ASIAN HIGH SCHOOL WIFE, part 3: Mexican Surprise

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ASIAN HIGH SCHOOL WIFE, part 3: Mexican Surprise[[[This is part 3 of . . .probably a lot. The stories are inspired by Japanese idol Kanna Yume. You can see her galleries and videos on xhamster. Many of them are saved in my favorites. Here is one that I enjoyed tonight:]]]Something happened last Friday that showed me how little I knew about my new wife. I picked her up at school and took her home to change. On Friday’s we would usually go to the mall because she had rarely gotten to go there in her first 18 years. I would buy her whatever she wanted but she didn’t usually ask for much. She also liked the mall because she knew she would never run into her parents there. Her parents had tried to confront her in school the Monday after her marriage but I was ready for her. I had a lawyer friend who owed me a favor and he sent them packing. He had straightened it out with them and they understood that Kana wanted to be left alone and there would be trouble if they bothered her. As we were driving to the mall I said “Kana your step called today and wanted to let you know you could forget about getting any financial aid from them for college.” Kana looked out the window of the car and said “did you tell her to go fuck herself?” I was shocked because that was the first time I had ever heard her say “fuck.” I said: “As a matter of fact that’s exactly what I told her.” Kana had no idea but I had already filled out plenty of scholarship applications for her. I had lots of free time when she was away at school to do stuff like that, and I was pretty sure she would have offers for full tuition based on her grades at three different schools in our town. I had also been working on the web site she appeared on and got the administrator to agree that she regularly drew ten times the traffic of almost any other user and that she should get dealt in for some of the ad revenue. I had a bank account in her name and it had already received a couple hundred dollars. I had bigger plans for that site down the road. The weather was still cold outside but Kana was aware of the power her bare legs had on me so she had changed into a knee-length electric blue dress and had tied her hair up into a sloppy pony tail with a band that had a big red flower. She knew I didn’t like makeup because in her case there was absolutely no reason, but for tonight she had put on fiery red lipstick that, against her pale skin, drew the attention straight to her lips, her lips were thin but her mouth was pretty large and wide for a Japanese girl’s. I kept looking over at those lips, and those legs, as I drove us. I took her to the second floor of the mall and did what I usually liked to do. I made her look out over the balcony of the galleria and spread one hand out in a gesture and said: “Kana, all of this is yours, all you have to do is ask, and I will get it for you,” while sliding my other hand along the back of her tiny ass. But as usual bahis firmaları she didn’t want much. I had to coax her into shopping for some nice polarized sunglasses and a scarf for her hair so she would be ready for spring break. She really wanted to go to Daytona with her friends for spring break and I told her of course she could. We were walking past one of those festive Mexican restaurants they have in the mall with the mariachi music and big open spaces and bowls of free chips and salsa. I asked her if she had ever had Mexican and of course she hadn’t. She had lived a pretty sheltered life until she met me. They brought the chips and menus as we sat down in a corner booth. Our server was a college-aged guy and he looked pretty pleased to see Kana in his section. He asked for drink orders and Kana said “water please.” I shook my head and ordered a margarita. A large one. The margarita came and Kana eyed it curiously. “You want one?” I asked her. “I can’t,” she said, “remember? I’m 18 only.” I laughed. “Yeah, Kana, I remember how you could never escape from home but we fixed that didn’t we? Watch this.” The next time the server came by I said “could you bring my wife one of these margaritas, but make it a sweet one, a strawberry, and better make it a small one.” Kana loved strawberry so that was easy. The server didn’t ask her for ID. Asian girls can be any age mostly and I had described her as my wife so he felt like that was all he needed to know. She sipped happily at the drink when it came and I told her to be sure to sip it. She tried to sip it but she kept telling me how good it was. At one point when it was more than half gone I slid it away from her gently, telling her she could have it back when the food came. She reached out for the cherry on the little toothpick floating in the glass and I watched her use her lips and tongue to slowly bite the cherry off the stick and then suck it off the stem. I couldn’t take my eyes off those lips and finally realized a cook was standing there with our plates of food also watching her finish the cherry. We both shook ourselves and then he set our plates down. He looked her up and down once, then looked at me and said: “Enjoy.” Kana picked at her food like she always did. She liked the idea of American food but it was mostly too much and too heavy. But she slurped down the rest of the margarita and I just gave up and enjoyed watching her lips suggestively working on the straw. I hadn’t gotten around to seeing how she felt about sucking cock. She hadn’t volunteered and I was trying to be a gentleman about it. Something made me think tonight would be the night when I was going to do some research into the question. “Your lips look so nice tonight with that red,” I told her. She thanked me with a combination of shyness and pleasure like she always did when I complimented her. I reached under the table and touched her knee. “And they look very nice on that straw, too,” I added. She snorted through her nose and covered her face. kaçak iddaa The waiter came by to check on us and Kana looked at him with her irresistible