Arthur and Maddie in the Kitchen

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“Girlfriend still not talking to you?”

Arthur sighs, but doesn’t answer. He’d been enjoying watching basketball with his dog Buddy, and doesn’t appreciate Maddie’s entrance. Hopefully, if he just ignores her she’ll go away.

“Neither of you ever told me what happened between you guys.”

He doesn’t answer this statement either, but his strategy doesn’t appear to be diswading her, as she walks over to stand beside his recliner. He can’t help but admire the view out of the corner of his eye. He’s never really had a thing for tall girls, and standing at only 5’6″, over half of which is her long tanned legs, Arthur has to admit Maddie is just his type.

She’s everyone’s type, Arthur thinks. The prototypical blonde bombshell, Arthur’s wondered more than once if her impressive C-cup chest is real. Her mom certainly has fake tits, it’s one of the things his dad enjoys most about being with her. Perhaps she got her daughter a fake pair for her 18th birthday?

“At least Cupid made sure you have somebody kissing you today,” Maddie says, bending over into the chair to let Buddy lick her.

As she bends over, practically into his lap, Arthur notices she’s wearing much skimpier pajamas than she normally has on around the house. He can’t help but admire the unnaturally tanned, silky smooth, long legs she’s showing off in her silk romper. The silk tightens up around her waist, perfectly complimenting her curves.

Arthur hadn’t been thrilled to move back in with his dad after college; he’s been even less happy about it ever since his dad’s girlfriend, Kim, and her daughter, Maddie, had moved in with them. But he must admit, having moments like this to ogle their fit bodies makes their presence a little less annoying.

Arthur admires her for one second too long, as she looks up from Buddy and catches him staring.

“I take you like my Valentine’s Day outfit?” She stands back up, revealing the front of the light pink romper to Arthur. He can’t help but notice how revealing the front is, with her belly button practically showing thanks to several buttons having been left undone.

“Are you actually wearing that out?” Arthur asks.

“No silly,” Maddie playfully smacks Arthur’s shoulder. “This is just for when you and I are hanging out at home.”

Arthur manages to drag his eyes off of her and back on to the TV, unable to think of anything else to say to her.

Arthur’s been a lot less vocal about Maddie and Kim living with them for the past few weeks, because of night’s like this. Growing up as an only child, Arthur hadn’t been used to the teasing that comes along with a little sister. Now that he’s gotten used to having her around, he has to admit he’s grown a soft spot for Maddie. And he can tell the feeling’s more than mutual.

Clearly wanting his attention, and annoyed she’s not getting it, Maddie smacks his shoulder again, a little harder this time.

“Move over, I want to watch the game with you.”

Arthur looks at her, then pointedly looks at the empty leather recliner beside his own chair. She doesn’t seem to take the hint, so Arthur looks down to Buddy and puts both arms around him to pet him.

“I think Buddy’s got all the space in this chair occupied,” Arthur says, scratching Buddy’s ear.

Maddie pouts and makes a show of stomping in front of the TV, over to the other chair, but stays quiet for a few minutes. Despite wanting to watch basketball and enjoying it, Arthur can’t keep his eyes from wandering over to the long tanned legs stretching over the side of the chair.

“Who’s winning?” Maddie asks after a few minutes.

“Nobody, it’s not a game, it’s All-Star weekend.”

“What’s that mean?”

Arthur ignores the question, not in the mood to explain sports to her tonight.

“We should watch this upstairs on the couch.”

“The TV’s bigger down here, and the surround sounds better,” says Arthur.

“But I’m cold in the basement,” says Maddie. “We could cuddle on the couch.” Arthur glances over and notices the mischievous grin spreading across her face.

“You Isparta Escort could put on some warmer clothes if you’re cold.” Arthur hates himself for saying it, but can’t hold the sassy comment back after all the attitude she’s been giving him lately.

