we’ve ever fantasized about, and it’s so damn erotic. I can’t keep my fingers off my cunt.”“I bet you’ve read the story several times already, right?”“NO… I haven’t even gotten halfway through it yet. I just can’t stop fucking myself with my vibe and rubbing my clit. Read it, Honey. Read it! It’s gonna turn your cock into an iron spike. I wanna ride it while we both read the story.”“I can smell your cunt,” Max gasped as he continued to jack off.“Of course you can smell my cunt. Look at the sheets! Stop jacking off! Get naked and get on the bed so I can ride your cock. Oh gawd! I’m so fucking hot! HURRY! DAMN IT! HURRY! My cunt’s on fire!”“What about the story? Shall I turn it off?”“NO!!! I’ll ride you reverse cowgirl and read the story aloud to both of us. You’re gonna flood my cunt as soon as I start reading.”Max stripped in record time and mounted the bed. Instantly, Asia pushed him onto his back and mounted him like she would a sex slave. She gave him no time to do anything. Her hand grasped his engorged shaft and guided it to her dripping vagina. Ramming her hips downward, she engulfed her slave’s full length into the throbbing depths of her cunt.“GGGHHHAAAAHHHH!! YESSS!” she hissed as she fucked herself on Max’s cock. Every time it disappeared into her boiling tunnel, she howled with female heat.“UGH! UGH! UGH! UGH! OOOHHH GOD, BABY, I’M GONNA CUMMMM…!! AAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!”As Asia’s vagina spasmed around Max’s cock, he could feel her juices running over his balls to further soak the sheets. It had taken Asia less than 10 seconds to cum, and Max wasn’t even close to climaxing. He couldn’t resist the urge to tease her.“Wow! That must have taken about 10 seconds. I don’t want to hear any future complaints about my being a jack rabbit when I shoot off too fast.”“I can’t help it that you’re such a hot piece of ass, Honey. Anyway, don’t worry, Honey. I’m not even close to being finished using your big cock. I’m at the part of the story where my employer, Mr. Brintel, is about to fuck me for the first time. Listen to this.” Asia began to read aloud.———————–“Staring directly into his eyes, Asia asked, “Are you going to fuck me now, Mr. Brintel?”As Brintel swabbed his engorged cock head up and down Asia’s sex trench rubbing her erect and throbbing clitoris on every stroke, Asia drew her legs back and groaned.”OOHH! OOHH! OOHH! OOHH! Please, Mr. Brintel. I need it. AAAHHH! AAAHHH! UUNNGGHH! Don’t torture me… Please. I NEED YOUR COCK IN ME!””Where do you need it, Asia?””IN MY CUNT, SIR. EVERYWHERE… ANYWHERE… PLEASE… FUCK MEEE!”Brintel’s cock head pushed into Asia’s vagina. Instant orgasm! She wailed at the top of her voice as her vagina clamped down hard on its invader. Her clitoris danced and pulsed wildly under the friction of the hard shaft. Brintel drove five inches of cock into the howling female. Her legs shot straight up into the air … rigid… her heels quivering, curling back as her ass and cunt holes contracted in hard, violent spasms about her employer’s thick phallus. ———————–“Oh Shit! That’s wild. He’s fucking you! Brintel’s fucking my wife!” Max shouted as he grasped his wife’s hips and pounded his shaft into her hot cunt.“Oh yeah! He’s fucking me! He’s got my legs spread wide, and he ramming his hard cock up my cunt… he’s making your wife scream and cum… over and over…”“I’M CUMMINGGG! OOOHHH FUCK! SHOOTING IT IN, YOU HOT SEXY SLUT… TAKE MY LOAD!” Max groaned with the intensity of the pleasure as he pumped jet after jet of semen into his wife’s cunt. The first five streams were huge completely filling Asia’s vagina. Even then, his dick continued to contract and throb, and each contraction spurting more cum into her.“Now who’s the jack rabbit?” Asia teased. Max was panting and gasping too hard to think of a clever response. “Isn’t that story just incredible, Honey? It’s had me boiling hot all afternoon. Let me get in doggie position so you can fuck me while you read the next section.”“It’s going to take me a little while to get it up again.”“I don’t think so, Honey,” Asia hissed as she slid her 6-inch heel beneath her husband’s slowly deflating cock. Using her other heel, she slowly masturbated him. “Isn’t this hot… jacking you off with my heels, Baby?” In a couple of minutes, Max’s dick began to stiffen. “MMMmmmmmm big hard dick again! I love that,” his wife whispered passionately.Asia got in doggie position right in front of her husband with her ass arched and her knees wide apart. Her dripping pussy was right in front of him, its opening a gaping, wet hole. “Start reading, Max, and just look at how Mr. Brintel has stretched your wife’s cunt wide open for his big dick.”?Asia already had her hand between her thighs rubbing her clit as Max began to read.”———————–Brintel pulled his cock out of the gasping woman preparing for the next stroke into her wet, tight fuck hole. Snapping his hips forward, he drove all 7 inches of cock into her. Her ass rose to meet his thrust. Loud, female grunts filled the air when the cock thudded into the bottom of her quivering cunt. She came again.Brintel screwed Asia steadily for 15 minutes forcing repeated orgasms through her body. Just when she thought she could not reach another orgasm, she felt two of Brintel’s fingers entering her ass. She hissed… wailed… screamed… her asshole stretched… she howled even louder. The cock plunged relentlessly in and out of her vagina at the same time as the fingers fucked her ass. Both tits bounced wildly in response to the fierce shagging she was receiving. “I am going to cum inside your cunt, Asia. Are you ready?””GGGHHHAAAAAAaaa… AAAHHHHHHHH… UUNNGGHHHH… MMMMmmmmm!”Brintel grinned. I’ll assume that means ‘yes’. Three fingers plunged into Asia’s now widely stretched asshole as Brintel used her throbbing cunt hole for his pleasure. ———————–Max wasn’t halfway through the short passage before his cock was again rigid with lust. The images of Brintel banging his wife were electrifyingly hot. Asia was already in the throes of another orgasm when he rammed into her cunt. Max managed to read only two more paragraphs before he had to stop so he could concentrate on fucking the wildly climaxing female whose vagina felt like a vise about his cock.By 9 PM, Max had fucked his wife four times, each time shooting huge streams of semen into her. Asia had had at least a dozen or more intense orgasms. Max was so exhausted that he couldn’t get it up again. Amazingly, they had only gotten through a quarter of the story.“My pussy’s getting a little sore, Baby, and I think I’ve pretty much drained your balls. Are you hungry?”“Yeah. I’m starved. Let’s take a shower together and then go out for hamburgers or something.”“If we take a shower together, you’ll fuck me again.”“I don’ think so. Four times is pretty much my limit. Sorry about that.”“That’s not a problem, Honey. I think Mr. Brintel’s friend, Norman, is just dying to get his big schlong up your wife’s cunt. He fucks me a lot, you know. Come on, Norman, let’s go shower together. You can fuck me while my husband watches.”By the time Asia and Max got into the shower, Max was hard again, but when he told Asia to bend over so he could get into her, she just laughed and shook her head.“Sorry, Honey. You’ll have to wait until we get back from the restaurant. You told me you couldn’t get it up again, so I’ve already invited Norman to fuck me. MMMmmmm…aaahhhh fuck… he’s sticking it innnnnnnnnn… Isn’t that hot, Honey. He’s so damn big!”———————————-Max was still hard as he dressed to take his wife out for a late dinner. Try as he might, he just couldn’t get his erection to subside. Asia had chosen to dress in a skin-tight red and white sheath. A third of her tits were exposed and the dress just barely managed to cover her ass. When she had not bothered to put on either a bra or panties, Max’s cock surged to full erection. “You’re not going to wear anything under that dress?” he gasped unable to suppress his surprise. “This is not a bra and panties type day, Honey. It’s a bare tits and naked cunt type of day.”His erection got even harder when his wife sat on the edge of the bed with her legs wide open and fastened an ankle bracelet about her right ankle. He couldn’t tear his eyes away from her still wet pussy. His cock jerked spastically in an effort to get out of his pants and into Asia’s exposed cunt. When Asia selected a pair of black four-inch heels with ankle straps, Max began to slowly stroke his still-concealed shaft. “How does this outfit look, Honey? Hot enough?” Max opened his mouth to reply, but no sound came out. “MMMMmm… I like that… my husband’s too turned on to speak.”Again, Asia slowly opened her legs for Max’s pleasure. Raising one leg, she took her time slipping the heel onto her foot. Max was now squeezing and stroking his cock even faster. “I told you earlier, Honey, stop jacking off. Come over here and help me with my other shoe.”Leaning back on the bed, Asia raised her leg high with the heel dangling seductively from her toe. Max had to use both hands to slip the heel onto his wife’s foot. The task, which seemed so simple, proved to be difficult due mainly to the fact that Asia was stroking his erection with her other heel. By the time the second heel was in place, Max’s cock was again rigid with lust.“You look like you’re ready to take your wife to dinner, Honey. Let’s go.Asia was ready for dinner or whatever.?As Max drove the bright yellow sports car toward town, he had a difficult time keeping his eyes on the road. His wife was leaning up against the passenger side door facing him with her left heel planted on the seat, her right one on the floorboard.When Max’s eyes glanced between her open thighs for the tenth time, she smiled broadly and asked, “See anything you’d like to fuck, Darling?”“What do you think? Jezz… if you keep sitting like that, I’m going to wreck the car.”“MMmmmm… I love it. I really love that huge bulge in your pants.”“It’s your fault,” Max charged.“I know it is. That’s why I love it so much. Hey! Where are you going?”“To dinner, like we discussed.”“We didn’t discuss it. You just suggested it. Let’s go to Blue Martini. They have good food, great martinis and live music.”“Great Martinis and a lot of hot, randy guys who would love seeing you in that outfit.”“You know me too well, Darling. A wife needs to have some secrets from her husband. It’s good for the marriage.” Asia was silent for a moment and then asked, “Do you really think those guys will like this dress?”“Frankly, I think they will really like the dress, but they will love the fact that you’re naked beneath it.”“But they won’t know that.”“I’m sure you have plans to educate them.”“MMmmmmmm…. Drive faster, Baby. I’m really hungry.”Ten minutes later Max and Asia were entering Blue Martini with Asia leading the way and Max bringing up the rear. As usual, the six wide-screen TV sets on the wall were showing an NHL hockey game, an NFL football game, and one set was showing replays of the previous Saturday’s college football games. The live band was playing a sexy rhythm. The games had the rapt attention of 80% of the males in the restaurant. That changed significantly as Asia walked toward an empty table.The steady clicking of her heels against the wooden floor alerted every man that something much more interesting than the games had just entered. A dozen pair of eyes checked out the unrestrained bounce of the woman’s tits and the exotic expanse of luscious brown legs and thighs on display as she approached. When she passed, those same eyes devoured the sensuous thrust of her nearly exposed ass, the swing of her hips, and the arch of her legs in her towering 6-inch CFM heels. By the time Asia lowered her body into a chair, attention to the games had dropped by half.After ordering dinner, Max leaned across the table and whispered, “Asia’s Fantasy” really turned you on, didn’t it?”“Oh hell yes! I’m still wet thinking about it.”“Would you be willing to actually try some of the things in the story? I mean for real?”“I want to. Oh gawd… you know I want to. Just the thought makes my pussy throb.”“Then what’s the problem? Let’s make plans and do it.”“I’m not ready yet, Honey. I want… well, I want certain things first. Things that give me the confidence to do all that stuff.”“Every man in here wants you, Honey. Doesn’t that give you all the confidence you need?”“No, it’s not enough. Most men want to fuck any halfway attractive woman they see. I want a lot more than that.”“What? Tell me, you sexy witch.”“Your cock is hard right now, isn’t it?”“Like iron… I’m so hard it hurts.”“Well that’s the reaction I want from every man who sees me. I want their cocks to get hard when they see me… really rock hard! When I sit in a room and cross my legs, I want them to lose interest in business, sports, the woman they’re with, everything. I want them jacking off in the men’s room thinking about me.”“I think you’re already gorgeous and hot as fire,” Max commented meaning every word.“MMMMMmmmm… Thank you, Darling, but you’re my husband. I want strangers getting hard when they’re around me. Would you mind if I start a fitness program to tone up every part of my body so that there’s no sag or flab anywhere. I want my muscles firm and strong… so strong that my vagina can squeeze your big cock and suck the cum right out of your balls.“Oh fuck!” Max hissed. “That sounds awesome.”“I’m not finished yet, Baby. American men like women with big tits. I want mine to be big and luscious. Would you mind if I had my tits enlarged? Can we afford it?“Maybe not right now, but toward the end of the year, money won’t be a problem. Is that OK?”“Absolutely, Honey. Absolutely!”“Big, luscious tits, you say. Wow! How big?”“I’m not sure. I’d like to talk to a doctor about that first… maybe 32D or something like that.”“You’ll be a walking wet dream. Do you already have a plastic surgeon picked out?”Max waited for answer, but none came. He seemed to have lost his wife’s attention. “Asia? Do you already have a plastic surgeon in mind?” he repeated. Still there was no response. His wife’s mouth was open, her breathing deep, and her tongue was sliding over her top lip. She seemed to be in a trance. “Asia?” he asked now concerned.“Oh, Honey,” she whispered. “Do you see those two young guys a couple of tables away?”“Yeah. What about them?”“They’re staring at me… right at my legs.”“So? Most of the men in here are checking you out, Honey.”“I know, but those guys are hard. They’re both stroking their cocks through their pants… and… oh fuck, that’s so hot.”“What? What’s so hot. You’re driving me nuts, Asia. Tell me.”“They both have their cell phone cameras pointed right at me. They’re waiting for me to spread my legs so that can get a photo of my pussy. Oh yes! I knew it!”“What?” Max hissed in exasperation. “I just opened my legs a little, and they both took a photo. After they took them, they were showing each other their pictures.”“How much did they see? Tell me,” Max gasped.“It’s making you hot too, isn’t it. Are you jacking off like those two guys are doing?”“I want to. I’m hard as stone.”“Wanna get even harder, Honey?“My cock’s so hard, I can’t imagine it getting much harder.”