Asian Innocence Manipulated Ch. 10

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In this seduction-based and steamy sex chapter sparks fly as female jealousy comes to the fore as the naive Singapore virgin Selena, 20, is lured closer to intercourse surrender by the erotic photographer, Frenchman Jacques Pardie. His 30 year-old live-in bi lover, Paris swimwear model Josette signals an ultimatum.

Can you imagine a real cat fight between competing pussies where one seems to be getting more attention from the master? Hair flies and the catty wailing is anything but low pitch.

He’s worked hard on getting the cute young Asian with the hot body closer and closer to total submission but she’s so far met him at every one of his seductive twists and turns to prevent him from penetrating her pristine pussy. It’s the only thing left in life she’s genuinely owns and won’t give it away in the heat of passion. He’s got other ideas about that, already booking Singapore Airlines to take his gullible au pair with him and Josette on a trip to Australia where sparks fly and the tension between two sexy women becomes explosive.

Also and early in this chapter the irrepressibly randy Indian landlord Mr Singh’s eccentric passion for teaching young ones to respect their elders sees him turn teenage ignorance into opportunity. He’s teaching his promiscuous young Asian tenant Sherrie never to doubt the endurance of a dark skinned man.

Jacques Pardie’s using his recent 50th birthday as a reason to prove something to himself that despite more than quarter of a century of photography work specialising in erotica and mixing intimately with hot models in different parts of Europe, Asia and the Pacific, he needs to know he can still seduce a woman under 25.

It’s the sole purpose of advertising and eventually selecting Selena for a well paid live-in position as his au pair helper in an upmarket area of Singapore, carefully explaining that in French tradition an au pair is not an outsider to the family in a servant mode but indeed taken into the household as ‘one of them.’

Her qualifications were perfect. Genuine virgin number one, natural beauty number two, a gullible, shy persona number three, not very bright at school so basically she’s easily led number four, raised in the cloistered non-sexual environment of an orphanage number five and the sixth was her beautifully innocent face merged to a buxom firm breasts shapely body.

He wants Selena to help celebrate him taking ownership of a luxury apartment investment on floor 69 with a you-know-what idea in mind how to do that. Of course Selena doesn’t understand the relevance of why an erotic photographer chose the number 69. She’s already playfully and gullibly volunteered to be the six if he’s the nine for them taking her with them. Being so subservient as she is, Selena’s happy to go along with his floor 69 celebration; after all, being so naive she can’t envisage any sexual connotation or confrontation in agreeing to be the number six (pronounced sex in New Zealand).

She hasn’t forgotten her dream about him taking her there on a big motor yacht and waking as they embraced and about to kiss on the moonlit deck to the soft lapping noise of the waves touching the sides of the boat. The closest thing to that was Selena waking up to find her fingers in her wet vagina. Yes, a very powerful microphone might have picked up those lapping sounds caused by her fingers touching the sides of the wet soft pink sensitive walls of her labia.

We pick up from the previous chapter now as the erotically inclined Filipina woman Meredith – they met at the Raffles Place beauty salon Bioskin – takes Selena home from her overnight stay at the friendly woman’s apartment while her husband was in Bangkok.

Selena uses her door key to invite Meredith in so she can meet Jacques, who seems to have captured the 40 year-old Filipina’s imagination. Hearing of his background as a widely travelled artist in erotica Meredith correctly guesses that Jacques has a passion for sex outside the confines of one woman. Since her apartment in the Balmoral Heights development off the Bukit Timah Road arterial in only 10 minutes drive from where he lives in Barker Road she’s discretely written her phone number and address for him to tuck away for a rainy day.

It turns out to be a smart move for a Filipina woman who gets turned on by his baritone French accent not to mention how Selena’s described his well hung firm masculine body. It’s not for description in this series but let it be said that the partly true parts of Selena’s adventures (including her fling with Meredith) involved Jacques visiting Meredith on three occasions, but not to look at her goldfish.

Imagine mamma Mia what happens after they tucked into some take-away spicy Italian food and a hot Frenchman and a feisty Filipina woman find their way to her bedroom and he’s got two hours extra time with her? It’s Selena’ doing of course only she doesn’t know they’ve done it. That tit bit was just for the record; the real Meredith reading this will understand because she’s the very person that told ankara türbanlı escort the author about the real Selena’s background for this 60/40 fiction/fact seduction adventure of an innocent Singapore virgin.

