Ashlynn:Daddy’s Little Girl Part 13

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Ashlynn:Daddy’s Little Girl Part 13Daddy’s Little GirlPart 13(Saturday Morning)I awake, in the king sized bed, in the dark, and alone. I wondered when Connie slipped out. After last night I thought she would still be asleep. Her pig of a husband was right handed, as he was trying to burn away her tender bits, he had worked more to her left than her right. I finally found a sweat spot, for a lovers kiss. But a spot so weak it would not yield but a gasp. For my finding it, she was ready for me to search out other lost secrets.Her right leg, over mine, my left between hers. I was too able to reach her in a way she had not been touched, by a man. And after finding her pace, we rode to her sweet release. She made gasping cat cries, then grunting she built to cries again and then my own.And after, she lay with her head upon my chest, and wept. She wept for all those years of lost joy, for those lost pleasures, the body she had once owned. But she also wept for my cock, the cock that had just fucked orgasms from a box so broken that she had not had one from something inside her, in 28 years. I knew she’d had a small orgasm watching Ashlynn, made airtight, in the minivan behind the gas station. Again she had one, as she watched Ash licking the Night-Clerks and his son’s leavings from the saucer on the floor, as the k** fucked her ass while Ashlynn hand inside herself rubbing his cock. I thought she would have liked another go when we woke, but she has left my bed. I laid there in the quiet dark, needing to pee, fuck it. I move to get up and saw her kneeling by my bed on the floor.“This girl would like to thank Sir”, Connie said, “Sir’s, slut has told this girl he likes his needs seen too first thing”.She took my cock into her mouth and waited.“Connie what are you doing” I asked.She said, “What Ash said Brittany did for you every morning”.“Connie”, I said, “is this something you’d enjoy?”“No, I am disgusted by the whole idea” she answered, “but Ash told me you liked it and I owe you, I did not know I could cum like that, ever again. And now that I do, you can use me in any way that pleases you. Sir”She took my cock in her mouth again, and I had my morning pee.When she was done swallowing, she started sucking. I could tell she was out of practice, but knew how to suck a dick. And she showed me she had learned some little tricks, from Ashlynn.After, and we gotten up, she told me she would not be one of my true Sub’s, like Ashlynn or Brittany. It was no longer her nature, but this weekend, I could use her in all ways as mine.Sticking my head into Ashlynn’s room I saw the table had been pushed up to the window, stuck onto the table by a suction cup base, was a large dildo. Ash was squatting on the table, hands pressed shoulder with apart, against the glass, leaning on the window, Ash impelling herself, grunting at the bottom of each trust, and then lifting almost clean of the thing, before impelling herself once more.I could tell she was building up, so before she could cum, I told her “Ashlynn, get down from there, and clean up. We’re going to eat, and do some shopping”.(Shopping and a Limo Drive)As we walked down the corridor towards the elevators I watch Ashlynn’s beautiful ass sway back and forth, I can see her nude refection in the mirrored sheen of the elevators door.“Daddy, I feel naked”, she said running her hand along her neck.I told her, “Ashlynn, could that be because you are walking down a hotel hallway naked?”Looking back over her shoulder with that Daddy you are so silly look, she said, “Not that daddy, I mean without a collar on”. Just then the elevator dinged.To Connie I said, giver her coat. I don’t want to try to explain a naked s*******n year old walking around in the daytime in the hotel.As the doors opened, an elderly couple got out, that could have been difficult explaining. Riding down she continued, admiring her reflection in the door.“Ash button up the coat”, I told her.I’d called down for a taxi, but was told as a VIP we could use a Hotel limo, we met it out front.I decided it might be best if we got Ashlynn some clothes on before going to eat. She’d happily sit there naked, but her English teacher and I would be pressed for a good reason for having a naked s*******n years old in public.The Shoppe we went too specialized in Japanese fashion, l****a, and such.Ash picked out five dresses, two l****a, and three Baby-doll dresses, with matching bloomers, the shortest she wore out.The limo took us to a nice place, the front desk had suggested, and he was right. After eating, looking around, I found the place was very discreet.So I took advantage of that and told Ash to remove her bloomers and give them to Connie under the table. After paying we quietly slipped back out, and into the limo, Connie, Ash, then me. Connie spread Ashlynn’s coat out so that Ash’s bare ass was not on the seat. I lowered the divider, and asked how come he was our driver today.He told me that when he came in this morning the Night-Clerk pulled him aside and told him we were very special guests, and he was to personally take us. If I asked he was to answer truthfully any questions, but not to use the Night-Clerks name.I asked, “Do you and he have any special connection, are you friends?”He told me no, he was new and in fact they hardly ever had any dealings.So are you marred I asked? The driver told me no, he’d broke up with his long time girl friend, and was feeling very really down about it, he knew she was getting laid, but he was on a real dry spell. I asked what time he got off, and he told me he should be off now, but he would stay on as long as we needed him.I told him I would be impressed if he could. I sat back and told him take us back to the hotel.He gave me an inquisitive look, but did not say anything. Turned and pulled the big car out into traffic.As we headed back I move Ashlynn’s leg over mine, she put her other over Connie’s, opening herself wide.