“Those new iPhones have excellent zoom lenses.”“You mean…”“Oh yes! They’re taking close ups of your wife’s cunt and tits.”“But they can’t see your pussy.”“Not yet.”“Are you going to show it to them?”“If I do, photos of your wife’s legs, thighs, and cunt are probably going to be posted on the internet by tomorrow. Do you want me to spread my legs for them?”“Oh fuck,” Max moaned as he joined the high school boys in jacking off through his pants.As Max and Asia ate their dinner, the two boys maneuvered into a better viewing position. Once Max left the table ostensibly to get more drinks, but in reality, to watch the two guys photographing Asia. A second time, he pretended to visit the men’s room. Both times he saw the cameras pointed in Asia’s direction apparently taking photo after photo.“Those guys are still taking photos. You would think one or two of the same thing would be enough.” Asia laughed at the comment.“What’s so funny?”“Just that you think those guys are taking pictures of the same thing.”“What’s different?”“Not much… just how wide I have my legs spread.”“How wide now,” Max groaned.“Let’s just say I’m giving those two young men a very detailed lesson in female anatomy. Come on, Honey. Pay the check and let’s get out of here. My female anatomy needs to be serviced by some hard male anatomy.”Max was so hot for Asia, he bent her over the fender of the car and fucked her in their driveway. Asia made no effort to remain quite as her wildly excited husband hammered his iron-hard shaft into her eager pussy. The fact that neighbors might be watching excited them even further. Twice more during the night Max mounted his wife who groaned in female heat as she raised her legs to accommodate her hot mate.==========================================Later that Year: Transformation:By the end of the year both Asia and Max had obtained excellent positions with well-known business corporations in Florida. Their combined incomes removed all monetary pressures. It was a sunny Thursday morning when Asia entered the LA Fitness Club for the first time. After being directed to the manager’s office, she flatly stated, “I want a to-die-for bikini body, and I’m willing to put out whatever effort is required to obtain it. Can you help me?”Lane Haskell was momentarily stunned. He was not accustomed to having a beautiful Indianwoman enter his office and make such a request, particularly not a woman who already had such an attractive body. Nevertheless, he did an admirable job of recovering his poise. “I’m certain we can do that. Why don’t you take a seat, and we’ll discuss it. I’m Lane Haskell, and you are…?”“Just call me Asia,” she replied as she walked in the door towards the chair. Asia was dressed in tight fitting white blouse with a low neckline paired with pencil skirt that accentuated her curves. This was her normal business attire, and this morning she was on her way to work before she decided to stop at the gym.Haskell was again mesmerized by the sight of the woman’s beautiful brown legs that obviated any need for stockings. The five-inch stiletto heels she wore further enhanced the erotic effect, which had already begun to work its magic on his cock. “Well now, I think we can…” Lane’s words seemed to die on his lips as Asia shifted her position dragging her skirt another inch further up her thigh.“Is something wrong, Mr. Haskell?”Haskell cleared his throat before answering. “No… not at all. I can’t help but notice how nice a body you already have. What more do you have in mind?”“Thank you, Mr. Haskell. I’m very pleased you think so.”“Please call me Lane,” he interrupted.“All right, Lane. Most men like my body, but they don’t go wild over it. I want “wild”, not just “like”. What I’m looking for is a hardcore fitness program that tones all, and I mean all, my muscles, removes all the flab, and gives me a sculpted, toned, bikini body. Certain things that a fitness program can’t accomplish, a skilled plastic surgeon will handle. Can you help me?”“Absolutely! When do you wish to start?”“As soon as possible. Today would be fine.”“Wow! You really are determined. Ok. Let’s have at it. We have several highly trained female instructors. Let’s go to the gym, and I’ll introduce you to them. You can select the one you want.”“Thank you, but I would much prefer a male instructor. Is that a problem?”“No. No, of course not. Most women prefer another woman. I just assumed you would too.”“I’m not into women. I like men, and I will be able to tell from his reaction to me if I’m achieving my goals or not.”For the third time, Haskell lost his poise. Not knowing quite what to say, he stammered, “You’re into men, not women. I see.”“Not quite, Lane. You seem to have it backwards. I’m not into men… they’re into me. At least quite frequently that’s the case. Shall we go to the gym and let me pick out a male trainer?”On the way to the gym, Lane’s poise was gone, but not his erection.”—————————-On Friday, Asia was seated in the waiting room of the Institute of Plastic Surgery. When Dr. Castellano saw the attractive Indian woman smartly dressed in a short, tight dress, bare-legged, and wearing five-inch heels, he quickly sent a message to his receptionist to show the woman into his office. Like most women, Asia was fully aware of the physician’s interest in her. The fact that she had been in the waiting room for less than five minutes was proof enough. Consequently, when she took a seat in front of his desk, she made certain that her dress was hiked well above her knee.“I’m Dr. Castellano,” he began with his eyes locked onto the wide expanse of thigh flesh her position was providing. “Your medical form says you’re Asia. What can we do for you today, Asia?”After Asia had explained her desire for a body make over complete with a rigorous physical fitness program, Castellano remarked, “Well, that’s highly commendable, and let me say that you already have a great start at achieving your goals. Just what would you like for the Institute of Plastic Surgery to do for you?”“I would like for you to make my breasts look like hers,” Asia replied as she handed Castellano three photographs of Priya Rai, the exotic Indian porn star.After examining the photographs carefully, Castellano nodded. “She has really gorgeous breasts. However, I must tell you that the results of breast augmentation surgery depend a great deal on what a woman’s breasts look like prior to surgery. We can do a great deal to improve upon nature, but we can’t work miracles. Would you mind opening your blouse so I can see what we have as a starting point?”Asia smiled broadly. “Doctor, that’s the most sophisticated way a man has ever asked to see my tits. How can a girl turn down a guy with a line like that.” A moment later, Asia’s blouse was open and her breasts fully exposed.“Those are very nice, well-shaped breasts, Asia. About 32B, I would guess. I’m not exaggerating when I say that we should be able give you exactly what you want. What size do you have in mind?”“How about 32D?“I think you can do better, 32DD’s. Small body, exceptionally large breasts… very firm… no bra. I think that will get every man’s attention.”“Can you do that?”“That’s what they call me the “boob doctor” for, Asia. I recommend a 600cc high-profile silicone gel implant. I think that will do the job perfectly.”“Well, you’re a man, so I’m sure you’re right, Doctor. Will you be handling the surgery?”“I would be delighted to handle your breasts.”Dr. Castellano’s performance was a good as his prognostication. Three months later, Asia had an awesome pair of 32DD’s tits that were a near perfect match to Priya Rai’s. Move over Priya Rai. There’s a new woman in town.?—————————————The first three months of Asia’s physical fitness program were difficult and demanding, but she was determined. Several days each week, week after week, she was in the gym in the evening doing reps on the weights, the treadmill, and ab workouts. She would then finish up doing stretching exercises, and these were more fun.It seemed like all the male instructors were always eager to monitor her progress on the stretching exercises, particularly those that required her to spread her legs or arch her pelvis, or both. Usually, three or even four instructors were carefully monitoring her as she performed the various stretches. They always had helpful suggestions to spread her legs wider, to arch her pelvis higher, and to hold the positions longer.Asia always tried to be accommodating by holding the positions longer. That required a lot more effort, but when she did it, some of the trainers would get very obvious erections, which made the effort well worthwhile. After her breast implants were completed, the male attention Asia was attracting at the gym almost tripled. Not only were the instructors watching her every move, but so were the others who were working out in the gym. Her assigned instructor, Lance Felder, gave Asia his near undivided attention. He used every excuse and opportunity to touch her body, ostensibly to “position her properly”. His eyes were riveted on her bouncing tits when she was on the staircase or the treadmill. During the stretching exercises, they were focused between her thighs. Invariably, Asia’s vagina was a swamp and her leotard soaked by the time she completed her routine. By the fifth month, going to the gym had stopped being an exercise routine; it had become an erotic interlude.During her exercise routines, Asia usually wore skin-tight, thin sweat pants. The clinging material molded every crevice of her body. However, when she arrived at the gym, her attire was always chosen to achieve the objective she had set for herself several years earlier, to get men hard and hot as soon as they saw her. It had gotten to be a daily ritual with every man already partially hard in anticipation of Asia’s arrival.Sometimes Asia would show up wearing a skin-tight dress that always exposed a generous portion of her 32DD tits and four or five-inch matching heels. The clicking of her heels and the wide expanse of leg and thigh on display always had every cock at full attention. Even some of the women watched. The gay women’s tongues would slide sensuously over their lips while their hands were pressed urgently against excited cunts. The erotic bounce of Asia’s 32DD rack let everyone know that she wore bahis firmaları no bra, but there was a difference of opinion as to whether the fiery hot woman was wearing panties, a thong, or nothing beneath her brief dress.On other occasions, Asia would wear a halter that exposed and emphasized the size and firmness of her tits along with either a micro miniskirt or a bikini bottom and heels. Invariably, the trainers would try to persuade Asia to go through her exercise routines wearing nothing but that attire. “I can’t wear this while I exercise,” she would protest.“Why not? You look great.” the trainers would respond.“My tits would fall out, and when I do my bending and stretching exercises, all you guys would see everything.” “Just your panties.”“What makes you guys think I’m wearing panties,” she responded on her way to the changing room.Every man in the gym wanted to fuck the exotic woman?Of course, Max was very curious as to what was happening at the gym. More specifically, he wanted to know if any of the trainers or other men ever hit on his wife.“Do any of the guys ever… eh… ever … you know?”“What? Cat got your tongue, Honey?”“Do they ever get out of line? I mean do they ever hit on you?”“Of course they hit on me, Max. With these big tits and this awesomely hot body, what else would you expect. They’re guys, and guys are supposed to hit on sexy women.”“Oh fuck! That’s so hot.”“Gets you hard to think about it, doesn’t it, Honey?”“You know it does. Do they ever… I mean… do they…”“Do they ever get to fuck me? Is that what you’re trying to ask, Darling?”“Do they?”“Well, I do tease them a lot. I flash them… get their cocks hard as iron. Every man there wants to fuck your wife.”“Do they?” Max repeated.“Maybe… maybe not. I’ve told you before, Honey, a woman has to have some secrets from her husband. It turns him into a great lover, and that makes for a good marriage.”Max groaned and clutched his throbbing erection. “Let’s go to the bedroom and fuck, Honey. I’m so damn hard!”“MMMMMMMM….. See what I mean about secrets turning a husband into a wild satyr. I have to go to work, Baby. See you later.——————–One evening around 8:30 PM, Asia was the last client working out at the gym. As usual, Lance was watching her every movement. Of course, he was supposed to watch and give Asia instructions. Nevertheless, his attention was exciting Max’s wife. When she began the bending routine in which she would position herself on her knees and then bend forward touching her face to the bench with her hips arched high, Lance moved beside her to help her adjust her position. His hands moved lightly over her ass and breasts. At one point, he even assisted her in adjusting her thighs properly by placing his hand first on her inner thigh and then directly over her pussy. Asia was panting, not from the strain of the exercises, but from sexual excitement. She felt her vagina and clitoris pulsing. During the leg elevation routine, she pulled both knees back against her thrusting breasts and then moved them to the side so that she was in the classic female fucking position. Her skin-tight short, wet with sweat and vaginal secretions, were being pulled deeply into her cuntal slit by the stretched position. When she looked between her raised legs, she saw Lance staring intently at her pussy. Asia’s vagina throbbed. The leg lifts were followed by the pelvic arch in which she would lie on her back, plant her feet wide apart on the mat, and arch her hips as high as possible. Lance now stationed himself almost between Asia’s legs, his eyes not more than a foot from her elevated pussy. After a half dozen reps, the crotch of her shorts was soaked through.When Asia was finished, Lance extended his hand and helped her to stand. He stared into her eyes and whispered, “That was incredible.” “I know. I almost had an orgasm,” Asia breathed in his ear.”I know you did.””Are you hard?””Like steel.””Take me somewhere private, Lance, and I’ll do the exercise again for you… this time without the sweat pants in the way. The rest is up to you.””Oh shit! You have no idea how much I want you.””Come on. I want it even more than you do. Take me some place where you can fuck me. I need a cock in my cunt. Please.” Asia felt incredibly slutty, both because she was begging a man to fuck her and because she was cheating on Max. But then, she had warned him that a wife needs to have some secrets from her husband.”We can use the office. Lane has left for the evening and no one else is here. I’ve got a key.”Lance closed and locked the office door and then moved behind Asia, his hands going immediately to her big 32DD tits. With one motion, her top was yanked over her head allowing both large melons to escape. In the few seconds before Lance captured them, both tits bounced wildly as if enjoying their newly found freedom. That only lasted a moment before Lance was all over Asia. —————-The