Maddie stretches her legs out to their full length and gives Arthur’s shoulder a light kick. Looking over, Arthur thinks she might have undone yet another button.

“This outfit’s cute, and I can tell you like it,” Maddie says, going so far as to wink at him. Arthur rolls his eyes in response.

“I’m grabbing another beer,” Arthur says, standing up as a commercial interrupts the basketball. Buddy follows him up the stairs, they make their way into the kitchen together.

His heads in the fridge, hunting for the specific craft beer he’s been enjoying when he hears Maddie come up behind him. At first he only heard her, but then he feels her, pressing her body up against his.

“Sorry,” she whispers in his ear. Her breath feels warm on his skin. “Just sneaking past you for a snack.” The hairs on the back of Arthur’s neck are standing up.

He gently pushes back against her, trying to step away from her and the fridge, but it brings her with him, pushing her chest harder into his back. He can feel her breasts rubbing against his shoulder blades.

Arthur closes the fridge door and takes a step to the side, keeping his back to Maddie, looking out at the backyard. Buddy’s by the door, whining to be let out. Arthur takes a deep breath to compose himself, then walks over and opens the door for Buddy.

He turns back around from the door to find Maddie sitting on the marble kitchen counter. She crosses her long tan legs over one another, Arthur can’t help but notices how great they look in that romper.

“You closed the fridge before I could find a snack,” Maddie says, her voice dripping with a combination of sass and seduction.

“Sorry,” Arthur mumbles, tentatively walking back towards the kitchen.

“No worries, I always find a way to get what I want.” She grabs a banana as she says this, then slowly peels it while making eye contact with Arthur.

Watching her wrap her lips around the banana mesmerizes Arthur. He knows that she’s doing this for his attention, no one eats a banana this way, but it’s still having the desired effect on him.

He doesn’t remember walking back over to her, lost in a trance, but suddenly he’s standing right in front of her, facing her with his back leaning against the kitchen sink. She uncrosses her legs, opening them up to Arthur, giving him even more of a show. The romper is riding up and into her crotch, leaving very little to his imagination.

Neither says anything as she slowly works her way down the banana, head bobbing up and down on it. She does reach out with one of those beautiful long legs and wraps it around his waist. The last of the banana disappears into her mouth, and he thinks she’s going to pull him in closer.

Instead, she unwraps her leg from his waist and jumps down from the counter, Maddie’s body rubbing against his as she dismounts. She’s standing directly in front of him, another button’s definitely been undone, Arthur thinks. He’s practically able to see all the way down to her waist now, the romper serving little purpose. Or serving the exact purpose Maddie intended it to.

“That wasn’t satisfying,” Maddie says, her voice taking on a much different tone than normal, one that’s starting to drive Arthur crazy. “Is there anything worse than being left unsatisfied?” Maddie’s still looking in Arthur’s eyes as she says this, a mischievous grin spreading across her plump lips.

“Sometimes you just have to give in to your base desires,” she turns around as she says this, giving Arthur another chance to admire her ass. It’s amazing how the silk romper just happens to get tight in that area, perfectly accentuating both of her plump cheeks.

She bends over into the freezer, giving Arthur a full and spectacular view. He couldn’t pull his eyes away from her ass for anything, not that he’s Isparta Escort Bayan trying anymore.

“The pleasure can just be oh so worth it.” Her head’s still in the freezer. Arthur’s not sure if she’s having trouble finding something, or just acting like she’s rummaging around in there as an excuse to wiggle her butt. Frankly, he’s past the point of caring, he’s enjoying the show too much.

He takes a step forward, closing the gap between his body and Maddie’s. He’d love to bury his dick, balls deep, into her tight little pussy, everything about her just looking so tempting. He’s able to control himself, wanting to see what Maddie will do next.

Finally, she stands from the freezer. Arthur already regrets not at least giving her ass a little smack. She turns around to reveal a popsicle in her mouth. She kicks the freezer door shut, and works her lips down the popsicle until the entire length disappears into her mouth.