“Ash”, I asked, “how many times can you cum before we get back to the hotel”.And, she took off. With her left hand pulling up her dress, three fingers of her right hand attacking her clit making a fast, small circular motion. Only stopping from time to time, to slap her cunt, or to pinch her clit.My right hand on her knee, with my left, I trace my fingers up and down her thigh. As Connie copied me, stroking her other leg.From the inside of her knee, up to the hollow of her crotch, just brushing the outer lip of her vaj. I could feel the heat of her, each time my hand brushed her cunt güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri lip. Each time she’d cum her legs would twitch, her little feet kicking in the air.After her first orgasm, Ashlynn looked at me in earnest, her gold specked green eyes pleading, “Daddy, can he see me cum”, she asked?So I asked the Driver, “Ashlynn wants to know how well you can see her cum?”Looking at him in the mirror, I could clearly see his flushed face.An “Ahh” sound was all he said.Can you turn your rearview, so you can watch Ash masturbate for you? Or you might want to just stop driving and watch a minute.As the limo pulled to the curb, I rolled down the window, telling Connie to do the same.“Please, watch me cum for you”, Ashlynn begged the driver. As he literally turned in his seat, poking his he into the back. Her fingers never leaving her clit alone.Cars on the parkway slowed as they passed the limo. Some honked; others had people holler out their windows.Ashlynn came with little grunting sounds, her little fuck hole opening and closing with a clenching movement.After she’d had her second orgasm, I told the driver he needed to get us to the hotel.Ash came two more times be for we got there, and once more, as we pulled up out front, just as the doorman opened the limo door. The look on his face as Ashlynn gasped out her orgasm, priceless.Connie help her slip on her bloomers, Ash slid out and walking away on wobbly knees, giggling, after having giving the doorman, a cunt wet hand to shake, and our room number, telling him, “come up, and get off, after you get off”.(The Limo Drivers Ride)About 10 minutes after we were back in the suite, there was a, tap tap pause, tap tap pause, tap tap pause, tap, knocking on the door.A naked Ashlynn ran to the door, yanking it wide to a surprised, and pleased looking limo driver. Pulling him in and started stripping him as she led him to the balcony. Leaving an open door and trail of clothing.I moved to close the door and looked back, just in time to see Ash push the driver down onto a chaise lounge chair. Straddle him cowgirl style, and ride the hell out of him with a bucking hip motion, rubbing his cock with her clit, as he pumped his cock into her.After he came she sucked him hard again, climbed on in a reverse Cowgirl, and took him up her ass. With her hand she guided his cock into her butt hole and just dropped down on it.I’d hoped she was wet back there, so she wouldn’t tear.Leaning forward her hands between his legs she levered her ass the length of his cock. It popping free twice, the driver put his hand on her ass to keep it from riding free until he shot deep inside her.Ash crawled back on him putting her cunt in his face as she sucked him clean and hard again. Stopping only to say something to him as he started eating out his creampie.The Driver hard, Ashlynn turned and reaching behind her eagerly push him into her, leaning forward she kiss the creampie from him pulling up so strings of jizz stretched from his lips to hers, running her cunt wet fingers across his lips she wipe his seamen free to eat it from her own fingers. Then licked her own, juices from his face. Her hands on his chest she rode his cock, slamming herself on it, till they came again, bucking from the lounge chair.Sitting bare ass on the concrete, Ashlynn’s mouth attacked his cock, this time not stopping until the drivers cock had given up the last of his treasure to her mouth.Then she sat back opened mouth.I smiled as Connie said, “she does that every time doesn’t she”“She’d does if she doesn’t want a beating”, I replied.Dressed the Driver left with instructions to send up the Doorman.Ash lay naked on the cold concrete, as I walked out, pointing out to her the windows across the street.Five of them had papers pressed up against the glass, with numbers ranging from 6.5 to one giving her a 10.As Ashlynn set there looking up at the office windows, she said, “Daddy, I was really bad”.Looking down at her, looking up at their scores she said, “We forgot the Condoms”.