Time flies and just as Jacques and Josette tell Selena they’ve made their Singapore Airline bookings to Australia leaving in three days’ time, Mr Singh is set to give some interpersonal relationship lessons to the disgraced Asian students Mandy and Sherrie.

He can rent their apartment out for a nice sum but he’s let the two expelled and obnoxiously naughty school students get it for free for a month after they showed him the only proof of age they could offer — a look at the size of their well developed breasts — to claim an extended students’ concession.

Inviting them in for dinner was a smart move after overhearing them say they’ve got no food in their apartment and they need to get work somehow to buy things. Taking up the slack from the previous chapter as Mr Singh comes across better with his big erection, he certainly straightened them out with the help of aphrodisiacs. We catch up as he carries Sherrie to his bedroom and puts her down on her back.

He’s just a half-hour ago ordered them to entertain him and they did, spreadeagled on his living room floor in nothing but skimpy semi see-through silk g-string panties. Ordering them to show him how they pleasure each other in their own bed was just the warm-up to him going to demonstrate to Sherrie the power of his perseverance.

Both young women are physically as attractive as each other with sexy bodies but he picks Sherrie for this demonstration about endurance because she’s probably a year younger than her friend and much cheekier. He figures it’s a case of the young and the restless needing help to know how to relax.

She’s taunted him saying a man of his age — early 40s — couldn’t possibly hold back while trying to have sex for an entire hour or more with such a buxom young Asian as she is.

Sherrie acts like those typical of her age group, full of cheek and sexual fantasy, thinking she’s grown up in the mind just because she’s very grown up in the body.

After all, her sexy tight bum, 36b cup breasts, long legs and a hairless midsize pussy is a sight for sore eyes. Her pussy stands out fat and juicy looking with a thick clitoris shaft that sits above a conspicuous and captivating cameltoe crack pointing down to a pristinely presented anus. Yes, quite a mouthful to describe but a mouthful he’ll take in his stride.

“What you do to me now old man?” the sexy Singapore girl asks in her strident Singlish vocabulary. “You like young school time girl to please?”

He’s long been a wake up to her deliberate teases about his age aware that most young ones her age think anyone in their forties is old. And he’s used to her jibes about so-called old men desiring schoolgirls, even so-called schoolgirls. He’ll enjoy controlling her sexually to prove that experience can counter balance the allure of the nubile anytime day or night.

“I’m going to own your body and you’ll do as I say, you naked little sexpot,” he replies with a glint in his deep brown eyes. “Students with big tits need extra education.”

“I allright,” she says. “You show, make me learn more. Me feeling sexy more now but you can’t last; Me too young, you too old.”

He’s feeling all right don’t worry, knowing the strong aphrodisiac pill he popped down their throats before they woke up properly is starting to make her genitals jangle inside. It’s working well on Sherrie’s major sexually sensitive body zones, making her aroused even before he lays a finger on her. All the cheekiness in the world taunting him will mean nothing in a few minutes as she succumbs under his control.

Her former high school classmate Mandy sits back watching eagerly. This Mandy’s very randy too, feeling exceptionally willing to be pleased. She’s masturbating as she watches him part Sherrie’s shapely legs and squeeze an eye-dropper full of liquid aphrodisiac lubricant on to her anus, massaging it in to the delight of the sphincter nerves of that sexually sensitive area. Later he will insert a rippled surface one and a half-inch diameter throbbing vibrator into her there, pushing it in six inches while he mounts her in a fast thrusting fuck up front so she feels the experience of double penetration.

Going to her anus so early was merely preparation for bigger things to come. He likes to look closely and longingly at her pristine pussy. A bachelor man needs to enjoy these moments of intimacy while he can get away with it. His long fingers reach for Sherrie’s well developed clitoris. For someone her age and build it fascinates him after seeing the size of her clitoral glans following the after dinner dalliance with her and Mandy the previous night.

Mr Singh’s never satisfied unless he can get downright very personal with this cute little Asian hottie and he brings his mouth close to her pussy and ankara ukraynalı escort strokes her clit head with his tongue. It’s remarkably much the same shape as his own cock’s corona only much, much smaller as it juts from the end of the clitoris shaft hood that’s the same thickness and two-inch and a bit length of Sherrie’s tiny finger.

