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Asian cuckold with hint of the past, future and hiNB: This is a long story, mostly true with location and name changes. It could have been split into two stories because it covers two incidents; when we first met, and a reunion twenty years late. I have created an chapters and headings. If you want the sex skip to them . If you want the back story, read the whole thing. Also, writing it, I now realize just how many stories I have with her, so if you like it, vote and comment and it may be the start of a series.Part 1; The prelude. How we met.Part 2; First impressions matter: Part 3: Shaved pussy and a blow job.Part 4: Eating her pussy.Part 5: Taking her on the conference table.Part 6: Summer 2016 Part 7: Bumping and grinding.Part 8: ‘Almost’, but probably was caught.Part 9: Past lives relived, taken on the counter.Part 10: What next?Part one; The prelude. How we met.“He seems like a nice guy, when did he have the accident?” I asked, trying to be diplomatic. We were sitting in her kitchen; just after sun rise on an English summer morning, the rest of the house slept. Her husband had not just become obese but he had also become an an arsehole too. Former pilot, he had cracked a vertebrae and ballooned to almost 400 pounds and was barely able to walk. Gina and I had been lovers, colleagues and friends. Some twenty years prior our Hong Kong office had sent me to Singapore to set up a new team; Gina was one of the first people I employed, and I remember it clearly.Very tall for an Indonesian, she is an unusual mix: Catholic in a muslin country, of Chinese descent, and her English without accent. She also wore, what the Clerics would call, ‘Provocative’ clothes. Outfits which were provocative for Europe let alone Asia. Gina also had big titties a great figure, and wicked sense of humour; as sharp as a razor, and I was to find out just as dangerous (for one’s mind that is). And oh yeah; she is a raging nymphomaniac gagging for cock 24 hours a day. She had got the job before I even met her. After all, when filling in a job application, who puts ‘Yes’ under “Do you use d**gs” and then lists birth control pills. Unless married, using birth control is simply unheard of in conservative Asia where virginity is essential for a good marriage.We had been working together for a couple of weeks before I fucked her, but that timing was more to do with opportunity, than any awkwardness. From day one she was a Sex Siren, and not too subtle either. She would often make physical contact when talking to me like or rubbing her tits against my arm when going over documents. She would ostentatiously flex from the waist, bending her body in half, when picking things up, or squat down with legs spread like only Asians can, gaping her pussy and often making me move in hope of getting a view up her skirt, and when I did get a view she did not care, which made me do it more and more, with her giving more and more opportunities.Part two; First impressions matter: The day it starred we were in a taxi returning from a supplier and her exact words were: “I was a bit worried in there”. “Why?” said I. she leaned across the back seat, resting her chin on my shoulder and whispered in my ear “Because I forgot to put panties on, That is why I was always last up the stairs.” if I had been drinking coffee, it would be at that moment the driver would have had a mouthful spat over the back of his head. A car crash did not happen, but my adrenalin surge was as if one had.I was only 27 and had many girls come onto me over the years, including my last secretary, but never before, or never since, had a girl come on so strong. I was shocked, even nervous, but instantly hard. Sitting at my desk, I could not but help rubbing my cock and thinking about what she had said and what I should do. Even that decision, she took from my hands.About an hour before close of business, she came to me and said: “I have been sitting at my desk playing with myself, and I really need to suck some cock.” the glint on her eye said it all; she had been planning this for some time. “The conference room is open, and we can look the door, let’s go.” she said, pulling my hand. I meekly stood and followed her down stairs and into the conference room. She locked the door, lent back against it and lifted her skirt. As told earlier, she had no panties on. Her pussy was shaved bald, one of the first, but still the best, I have ever seen. Her mound was high, maybe three centimetres from the crease between leg and hips, to the peak if her mound. The labia were perfect, not a blemish adıyaman escort on them and peaking between them, zigzagging down her cunt, her inner labia hung down like two ear lobes .Part three: Shaved pussy and a blow job.She grinned, and said “do you like it?” “Hmm”, mumbled I, “I shaved just for you” she said giggling. Moving her legs apart and bending her knees slightly, with a shit eating grin. Pushing her hips away from the door, supported by her shoulders, she stared at me, savouring my reaction. And I was stunned. I noticed that although she stood legs akimbo, knees slightly bent, her labia did not part as she did this; they remained glued together. She pushed herself up, walked towards me, took my hand and placed it between her legs. She looked up at me and said; “I was so horny I had to make myself cum, but it was not enough, I really want to suck your cock.” She then stood on tip toes and kissed me, at the same time using her hands to undo my zipper.Even now, I could not comprehend how professional she was. It was playing out exactly as my fantasies, fuelled by German porn, had imagined. I even briefly thought I was being set up and filmed secretly, but still, I bent me knees and slipped my fingers inside her. She was not just wet, she was creamy wet and her canal was swollen and tight. Really tight, I could barely get two fingers inside.She then kneeled down, looked straight up in my eyes, pulled my trousers down and released my rock hard cock. Still looking at me, she took it in her mouth with a long drawn out, “hmmmmm”. Shaking her head from left