Ashlynn: Daddy’s Little Girl

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Ashlynn: Daddy’s Little GirlDaddy’s Little GirlPart 3We were in pretty good moods considering. Monday we go to see about getting her stitches out, and then get some more tests run. The most frightening of all Ashlynn’s injuries is that because of all the abuse to her internal parts, the Doctors fear Ash may not be able to have c***dren. Ashlynn had some STD issues but with treatment that seems to have be clearing up. She still doesn’t sound like Daddy’s Little Girl. We have not yet had her teeth fixed, so she doesn’t talk right. There still some bruises and swelling. She will have to wear her wrist splint at least three more weeks. The Doctor had also told her she will have to take it easy for some weeks after the stitches come out. No strenuous sex.“Daddy don’t you feel a little, like a perv, watching all these videos of me getting laid?” Ashlynn asked. “Honey getting fucked by that many guys at one time, is not laid”. I said “It’s Gang-banged. And it’s not like I’m the one of the guys banging you”.“Hey! “ Ash said, “Maybe we should just call it Banging”. “So baby girl” I asked pointing at the TV, “did you have a good time”? “Banging” she giggled.“And Baby Girl, Daddy has been a pervert a very long time”. We had gone through all the videos or snippets of video from about 39 of her little Gang-bangs and about 30 hours from 3 different video cameras 2 Digital, 1 VHS, from her, should we call it, her cumming out party, at Police Sergeant Bobs. I have enough to really fuck the hell out of good old Police Sergeant Bob’s life, and at least enough to ruin the careers his 4 cop buddies. And maybe shut down a local Church. I probably won’t do any of that. It is not like they forced her. In all these video Ash is clearly enjoying it, so and because, she is not yet eighteen, I’ll be packing them all away and putting it in one of my attorneys safety deposit box. We are sitting in the den, watching the large screen TV, k**ding each other, and poking fun at the guys fucking hell out of Ash on the tapes. In some sick way I am quite proud of my little girl, draining all these cocks and still ready for more. She is telling me how so many of the Jocks have “smallish dicks”, as I am getting up. I turned off Ashlynn’s videos and pop in an old VHS. Baby we need to talk.And The Shit Hits The Fan.Ash gets all stone face, hops up, starts yelling at me how she is not going to stop. This is who she is. She thought I was all OK, and stuff, with what she was doing. She knows I think she’s bad. She Is Going To Fuck All The Guys She Wants. I can’t stop her. As many guys as she wants. She doesn’t care what I think. She doesn’t care what I want. In the middle of her rant, I’d hit the play button on the remote. At first she didn’t notice the video playing on the big screen, and then she did. Ash stopped yelling and looked somewhat puzzled at the screen. It was this room on the tape, and it looked a lot like Ash walking in to the room wearing a French-maid outfit, stripper heels, and a collar, you could just see four men in the room. Ash just stood staring and then it was like a light clicked on and she said “Mommy!”“Yes, yes it is.” I said, hitting the pause button and freezing Jenn’s image on the screen.” Ash, I said, we needed to talk, I don’t say you need to stop, and I don’t expect you too”. And then she had a hundred questions; and she wanted me to play the tape right then. But I stopped her there. We talked.Daddy, is Mommy, about to get banged? She asked. “Yes, dear Mommy is about bahis siteleri to get banged” I answered, “But, Honey, do you think you can watch this tape, and it not hurt your memories of your Mother”? Ash told me she didn’t really have memories of Mom, all she had where Memories of the crash. “Daddy can I watch it”.“Ash, honey there is something you need to know before I play this tape. It was made right after your mom and I were marred; we had been into, well, this kind of relationship thing for some time by then. Ash your Mom was my sub, she was, a, well, my. Ash, she was my sex slave. From almost our first date she just naturally did whatever pleased me. Started to dress how I told her. And then do what I told her. Fucked who I told her, when I told her to.As we talked about Ash’s mother and our relationship, I pulled from the box a notarized contract between the two of use. I told ash it had no legal binding. That it had been just for our own piece of mind. It laid down the rules, and what her Mom and I expected from each other. As we talked Ash skin had grow flushed, and her breathing more rapped. She spoke in a little breathless voice. “Daddy can I, please, watch Mommy getting, banged”? “Baby girl does this really make you that horny” I ask.She nodded “Honey you know the Doctor told you, that you still can’t put anything up inside.” I said, as I reached into the box had I got the VHS from “But I do have your Mom’s old Panasonic vibrating Massager; it is too big to fit inside you, so you just hold it, with your good hand, on the outside and on your clit.” Ash looked me in the eye sheepishly. “Daddy, I think this would fit, I was fucked with a brick” she said flatly. I just looked at her, as she smiled playfully. I shook my head, hit play on the remote, as Ash plugged it in and I heard the old familiar hum of the Panasonic.