“Fuck”, I said, “you’re going to the Doctors when we get home”.After the Doorman left, Ash bathed, put on a clean dress and bloomers, and we all went down to eat.(Dinner)The maître d was another old aquatint. As soon as we walked in his face lit up, Mr. Xxxx, I’d heard you were staying with us. He gave me his condolences on Jennifer. Smiling he turned to Ashlynn and said, “And this must be the young lady I have heard so many good things about. Miss Xxxx, your mother was a remarkable woman, and fondly remembered”.Ash did a little curtsy to the maître d, smiling, she said, “Thank you sir and you should call me Ashlynn, if you’re going to fuck me tonight, I hope”.The maître d gave a quick, tap tap pause, tap tap pause, tap tap pause, tap, rap on his podium. Looking at me inquisitively.I nodded to him, and we got seated, a great table, and fantastic service.As I was leaving I stopped and gave a, tap tap pause, tap tap pause, tap tap pause, tap, on his podium, telling him to bring about five others from the wait or kitchen staff. I stopped off at the front desk and told them we would not be leaving until tomorrow nigh, and we wanted to sleep in, not to wake us in the morning.Tap tap pause, tap tap pause, tap tap pause, tapping on the counter as I talked.The young Night-Clerk responded with the same knock, telling me it was taken care of and he hoped we were enjoying our stay.I let him know we were as I walked away.I was fairly sure; I’d see this young Night-Clerk again before morning. (After Dinner Games)Connie had gotten out her ropes and was making herself busy playing with Ashlynn. While I took a shower.With two attendants to bathe me, I would normally made use of then. But Ashlynn has not yet seen Connie’s abused body.I have tried having Ashlynn bathe me, but that is just too much work.She may be my daughter, but, she is also a willing Fuck-Toy that knows how to use her nimble little body to extract from men her desired reaction.Having her soap me up with her, hands, hair, and breast gets a rise from me every time. When she goes to soaping my ass hole and cock, she turns it into sex. And it can be quiet difficult to get her eager hands and mouth away.Clean I come out into the main room, to find Ash laced with ropes. Connie had me sit, before she led Ashlynn into the middle of the room and had her do a slow little spin. Fuck she looked useable trussed up like that.Ashlynn’s arms were bound behind her from wrist the elbows. The rope looked perabet güvenilir mi almost like a braid. The two long strands leading up from her elbows, Connie used as a lead to pull Ash around.I had told the English Teacher I did not want Ashlynn’s breast tied in such a way they’d stretched, so she had bound them tightly to her body, with an octagonal opening for each nipple, forcing Ashlynn’s areolas to puff out. Normally Ashlynn has slightly puffy areolas, but these things were screaming, bite me.More ropes encased her forming a diamond pattern, from her neck, to legs. They ran between her legs spreading her ass cheeks, exposing her little but hole for easy access.I was afraid the ropes would encumber her guest from getting to her cunt, but I needn’t worry, Connie had her put one foot up on the arm of the chair I sat in and I could see up into her moist hole, where the ropes pulled her eager cunt open.I slid my fingers easily inside her opening, roughly running my thumb over her clit, as I talked with Connie, about the ropes and knots how long Ash could remain trussed up, how long the rope marks would show after they come off.She told me she’d had a little trouble, binding Ashlynn’s arms, she’d kept getting the rope too tight, Ash never complained, and she didn’t notice it until Ashlynn’s hands were turning purple. I looked up at Ash legs splayed, eyes glazing, mouth open, slowly humping my hand as she snaked close to an orgasm. I pulled my hand away to have her lick it and my arm clean just as first of a Series of taps and pauses started drumming on the door.I opened the door to three young men, and a Mexican boy, he looked f******n, but said he was s*******n. Two of them wait staff, the boy and the other from the back of the house, and stinking of grease. I explained the rules, as they hungrily eyed Ashlynn’s bound body. (I don’t give any cadence to the race of cocks Ashlynn uses, but the Mexican boy just looked like trouble, and he was)There was some jostling as to who was going to go first. The boy pushed his way in to first. I had told then they could be a little rough with her, she liked it that way. So he was.He grabbed her hair and rubbed his cock on her face, I was sitting across the room, from them, there was just something in the way he was treating Ash. She’s been used by quite a few guys, and a goodly number of then have hurt her for fun. But that always had a different feel about it.He said something gruff sounding to her in Spanish, right before slapping her hard across the face.And I was right next to the bed, telling him, “Hey, k**, watch it, this is all in fun. You can be rough, but don’t hurt her, and don’t mark her up”.And the Son of a Bitch spit on me, back handed Ash again so hard she flew of the bed. I