feel of a hot stud squeezing my tits while he pulled and twisted my hard, throbbing nipples was electric. My vagina gushed even more fluid into the crotch of my soaked sweat pants. I moaned when I felt Lance bury his head in the crook of my neck and plant kiss after kiss on my shoulders and higher on my neck. My moans grew in intensity when I felt him sucking hard… obviously determined to mark me. I didn’t give a shit… I just wanted more… more… more.He turned me toward him and lowered his lips to mine. I had my mouth wide open, waiting, before his lips even made contact. He kissed me, hard, and my hips automatically started hard fuck motions that drove my pussy against his erection… again and again. He held my ass cheeks and dry fucked me, his large throbbing erection grinding into my sex.Lance was driving me crazy with need. “Ohhhhhhh… Hurry, Lance! Please. DO IT TO ME! GET ME NAKED AND FUCK ME! PLEASE. I WANT IT! I NEED IT! FUCK MEEEEEEEEEE!!”Lance pushed my body away from his own and with an authoritative masculine growl, ripped my sweat pants apart and tossed the two halves on the floor.”AAHH! AAHHH! OOOHHHH! FUCKKKKKKKKK MEEEEEEEEEEEE!” I wailed, my cunt already throbbing and gushing in a small orgasm. “Get on the couch, Asia. Show it to me! Show me all of your hot body!” The power and raw desire of this randy male had me totally helpless with female heat. Dropping onto the couch on my back, I spread my legs wide apart. My tits were still bouncing when my fingers spread open my pussy to expose the gushing hole of my overheated cunt. I was in such an intense state of rut, I couldn’t keep my hips from pumping in fuck motions as if I were already taking cock.Lance’s eyes bored into my cunt… I pulled myself open even wider allowing him to see one or two inches into the red interior of my vagina that was now contracting in anticipation of cock. When Lance began to strip, my eyes were locked on his groin and the huge bulge of his pants. His pants hit the floor and I gasped… then groaned. It was just immense…. hard… rigid… pulsing in anticipation of sinking into my eager sex tunnel. “OOOHHHH MY GOD! That’s beautiful,” I heard myself moan. “How big? Oh god! How big is it? Oohhh fuck!!””Eight and a half thick inches, Asia.””I WANT IT! PLEASE. PUT IT IN ME!””Not until you suck it into your throat. Get up on your knees. I’ll work it into your throat and then I’ll lie down, and you can suck all of it. You don’t get it up your hot cunt until you deep throat it, Asia. Get to work, Honey.”I heard myself wailing as I scrambled to my knees in front of him. My hands were shaking as I fisted the powerful male weapon. No way I could get my hand around the base. My cuntal secretions were cascading down my thighs as I stretched open as wide as possible and fitted the cock head into my mouth. Lance thrust three inches into my hole, filling it. He pushed in more cock and I felt the strain on my mandibular joint as he stretched me open. I sucked. Oh god, did I ever suck… hard… my cheeks hollowing again and again as my tongue swabbed the big head and encircled the cock ridge. Lance was moaning as loud as I was. More juices boiled out of my cunt. Slowly, Lance worked his cock into my throat. Once inside, he pushed it on down my gullet until I had most of it. “Oh, Yeah! Like that, Baby! Suck my big cock, Asia. Suck it deep! Oh fuck! Damn! What a mouth you have!”I pulled his ass closer and forced the last inch into my mouth. We both groaned in hot sexual rapture as his balls began banging against my chin. I assumed he would shoot down my throat, but he knew how much I wanted his cock inside my pussy. Slowly, he pulled his thick shaft from my sucking lips. As the head exited, I fell back onto my heels, gasping for breath. “Fucking time, you hot beautiful Slut. Get on your back, legs up, knees back. Just like you were doing it during the exercises…. but this time, your cunt is going to be taking a huge cock!”I was groaning and babbling as I got into female fucking position. “Oh Hurry! Fuck Me! Fuck Me! Fuck Me! Fuck Me! Fuck Me! Fuck Me! Fuck Me!” Climbing into my sex saddle, Lance put his hands on my thighs and pushed them back even further until he had my cunt hole aligned and in position. Bending over my heaving body, his face close to mine, he whispered, “Are you ready, Asia?”I opened my mouth to answer, but all that came out was a series of female gasps, “OHOHOH… OHOHOH… AAAahhh… GGAAAhhhh.. Mmmmmmmmmmm!!”Lance nailed me!!”AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!”He pulled the huge sex spike out, looked at the pulsing, gaping hole he had just made in my cunt, and then nailed me again!”AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!”His cock slugged in and out of my cunt. Hot squishing noises filled the office. I was howling… screaming… babbling. Again and again, that huge phallus plundered my helpless pussy. On every stroke, it thudded into my cervix making my tits dance and bounce wildly. My vagina exploded in an intense orgasm… a second one followed rapidly behind the first. I couldn’t keep my mouth closed nor my tongue inside. It was out… wagging helplessly in the air as the cock pumped me hard toward a third orgasm. I was almost there when I felt two fingers thrusting into my ass… my entire body convulsed in an intense climax. Cunt juices squirted around the prick and drenched us both. I was gasping for breath when I felt Lance begin to ejaculate deep inside my cunt. His buttocks contracted again and again… with each contraction, another thick stream of sperm and semen was forced into my vagina and up my womb. Lance fucked me four times over the next two hours. He screwed me from the side holding one leg high in the air to spread me for his cock. I sucked his cock again and in 10 minutes he was hard. He had me ride his shaft both in normal and reverse position before he filled my vagina with his third load. Again I sucked him until he put me on my knees and gave me his fourth load with my head down and my ass elevated. Max now had a real-life hot wife. He just didn’t know it yet.?———————————Once Lance had fucked Asia, it opened the floodgates. He loved sinking his cock into luscious women with huge, firm tits, dynamite sexy bodies, and very tight, eager cunts. Asia had all of those, and Lance was filling her cunt with his huge, white, eight and a half inch shaft every time she came to the gym. They both had multiple orgasms every time Lance screwed her. Consequently, Asia found herself spreading her legs for Lance three or four times a week, that is, almost every time she went to her physical fitness training class.Like most young men, Lance couldn’t resist bragging to his fellow trainers, Cal, Leon, and Martin, how he was now fucking Asia whenever she came to the gym. At first, they didn’t believe him. After all, each of them had tried multiple times to get into Asia without success. However, that changed when Martin had to return to the gym one evening to retrieve a report he had forgotten which had to be submitted to Haskell the following day. When he walked past Haskell’s locked office, he heard intense female groans coming from within. Pressing his ear to the door, he heard Asia urging Lance to fuck his big cock into her harder… to make her cum again. For a half hour, he listened to Lance’s deep, excited grunts and Asia’s higher-pitched shrill shrieks mixed with the dull thud of their bodies slamming together amid the erotic squishing sounds of a cock pumping a wet, excited cunt. Martin jacked off twice during that half hour.After Martin had spread the word that Lance really was nailing the hot slut, the three of them put on a full-court press to get between Asia’s legs. While Asia continued to keep the other Trainers continuously hard and hot by teasing and flashing her tits, ass, and pussy, she refused to yield.After a month of cockteasing by Asia, Cal, Leon, and Martin had had all they could endure. The next time Asia visited the gym, the three trainers left around 7 PM, but returned an hour later and entered by the back door. As usual, Lance was fucking Max’s wife in Haskell’s office. They had locked the door, but Martin had had a duplicate key made. When the three trainers opened the door to the office, they found a naked Asia riding Lance’s cock. She was howling every time she hammered her cunt down his big shaft. With her body bent over Lance’s, her tits mashed into his chest, Asia’s ass was well elevated making her asshole a perfect cock target. She was unaware that three naked trainers, each sporting a massive erection, were about to put an end to her cockteasing.Martin approached the gasping woman, his rigid, seven-inch, fully lubricated, and ready cock in hand. Straddling Lance’s extended legs, he aligned his sex gun with Asia’s anus and grasped the inviting globe’s of her buttocks with both hands. Asia’s head jerked around allowing her to see the very thick, iron-hard cock poised inches from her asshole.“No! Don’t! Stop! You can’t do this!”“QUIET! No more cockteasing. This big cock is going in. Arch your ass higher!”“Not in my ass… please. Not in my ass. You’re too thick. Fuck my cunt. Please… in my cunt.”“Lance is already fucking your cunt, Asia. Besides assholes stretch, Honey. You’ll love it. ARCH THAT HOT ASS! NOW!”“Oh god! Don’t! Please!” she moaned, but she arched her hips as ordered. Martin drove his cock into her waiting hole.“GGHHHAAAAA! UUNNGGHHH! UUNNGGHHH! OOHHHH SHIT! HE’S FUCKING MY ASSSSSSSSSS!”Martin had buried five inches of cock inside Asia’s ass on his first thrust. He jerked four inches out and again thrust his rod into the howling female as his hands pulled her hips back onto his plunging shaft. Six inches of cock disappeared into Asia’s ass. On the next thrust, Martin buried his entire length. Then, the two trainers began to fuck Asia’s cunt and ass together.After 30 seconds of intense fucking, Asia stopped telling the men to stop. After a minute, she was shuddering and moaning each time a cock thudded into the bottom of one of her sex holes. Her first orgasm exploded a minute later. After that, she howled, moaned, and shrieked continuously as one climax followed another. As Lance and Martin fucked Max’s Wife, her orgasms exploded one after another until she was begging them not to stop.?With Asia’s vagina and ass both throbbing in hard spasms, neither man could hold back his orgasm. Max’s wife was still shaking and moaning in the throes of another orgasm when both cocks shot several thick streams of semen into her. “Don’t stop! Please! Don’t stop fucking me! I’M ABOUT TO CUM AGAIN… MORE…PLEASE… KEEP FUCKING MEEEEEEE!”Smoothly, the men switched places. Cal drove his cock into Asia’s gaping asshole and pulled her back onto his chest. When Leon approached, she jerked both legs into the air and spread wide to give him room to wedge his hips into her sex saddle. Lance and Martin held her legs apart as Leon slammed eight inches of black cock into her cunt.”YES! YES! YESSS! FUCK MEEEEEEEEE! GIVE IT TO ME! IN MY CUNT! IN MY ASS! AAAAHHHHHHHH!!”Neither man moved. Fifteen inches of hard cock plugged Asia’s sex holes but none were fucking her. “Damn you! Fuck me, you bastards! I’m so close… I’m right on the edge. PLEASE! Just move a little so I can cum! Oooohh SHIT! SCREW ME! LET ME CUM! OOOOHHHH GAWD! PLEASE!”“We’d be glad to fuck you, Asia. Right now, and every time you come to the gym. We love the way you tease and flash your hot body. But from now on, after the teasing, we fuck. Understand?”“Yes! Yes! Now fuck me!”“What do you understand?”“That all of you fuck me when I come to the gym. I tease you… then you fuck me… all of you fuck me with your big cocks. Now please, give it to me… HARD!!”————————-It was past 10:30 PM before Asia entered her front door that night. Max was very concerned.“Thank god, you’re home, Honey. I’ve been really worried. Gym class is usually over by 9 or 9:30 at the latest.”“I’m sorry, Max. I should have called. I didn’t get to gym until almost 8 PM. There were IT problems with some of our clients that I had to deal with. The techs were trying their best to figure out what was wrong, and I had the job of trying to placate several irate men.”“Did you succeed in satisfying them?”“I think so. In fact, I’m sure of it. They were very angry at first, but after I put out my best effort, they were very pleased.”“Wow! How did you manage that?”“Well, truthfully, big tits and a sexy,to-die-for body help a lot when dealing with men. But while that helps, it still takes a lot of hard work. You just have to give them your very best.”“How about we go to the bedroom and you can give me your very best?”“I thought you’d never ask, Honey.”——————–After that evening, the four trainers fucked Asia every time she came to the gym. Since Haskell’s office wasn’t always available, they converted an used storeroom into a lounge complete with two comfortable chairs, a small refrigerator, a clothes rack, and a large sofa that converted into a bed. Fitness training is, by its very nature, repetitive and boring. Asia’s sexual adventures with the trainers were also repetitive, but far from boring. As soon as she arrived wearing one of her hot outfits, she would flash and tease the trainers as she usually did, and they, in turn, would flirt with her. When the men were rock hard and she was wet and hot, one or more of the men would take her to the storeroom. Five minutes later, her clothes would be hanging on the rack, her legs would be high in the air with her six-inch heels pointed at the ceiling, and one or two throbbing cocks would be fucking her into a frenzy of orgasms. ============================Office Politics:Asia’s job at IT Dynamics was in the dual areas of management and public relations. Management was her area of specialization during her MBA studies. The extension into PR was a natural result of her newly acquired sensuous sex appeal. Since most of the IT customers were male, Asia was an extremely effective PR executive. Thomas Morrison held the position of CEO at IT Dynamics. The Executive Committee comprised six Vice Presidents. There were 10 managers of various areas who reported directly to the VPs. Asia was one of these managers. In fact, she was the youngest and only female manager in the long history of IT Dynamics.On those occasions when the CEO and Executive Committee met with the 10 managers, it was not uncommon for 16 of the 17 attendees to arrive 10 to 15 minutes early. When asked why they came so early, they all stated it was because of the importance of the meeting. What was never mentioned was the fact that such early arrivals never occurred prior to Asia being hired. Such a meeting was scheduled for Thursday morning 9:00 AM.As usual, by 8:45 AM, 16 of the 17 chairs surrounding the long conference table were filled. At 8:56 AM, Asia entered the room. On this particular morning, she wore an expensive form-fitting, yellow dress whose hemline ended two inches above her knee. The garment left her shoulders bare but extended upward to circle her neck. The bodice would have covered all of her large breasts except for the presence of a cutout circular portion that exposed a tastefully small amount of each breast and thereby provided an erotic hint of the beauty that lay hidden beneath the garment. Asia wore no stockings as the beauty of her brown legs made them unnecessary. Five-inch heels with a matching leopard pattern accented the exotic beauty of her perfectly toned legs. Asia’s only jewelry were two small, expensive diamond earrings, her wedding rings, and a small, silver chain bracelet that circled her right ankle. Some of the men in the room might have understood the significance of that bracelet. Asia walked slowly toward her seat at the far end of the table. She moved gracefully, sensuously, some might have said seductively. Her hips undulated slightly as her large breasts bounced and jiggled erotically. The click of her stiletto heels drew attention to her legs. As she passed each man, she bent over just a little, just enough to give him a glimpse of her large breasts, smiled broadly and greeted him by name. A particularly observant man might have seen the very rapid motion of her tongue over her upper lip as she smiled. It was a rare man who could resist staring at the sensuous expanse of her buttocks when she passed. By the time Asia lowered her body into her chair, and crossed her legs causing her dress to slide a few inches further up her thigh, a majority of the men around the table, perhaps all, had hard erections. Every man at the table desperately wanted to fuck Max’s wife.After covering the minutes of the previous meeting and taking care of some routine business, Morrison got to the principal portion of the meeting.