right she began giving me the best blow of my life. Pulling my foreskin back with her hands while moving the opposite way with her mouth and clamping on my Glans with her lips. A blow job unlike anything I had ever experienced, she was amazing.It did not take long before I exploded in her mouth, maybe a couple of minutes and as I stiffened and moaned she deep throated my entire length and swallowed the lot. Continuing to suck for a few minutes after, she savoured my seed and stood up. “I love cum” she said, leaned up and kissed me. After gauging my reaction, she then kissed me again, but this time lustily. She pushed herself on tip toes and shoved her tongue into my mouth. I held her hard and opened my mouth, and now our tongues were wrestling, stabbing each other.Part four: Eating her pussy.She pulled away, and said; “you want to eat my pussy?” Oh yes I do, I thought. She moved herself back, and skipped on the table. Wriggling her butt left and right she hitched up her skirt, spreading her legs like chicken wings, with heels on the edge. She spread her pussy lips making an almost perfect diamond shaped, gaping pussy. Narrow at the top, wide exposing her clit, narrowing down to her entrance; it was awesome even now 20 years later, I recall it clearly.It was only now I noticed how creamy her pussy was. This was not fresh cum, she had been fingering for hours and it had congealed. There were nice slick patches inside her, with the consistently of glue, and there were dried white patches, almost crystalline, around her outer lips.I did not care if it stank or not; I stuck my head between her legs, determined to reciprocate what she had done to me. “Arghh” she said, grabbing the back of my head and forcing my face into her. Using both hands, I spread her labia and began licking up and down her thighs, pubis and labia. I was determined to clean her up as much as I could. After a good ten minutes of licking and teasing her with fingers and tongue, I finally moved onto her clit. Using thumb and middle finger I spread her pussy apart and sucked her clit. I sucked that fucker as hard as I could, almost as if it was a cock, thrusting my head back and forth as if giving it a blowjob. Grunting like a pig I started using my fingers to fuck her cunt, my lips and tongue on her clit. She was going mental. If this had been any other girl, I would be sure she was faking it. But this one was different. She was unlike any girl I had met before; she was confident and knew what she wanted, knew how to get it and would have no interest in faking to please me. She would tell me if it was wrong, but going from her thrashing and moaning I was doing something right so I kept going; even though my jaw and tongue were aching, I kept going.She then exploded in my face; hips thrust up and down. Using both her hands, she grabbed the back of my hand and forced my entire face into her cunt. She held me in so hard, my teeth were crushing afyonkarahisar escort her clit and there was not much more I could do accept shake my head left to right. I am not sure how long I was down there, but it flashed into my head I had to breathe and tried to pull back. She would not let me go, she just held my head tight as she shuddered and moaned.I was definitely in fear of suffocating, so I used both arms, to hook her legs behind the knees and stood up, forcing her in to her back. I then continued pushing her legs back until her feet were almost touching the table behind her head. Her pussy was again wide open and beckoning, so again, I chowed down and again focused on very gently teasing and licking her. I ran my tongue up and down her slit, lapping like a thirsty dog; flicking her clit gently and nuzzling into her canal with my tongue. All I wanted to do was taste her sweaty and cummy snatch. I was desperate for her taste but more desperate to do it again, first impressions matter.Part 5 Taking her on the conference table.I stood up and with my face slick from her juice lent forward and kissed her. Shoving my tongue down her throat, I wanted to share as much of her fluids with her as she had mine with me. As I did this, she lifted a shoulder and wriggling around unhooked her bra and unbuttoned her blouse. Laying flat on the table, arse on the edge, my cock was stiff again, standing to attention between her pussy. I started rubbing up and down her slimy cunt as she grabbed her nipples and pulled them. She did not have to say anything; she closed her eyes and I knew she wanted cock in her. I was amazed at how hard I was; it had been at least 30 minutes since I had cum in her mouth, so it was not unusual to go again, but my cock was steel hard. I grabbed hold at the base, bent it ninety degrees and shoved it deep inside her. She gasped; bit her lip and using her legs behind my back pulled me in even deeper. She clamped me there for I don’t know how long; no thrusting, no movement, just cock deep inside. I was throbbing and cum almost instantly. She had used her pelvic muscles to clamp and unclamp my shaft without me even moving. It was incredible. I had experienced it before, only after a girl has cum, but never been forced to cum form it. I knew she was on the pill, so cumming inside her was not a problem. Even after shooting my load she kept me there, clenching her muscles as my cock withered.That was not the end. I do not know what made me do it, I had never even thought about it before. It must have been a mixture of the moment, the lust and desire to do it again, no matter what it was it was a defining moment.Laying sated and limp on the conference table, legs dangling over the edge, I looked at her pussy. There was a huge gob of cum dribbling out and I just knew I wanted it. I knelt down, spread her lips and shoved my open month onto her cunt. She tensed, let out a huge groan and again grabbed my hair as I lapped her, like a puppy on a hot summer’s day. I gratuitously swallowed my cum and her cum, making big gulping sounds as I did so.Part Six: Summer 2016 It was now, some twenty years later, in England, both married and she had become friends with Kutwijf, as expat wives do. She did not, and