Asian Games: Event 3

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Mike left Singapore reluctantly, but was excited about visiting the Indonesian paradise island of Bali. He arrived at Denpasar at night and was picked up by the hotel minibus. The drive to the hotel passed hundreds of Aussie tourists. But Mike was interested mainly in Balinese women. He had seen photos of these gorgeous specimens of femininity who until less than a century ago paraded the island with their perky breasts bare for all to see.

The check-in lady at the counter was the perfect introduction to the beauty of Bali. She had jet-black hair and her skin was cocoa brown. Her eyes were the shape of almonds and her cleavage was modestly exposed under her lace, traditional sarong kebaya. Her nametag informed Mike that he was drooling over Sinta. Since it was late, Sinta herself showed Mike to his cabin. It was by the beach and a good 5-minute walk. Mike fell behind so that he could admire Sinta’s swaying ass. It always turned him on when skinny women had well-rounded asses, and Sinta’s was fighting to burst out of her sarong. She showed him the bedroom and the bathroom and then left him with his erect cock. Mike was exhausted and he ran himself a cool bath, poured some of the bubble bath in and sat down. Within minutes he found himself remembering Sammy in Taiwan, Devi in Singapore and Sinta’s swaying ass. His soapy hand wanked his pecker, while another crept under to massage his own balls. He slipped it further back until it as pressed against his asshole. That made him cum and as a spurt shot up at him from his cock, he felt his ass ring contract around his finger.

Mike went outside in his shorts and sat on the deck chair outside his room. He saw a couple walking past his door, a large white man and a local beauty in a tight white dress. Her smallish tits were pushed up into an alluring cleavage, but it was her ass, round and well formed that caught Mike’s attention as she walked past. They walked into the cabin a few doors down. Well, the man did, the goddess stayed outside and looked at the sea. She untied her long black hair in a move of uninhibited intimacy. She then sat and unbuckled her red pumps, running her hands up and down her smooth, tan legs. Finally she went in and so did Mike and he fell asleep with visions of him on his knees spreading those beautiful long legs and kissing them up to her shapely ass …

His first meeting the next day was at 10, so Mike grabbed a quick buffet breakfast first. He was rewarded with the sight of the goddess from last night walking in wearing a light pink bikini top that barely covered her nipples. Her bottom was covered with a blue batik wrap, but she had wrapped it tight enough for Mike to get a good idea of the shape of her ass. Her skin as uniformly golden-brown and looked delicious. She was eating fruit, and Mike could see the mango juices dribble down her chin and onto her chest between her teen tits. She looked down and wiped it with her finger momentarily shifting he bikini top so that Mike caught the quickest sight of a dark nipple.

He left a little after 9 to get to his meeting and when he returned at noon he decided to swim. The pool was pretty deserted in the midday sun, but many of the seats were covered with sunbathing tourists. Almost all the white women were topless, but most were older than Mike. He dropped his book and towel on the one free seat. He looked up to see that the goddess was Maraş Escort occupying the one next to him, lying on her back, her bikini top pulled aside so that her nipples were exposed to the sun. Her breasts were small, but firm and would still have filled Mike’s mouth were he given a chance to suck on them. They were barely lighter than the rest of her supremely tanned body.

He knew he would cum if he sat next to her, so he jumped into the empty pool and did some laps. He soon sensed that someone else had jumped in and when he surfaced he realized it was she. She raised herself onto a floating mattress and flopped on her belly. She was still topless. Mike swam around her mattress and noticed that her pink bikini bottom hardly covered her ass, and the water had mad it slightly clear. He looked right at her surprisingly hairy pussy through the fabric. She must have sensed his eyes from the back, because she half turned around and looked right at him. She then ran a finger from her mouth, over her sides, to her ass and then between her legs and under her bikini. Mike looked around to see if anyone else was looking, but they were all frying and asleep. The goddess then removed her finger from her pussy and pulled the bikini crotch aside for Mike to look unimpeded at her astonishing pussy lips. They were swollen like a ripe tropical fruit, the outer labia hanging down, dark, wrinkled and gleaming in the sunlight. She spread her legs wide open and then, sure that she had Mike’s undivided attention, ran her red-tipped finger from her ass to her clit, pausing to pinch her fleshy labia. Mike noticed that her finger was lost among the dark flesh. She closed her eyes and moved her pussy-tickling finger for a few moments.