“It’s my sad duty to inform all of you that Jim Pollack is resigning as VP for public relations. Jim has expressed his admiration for IT Dynamics, but he’s been offered the CEO’s position for a very large and profitable corporation. I want to assure all of you that there is absolutely no conflict of interest involved here because Jim’s new corporation is not in the IT business in any way. They just need a top flight man to run things.”“I’m sure all of you will want to extend your best wishes for success to Jim as he has done a fantastic job for IT Dynamics over the last eleven years.”This announcement was followed by long, sustained applause for Pollack and well wishes all around the table. Morrison waited until everyone had had a chance to talk with Jim and for Jim to make his exit before continuing with the meeting.“The last item on the agenda is obvious. I wish to announce to all of you that I will be searching for Jim’s replacement over the next month. The replacement will be internal as I do not want to risk hiring an unknown from outside for a position as important as VP for Public Relations. It is my intention to fill the position with one of our current managers. I will be doing my best to pick the best person for the job. I will assume that all managers are interested in being considered. If not, please let me know at your earliest convenience.” ===================================The Sex Club:Asia had just finished filling Max in on all the details of the new VP position that had opened at IT Dynamics.“Do you think Morrison is likely to pick a woman?” Max asked.“He never has before, but then there has never been a female manager at IT Dynamics before either. So, who knows? It’s certainly possible.”“Well, it’s the VP of Public Relations and you’re the VP manager. Who would be more logical?”“That’s true, Honey, but I have less than a year of seniority. The other managers all have more, much more, and they’re all male.”“Personally, I think that being female gives you an extra edge.”“Why?”“Two reasons. First, EEO law, Equal Employment Opportunity law. Corporations are under pressure to demonstrate to the feds that they’re not gender biased. To do this, they need female employees at all levels. They have no female VPs, consequently, you’ve got an edge there.”“You said two reasons. What’s the second?”“Simple. Morrison is a male. I’m sure he wants to fuck you.”“Honey, every guy I see wants to fuck me. That doesn’t mean they want me as a vice president.”“Perhaps, but I still think you have the inside track. If Morrison hits on you, would you fuck him?”“Would you want me to?”“You know the answer to that. I’ve been trying for years to get you to be a hot wife. You certainly look the part. I’ve never seen any woman more exotically beautiful than you, but so far, that’s as far as it has gone.”An enigmatic smile crossed Asia’s face, which was, of course, lost on her husband. Husbands are always the last to know. “Honey, I think my problem is nervousness. I thought once I had this fantastic body and tits it would vanish, but that doesn’t seem to be happening. Maybe if we did it together, I could do it.”“Together? How can we do that?”“There are a lot of sex clubs in Florida, aren’t there? We could visit one and see what happens. Maybe we could find a single guy who would be interested in a threesome. Or maybe a couple that would like to swing with us. Are you interested?”“Do bears live in the forest? Is the ocean big? Hell yes, I’m interested. How do we proceed?”————————– After checking several clubs on the internet, Asia selected Eyez Wide Shut as the sex club she and Max would visit initially as guests. As Max anticipated, his wife dressed hot for their visit to the club. As soon as Max saw her wearing the black and white micro minidress that covered no more than half of her tits and just barely managed to cover her ass when she was standing erect along and matching sandals with six-inch heels, his cock surged to full erection. “OMG! You’re going to be the hottest woman at the club even if we are just guests.”“That’s not likely, Honey. See… I’m wearing panties tonight. I we were going as members, I wouldn’t wear them. Then maybe I would be the hottest woman there.” Asia lifted the mini skirt an inch or two so her husband could see the black thong she wore under her dress.Max and Asia were both nervous when they arrived at the club, but the host and hostess greeted them so warmly, they very quickly relaxed. Over the next hour, their hostess, Maria, described the club in extensive detail. They were given a complete tour of the club, its facilities and its programs. Just before they left, Maria gave them a flyer to their online ‘dating’ website, It was essentially a online meeting place for swingers, hot wives and single studs.“A lot of couples like to go online and check out other member profiles before joining a club like Eyez Wide Shut. The individuals on our website are all verified. They are bona fide and safe. We hope you decide to join us. I can tell that a dozen of our members have already told me privately that they’re hoping the two of you join.”As Max drove toward home, Asia pulled up the website on her iPhone and was already looking at the list of single men and their “credentials”. Finally, Max broke the silence.“What do you think, Honey? Shall we join or not?”“I would rather sample one or two of these single guys first. What do you think about a threesome, you, me, and some hot guy?”“I’m hard just thinking about it. Do we just pick someone at random?”“Of course not. That’s why I’ve been studying this list.”“Found anyone?”“Yeah. How does this guy sound? Single professional man, 29, 6’ 1”, 185 lbs, dark hair, well endowed with 8” of pleasure for her. Seeks couple with hot wife for sensuous evenings. Face photo(s) required and one of me will be provided. Meeting first. Fun later, if chemistry is right.“Eight inch cock and only 29 years old. You’ve always had a thing for BWC… big white cock, Asia. No wonder you picked him. I’m game if you are.”——————————–Max and Asia exchanged messages with the young hot guy and decided to meet him at a very upscale bar in town. Prior to going to the club, they had gotten a room at the upscale hotel right next door. Asia wore the same outfit to our initial meeting as she had worn on the first visit to the sex club with one exception… this time she didn’t wear any panties. As soon as Asia laid eyes on Rob, she hissed in her husband’s ear, “OMG, Honey. Just look at that handsome stud. He just oozes virility and sex appeal. And under those tight pants he’s wearing, there’s eight inches of hard white cock. MMmmmmmm… It’s a good thing your wife is on the pill otherwise that guy would get me pregnant just from just kissing me… or maybe just touching me. Oh fuck! He’s hot.”“Stop rubbing your cunt, and let’s go introduce ourselves,” Max teased.After meeting him and having a couple of drinks the three of them made their way back to the hotel. On the way, Rob discovered that Asia wore no panties under her abbreviated dress. By the time they reached the hotel, he was finger fucking Max’s wife. He didn’t even remove his fingers from her vagina as they walked across the lobby to the elevators. Once inside the elevator, Rob exposed Asia’s tits and was sucking her nipples with his finger slowly stroking her clitoris. By the time the elevator door opened on their floor, Asia’s hips were humping Rob’s fingers. The two men led her down the hallway, Rob’s fingers buried in her vagina, Max’s hand on her naked ass.Once the three of them were inside their hotel room, Asia went to the bathroom to freshen up while Rob and Max sipped a drink. A few minutes later she came out with full make up, a tiny black G-string, and 6-inch, black CFM heels, nothing else. Her tits, her body, her legs, her ass were nothing short of incredible.“OMG, Asia. You’re a walking, talking wet dream,” Rob exclaimed.“Not really, Rob. You can’t fuck a wet dream.”Without another word, she slowly approached her date who was sitting on the corner of the bed with Max watching from the corner of the room. Asia wasn’t the least bit shy. In fact, she was groaning, almost grunting, she was so eager. It took her less than 15 seconds to undo Rob’s pants and pull down his briefs along with his pants. His huge cock jutted straight up… eight full inches and incredibly thick. He was circumcised, and the big mushroom head was already leaking a copious amount of precum. Max’s wife worked Rob’s cock like a pro! Within a few minutes, she had it buried down her throat while she furiously finger fucked her vagina and rubbed her clit. Max was masturbating frantically as he watched Rob mouth fucking his wife. All the time Asia was sucking her date, she was looking at Max in a very sexy way as if to say, “Don’t you just love watching your slutty wife sucking a big cocked stud?”. Finally, Rob grunted, held Asia’s head in place as he mouth fucked her with hard deep strokes. Max could see his wife’s neck bulging as the cock plunged down her gullet. Then he ejaculated! One huge jet of semen fired from his sex gun after the other. A white froth of semen spurted from corners of Asia’s mouth and dripped off her chin onto her tits. While his cock was still shooting, Rob pulled out and covered Asia’s face with his remaining load. Even after shooting his enormous load, Rob’s cock lost only a little of its rigidity. Lowering her mouth over the throbbing male shaft, Asia had it restored to full hardness within a minute or so. After that, Max watched in a mixture of sexual excitement, jealousy, and awe as Rob began pounding his huge shaft into his wife’s cunt and assholes.The first fucking was with Asia on her back, legs up in the air. With every thrust, Max could see his wife’s hips arch upward as her toes curled back. When the sex became intense, Asia’s legs spread as wide as possible to allow the huge sex spike to bury itself fully on every thrust. Max hurried to the end of the bed and lowered his body to the floor. With his eyes level with the bed’s surface, he had a perfect view of Rob’s cock as it stretched his wife’s cunt into a huge round hole and then disappeared completely inside Asia’s kaçak iddaa throbbing sex channel.Asia hooted and moaned every time the thick shaft filled her vagina.Asia howled and shrieked continuously. Max couldn’t tell when one of her orgasms ended and another began. At one point, Rob grasped her raised legs and pressed them together so that they were squeezing her vagina shut. The huge cunt destroyer easily powered its way into Asia’s vagina, again and again, screwing her furiously. The added friction caused her to erupt in even more intense orgasms. Just as Max shot off his first load all over the wall and the floor, Rob put Asia in doggie position and drove his cock into her waiting vagina. Hot, loud female grunts of pleasure filled the room. Asia’s hand flew to her right buttock while Rob captured her left one. Together, they spread Asia’s ass cheeks so that Rob could see his cock sinking into her Asia’s cunt. After Rob filled her pussy with his second load, she again sucked him hard. Asia mounted his huge, rigid shaft and rode it like she was mounted on a bucking horse. Rob’s hips were a blur of motion as he power fucked his cock into Asia’s hot sex hole. His sex piston rapidly churned the ocean of cum and Asia’s secretions into a thick white froth that coated cock and cunt alike. The erotic squishing sounds of cock pumping cunt mixed with excited female moans and male grunts had Max jacking off furiously. Suddenly, Asia’s entire body went into spasms as she shuddered and screamed her way through a series of orgasms. Rob flooded Asia’s climaxing vagina for a second time just as Max sprayed another load all over the room’s furniture. Asia and Rob took a short break at that point, but Asia was too wired, too hot to allow him much rest. She got on the bed, rolled onto her back, spread her legs and began to masturbate in front of the two men. The erotic sight of the gorgeous woman finger fucking herself and stroking her erect clitoris had both men hard within minutes. When Rob mounted the bed, Asia pushed him onto his back, straddled his hips with her feet flat on the bed, and lowered her creamy, cum-filled cunt onto his rigid shaft. He slid into her cavern balls deep. Holding herself steady, she looked at Max, and growled, “Get over here, Darling, and fuck my ass while Rob does my cunt. Hurry! I’m so hot. Put it in my ass!”Max mounted his wife and pressed his cock against her anus. She was so lubricated from Rob’s huge cum loads and her own sexual secretions, his entire seven inches sank smoothly into his wife’s asshole on the first thrust.For the next half hour, the two men double fucked Asia in every possible position. The even carried her out onto the balcony with their pricks buried in her cunt and ass and fucked her to several climaxes while who knows how many others were watching. After both men had ejaculated twice inside Asia’s throbbing body, the three of them collapsed onto the bed, totally exhausted.As soon as Rob saw Asia in her blazing hot gold dress, his cock became stone hard, and it stayed hard as he fucked the gorgeous woman multiple times. Asia was insatiable cumming repeatedly on Rob’s huge shaft. Late in the evening, she took both men in her ass and cunt. Max was amazed at how uninhibited his wife was considering that it was her first time with another man.?As Rob was leaving later in the evening, Asia moved into his arms and planted an open-mouthed kiss on his lips. The kiss was long, intense, and protracted. Their tongues dueled as they devoured each other. When their mouths parted, Rob’s tongue caressed Asia’s lips. She bit his ear lobe, whispered her phone number, and then added, “You were great, Honey. I hope you want to fuck me again… just call me.” Of course he did… many times.