(Tape of Jennifer, Ashlynn’s Mom) I’d had two cameras set up to film it; this tape was edited from those two. It was a poker night and it had been my plan to bring a whole new game into our Poker nights. It would also be the first time I ever given Jennifer over to our friends, people that knew her. All the other times it had been with men Jenn didn’t know. They’d been strangers to her, these where friends and one the husband of her best friend. Bob wanted to play some S&M games; Cathy did not so she gave Jenn permission, to play with Bob. There were four besides me, we set there playing cards. Ash knew them all, three where marred, with k**s. Andy, Uncle Andy, to Ashlynn was not. He never would be; he was a horn-dog, but, he had a right to be. One day he would die in the saddle.We’d always played poker with chips; we each had our own color. They were all only worth a penny, the color let us know who owed what. Tonight some of the hands would be played with one more color, a white one. The white ones each had a task written on them. Each of the guys had made up five chips, with whatever sexual fantasy they wanted on it. The dealer could put one white chip into the pot. The winner of that pot would give Jennifer the white chip and she would perform that task.There were 25 different tasks; well 26, I had slipped one extra chip in. Some were variants on the same thing. Like “go buy beer naked”, or “go get food naked”. One said “vibrator on clit till new chip” (One night it was the last chip drawn; Jennifer was swollen and sore that next day). This, the first night, chip 1 “clit vibrator no cum”, chip 2 “Hand cuffs and Nip clips”, canlı bahis the third chip was a game ender, it just said “Gang-Bang”. Poker night ended and Poke-Her night started.Jennifer was fucked slow and methodical. Not that the fucking was slow. The tape was 6 hours long. About 10 Min. of set up with Jenn getting ready, about another 20 Min. of poker and Jenn’s first two tasks. Then more than 5 hours of Jennifer getting fuck in every way we could think of. Including fucking the teenage pizza-boy, Todd, from when someone called and ordered pizza because we’d got hungry, and then later the pizza-boy, Todd, and his friend when they came back after work. Ash and I stopped and ordered Pizza when she saw the pizza-boy, we were getting hungry ourselves. The “Big” thing that Ash was most impressed with was “Uncle Andy”. Andy has the largest Dick I have ever seen, not that I am an expert. He also suffers from Satyriasis, an abnormal and excessively insatiable sexual desire. It’s like he is a male Nympho. Folks have always given him shit about it, but, I know it has played hell with his life. He can’t keep a girl, they think they can handle him, but, after a few days they can’t keep up and don’t like sharing. I have seen him pay 3 prostitutes $600.00 to fuck all night long. If he cums, he ether stays hard, or in just a few min he’s hard again, or he just may never cum just staying hard for hours. In that six hour tape he was the first and last to fuck Jenn, he was fucking her when the tape ran out, and he went on for a long time after that, she finally ask me if she could please stop and sleep. Andy kissed her forehead sweetly; thanking her, then packed his drawers with ice and drove home. I told Ash of onetime I used Andy as punishment for Jenn. She had bought something I had told her we could not afford. So that Friday night I tied her to the bed, lube her up good and left him with the lube, telling him “fuck her till you’re done”. I then left and got a motel room, telling him to call me when he was done. He called Sunday morning, to ask should untie her or just leave. He told me he had let her up to eat, bath and they slept several times, once he was still hard inside her as they slept. He thanked me profusely, saying it was the first time he ever fucked until he couldn’t get it up and he was going home to sleep a week. Jenn asked me to please never do it again, she would be good. After that Andy was always very good to Jenn, getting her lovely, expensive, gifts