hit him in the nose just as he was turning back to me. One short strait rising shot. I felt his nose break, long before I fully extended. His head bounced off the wall as he fell to the floor.I was around the bed, grabbing a hand full of hair and lifting, all 150 lb of him from the floor shaking him as I dragged and cared his groggy ass away from Ash. I smacked his head against the table, with the dildo stuck to it, a couple of times. Just for the hell of it.Dragged his ass out on the balcony, blood running from his face, I explained the rules to him again and then held his head over the railing and we had a little talk about gravity, mass times acceleration and concrete. Then lifting him off the ground by his hair I cared him to the door and throw him pants around his ankles out into the hall. Landing his hand went for pants, I thought he was going to pull them up, until his hand went in to the pocket.That’s when I pressed my .38 S&W Airweigh to his forehead, just as the elevator went “DING”.The maître d came running up the hall, with another man, calling out to me.They snatched up the boy, and fished a razor out of his pocket. We stepped back into the suite; Ash was sitting on the bed, and Connie had the others lined up against the wall, pants down hands on their heads, anytime one would move she’d whack their balls with her riding crop so hard they’d buckle, so no one moved. And we all had a little talk. The maître d had invited the three of them, and he was bringing up another with him. He had no idea the boy was there until he got here. The other three did not know the boy was not invited; he’d just slipped in with them.About then there was a knock on the door, it was the young Night-Clerk. Connie had called Jennifer’s Bellmen/Night-Clerk’s home number (it was in my phone in case I needed him) he in turn called the front Desk and got them into action.We took the boy down to the lobby. The boy no longer had a job as soon as we stepped in the elevator. When the doors opened we were met by Jenn’s Night-Clerk (in a tee-shirt, sweat pants, and a suit coat), and the Cops. The phones at the desk were ringing off the hook.Connie had also called Police Sergeant Bob, who’d call a local City Councilmen, who called the Mayor of Xxxxxxxxx, to complain about one of his City’s most prominent citizen’s daughter “getting attacked in your city”. When I finely got back up to the suite, with the maître d, young Night-Clerk, the other waiter, and a bellmen we picked up along the way somewhere, Ash was squatting over a wine glass, like nothing had happened.She looked up at me smiling and said, “Daddy, I was bad again”.“Damn it Ash”, I said, “Then what the hell are the condoms for”.Ash said she was sorry, after licking all their cum from the inside of the wine glass.We slept late Sunday; it was after 2:00pm when I woke. I walked Connie naked onto the balcony had her knell to relieve my morning need, after I was done peeing; she started to sucked me hard.Before she could Ashlynn came running out and gave Connie a deep long kiss, to thank her for coming to her rescue last night.But she suddenly perked up putting her fingers to her lips and said, “You taste like daddy pee” and kissed her again longer licking around Connie’s mouth. Ashlynn watch in fascination as Connie took me in her mouth, complimenting my Cock and Connie’s cock sucking, as Connie set back her mouth open, Ashlynn asked me, “Daddy, can I please kiss her again, be for she eats your gift”.Yes dear, I told her.Ash was appalled, heartbroken, shocked, by the scars on Connie’s body. She spent a long time kissing each mark of pain Mr. Nxxxxn, had inflicted, tears running down her face. I left them to each other’s arms on the balcony, tipobet content to just sit back and watch.Connie’s skills had Ashlynn writhing in orgasmic bliss, Ashlynn could only coax out one from Connie.By the time we had a showered, me by myself, the girls together, then ate down stairs, Jennifer’s Night-Clerk was back on duty. We went round and round about the bill. The hotel wanted to comp. our stay, I would not hear of it. In the end we agreed they could comp. our meals.I had several tips to give him, $100.00 each for the maître d, young Night-Clerk, and limo Driver, he’s a college k**. $50.00 for the other waiter that had helped us with the Boy. $40.00 for the folks that were going to clean our suite and a sealed envelope for him.I expanded Connie had gotten his name when his wife answered the phone, and she had written out the check. I also asked that he not open it until we had left, and when he saw it, I’d hope he would understand that Jennifer would want us to do this. ($10,000.00 for his son’s college, we still get a Xmas card each year from them, signed The Night-Clerk and family) Connie slept in the minivan wrapped in Ashlynn’s coat on the way home.Ash set up front with me, one foot on the hump between the seats, the other on the dash, lazily running her fingers over her sore swollen cunt. She suddenly hopped up and asked if we could stop for gas.Honey, you have fucked 15 guys dry this weekend, isn’t that enough?Daddy I just want to see if my Santa is there, and tell him thank you one more time.We were three hours earlier than we’d been Friday night, but he was