—————————-After their incredibly hot experience with Rob, both Max and Asia were eager to contact others on “Shall we pick out another guy,” Max asked his wife as they cuddled in bed after a particularly satisfying hour of hot sex. “I’m having all the fun, Honey, while you just watch and jerk off. Let’s play with a couple this time. Wouldn’t you enjoy fucking a hot pussy while you watch your hot wife getting her brains fucked out?”“Would you be OK with that?”“I think it would be incredibly erotic. Let’s check out the list for couples.”After Browsing through two pages of couple listings, Max announced, “Here’s one that looks interesting.”“Read it to me, Honey.”Well-educated Florida couple interested in meeting like-minded couples for sensuous evenings. Wife is 32, 5’ 3”, 115 lbs, brunette, 34DD-23-36 experienced and passionate. Husband is 35, 6’ 2”, 180 lbs, dark short hair, well endowed, and eager to please. Send us a private message, will respond if interest is mutual.“Well, what do you think?” Max asked somewhat anxiously.“Experienced and passionate, huh? Big 34DD tits. Sexy 36-inch hips and ass. I think my sexy husband is hot to get into Jewel’s passionate pussy. That’s what I think.”Max nodded, “Yeah. Ok, let’s see what else is on the list. You pick one this time.”“Why bother? 6’ 2”, 180 lbs, dark short hair, well-endowed, and eager to please sounds good to me. Let’s message, send them a couple of photos, and see what happens.”That afternoon Max and Asia prepared a rather detailed message describing themselves and their interests. Max enclosed a photo of himself in a suit. Asia did likewise, but also enclosed two additional, much more erotic photos of herself. Upon seeing the pictures his wife had enclosed, he was certain they would get a reply back within a few hours.?Max was wrong in his initial assessment. Jewel and Bruce replied within a few minutes. As Max expected, they were both very interested in arranging a meeting. After two more massage exchanges, the two couples agreed to meet at the Blue Martini Saturday evening at 8PM.On Friday night, Max was, as usual, very eager to get his sensuous wife in bed. When he cupped her big tits from behind and pressed his erection into the crease of her ass, she allowed him the pleasure of feeling her body for a minute, but then pulled away.“No. Not tonight, Honey.”“But I’m so hard it hurts. Don’t you want this in your hot pussy?” he protested.“Of course I want it. You know I always want it. But I want you wildly horny and hot for tomorrow night. I want that sexy bitch Jewel to be jealous as hell of me.”“And I’m sure that you want to be in heat for Bruce’s monster cock.”“Size doesn’t matter, Darling.”“Of course it doesn’t. And your check is in the mail, that IRS agent ringing the doorbell is here to assist you with your income tax returns, and women are more interested in a man’s personality than in his physique, his butt, or his cock size.”On Saturday, Max used the guest bedroom while Asia got dressed in the master bedroom. Max first put on a suit, looked at himself in the mirror, and muttered, “To hell with this.” Quickly, he stripped out the suit and replaced it with a pair of elegant, fitted tan slacks that stretched erotically over every bulge of his body. His white shirt and undershirt were hung in the closet and replaced with a dark brown, short-sleeve, stretch sweater that also molded every bulge of his ripped, muscular chest and exposed his highly toned biceps. The V-neck of the sweater permitted an enticing view of his smooth brown chest. A pair of sheer socks and dress boots completed his attire for the evening.Asia spent over two hours that afternoon on her hairdo and makeup. When she finished, the result was spectacular. Her glossy red lipstick provided the perfect complement to her lustrous golden brown complexion, her eye shadow, eye liner, and mascara enhanced her already beautiful eyes to the point that they could melt any man. She wore only two items of jewelry, one ring and a silver anklet around her right ankle.Asia had more trouble selecting her dress for evening. She had tried on several outfits but discarded each for one reason or another. Finally, she decided on her gold dress. The top was held up by two thin straps over her shoulders as well as by the thrust of her big 32DD tits. Her shoulders were bare. The dress ended an inch below the crease of her buttocks and thighs exposing all of her lower legs and most of her thighs. As usual, there was no need for stockings. The six-inch black heels she selected were hot enough to stoke any man’s fire. When Asia examined herself in the full-length mirror, she licked her top lip then pursed her full lips and hissed, “Hot… very, very hot and sexy. I bet it doesn’t take that stud long to get me out of this dress. But I bet he makes me keep these hot heels on while he’s fucking me.” The thought of her heels pointed at the ceiling, jerking back and forth as a big cock powered into her cunt had Asia rubbing her pussy.As fate would have it, Asia and Max entered their living room at the same time. Each looked at the other, and two voices said in unison, “JEZZZ! MY GOD!” They both laughed at their identical responses.Asia spoke first. “That outfit is almost obscene! WOW! I can see every ridge, every crevice, every muscle. Those tight pants mold your hard cock perfectly. I can even see the helmet, the shaft, the ridge… everything. Are you wearing anything under that shirt and pants?”“Nope. Nothing underneath except a very hard cock, and that’s your fault in that come-fuck-me dress and those come-fuck-me heels. Everything about you says come-fuck-me.”“I hope Bruce thinks so too. Shall we go?”———————–Jewel and Bruce Cranston were as sexy and good looking as their photos suggested. Almost a third or more of Jewel’s 34DD tits were on display by the plunging neckline of her dress which also exposed a generous portion of her legs. She was a very attractive woman, and Max was having a hard time tearing his eyes away from her legs, tits, sexy ass. Bruce was having an equally difficult time controlling his erection when he saw Asia. The couples ordered drinks and chatted for the first 20 minutes, but no one seemed to know how to turn the conversation to the topic that was the reason for the meeting. Max realized that more privacy was needed.“Would you like to dance, Jewel?” he asked.“I’m really not much of a dancer, Max. I would prefer to chat more intimately with you… get to really know you rather than worry about dancing.”For his part, Bruce was far more interested in holding the luscious Indian wife in his arms than he was in chatting so he asked Asia the same question. “How about you, Asia. Care to dance?”“Love to, Bruce. Come on. We’ll let these intellectuals chat while we feel each other up on the dance floor.”After Asia and Bruce were on the dance floor with their bodies pressed tightly together, Jewel moved her chair close to Max and whispered, “I hope you’re not disappointed that I didn’t want to dance, Max,”“The evening’s young. No reason to be disappointed.”That brought a smile to Jewel’s face. “Your wife is gorgeous and incredibly sexy.”“So are you. Your dress doesn’t reveal as much as Asia’s does, but that just makes me more eager to search out the hidden treasures, so to speak.”“Well, I’m sure you know where to look, Max. And speaking of treasures, those pants and sweater you’re wearing are awesome.”“Awesome good or awesome bad?”“I got very wet as soon as I saw you. Does that answer your question?”“I’d say so. Your profile says you’re experienced. Does that mean what I think it means?”“Bruce and I have been into the swinging scene for three years now. He keeps track of the men I’ve been with. How about you and Asia?”“You and Bruce are the first couple we’ve met.”“Really?”“Yep. You’re the first. We did have a threesome with a single guy a few weeks ago. That was Asia’s first cock other then mine.”“That’s hard to believe, Max.”“Why? There’s no point in my lying to about it.”“Oh, I’m not suggesting that you’re lying. I just think you don’t have all the facts. Asia seems much too relaxed with Bruce for him to be only her third man.”“Well, he is, and if you and I end up in bed tonight, you’ll be my second woman.”“Oh fuck! That is so hot! It’s making me throb. You’re probably nervous. Are you?”“Nervous? No. Hard? Yes. Very hard. Feel my cock.”“MMMMmmmmm… that’s so hot. I’ve been with a lot of men but none, and I mean none, have ever told me feel their cock in a public dance club. You have no idea how wet that’s making me.”“Then feel it and get even wetter.”Jewel’s hand moved under the table and quickly closed around Max’s throbbing erection. The thin pants did little to hide his weapon. “Oh fuck! You’re so damn hard. Every woman is going to cream when she sees this thing bulging out of your pants.”“Including you?”“You’ve already turned my pussy into a swamp.”“Let’s get Bruce and Asia back to the table so we can get ourselves a hotel room or two rooms if anyone prefers more privacy.”“That’s going to be hard to do, Max. Bruce and Asia left the club about 15 or 20 minutes ago.”“Left? They were dancing.”“Just one dance. Bruce had your wife’s dress up over her ass and was grinding his cock into her cunt right on the dance floor. She probably had an orgasm. If not, she was right on the edge by the time the song ended. They left right after that first song.”“But where did they go? To your car?”“Our car is parked in the hotel garage a block down the street. We already have a room there. I’m sure Bruce took your wife there.”“Is he fucking her?”“Of course he’s fucking her.”“Wow! He is one fast worker.”“He is. He’s actually sort of a cunt bloodhound.”“Cunt bloodhound?”“That’s what I call him. A bloodhound catches a criminal by smelling his scent. Bruce catches hot, excited women by smelling their cunts. I tease him a lot about being able to smell an excited cunt a block away.”Max inhaled deeply and licked his lips. “I can smell yours, Jewel.”“So can I. Shall we go?”Max placed a $50 on top of the table, and rose to his feet. He held out his hand for Jewel and said, “I think my second woman is ready to be ravished.”“Oh fuck yes!” she growled as hooked her arm through Max’s.When Max and Jewel entered the Hilton hotel, they went immediately to the registration desk. The clerk approached and asked if he could assist them.“We would like a room for the night with a king-sized bed please.”The clerk looked Max over and then said, “Of course, Sir.” Max gave the clerk his credit card. When it was returned, he said, “I would like to leave a message for another couple who are meeting us here later. When Asia and Bruce Cranston arrive, would you please provide them with our room number.”“That won’t be a problem, Sir. Have a nice evening.”“For a moment there I thought I was about to lose my lover for the evening,” Jewel said giggling as she said it.“Why is that?”“Didn’t you notice that that guy never so much as glanced at my tits or legs, but he certainly checked out your cock in those pants you’re wearing. He’s gay, and you got him very hard,” she said, now giggling even harder.“Come on, you sexy witch. Get in the elevator.”“Oh hell, yes! I love aggressive, confident men. Punch floor four, Honey.”“Why four? Our room’s on six.”“But our room’s on four, and that’s where Bruce is fucking your wife. Wouldn’t you like to listen to them?”Max didn’t need to answer Jewel’s question. His surging erection, easily visible through his pants, answered for him.As they approached room 418, Jewel warned, “Now be quiet and just listen.”They were still ten feet from the door to room 418 when they both heard the steady female moans coming from within the room.“Oohh … Oohh … Oohh … Oohh … Oohh … Oohh … Oohh … Oohh … Oohh … Oohh … aahh … aahh… aahh… Oohh fuck it… fuck it, Bruce… fuck meee… aaahhh… aaahhh… aaahhh…”“He’s fucking your wife, Max,” Jewel whispered. “Listen to her moan and groan every time that huge cock sinks into her cunt.”When they reached the door, Asia’s howls became even louder.“OOOHHH SHIT… AAAHHH…AAAHHH… AAAHHH… SO FUCKING BIG… OOOHH GAWD.. FUCK ME HARDER, BABY… FUCK MEEEEEEEE… I’M GONNA CUM… GONNA CUMMM… FUCKKKKK MEEEEEEEE… I’M CUMMING OOOOHH SHIT… CUMMINGGGG!!”“TAKE MY COCK, YOU HOT SLUT… PULL YOUR LEGS BACK FURTHER… YEAH… LIKE THAT… NOW TAKE IT!”“OOHH HUN! OOHH HUN! OOHH HUN! OOHH HUN! OOHH HUN! OOHH HUN! OH GAWD DAMN! IS IT ALL IN YET? AAAAHHHHHH!!”“ONE MORE INCH OF COCK, HONEY… HERE IT COMES. Take it!”“OH GAWD! I’M TAKING IT… IT’S IN MEEE… OH FUCK ME! FUCK ME! SCREW MY ASS OFF, STUD… OOHHH SHIT… CUMMING… I’M CUMMINGGGG!!”“How big is your husband’s cock?” Max whispered.“He’s fucking your wife’s cunt with 9 inches of very hard and very thick dick, Honey.Suddenly Asia’s howls grew even louder. Then they changed to continuous shrieks… one after the other… again and again. “What’s happening now?” Max asked obviously worried.“He’s fucking your wife’s asshole.”“She can’t take a cock that big in her ass,” Max protested.“Ssshhhh… keep listening. It won’t take long.”Max and Jewel continued to listen to the loud squeaking of the bedsprings combined with the dull thuds of bodies slamming against one another. Asia’s loud shrieks and howls slowed… a moment later, they were replaced with female groans of pleasure. After another minute, she was again gasping and screaming.“HARDER, HONEY. HARDER! FUCK MY ASS… OH GAWD! GIVE IT TO MEEEEEEE! OH SHIT! OH SHIT! WHAT A COCK! OH GAWD I’M CUMMINGG…….. YOU’RE MAKING ME CUM. AAAHHHHH OOOHHH BABY… FUCKKKKKKKKK MEEEEEEEEEE!”“Come on, Jewel. We’re going up to floor six, room 621, and I’m going to fuck your brains out!”———————Jewel was naked except for her heels. Her legs were wide open in the female fucking position. Max’s face was buried in her sex saddle where his tongue and fingers were working feverishly over Jewel’s engorged and throbbing clitoris. His fingers were deep inside her pulsing vagina rubbing and pressing against her G-spot. After 10 minutes, Max had the woman convulsing in her fourth orgasm.“Oohhhh … oh my god… oh my god… I’m cumming again… aaaahhhhh fuckkkkk! Never… never… aaahhhh never had it…uunnghh..uunngghh… had it like this… oooohhh god… I’m cumming again … can’t stop aaahhhh.”When Jewel’s fifth orgasm exploded, Max rapidly mounted the thrashing woman and nailed his rigid sex gun into her gushing cunt. Even though his cock wasn’t as big as her husband’s, it was iron hard, and Max was grinding his pubic bone hard into her swollen clitoris making it spasm in hard, repeated contractions. Jewel moaned and shrieked as Max held her ass and pulled her hard against his driving cock.