He studies it again as he caresses around it to strengthen further the herbal induced existing stimulation she’s experiencing and making her lick her lips already. Yes, there it is – no sooner has he increased pressure around the clitoral hood and pulling back the end of the hood slightly her clit head and some of the clitoral shaft emerges and juts out an appreciable quarter of an inch.

The young tiger purrs like a house trained kitten and he watches her tongue poke out between her moist lips as she emits a long sigh that signals contentment on the verge of escalating urgency. She tries to sit up, looking into his face with a frowning expression as heat builds in her loins. Her pushes her back down again.

“Me feel very nau…naughty….want man… bad,” she utters from between partly clenched teeth as his mouth clamps over one of her erect nipples sucking it up away from the breast and holding it in a state of stretched suspension. While he sucks her breast his long arm reaches between her thighs and he manages to slide his longest finger into her sensitive anus now it’s lubricated and tingling for touch from the herbal stimulant. He adjusts his position and with his long arm reach gets his second finger into her quivering hole and buries it inside to its full length, twisting and turning it for greater stimulation.

She jerks spontaneously at the insertion invading such a private part of her young body and a distinct moan escapes from her sensuous mouth. Even though only 55% of women are believed to seek anal sex he knows he can’t go wrong after Sherrie admitted the previous night she was double penetrated a year earlier by her 37 year-old married cousin and his older accomplice, 49, that put the end to her virginity. Young ones just can’t handle their drink; they open their mouth more easily and their legs too, when they get enough of it. Take Sherrie for example; Mr Singh’s taking her right now. He sees in her eyes renewed pleasure going to the backdoor entrance and he’s lucky she enjoys it.

His big hand and her medium length vagina opening allows him to lean his wrist back and with his thumb, rub in circular traces around her erect clit. Sherrie’s never before felt triple treatment to her sexual region, sucking her nipples, caressing her clit and feeling a massaging thick finger up her bum.

Paying her back for her impudence will be fun, he thinks. “Give cock please,” she begs as her breathing gets heavier and faster. Now it’s his turn to tease.

“You’re too young for my cock,” he preaches. “You should be back at school.”

“Me..okay… see me,” she pleads, “why you say that?”

“Because you’re a cheeky little hot pants thinking you’re grown up just because your tits are big and beautiful. You deserved to be slapped hard on the arse and then fucked.”

“I deserve yes…you do please,” she says as the urge to be taken intensifies.

He can tell her pussy’s burning with desire inside those moist lips thanks to the aphrodisiac impacting on her nervous system with special instructions to ignite her erogenous zones, and then his expert manipulation of her clitoris and anus in the one movement while he sucks her nipples.

He wants her to beg for it and he’ll drive her bonkers as unsatisfied desire mounts increasingly in her mind and sexual regions. “Please…..fuck… please…please,” she moans.

“No my young one, you must earn my respect first and beg much more while I play with you,” he answers with his irksome Indian grin. Some dark men like to show a white woman they can have a dark side to their mind as much as a dark skin. Sherrie’s, white, wonderfully junior to his age, buxom and while not beautiful she’s a good student for looking absolutely alluring. And she looks better in surrender, her eyes pleading with him to do it, put it in her.

He takes his mouth from her tasty swollen nipples and uses both hands to work on giving her a banger clitoral orgasm. With one hand free he hops to the other side of her so he can get the leverage he needs to finger her faster in the small hole and get his hand in proper position to push three fingers inside her vagina, moving them like a drag net around the soft sensitive inner surfaces searching for her g-spot.

For a man of his age and description he doesn’t take long to get his probing fingers to the urethral sponge under the northern end of her clitoris and once there, he manoeuvres his head so he can lick her engorged clit while massaging both her anal cavity and the most sensitive spot inside her vagina.

Sherrie’s not looking at him; her eyes are shut, her teeth are clenched but her mouth’s open ulus escort slightly so she can moan louder and louder and between breaths, begging him to fuck her.