there.Sitting at a booth with two other old dudes, his back to the door, swearing to god he’d fuck a s*******n year old angel three times. They were calling him a liar. When Ash stepped up to the table I thought the old guy was going to have a heart attack, he jumped so. After hemming and hawing, he introduced her as his angel. They still called him a liar. I guess it was the shock of her just appearing at table’s edge, but he excused himself to pee.Ash followed him to the restroom, while I chatted with the old dudes. Talking up the old guy’s performance. They came back about 25 minutes later, Ash leading the old guy by the hand; she had dirty knees, and “that grin” she gets when she is particularly happy with herself. The old guy set down, Ash leaned across the table and gave each of the old dudes a deep long kiss, then placed her finger on lips as if to say Shhh. Looked at her Santa, lifted the front of her very short Babydoll dress above her navel, giving all three a clear view of her red swollen hairless s*******n year old pussy, and said, “Tell him by girl”.I thought the two old dudes eyes would bug out.Dropped the hem, she turned to leave, looked back over her shoulder, and said, “You can tell them once I’m outside”, winked and left, the bottom of her ass cheeks peaking out from under her dress. And leaving me to follow her out the door.Pulling away we could see the two old dudes jumping around, and spitting.I looked at Ashlynn and asked, “What did you do?”(In the Men’s Room)As the Gas Stations men’s room door closed Ash, fell to her knees in front of the old guy she’d looked up and asked him if she could drink him.He did not know what she wanted, she had used him up Friday night, he was old and grateful, but…Ash stood up on tiptoes and unhooked the old guy’s overalls letting them fall to his ankles, dropped back to her knees and took the old guys flaccid cock in her mouth. He told her let him go, he had to pee.Ash looked up and told him, “OK, Pee, give me your pee, please, I’m a really nasty slut I drink pee, I want your pee, please Santa, please”.Then waited on her knees, head back, her mouth open holding his cock.He let go his stream, Ashlynn staring up adoringly as the old farmer pissed in her mouth, her throat open, excepting his smelly hot salty liquid. The last spurts, splashing her face and hair.Swallowing, the last of his golden gift, Ashlynn closed her mouth and started sucking his cock. But he was a 73 year old man, and he’d fucked hard just days before, and his old soldier just would not come to attention.The old guy look down at her working on his limp cock, suck, licking his droopy balls, her hot tongue, it felt so good, but no luck.But Ash has skills, she had him lean on the sink and buried her face in his ass, her tongue licking behind his balls, soon her tongue was probing his ass hole, she had to stop to spit little bits of toilet paper out a few times, but with her mouth sucking his hole, her tongue deep in his ass, her hot young tongue massaging the old guy’s prostate, as her hand stroked life back into the dead.The old guy looked down in wonder. This miraculous gift, this beautiful young Angel had him Hard, again. Yes she was undoubtedly the nastiest slut he’d ever known, and a gift from god, at s*******n she knew sex tricks he’d never heard of, but, that trick she did with her tongue up his ass had him harder than he’d been the first time Friday night.And now as she took his cock into her mouth, she was pushing her fingers back inside him, rubbing, tickling, that place she’d licked, he could feel his youth building.Ashlynn had her nose nestled in her Santa’s pubic hair; his musky sweaty scent filled her being, just as his cock filled her mouth. He wasn’t too big, with his cock as deep as she could get it she could just breathe a little; she could feel its head bulging in her throat, as her fingers sought that place in Santa ass that would make him happy.And then he knew, his Angles fingers tickling deep inside had found him, he could fell his cock in her throat, fill his head filling her, and now he could feel it about to blow.Ashlynn knew he could not keep his gift from her much longer, she felt him swell with it.His heart was speeding; he knew the time was…Now Ash knew, she clamped her gums down on Santa’s hard cock and pumped like she’d never pumped.The old guy erupted, into the hot mouth of his Angle, he’d just cum in the mouth of this sweet little s*******n year old slut, he would surely burn in hell, and it was worth it. He watched her swallow, and then licked clean the fingers, she had just had up his ass, he could almost feel his cock wanting her again. But he knew he was going home and sleep. He stood there spent, body and soul. His Angle pulled up his overalls, he could smell her, he could smell his piss in her hair.As Ash was buttoning Santa’s overalls she saw he had a Sharpy in his pocket, she used it to write her name and phone number on his hand, and leaning her head against his chest asked, “Santa, if you ever fell like fucking me again, call. I’ll get daddy to bring me to you, please?” He kissed his Angle on her forehead, she took his hand, and they walk out of the gas station men’s room.

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