“Ooohhhh my god… I don’t believe this… You’re making me cum on your cock in just one minute…. Aaaahhhh Baby… fuck me… you’re fucking Bruce’s wife…. Cunt fuck meeee! I’m cumming on your cock… ooohhh yesss… now… now…now!!!In the midst of her intense climax, Max jerked his rod from her cunt and slid down her wildly thrashing body until his mouth again covered her throbbing sex hole and erupting clitoris. Stripping back the hood of her clit, his tongue lashed the exposed sensitive organ. Loud, repeated female howls filled the room. Her hips arched and thrust against Max’s face. Another orgasm racked Jewel’s body.Max mounted her again. Once more, his cock drilled into the woman’s throbbing hole, his pubic arch grinding hard against her clit. He machine gunned his cock in and out her vagina. Jewel’s heels jerked spastically in the air. A stream of obscene curse words poured from the woman’s mouth. Her hands gripped Max’s back. When another orgasm ripped through her impaled cunt, her fingernails dug into Max’s back bringing blood.Jewel was still in the intense throes of an orgasm when his lips sucked her clitoris out of its protective hood. Once he had it inside his mouth, Max sucked the gasping woman’s clit as if it were a man’s cock. His lips slid sensuously up and down its pulsing shaft. Jewel’s head jerked backwards, her tongue shot out and curled in the air, as her hips frantically pumped against Max’s mouth.Suddenly, her cunt juices squirted powerfully drenching Max’s face and soaking the sheets beneath the thrashing couple. She was still squirting when Max slammed his cock back into her gaping cunt hole. Jewel howled with pleasure. Her legs circled Max’s body as she pulled him into her sex saddle as far as possible. As he fucked into her, she thrust her cunt upward onto his sex spike. “OOHHH GAWD… CUM IN ME, MAX…. I’M GONMNA CUM AGAIN… CUM WITH ME… SHOOT IT INNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!”Max followed Jewel’s order quickly and efficiently. Gush after gush of semen rocketed into the depths of her convulsing cunt. When Max finally withdrew his still hard cock, thick rivers of cum flowed from her gaping vagina.Jewel’s chest was heaving as she desperately tried to suck air into her tortured lungs. Her vagina continued to quiver and throb as more semen ran down her ass crease.Suddenly, her pussy throbbed in a hard spasm when she felt Max’s tongue on her cunt and clit again. “Oh Honey. Stop. I’m a mess down there. You don’t have to do that… Ooohhhh god… aaaahhhh… oohhhh fuckkkkk!”Again and again, Max’s tongue circled the swollen, sensitive clitoris and probed deeply into the Jewel’s cum-filled vagina. Within minutes, she was frantically mashing his face against her sex hole. Another minute later, the room was again filled with the sounds of a climaxing woman.An hour later, Max was mounted on Jewel in doggie position driving his cock into her squishing vagina. Each stroke caused his cock to slide over her G-spot bringing intense groans of pleasure that seemed to be coming straight from her pulsing cunt. When the trembling woman surged into another climax, Max poured another load of semen into her waiting sex channel.Rolling onto his back, he ordered, “Mount my face, you hot slut. Mash that cunt against my mouth. Do it!”The quivering female couldn’t obey fast enough. She was shaking too hard to even talk. Her thighs spread on either side of Max’s face. She grinned down at her lover, and whispered, “Where in hell did you learn to make love to a woman like this?”For an answer, Max jerked Jewel’s hips downward. His tongue pushed into her creamy vagina as her labia spread over his face, drenching him with a mixture of her cuntal secretions and his own semen. Five minutes later, she was having repeated orgasms.Jewel and Max had been in room 621 for over two hours. Max had pumped four loads of cum into her cunt and assholes while she had long since lost track of the number of orgasms she had had. At the moment, Max was carrying Jewel around the room with her legs wrapped tightly around his waist and his hard cock buried inside her vagina. He carried her to the patio door and opened it. She shuddered on his cock when he moved out onto the balcony in plain sight of anyone on any of the nearby balconies or looking out from a window on the opposite side of the hotel’s airshaft. “Everyone can see you fucking me, Max,” she whispered hotly in his ear.“I hope they’re watching. Everyone thinks I’m gay you know. I go around getting other gay men hard. If they see me screwing you, it will salvage my reputation.”Jewel laughed and screamed at the top of her lungs, “HE’S FUCKING ME! THIS HOT STUD IS FUCKING MY ASS OFF! HE’S GOT HIS COCK IN ME RIGHT NOW AND HE’S ALREADY MADE ME CUM 30 TIMES… AAAAHHHH AAAAHHHHH OOOHHHH SHIT… I’M CUMMING ON HIS COCK…. WATCH HIM FUCK MEEEEEEEEEE!”“Oh shit! Everyone will see us after that!”“Who cares! Fuck me harder… I’m gonna cum again… Screw me, Max. Hard!”When Max carried Jewel back into their room, there was a loud knocking on the door.“Jewel! Jewel! It’s Bruce. What’s going on?”“Your wife is being fucked. That’s what’s going on, or maybe I should say, That’s what’s going in.”“Are you about finished?”“No! Hell no! Go away! Take Asia to the bar or take her back to our room and fuck her some more. I’ll call you on your cell later.”After another hour, Max rolled off Jewel’s body, his penis totally drained and flaccid. Panting, he gasped, “Damn Woman! You have totally drained me… no more cum… no more energy… no more starch in my cock… You win. I give up.”Jewel rolled atop Max, pressing her tits against his chest and lovingly stroking his limp penis. “I think we both win, Honey. That was the most incredible sex I’ve ever had in my life.”“I’m sorry my cock isn’t as big as Bruce’s. I really wanted to please you, because you really are the only woman I’ve ever had except for Asia.”Jewel extended her arms so she could look down into Max’s face. Her tits dangled enticingly against his chest as her cunt slid erotically over his thigh. “Honey, Bruce should just watch and take lessons from you. He’s never fucked me and made me climax like you just did. The next time we swing, I hope we can do it in he same room. I really want him to see how you fuck me and make me cum. Could we do that?”“I would love to. I guess it depends upon what Bruce and Asia want. My guess is that she will really want to have Bruce’s monster dick in her pussy again.”—————————-The next morning Asia and Max were discussing their first swinging experience with a couple. “Did you like it, Honey? No lies. Tell me the truth,” Asia asked.“Oh yes. I enjoyed it a lot… a whole lot. At first, I was really worried. We listened outside your hotel room when Bruce was first fucking you. You were going so wild over his huge cock… cumming so hard… I was very nervous. Mostly, I was nervous that you might lose interest in having sex with me and secondly, I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to satisfy Jewel with my smaller cock. How about you? Did you enjoy it? I heard you screaming so I know you did.”“I did go crazy over his huge cock, Honey. It felt incredible inside my pussy… stretching me so much… grinding on my G-spot and squeezing my clitoris so hard every time he rammed it into me. I think I climaxed 30 or 40 times the first two times he fucked me. But he’s not as good as you are.”“I thought you were going to tell me the truth. You were going wild when he screwed you.”“I was, but he wouldn’t eat my pussy. He said real men fuck cunt; they don’t eat it. That was a downer, but the real problem was that after he had shot into me twice, he was done for the night. I couldn’t get him up again no matter how long or how deep I sucked him. That’s why we were knocking on your door while you were screwing Jewel. He was done for the night, but were still making his wife howl with pleasure. What did she say after you finished fucking her?”“She basically said that her husband needed to take lessons from me.”“Oh she did, huh?”“yes, she did.”“Slutty bitch!”“More precisely a wet, hot, passionate slutty bitch,” Max responded.“What woman wouldn’t be with you fucking her, Honey.Let’s change the subject. Now that we’ve had a wonderful time with Rob and with Jewel and Bruce, do you want to join the Eyez Wide Shut club as full members? “Oh yeah. I think it would be enormously exciting and fun.” “Are you sure, Honey,” Asia asked. “If we join, you know that a lot of men are going to be fucking your wife.”“I know. I think that’s awesomely hot. How about you? I’ll be screwing a lot of women too. Can you handle that?”“Truthfully, I don’t know, but I certainly want to give it a try. If either of us can’t handle it, we drop out. Agreed?”“Sounds good to me, but there’s one more thing.”“What?”“The initiation for new members. Can you handle that?”“Do you know what the initiation is, Max?”“Yeah, I do. Maria told me. Didn’t Jacque or Maria tell you?”“No. They didn’t say a word about it other than to tell me that there was a club initiation for new members. So tell me. What is it? Let me guess. I have to let a man fuck me while everyone watches and you do the same with a woman. Right?”“No. Not close.“Ok. I give up. What is it?”“Well, first, it’s not a brief or short process like some man fucking you. It lasts an entire night. During this time, the husband has to wear a cock cage that prevents him for screwing anyone and actually hurts if he gets an erection.”“Yuk! That sounds really awful.”“It gets worse. I have to watch what you’re doing all night. If I fall asleep, someone will wake me up. I’m going go get hard, and it’s going to hurt.”“What about me? What do I have to do?”“The wife is put in various bondage positions during the initiation. They change at regular intervals. In every position, your cunt, ass, and mouth are exposed and available for use. For an entire night, you’ll be fucked and used in whatever way the members want. During this initiation period, the male members can have sex with any of the women members, but they are only allowed to ejaculate inside you.”“Every man has to fuck me and cum inside me… no one else?”“That’s what Maria told me. Do you want to skip it or what?”“Honey, if the initiation is having sex with all those men, I think I’ll take the “or what” option.”==========================Initiation:Max and Asia’s application for membership was accepted in near record time. Maria called to convey the good news.“Asia, your and Max’s application for Eyez Wide Shut membership has been accepted. In fact, it was accepted unanimously by all current members. Congratulations. All the members are anxious and want to schedule your initiation as soon as possible.”“So do we. How about this coming Saturday evening around 8 PM?”“That will work fine. Did Max tell you about the initiation?”“He did. He’s worried about it.”“Well, he certainly won’t enjoy it. None of the men do.”“How about the women?”“Asia, I’m the person who devised our initiation procedures, and I’m a woman, a very passionate, sexy woman. Are you catching my drift here, Honey?”“Perfectly!”“Good, but don’t tell Max. Let him continue to worry about you and be concerned. Afterwards, you can tell him what a big sacrifice you had to make so he could become a member.”“I think I’ll do that. You know we’re very devious, Maria.”“Of course we are. We’re women.”————————When Max and Asia arrived at the club at 7:45 PM, they found all of the other members already present. Maria and her husband Jacque were in charge of the proceedings since they were the founding members. The couple was ushered into the large common area of the club that was adored with lounge chairs, love seats, sofas, a full wet bar, and a small stage for live performances. Tonight, all the seats were filled, and the stage would be used for the initiation.“All right, Ladies and Gentlemen,” Maria announced. “Tonight we are initiating Max and Asia into the club and thereby conferring upon them full membership rights. Asia will you please take the stage.”For her initiation, Asia was dressed far beyond hot. Her attire was no less that obscenely erotic. As she ascended the four steps to the stage, her short, very tight, black dress failed to cover the thrusting globes of her exposed sexy ass much less any of her perfectly toned, brown legs that were exotically accented by her six-inch heels. With each step upward, more of her ass as well as the wet slit of her cunt came into view. After the fourth step, a low, but very audible, set of appreciative moans arose from the male members. When Asia moved to center stage, her big 32DD tits, unrestrained by a bra, bounced and jiggled erotically.“Well?” Maria questioned. “How do you guys like the hot ass on this woman?” The question was answered by hoots and yells combined with sustained applause. “And what about those big 32DD cannons on her chest?” More cheers and applause followed.“Any men present who like those hot six-inch come-fuck-me heels the sexy slut is wearing?” Feet began stomping the floor as hands applauded. “She’s going to be wearing those heels for the next few hours while all you studs fuck her brains out.”“Now for the ladies, will Asia’s husband, Max, please take the stage.”“Wait a minute,” one of the women in the audience objected.“Is there a problem, Laura?” Maria asked.“Absolutely. We could all see the slut’s cunt when she climbed the steps. You forget to ask our brainless husbands how much they liked that.”Immediate, thunderous applause exploded in the room. “Well, I guess we have our kaçak bahis answer, Laura,” Maria said with a laugh. “Ok, your turn, Max.”Max stood and shrugged off the long bathrobe he was wearing. At Asia’s insistence, he had dressed in the elastic, skin-tight shirt and black jeans. Max’s perfectly toned and ripped body, the result of months of hard workouts, was accented by the garment. His tight butt, his powerful thighs, and the smooth rippling muscles of his arms were on display. His iron-hard, seven and a half inch cock was molded by the thin material of the jeans. Every ridge of his sex gun was perfectly outlined. As Max ascended the steps to the stage, a cacophony of shrill screams and whistles, even more thunderous than Asia had received, arose from the female members. They were still yelling and applauding after several minutes. Some woman screamed, “My god! Look at those muscles!” Another one yelled, “To hell with his muscles, look at the size of that cock!” Still another woman added, “Right on! I can’t wait to get that huge sex gun in my pussy.” Finally, all the women began to chant, “Take it off! Take it off! Take it off!”“You heard the members, Max,” Maria said with a laugh. “Take it off, Baby! Take it all off! Get naked. Now!”After removing his shoes and socks, Max unbuttoned his shirt and began slowly peeling it off his body. When his chest was bare, the women cheered. Lowering his pants, Max showed the women his turgid, swollen cock. It stood straight up with the head touching his navel. Suddenly, all the yelling and screaming was replaced with silence, a silence that lasted perhaps 15 seconds. After that, a soft but intense groan arose from the assembled women. Tongues extended and slid over upper lips. Some women clutched their breasts, but most were rubbing very hard clits. When Max finally stood naked on the stage beside his wife, the women again began to applaud. Even the men joined them.When the applause finally ebbed, Jacque ascended the stage with a tray which he placed on a table beside Asia. The two objects on the tray were a cock cage and a mean-looking six-inch butt plug containing a large knob halfway down the shaft. “All right, Asia. You know the drill. Lock up your husband’s cock.”Picking up the cage, Asia examined the device and then held it up next to her husband’s rigid penis. She laughed, “This thing is not gonna fit. No way!”