“I’m enjoying your hot little body. I’m not here to please you, you’re here to please me,” he lectures in conquering tone. She feels the probing sensation of his bulky finger in her bum up to his knuckle as he leverages himself about to keep the twisting movement going. She keeps squirming, her bum shifting marginally this way and that. It delights him to know how a so-called old man can get a female student to take this kind of lessons lying down. The sensitive sphincter nerves around her anus record every shift in direction and sends urgent messages to her brain that arrive much the same time as messages to her mind flood in from her clitoris announcing an all point bulletin to her central nervous system that what’s she’s feeling is really good and getting better and deserves a fireworks party.

The backdoor’s fast finger action and the way the muscles of her reserve tunnel muscles grip his finger make pleasure seem an inadequate description. Sherrie’s taking it all in, his mouth, his thumb and his finger all working unison taking her to the edge of the cliff. “P..pp..please…ff..fuck…big…cc.ccc…cock,” she stutters, more anxious than ever to calm the craving.

“You deserve this Sherrie, go on and beg for it,” he says grimly through clenched teeth, his voyeuristic eyes taking everything about her into his inner sanctum of dirty desires. “You’re the kind of girl that gets a man into trouble. How do I know you didn’t put your age up to trick me?” He knows these taunts will rattle her the way her taunts about his age rile him.

It’s what he calls a satisfying moment. He’s got this spunky young big tits ex-schoolgirl naked and literally in the palm of his hand, teasing, taunting and taking her to a big O and she’s begging for his cock. Not one word about him being an old man now he notices. It seems she’s one expelled student that’s tidied up her act and really wants to learn from someone older than her.

Watching, never missing a movement, her ex-school mate Mandy seems mesmerised by the way he’s worked Sherrie up so fervently and so quickly. Mandy’s making her own noises feeling sexier than ever now wondering what to do with herself as the aphrodisiac stimulant bites hard and makes her pussy tingle, her nipples go hard and her whole body seems on fire so much she just wants to fuck — anything. She’s looking around for a vibrator but can’t see one so she goes to the kitchen and comes back with one of the perfectly shaped oriental cucumbers like he used on them the previous night.

Mandy’s super randy and feeling desperate to be satisfied. A strange sensation keeps mounting inside her loins and she feels an uncomfortable emptiness in her vagina; a feeling it needs to be filled with something — and soon. It’s a gradual craving she sighs over as the big long cucumber slides gradually between her parted wet inner lips. Her eager vagina muscles automatically clamp around it and making it feel as it’s him inside her again. The need to be filled when she feels like this is almost unquenchable.

Sherrie’s at the landlord’s mercy now; for him it’s better than a month’s rent in advance. Where could he ever buy this much sex joy for nothing in Singapore? She’s twisting about begging to be fucked but her senses are being over taken or taken over and she can’t even get one sentence straight between her rapid breaths. His fingers are still inside both entrances and if his cock was a lot longer he’d put that in her mouth too so she’d have nothing to complain about.

“Fff..ff..fuck… meee” she stutters through gritted teeth, pushing her hips up hard against his friction and trying to gulp oxygen into her lungs, moan and talk all in the one breath as she moves from plateau phase to orgasm.

“Ohh..waaa…f…fuck…..ya…shit!” she wails as the orgasm sweeps through her, cascading like an avalanche. Her sweet face looks strained and the vice-like clamping of her pelvic muscles is so strong she leans her head to one side and, eyes shut tight, clamps her teeth around the soft skin of her upper arm holding on. You’d think she’s having a baby not having an orgasm.

He stops and watches her face like a proud father admiring a newborn baby at a hospital maternity ward. Her face is momentarily contorted indicating to him she’s really feeling the pelvic shockwaves, the sudden muscle spasms throughout her lower abdomen and in that moment it seems like everything was in slow motion.

He sees a face that appears in pain rather than pleasure, her upper breasts and neck flushed as blood spontaneously rushes into tiny capillaries under the skin; Sherrie’s clenching her fists and her whole body suddenly stiffens as she emits a long energy draining moan. For a second he hopes she hasn’t gone completely over the edge as her eyes roll back, head tilted with chin pointing to the ceiling.

That’s what he sees. What she sees is something completely different. It’s just a swirling dizziness in her mind, she feels her body suddenly in a vice-like grip and the Indian man seems a vague blur in the background yet all she can hear is his voice as though he’s talking through a hollow tin and saying in slow motion ‘Now I’ve got you, my sexy brat”

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