She smiled at him and lowered her self into the water. They were both in shallow water so she walked toward him, and as she passed him she grabbed his cock through his bathing suit and sighed in his ear.

Then she was gone. It took him a while to locate where she was, and she was walking toward where their cabins were. Mike jumped out of the pool, collected his things and followed her. He went into his cabin to drop his books and towels when he heard a soft knock on his door. He opened it hopefully. There she was wearing only a red hibiscus in her luxurious hair and a short batik robe that barely covered her pussy. She walked past him, dropped her robe and faced him.

“Welcome to my humble abode,” he said, but she simply looked into his eyes and smiled. He realized that she did not speak a word of English. Her nipples stood up proudly on the tips of her perky tits and did not need a language to say, “Come lick us”. Her pussy was covered by a tight triangle of thick, shiny hair yelling “fuck me hard”.

He could just make out the brief tan line left her discarded bikini. Mike always drooled at tan lines finding them sexy beyond nudity …the mischief of seeing what had been hidden from the sun. She raised her arms over her head, showing the ribs beneath her slim body. Finally, she lay back on the bed, grabbed her titties in her hands and spread her legs for him. Again no language needed and again her immense pussy lips captivated Mike. They swelled to either side of her pink slit like two engorged slices of mango.

Mike dropped his shorts and stood their naked, his cock raised to its full 8 inches, his head exposed for her. Maraş Escort Bayan He approached her, erect cock in hand.

‘You want this there, or will you just play with yourself?” he asked rubbing his cock slowly.

She moaned softly and raised a finger to her mouth and licked it. She then sat up and moved her wet finger between her spread legs. She touched it between her fleshy labia and closed her eyes. She then dropped her head and stuck out a serpentine tongue that reached her heaven-pointing nipples. She moved her hands up and down until she focused on her clit and started moaning in earnest. She turned onto her belly, so that Mike had a different view of her cunt. Her free hand was squeezing her boob. Her moans became higher and higher until they were more like squeals. He knew she would come in a few seconds, so he sat on the bed between her feet, leaned forward and dived in to eat her.

She raised up her lovely ass and moaned. He lowered his face into her open ass and then to her pussy. She moaned and whined as he tongued her slit. She tasted fruity, almost as if she had rubbed the watermelons from this morning’s breakfast into her pussy.

‘You have the sexiest cunt I have ever seen. I love these fleshy fruits you have around your pink parts,” he informed her sweaty ass. He licked her back to her asshole, and stuck a pussy-drenched singer in. She forced her ass further toward him submerging his knuckle in her shitter. When he took it out, she cried out, and he noticed the inside folds of her butt hole were swollen and had been pulled outside the hole. They were pink and smooth to the touch of his tongue. He licked her labia and was surprised at their firmness. They had a tangier taste, more sweaty, than the inside of her pussy. He held one between his teeth and nibbled at it. She cried out in surprise. He pulled away briefly.

“Aaaaaaah …tolong, lagi, tolong!” she moaned pushing her ass into his face. That was the first he had heard of her voice and it did not bother him that he did not understand a word. It was clear what she wanted more. This time he dived in with renewed energy, chewing her lips, licking her slit and finally, driving her mad when he found her clit.

“Iya …iya …iyaaaaaaa …saying, ini bagus” she said, repeating the last word as her orgasm approached like a tropical thunderstorm. Mike felt it build up as her labia miraculously swelled up more. As he licked her, she stuck a wet finger in her own ass, wriggling it until it as in all the way to her second knuckle.