“You’re right,” Maria commented. “I guess I will have take the starch out of that monster. It’s going to be a tough job, but someone has to do it.”The members were still laughing when Maria knelt in front of Max and licked his cock from balls up to the throbbing head. She repeated the action several times until Max’s cock was dripping with her saliva. It seemed even bigger, a fact which caused several women to slide their hands under their skirts.Max groaned when he felt Maria’s lips sliding down his shaft. For several minutes, she sucked five inches of his cock and stroked the remaining two inches. Gradually, another inch slid down the brunette’s throat as Max’s hips began to mouth fuck the kneeling woman. When Maria’s lips locked about the base of his cock, Max groaned with masculine pleasure. Sliding the hard organ out of her mouth, Maria hissed, “Hold my head and mouth fuck me, Honey. Shoot your big, hot load into my belly.” Two minutes was all Max needed to fire six or seven thick volleys of semen into Maria’s mouth. She tried to swallow all of it, but in spite of her best efforts, some spurted out, ran down her chin, and formed two long ropes that swung erotically as Max pumped her mouth.The combination of having just cum and the embarrassment of being naked on a stage in front of a eighty or so fully dressed people caused Max’s cock to rapidly lose its rigidity. Within a minute, Max’s organ was totally flaccid“Ok, Asia. Lock up your husband’s cock.” This time, Asia had no problem inserting Max’s dick into the plastic cock cage and securing the cage with the small lock. Examining her husband’s caged penis, Asia realized that even with his cock flaccid, there was very little extra room inside the cage. If Max got hard from watching 12 hours of sex, she knew it was going to be very painful for him. That thought made her feel guilty.“Now the plug, Asia. Butt plug your husband. If you’re going to plugged with 40 cocks for the whole night, it’s only fair that Max have the same experience. Bend over, Max.“You did a good job the last time, Maria. You do it.”While spreading Max’s buttocks, Maria inserted the neck of a plastic bottle of astroglide into Max’s rectum and squeezed the bottle several times. Repeating the action over the butt plug, she handed it to Asia. “Ok, Asia. Butt plug him.”For almost a minute, Asia worked to get the big knob of the plug past Max’s sphincter, but failed. “I’m gonna need some help,” she grinned and looked at Maria.“Use this,” she said handing Asia a medium-sized rubber hammer. “Shove it in up to the knob, then bang the end of the plug hard with the hammer.” When Asia seemed hesitant, Maria said, “Hasn’t your stud husband ever hammered his big cock into your cunt making you grunt and groan? Well, now’s your chance to hammer it into him. Do it!”Asia followed directions perfectly. When she whacked the end of the plug with the hammer, the entire shaft sank into Max’s rectum bringing a sharp grunt from him.“He sounds a lot like some of the women he’s fucked with that big cock of his,” a female member commented. Everyone laughed. Max’s face flushed red.“Now all of you know the rules. Our bondage master, Carl, will handle the job of putting Asia into several erotic positions for you guys to fuck for the next 12 hours. Remember, the men can screw any female member who’s willing, but they can only cum in one of Asia’s holes, mouth, ass, or cunt. Any guy who shoots any place except inside of Asia is out of the game. He gets his cock caged and his ass butt plugged. So, if three of you are fucking Asia’s holes, and a member desperately needs to get into her, one of you needs to move out of the way or else your buddy will end up being cock caged and butt plugged. Any questions?”Initially, Carl had Asia put her dress back on. Then, he opened the top so that her big tits protruded erotically. The rest of her dress was bunched around her waist. Carl ball gagged her then bound her tightly in a chair with her ankles cuffed together, her thighs wide open. Max dutifully watched doing his best to keep from getting hard.Every man in the club got hard when they watched Carl bind the hot wifewith her big tits out and her legs wide open.?When several men were ready to ejaculate, Carl moved Asia to a fucking table with legs high in the air, spread as far apart as possible, and securely bound with coils of soft rope. Her wrists were tied to the front table legs. Her position made all of her sex holes available. Her mouth and cunt were immediately filled by two wildly excited males who deposited their loads within two minutes leaving Asia throbbing in sexual heat with no cock to bring her off. “Damn! I need cock,” she screamed. “Someone… anyone… put a cock in me… Ooohhh shit.” Asia arched her hips to entice a man to fill her pulsing cunt.Asia only had to wait a few minutes before a black guy with a huge, throbbing cock approached. His organ was dripping with the secretions of another woman who had gotten him to the brink of orgasm. Now he needed Asia’s cunt to finish him off. Moving between her open thighs, he aligned his shaft with her cum-filled opening and began fucking the hot Indian wife. Instantly, her vagina convulsed around his shaft as Asia’s orgasm exploded. The intense throbbing of Asia’s pussy rapidly pushed the black stud over the edge. His buttocks flexed forcing thick cum jets into her cunt. When the large shaft was withdrawn from her still pulsing vagina, large wads of semen belched out of her hole and cascaded down the crack of her ass.The black man was followed by another half dozen throbbing cocks in rapid succession. Some fucked Asia’s ass; others used her mouth, about half emptied their loads into her cunt. Asia lost track of her orgasms.Over the next hour, eleven more men fucked Max’s wife. Some just needed her for a cum receptacle; others wanted to fuck the hot Indian wife. By the end of two hours, 21 cum loads were partially pooled in Asia’s cunt, ass, and belly, the remaining semen covered the floor around the fucking platform.Max was in pain. Watching over a dozen hard cocks sinking into his wife had had the expected effect on his cock. It was hard, and the restricting cage was causing pain … a lot of pain. Of the 19 members who were screwing other women, 14 more fucked Asia during the third hour. For the entire hour, Asia had one, two, or three cocks inside her sex holes. One by one, the male members fucked her. Semen was dripping or running from all of Asia’s orifices. She had long since lost track of the number of her orgasms. It seemed to her that she having continuous climaxes. By midnight, 35 men had ejaculated inside one of her sex holes. Some of them did more than just cum in her; they fucked her vigorously until she was howling in a series of orgasms. As the next hour began, Carl put Asia on a gynecologist’s examination table. He secured her legs and ankles in the metal supports and then spread her legs wide apart. Her wrists were secured above her head. One unfortunate man was trying desperately to hold his cum load until Carl finished tying Asia to the table, but he didn’t succeed. His cum shot high in the air and splattered all over the floor. As soon as his orgasm was complete, two men led the guy off to the side where they quickly caged his cock, drove a butt plug into his rectum, and then tied him to a post. The guy was desperately trying to dislodge the butt plug when his wife came over. “Well, Phil I see you’re busy getting ass fucked. I just came over to tell you that both Jane and Linda would really like for you to fuck them, but it seems that’s not possible now. Too bad. I know you’ve been trying to get into to those two sluts for months. If you weren’t such a jack rabbit, you’d be fucking them right now. You and your butt plug have fun.”The pain had finally managed to cause Max’s erection to subside. He breathed a sigh of relief. That is, he did until he saw Asia with her legs wide open on the examining table. His shaft immediately responded. He moaned helplessly.By 1 AM, the remaining five men had mounted Asia and shot their loads into her. During a lull, two of the women took over. One woman sucked Asia’s nipples while the second woman pressed the ball of a large vibrator against Asia’s engorged and sensitive clitoris. The effect was instantaneous. Her body arched upward as much as the restraints would allow. She screeched and howled, grunting as repeated orgasms engulfed her. The women didn’t relent. Fingers vigorously massaged her G-spot. A second vibrator was pressed against one nipple while a mouth sucked hard on the second one. Her vagina and clit surged into hard, repeated spasms causing Asia to squirt four feet into the air. Each time her vagina convulsed, she squirted again. The two women continued to press the vibrator against her clitoris and work her G-spot and nipples until two men moved them aside so that they could have access to Asia’s cunt and mouth.By 2 AM, all the men had fucked Asia at least once and were now returning for a second time. At this point, Carl released Asia from the examining table, bent her over with her hands tied to her ankles. Straps were placed around her hips and secured the ceiling to keep her cunt elevated into fucking position. The new, erotic position quickly attracted a group of men who took turns filling her cunt with cum.By 4AM, the men were exhausted. Asia was covered with their cum loads. Thick rivers of semen seeped from every one of her orifices. At this point, Carl moved Asia to the floor where he spread-eagled her with her arms and ankles fastened securely to restraining rings. The position allowed the men use her cunt or mouth, but not her ass. It was, however, very convenient for the women who descended upon the quivering female using vibrators and dildos in her cunt and on her clitoris. Some even sucked her in spite of the semen filling every hole.Asia thrashed and howled continuously as her body shuddered and jerked. Eventually, the shuddering changed to quivering, and her howling became passionate moans. When the women inserted three fingers into her vagina and began furiously masturbating her G-spot, Asia began to squirt, again and again, until the floor between her legs was soaked with her cuntal juices. Whenever a man approached, the women moved aside to allow him to mount Asia. As he fucked her, the women sucked her nipples and filled her rectum with fingers. As soon as the man dismounted, a vibrator was quickly pressed onto her engorged clit and her cunt filled with a huge dildo.By 6 AM, everyone had left except Maria, Jacque, Phil, Max, and, of course, Asia who remained spread-eagled on the floor. With no one left to fuck Asia, Maria declared the initiation over. Carl released Max and Phil from their cages. Phil’s cock, which had been restrained for hours, surged to an iron-hard full erection. He practically ran to Asia. His cock throbbed with lust as he stared at her gaping cum-filled cunt. A moment later, he was mounted on her with his cock jack hammering in and out of her vagina.“Oh yeah, Stud. That’s it… Fuck me! AAAHHHGGGG… BIG HARD COCK… RAM MEEEEEEEEEEEE!” “CAN’T HOLD IT… CAN’T HOLD IT.. UUNNGGGHHH! UUNNGGHH!”“YOU’RE NOT SUPPOSED TO HOLD IT, BABY. YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO FUCK ME AND CUM INSIDE ME. SHOOT IT INNNN, STUD! YOU’RE CUMMING IN MEEEEEEEE…. FUCK MEEEEEEEEEEE!”As soon as Phil emptied himself into Asia, Max jerked him off his wife and took his place. She was lubricated with semen there was little friction, but he didn’t need much. It took him less than a minute to fill his wife with yet another cum load.Maria and Jacque removed Asia’s restraints, and Max lifted her up in her arms and carried her to their car. Jacque accompanied the couple carrying an armful of soft towels which he spread over the front seat before Max lowered Asia onto the seat. When Max parked the car in their driveway, the towels were soaked with semen that had seeped from Asia’s sex holes during the trip.Once inside the house, Max filled the Jacuzzi with warm water and helped his wife into the bubbling water.“Mmmmm… that feels good, Honey. Thank you. Are you Ok?”“Am I ok? It’s you I’m worried about. I was going to ask you the same question.”“I’m fine, Honey. It doesn’t hurt a woman to be fucked, even to be fucked a lot by randy, hard-cocked studs.”“But they screwed you for hours and hours,” Max protested.“MMmmmm… they certainly did, Baby. And your high-heeled slutty wife was having one orgasm after another. I loved it. I am a little sore… maybe more than a little. Do you mind if we don’t have sex anymore tonight… or I should say today?”“Of course I don’t mind. I wouldn’t even consider it.”“You’re a jewel. But I have to know… were you disgusted with me? It must have been awful for you to have to watch all those men fucking me while you were in that miserable cock cage.”“The cage was terrible. Not because I couldn’t fuck any of the women, but because I got so turned on and excited watching you having sex with all those studs and them shooting load after load of cum into your cunt, mouth, and ass. I just couldn’t keep from getting hard, and everytime I got hard, that damn cage felt like it was cutting into my cock. Phil was actually crying it hurt him so badly.”“I’m really sorry you had to go through that.”“I’m not. I loved seeing what a blazingly hot wife I have. And now we’re members. I am going to see if I can’t persuade the club to change the initiation procedure for the husbands.”“To what?”“Well, the female members of the club don’t get to enjoy the initiation as much as the men do. I think it would much nicer and much less painful if the husband were strapped to a table on his back with a chastity belt on so he can’t fuck. The woman could have fun face sitting him. You know, grinding their pussies into his face and making him give them oral sex all night while his wife is being fucked right beside him.”“Well I can tell you, Honey, that since I’m going to be one of the women present, I like that idea. I like it a lot!”=============================More Office Politics:Three days after the initiation, Thomas Morrison had his secretary call Asia and ask her to visit him in his office as soon as it’s convenient. Fifteen minutes later, Asia was seated in front of Morrison’s desk. She wore a stylish dress that completely covered her breasts and concealed all but one inch of her thighs. The three-inch heels she wore were attractive but not slutty. Her entire ensemble emphasized her sultry beauty without being inappropriately brazen. Asia crossed her shapely legs giving Morrison a very nice view of her beautiful, toned limbs.