at Xmas and her birthdays. I think he held her in high regarded having worn him out, even though it was a punishment for her, she held on all weekend never using her safe word. Letting him fuck her until he was spent. I always thought secretly she was proud she wore him out.Ash and I talked about the tape, her Mother, Andy, how Jenn and I worked out our life style. I also told Ashlynn, I could help keep her safe; I could set her up larger parties. I could set them up with people she did not know, or folks she did, or a mix of both, whatever she liked, I just wanted her to be safe. I could screen the guys make sure they were clean, so no more VDs; and no one could seriously hurt her.The whole time I talked, Ashlynn sat there on the edge of the couch. I gave her my idea about how I could help, she just looked eagerly at me and listened, when I was done, I told her I knew this sounded twisted, and she didn’t need to answer tonight she should think about it for a few days. She just looked up at kaçak iddaa me smiled, then handed me a hand written page.Ash had planned on asking me if there was some way I could help. And seeing her Moms and my Contract had given her an idea. She knew she needed help, so nothing like this last time would happen again. Because as bad as it had been, she knew there was a lot about it she had liked. And she was afraid because she knew without help she would do it again. She said “Daddy sometimes, I AM a bad, bad, Girl”. I told her “No, Honey, you may be a slut, but, you’re not bad”.Ashlynn had slid from the couch, so that she was kneeling on the floor in front of me. In front of her, with both hands, she held out a page of note book paper. It was a hand written Contract, it was pretty plane. It gave me complete control, even more control than I’d had with Jennifer. I Ashlynn do here by give myself to my Daddy, Body and soul to use as he wishes. To be used as his Fuck Toy to do with as he (Daddy) pleases. Any and all my clothing will be of Daddies approval. Daddy can do anything and/or everything to me that pleases him (Daddy) He can give me to anyone and/or anything, anytime he (Daddy) chose. If I Ashlynn fail Daddy in any way at anytime he (Daddy) may punish me by any means he (Daddy) see fit, including but not limited to mental duress , physical pain, or even Permanent Physical Body Modifications, to include but not limited to Piercings, Tattooing, or Branding. Ashlynn will eat and/or drink only what Daddy allows including but not limited to blood, semen, urine, or excrement. Until such time as he (Daddy) chose to end/or modify this contract by whatever means Daddy sees fit. AshlynnShe had signed it in her blood. There was no place for me to sign it; she said I only had to agree for it to be binding. She had gone to her room and wrote it when the pizza got here. She had been sitting there with it for over two hours. I told her I needed to consider this got up and left the room leaving the contract on the coffee table. I returned to Ash still kneeling where I had left her. I carried two glasses, a shot glass with a stringy, milky pale, viscous fluid, the other a much larger tumbler, of a warm amber colored liquid. “Ashlynn do you know what these are” I asked. “Yes Sir, Daddy” she said “they are your cum and your pee” “Ashlynn” I explained “after you give a blow-job I want you to hold the man’s seed in your open mouth showing how honored you are to have his spunk in your slutty mouth, after you make eye contacted and you know he sees his jizz in your slutty mouth, then you swallow, open your mouth to show you swallowed, then tell him thank you”. Now show me how you swallow. “And enjoy it, it may be the only time you taste my com” Ashlynn did as she was told. Pouring it into her mouth running her tough all around the inside of the glass cleaning it of all my seed, then opening her mouth so I might see it on her tough. She looked so happy, looking me in the eye so she knew I could she her holding my cum in her mouth. She then closed her mouth and swallowed. Giving me a warm “Daddy, thank you, for giving your little slut of a daughter your cum”. And then telling me “Daddy yours is the best com I ever tasted”.“Now drink that piss, my nasty little cum eating fuck slut”. She smiled and did. Holding the big glass in her two small hands she tipped it up thirstily, drinking in big gulps, so that small rivulets of urine ran down from the corners of her mouth. Wiping her chin with one hand then licking it clean after lowering glass to her lap with the other. Daddy’s Little Girl is the nastiest, most amazingly perverted slut, I have ever seen. She makes her Daddy proud.Coming Part 4

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