doe eyes and begged him for another strawberry drink. “A small one,” I suggested. “Bring us both one.” The syrup sweet margaritas were out as we were finishing our meal. Kana passed over the empty and started to dive into the new drink. I warned her about metabolism and drinking slowly and should’ve warned her about alcohol allergies that a lot of Japanese have, but I didn’t want to wreck her good time or be too much of a parental figure for her. I made my mistakes and figured I’d let her make hers too. But she did stop sucking on the straw and took her lipstick from her purse for a new application. I watched her with interest. She repeated the slow spectacle of eating the cherry again and it was just as fascinating the second time. She looked at me, a little more forward than usual, and said “can I have your cherry?” I reached down and felt her knee and said “if I can have yours later.” She snorted again but didn’t cover her face in embarrassment as she would usually. She scooted across me and took the cherry and toothpick and got her head almost to the surface of the table before sucking the cherry off the end. “How did it taste?” I asked her, smiling. She just smiled at me and licked her lips. I realized not for the first time that she had a pretty large tongue compared to such a small face. I leaned down and whispered in her ear “now you can see why I like licking your cherry so much.” She brayed out a loud laugh, something a sober Kana would never do in public. A couple of nearby tables of people looked over as she went back to her drink. She wanted a third one but I talked her out of it after a bit of arguing. She gave in and hung on my arm pretty heavily on the way back to the car. She asked me if we could have more to drink at home. I said I could make her a small one without much alcohol. We stopped at a grocery store and I got some mixing stuff for home margarita. As usual I enjoyed the looks she got as she stumbled through the store, showing off her legs and giving unguarded smiles to everyone instead of looking at the ground as she would usually. I took her to another aisle and showed her the jars of cherries in syrup. She clapped her hands happily and we bought a big jar of them. She had no idea they came in large jars. We got home and I mixed her another drink with just a splash of alcohol in it and three cherries in a row on a stick. I poured myself a stiff one and sat down next to her by the fire place. I noticed she liked the electric fire place so I got a cozy rug for her the week before and put it there for her to sit on. We had had several fun evenings after that rolling around on the rug in just the fire light. Usually she would kneel in that formal Japanese way, legs tucked under her, but tonight she was sitting on her ass, legs splayed and one bare foot poking at the fire screen. I handed her her drink. kaçak bahis Her arm slid back and she fell backwards on the floor, giggling, instead of sitting upwards. Her skirt slid up and I saw that as usual she had no panties on. I remembered how she was casually sitting in the booth at the restaurant. I wondered what the server had seen, or for that matter the older guy who had been ogling her at the next table. I helped her up and saw her face was turning a little red from the drink. I hoped for her sake she wasn’t in for a bad night. She sipped at the drink but I snatched the cherries and their stick out of the glass before she could take them. She reached for them but I slid a couple of feet away and waved them in a “come get them” gesture. She set her drink down on the floor and rolled onto her hands and knees slowly crawling toward me. I held the cocktail stick out to her and she opened her bright red lips and uncurled a large wedge-shaped tongue to lick the frontmost cherry as she looked me in the eye. I remembered, before we even met, watching her suck the tip of a pencil on her webcasts. I could never decide if she was doing it innocently or with intention. But now I thought I knew. I smiled at her as she slowly took the first cherry in her mouth and showed me as she rolled it around on her tongue. I pulled the stick back and reversed it, putting the end of the stick in my mouth and bringing her up to slowly take one off the other end. Then she pulled the stick away from me and held it vertically, lowering her head down the stick and drawing her lips together to suck off the last cherry as she looked me directly in the eye. The message could not have been clearer to me. I pulled her close to me and her tongue, cold from the drink, was in my mouth and she tasted like cherries and tequila. ***I woke up much later that evening, the fire dying out. I was lying on the rug and my head was spinning. Then I recalled the last few hours. Kana had crawled closer to me on the fake fur rug, sucking the last of the cherries off the stick as she looked up into my eyes, then she was unbuckling my belt and pulling out my cock, and in the next instant she had her tongue on the tip of my cock as she glanced up at me, then her lips were opening and her mouth was on my cock. Her thick tongue was all over the shaft as her head bobbed slowly up and down on my cock. I had drank just enough to be incredibly horny and to drop some of my chivalry. I guided her head at first and then reached out and pulled on the pony tail, face fucking her. Kana kept going, never resisting and never stopping and it felt like ecstasy, an amazing high. And then I made the mistake of looking at her and the glance from her eyes as she sucked on my cock set me over the edge. I yanked her neck back by the pony tail and shot a massive load onto my wife’s face. She gasped when the cum hit her skin, on the cheek bone and bridge of her nose and running down the side of her face. “Oh shit I’m sorry about that,” I told her as soon as I could talk. “I just got carried away, I’m sorry.” Kana dabbed at the cum on her left cheek and looked at it and said “oh no now you are upset too… just like my cousin.” TO BE CONTINUED . . .

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