“Asia,” Morrison began, “I asked to see you this morning to discuss the VP position for public relations. I will tell you that I’ve discussed this with all the other VPs and there is a difference of opinion concerning appointing you to the position. Some favor it, some don’t.”Asia nodded, but made no comment. Morrison continued.“You are highly qualified in public relations. Of that, there can be no doubt. In addition, you have done a remarkable job as Division manager for PR. The downside is your lack of extensive experience with the business, which is to say your lack of seniority. When I add up all the pluses and minuses, I have to conclude that the minus factors slightly outweigh the pluses. However, before telling you that I will not be appointing you as the new VP for PR, I think it is only fair to allow you to present any facts or viewpoints that you think I may have overlooked or not given proper weight to. Would you like some time to consider this? We could meet again tomorrow if you like.”“That won’t be necessary, Sir. I do believe that there are several factors that you may not have considered, or if you have, I don’t think you have assigned those factors the proper weight.”“Would you care to be more specific, Asia? I really need for you to be very specific on these points. This is a very important decision for me.”“I fully understand, Mr. Morrison. May I have 15 minutes or so to go to my office to prepare my presentation?”“Of course you may. Take as much time as you need. Give me a call when you’re ready.”Thirty minutes later, Asia called Morrison’s private number. “I’m ready now, Mr. Morrison. Is this a good time?”“Absolutely. I’ll be waiting for you.”When Asia entered Morrison’s office, he was surprised to see his Division Manager now wearing a knee-length, belted and very attractive leather coat.“That coat is beautiful, Asia, but I think it’s a little warm for a coat.”“It’s part of my presentation, Thomas. I’m sure it will persuade you to change your decision on who will be the next VP for public relations.”“First, for the record, I would like to state that, in my opinion, you have undervalued the importance of my record of success in PR matters, specifically, the number of new accounts I have secured for IT Dynamics as well as the number of renewals I have obtained when everyone thought the account was beyond saving. I would suggest that such accomplishments are far more important than seniority concerns.”“Several of the VP’s have already made that point, Asia. Do have anything to present that I may have failed to consider … any additional attributes that you bring to the table, so to speak?”“I do. To illustrate properly, I need for you to play the role of an irate, totally furious client who is about to switch his account to one of our competitors because of some huge, hard problem caused by one of our employees. Can you do that?”“No problem,” Morrison said with grin obviously enjoying the game. “Listen, young lady, I’m sick and tired of the incompetence of IT Dynamics. You people don’t fix problems. Not ever! You even have the gall to tell me that I’m the one who is causing the problems. I’ll tell you right now that it will be a cold day in hell before I renew my contract with this company. Is that understood?”“I understand completely Mr. Morrison. First, I want to apologize for the insulting incompetence of some of our employees. From this point onward, I will personally be taking care of all your problems, and I’m certain you will be highly pleased with the way I take care of all the hard problems you have. In addition, I will be available at any time to work on the problems you may have.”“Talk is cheap, Asia. IT Dynamics talks a good game but you don’t perform.”“That’s over, Mr. Morrison. From now on, I will be performing for you and taking care of every problem that arises. I guarantee you will be highly pleased with the way I handle your problems. I’m a little hot in this coat, Thomas. Do you mind if I take it off so I can be more comfortable?”When Morrison shook his head, Asia stood up, unfastened the belt of her coat, and let the garment fall to the floor. Underneath, she wore an abbreviated black dress held up by two small straps over her shoulders. The bodice managed to cover no more than half of her large tits that thrust forward like twin cannons right in Morrison’s face. The garment just barely covered her ass, and when she again sat down, every inch of her luscious legs and thighs were on display for the CEO. The six-inch, CFM red heels added an extra measure of sensuality. Morrison opened his mouth to speak, but no sound emerged.Asia moved seductively to the very edge of her chair. Her knees were pointed directly at Morrison. Her hands moved erotically up and down the length of her thighs. The CEO tried desperately to see in the darkness between her thighs, but they weren’t spread sufficiently. As he stared, Asia parted her knees several inches. Morrison leaned forward peering at her exposed inner thighs, but the darkness near the top of her thighs blocked his vision. He couldn’t tell if she was wearing panties or not. His cock hardened.“I can see that your do indeed have a very hard problem, Mr. Morrison. None of our other employees, not the managers, not the other vice presidents, have the means to take care of such problems, but I have skill attributes that they don’t have. You will find that these attributes allow me to fix all your hard problems. And let me assure you that my attributes and skill will always be available to you when such hard problems arise in the future.”Asia moved her legs even further apart. She planted her six-inch heels up against the base of her chair causing her knees to steeple. The crotch of her wet, black panties were only a few feet from Morrison’s eyes. His cock surged to a hardness he hadn’t felt since the first time he had fucked his wife.“I don’t think my CEO has properly assessed my attributes, Mr. Morrison, but as a client who needs my services, I’m sure you will appreciate them much more than he does. For example, here are two more of my attributes for which he has not given me proper credit.” Asia’s hands slowly pulled the top of her dress downward until both of her 32DD tits were completely exposed. She hefted both globes, holding them outward as if in an offering to Morrison.“I think it’s totally inappropriate for my CEO to fail to assess my credentials adequately. Don’t you agree, Mr. Morrison?”“Of god yes!” he moaned. “That’s an inexcusable oversight.”“And that’s not the worse of it, Sir. My most important and effective asset isn’t even listed at any point in my personnel file. Just examine it, Mr. Morrison, and tell me if you don’t think it’s a wonderful asset that can fix a lot of very hard problems.”Asia’s fingers moved the crotch of her panties aside. She arched her hips and spread her labia to allow Morrison the see into the wet, pulsing depths of her vagina.Asia’s assets were on full display for the CEO.?“Why don’t I fix that hard problem you now have to provide you with a practical demonstration of all my assets and let you see have effectively I can solve your problems.”Asia knelt in front of Morrison’s chair, unzipped his pants, and extracted his rigid, throbbing six-inch cock. Seminal fluids were already seeping from the bloated purple tip of his shaft.“This is a Level One solution to such a difficult, hard problem, Mr. Morrison.”Asia’s lips slid sensuously over his cock head. Her tongue licked it and then moved down the shaft covering every inch. Within a minute, Morrison’s cock was dripping with Asia’s saliva. When her mouth engulfed his entire cock and her lips closed tightly around its base, he couldn’t suppress a loud groan nor could he stop his hips from jack hammering his throbbing rod in and out of her mouth.Before the CEO could ejaculate into her mouth, Asia stood up in front of him leaving his cock jerking wildly in the air. “That’s my Level One solution, Mr. Morrison. Sometimes, more effective solutions are required to address the problems of our clients. Here’s a demonstration of my Level Two solution.”Pulling both straps off her shoulders, Asia let her dress fall down to her ankles. Seductively, she moved her heels out of the garment. “Would you mind assisting me, Mr. Morrison? Please pull my panties down.”Turning her back to gasping CEO, she bent over at the waist and moved her ass to within a few inches of his face. The musky aroma of her aroused cunt filled his nostrils and made his cock throb even harder. “Please pull my panties down, Sir, so that my Level Two solution will be available.”The CEO’s hands actually trembled as he pulled Asia’s panties down her thighs exposing her gaping, musky, wet cunt. Straddling his legs, Asia centered the opening of her vagina directly over his cock head. Looking over her shoulder, she hissed, “Are you ready for my Level Two solution?”“Oh hell, yes!” Asia’s cunt captured the throbbing head of Morrison’s cock. She squeezed her vagina around the head causing it to throb and pulse inside her channel. Slowly, tantalizingly, she engulfed his shaft inside her sex tunnel. When the lips of her pussy encircled the base of his rod, she again began working her vaginal muscles literally milking him. The CEO howled with masculine delight.Asia’s hips became a blur of motion as she fucked herself on Morrison’s shaft while hissing passionately in his ear. “Shoot in me, Sir. Shoot your hard problem into me and get rid of it. Pump it into me… hard. Shoot it!”Morrison followed her orders. There was no way any man could keep from doing so. Four or five thick streams of cum shot forcefully deep inside Asia’s vagina where it pooled about the neck of her womb. When his orgasm ebbed, his cock continued to twitch inside Asia’s cunt. The man’s chest heaved as he sucked much needed air into his lungs. Asia’s pussy continued to squeeze her CEO’s dick.“Don’t you think it’s awful that my CEO so completely ignores all my assets? I don’t get any credit for any of them.”“He should be fired for incompetence,” Morrison gasped.“He knows how much I want the vice presidency of public relations. I would be eager to work with him, under him, anytime. I’m sure he would find me a wonderful asset who could solve any hard problems he might have.”When Morrison’s cock again began to harden inside Asia’s tight cunt, she whispered, “Ooohhh… I’m so sorry, Mr. Morrison. I see that I have not completely solved your problem. I think a Level Three solution is necessary. Shall we try a Level Three solution, Sir?”“Level Three? Oh fuck yes!”Asia promptly mounted Morrison’s desk on her knees. She lowered her head to his desk and arched her ass. “Come on, Sir. Just follow the directions written on my ass, which is another asset of mine which my CEO ignores, and I’m sure your problem will be solved. At least for the moment.”Written on Asia’s ass in bright pink lipstick were the words “Level 2” and “Level 3”. Beside Level 2, a pink arrow pointed at the entrance to her cunt. A similar arrow beside “Level 3” directed Morrison to her asshole that was adorned by a jeweled butt plug. Ten minutes later, Morrison’s problem had yielded fully to Asia’s Level 3 solution.Asia’s three solution levels solved all of Morrison’s hard problems.?============================Good News:Later that evening, Max and Asia were at their dining room table enjoying coffee and dessert after finishing an excellent veal picatta and asparagus dinner Asia had prepared. When Max had finished the excellent chocolate cheese cake his wife had made, he noticed that Asia was staring at him with a broad grin on her face.“You seem really cheerful tonight, Asia. What’s going on?”“I’ve been waiting for you to finish your dinner, Honey. I have some very good news to tell you. In fact, I have three very good things to tell you.”“Great! What is it? I’m all ears.”“Hardly. You have nice ears, but I’m a lot more interested in other parts of my sexy husband.”“You know what I mean. What’s the good news?”“Just that you have the honor of dining with the brand new IT Dynamics Vice President for Public Relations!” “Fantastic! I’m proud of you, Darling. It’s a promotion well deserved and well earned. Tell all about it. How did you get such a promotion with less than a year of seniority with the corporation?”“It went exactly the way you predicted and for exactly the reason you suggested. I’m amazed that you could analyze the situation so perfectly when I missed it entirely.”“The way I predicted? How did I do that?”“How can you not remember? You analyzed everything so precisely. Remember when you told me that the Equal Employment Opportunity law requires corporations to demonstrate to the feds that they’re not gender biased, and to do that, they had to have female employees at all levels?”“Oh yeah. I do remember saying something like that, but I really wasn’t sure that would be enough.”“Well, it was! EEO law gave me all the additional edge I needed to get around my lack of seniority.”“Amazing … just amazing! What’s your new salary?”“Unfortunately, it’s not as much as I had hoped for. But I have a feeling that Morrison may be giving me an increase in the near future.”“Well? What is it? How much?”Asia plopped herself down on Max’s lap, kissed him passionately, and then whispered in his ear.”“My god?!! That much?”Asia nodded her head and kissed Max again. “Wow! I can hardly wait to hear the rest of the good news. You said there were three things. Tell me the rest.”“The other things are not about money or power, Honey. They’re about sex.”“Sex is Ok. I can do sex. What’s the sexy good news?”“My pussy isn’t sore any longer. It’s ready for action again so you can stop fucking your hand and resume your husbandly responsibilities.”Max planted another passionate kiss on his wife’s eager lips and whispered, “I really like that news. What’s the third sexy item?”“IT Dynamics’ new vice president still has her executive cherry. That poor female VP has never been fucked since she’s been a vice president. Do you know any good looking, sexy males who would be interested in taking care of her embarrassing problem?”“I know one. I have it on good authority that he’s a really hot satyr in bed.”“MMMmmmm that sounds perfect. I don’t think I can wait much longer. How long will it take for you to get this hot stud over here?”“He’s already here, and he’s ready to rid you of your unwanted virginity right now, you hot, sexy, slutty, delicious woman. In fact, his cock is so hard he’s in pain.”“Then tell him to take his rock-hard cock out, carry me to the bedroom, and bust me wide open, Honey.”As Asia’s randy, wildly excited husband carried her toward the bedroom with his cock out and pressing urgently against her ass, she wrapped her arms about him and buried her face in the crook of his neck. With each step, the rigid, stone-hard cock moved sensuously between her thighs making her pussy quiver in anticipation.Snuggling even closer, she thought, “A woman really does need to have some secrets if she wants her marriage to be strong and her husband’s cock constantly hard.”================================Story written by Max, Asia, and RLM.

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