She was now writhing in ecstacy, riding Mike’s mouth when she screamed out loud enough to wake the nappers at the pool. Suddenly, Mike’s mouth was filled with a large quantity of a surprisingly bitter, steaming hot fluid that flowed out of her cunt, past his chin onto the bed. It took a while for him to realize that she had pissed during her orgasm. This had never happened in all his years of pussy licking and he found the sensation of pee in his mouth exciting enough to make him feel a steady flow of precum drip from his pecker.

She collapsed onto the warm puddle unembarrassed. She knew how excited he would be by this. The thought of her piss flowing out between those fat lips was too much for Mike. He grabbed his cock, aimed it at her wide-open puss and thrust in with all his energy. She screamed something in Indonesian, but Escort Maraş at this moment he did not care. He grabbed her wide, brown hips and fucked her like an animal. With every thrust, he filled her narrow pussy, hitting her cervix with his cock head. With every thrust, he felt her contract in a never-ending orgasm. With every thrust her pussy made lewd sloshing sounds. With every thrust she screamed for more.

“Ya …iya …seperti ini, dong!” she yelped.

“You like this? You want me to fuck you harder?” he asked her though he knew she did not understand him.

He reached around her and grabbed one nipple. He was amazed at how big her areolas had become. His other hand went to her hairy cunt. The pubes were wet with her piss. He ran his hands all around her muff, and brought it to his mouth. He could smell the ripe smell of urine on his fingers, he let her lick it off, squeezing her nipples with vigor. When he touched her clit, her pussy grabbed his cock like a vice, making him yell out,

“You are making me cum, you bitch, you dark skinned cum sucking, pissing whore.”

It was too much for him and he exploded deep inside her with one last thrust. He let every last drop of cum flow out of his dick into her mauled birth canal.

“Oh god!” he moaned, his cock still throbbing in the post orgasmic heat of her pussy.

His cock came out of her drenched cunt with a plop. She giggled, turned around and wordlessly took his drooping member in her warm mouth. She licked her own juices off him and then nibbled on his exposed cock head and rubbed her teeth up and down the whole length. She took him deep in her throat and swallowed. Mike felt his rod harden slightly in her mouth and the cum rise in his heavy balls. She let him fall out of his mouth and pushed him down on his belly. She kissed him all over his back, spending a long time on his butt cheeks before opening his legs and diving into his crack. She extended that long, thin tongue of hers and forced it past his ass sphincter. She moved it in and out as of she was ass-fucking him with her tongue. He screamed into the pillow.

She grabbed his scrotum and pinched him; she stopped the tongue action when his cock started coming back to life and throbbing. She turned him over onto his back, spread his legs, took his cock in her mouth and then wiggled a finger around his butt and played inside his asshole. Mike reached under her, stuck a finger in her cunt. She started sucking him harder as he inserted another and then another finger in her pussy. Soon he had 4 fingers between those fleshy pussy lips. She was making loud noises with her mouth sealed around the base of his cock. Finally, Mike inserted the thumb, and was able to clench his fist inside her. She screamed with his rod still hard in her mouth, and he could feel her contracting on his hand. Juices squirted past his wrist onto the bed.

Suddenly she forced the finger in his ass deeper, massaging Mike’s prostate. He came with a bellow, letting one spurt of cum fly in her throat. She removed his dick from inside her mouth and jerked his so that the next four of five arcs of white goo slammed into her face with frightening intensity. She never stopped playing inside his asshole, and his cock kept contracting long after the last gob of cream had flown out. She replaced her mouth on him and licked off the last few dribbles of cum. She eased the nasty finger out of his butt, giving him the distinct feeling that he was taking a tiny shit. She looked him in the eye and brought her ass-drenched finger to her lips and sucked it.

Without a word, she stood up, wrapped her robe around her and left.

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