still does not, know our past or that I still wanked over her. We were standing in her kitchen five o’clock in the morning, with our partners and c***dren sound asleep. Wearing thin cotton pyjamas, I could see her visible panty line; half back, with string joining front to back. Now in her forties, her figure was still amazing, and highlighted by the cling of cotton to skin. The image of that freshly shaved cunt form twenty years prior, was still burned into memory.I met her husband a couple of times at company events, and he seemed a little aloof. Another time I met him at Hong Kong Yacht Club, where he lived on a 60 foot, million dollar plus motor yacht. More in his element, he this time struck me as a braggart; loud and very close to obnoxious.This morning I felt sorry for her. A raving nymphomaniac married to Jabba the Hutt, I just could not envision her fucking him. It was too sad. As we chatted away, she stood by the sink, idly washing down the sink and counters. With the sun still just above the horizon, sun streamed through the window. It was making her pyjamas transparent, so I could follow the curves of her torso, down to her hips. Occasionally, if the sun was just right, I glimpsed side boob, and her nipples poking up. If she moved balıkesir escort away from the counter, I could also see her legs, and the gap between them.As I was watching, she turned around and caught me looking at her arse. As my eyes rose, they hesitated on her erect nipples, and a smile spread across my face. She looked down, we both giggled as she left the room. A few minutes later, she returned to the sink and asked. “We could go to the beach today, what time will your k**s wake up?” We had driven several hours the prior day and had a late, boozy night. I told her they wouldn’t be up for hours, and we were easy on itinerary.Part seven, a little bumping and grinding.She turned back to the sink, and again my eyes traced the lines down to her arse. The panty line had gone! I kept looking; maybe it was just the way her clothes hung? Staring hard, I definitely could not make out any lines of those cute, half back, string panties. The slut had taken them off. My cock was getting hard and uncomfortable, I had to move it. Grabbing myself, I shifted my shaft so as to let it stand up and moved across the room.Standing, just off to her right side, I leaned in towards the tap, bumping my groin on her hip. She pushed back with her right butt cheek. I moved myself up and in, and she shifted her weight. Again I thrust in, and she spun around putting my cock straight up the cleft of her arse. For a few moments we stood here grinding against each other; her bent over the sink, me standing straight. She then stood up, arched her back, reached round with both hands and grabbed the back of my neck. In turn, my hands moved down and round to the front and enclosed her pussy from the top of her thighs and pulled her closer in to me. With one hand flat n her belly, I put the other between her legs and began rubbing her. Moved one hand down and began rubbing my cock. Immediately noticing how hard I was she spun round, sunk to her knees and pulled my shorts down. My fully erect cock became caught in the waist band and was pulled down, before breaking loose and springing back up. Looking straight in my eyes she said; “I want you to cum in my mouth” and began sucking.Part 8: ‘Almost’, but probably was caught.I was bursting to cum and she knew it. Taking me long, deep and sucking like a vacuum she pulled my balls away, stretching the scrotum down. She then, with amazing elegance, twisted her head and took both my testicles in her mouth and sucked my balls. This was fucking amazing and I was groaning with pleasure and pain and she jacked me off. Within seconds I wanted to cum again, and this time she took me deep.I shot my load, which must have been huge because she gagged, swallowed, gagged again, but did not remove my shaft. When she did, droplets of cum were dibbling from the corner of her mouth when she used her fingers to slip it back in and gulp down.“Now my turn” she said, and stood up. Neither of us had heard, but now the creek of floorboards pulled our attention to the stairs. Standing at the bottom was her s*******n year old daughter, looking a little sleepy, but probably confused. I have no idea how long she had been there, or what she had seen; at best it was my arse, at worst her mum swallowing a strangers cum. Gina said; “why are you up so early, go back to bed.” and she did.Part 9: Past lives relived, taken on the counter.As the floor boards creaked above us, she grabbed my hand, pulled me into the utility room, and hopped up on the counter. I pulled her pyjamas off and let them fall to the floor. With her heels on the counter edge she spread her legs and invited me in. It was almost like our first time, but different. Now her cunt was a twisted mat of jet black pubic hair already white with her cum and sweat. I picked up on what had started some twenty years before and ravished her like a starving man; poking prodding, licking and nuzzling.This time, when she cum, I stood up immediately and shoved my cock in but did not last long. Not sure if she was still on the pill, I pulled out and finished directly onto her snatch, belly and tits. I then went down and started lapping my seed as she giggled. just then, a voice from above shouted down; “Mum, can I have breakfast now?” not wanting wake the whole house, she called back okay, even as she tried putting her pyjamas on, unsuccessfully.When the daughter came into the kitchen, we were still in the utility room adjusting our clothes. Being s*******n, I was now in no doubt she knew exactly what was going on. What is even more shocking is that while at the beach, the daughter did not leave my side. In fact, she was using similar tactics as her mother did twenty years ago. Accidently getting skin close, tits on arm, squatting down; generally being coquettish all day long.Now there is a story we can all hope to hear in the not too distant future; nymphomaniac mother and daughter action.

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