She throws her head back from it, letting her blond hair wash over her shoulders, doing more to cover up her cleavage than the romper is. She takes a step closer to him. She’s not pressing up against him, yet, but cornering him so there’s nowhere for Arthur to go without having to touch her.

“Want a lick?” Maddie asks, her tongue still touching the popsicle.

Words aren’t coming to Arthur, nothing rushing to his head, his blood flowing down to his quickly swelling cock. He can only nod, giving his approval for Maddie to close the distance between them.

She rubs her hips up against his, no doubt feeling his growing cock instantly, and tilts her head up to look into his eyes. This causes her chest to stick out even more, not that Arthur’s complaining in the least. Her tongue still licking the other side of the popsicle, she holds it out a little further, inviting his tongue to reach out and join hers.

He takes her up on the invitation, enjoying the cool feel of the popsicle, but wanting to indulge in everything else before him. The thin layer of ice is all that separates their tongues, already shrinking from Maddie’s licking. It’s the only thing shrinking in the kitchen at the moment.

He can’t help himself, he reaches out and puts a hand on Maddie’s hip. She grinds her hips into him harder, wiggling her ass around so Arthur’s hand’s touching it instead of her hip. Her tongue’s still flicking against the popsicle, working it’s way towards his.

Suddenly, she pulls back from him, leaving his mouth hanging open, practically panting like Buddy. She tilts her head forward and takes the entire popsicle in her mouth again, then uses her hands to lift herself back up onto the marble countertop. She opens her legs, as if to invite him in. Arthur even thinks she motions to him with one of her toes, each painted a hot pink colour.

Arthur quickly follows her, obeying her silent instructions. He slides up in between her legs, his turn to do a little grinding. He hears Maddie let out a quiet moan, and she takes the popsicle out her mouth.

He opens his mouth and leans in towards her, losing his inhibitions and planning to kiss her. Instead, at the last second, she sticks the popsicle into his mouth, and rests her head on his shoulder. He likes the cool feeling of the popsicle, but would have enjoyed the coolness of her mouth more.

Her head still on his shoulder, she wraps her legs around him and pushes herself harder into his crotch. He knows Maddie can feel his dick in his sweatpants, and he’s not sure why she’s still bothering to wear the romper.

He feels her head move slightly on his shoulder, her hair caressing his back. Then her lips lightly plant a kiss on his neck. At first it’s just a quick peck, enough to tingle his skin. Then she moves to his collar bone and starts sucking, it’ll be hard to explain this hickey to his dad.

With her mouth focusing on his neck, she slides one hand down into his pants and slowly starts rubbing his dick. She stops sucking for a second when her hand secures a grip around his dick; Arthur can’t help but assume it’s her reacting to Escort Isparta his size. While certainly not the world’s biggest penis, he’s very confident in the ability of his thick seven inches to bring women pleasure. She starts to stroke his dick, and her sucking gets stronger.

“Your cock feels amazing,” Maddie whispers into his ear.

Arthur takes a deep breath, needing to collect himself from the overwhelming pleasure, and decides to return the favour. He slides the silk romper to the side, and starts to slowly rub the bottom of her clit.

Maddie stops sucking on his neck, and starts moaning into it instead. Arthur misses the sensation, but decides she deserves some pleasure too. With her hand still stroking him, he lets his finger slip into her pussy. He moves his thumb up so it can continue rubbing her clit while he’s fingering her.

She buries her face into his shoulder, the only way to stop herself from screaming with the pleasure his fingers are bringing her pussy. She finally lets go of his dick, the pleasure distracting her. Arthur’s fingers pause on her pussy in response, surprised that his own pleasure’s been halted.

Maddie takes the opportunity to lift her head, quickly pressing her lips against his. Their tongues tangle together, each of their hands starting their work again.

Arthur moves his other hand so it’s holding the back of Maddie’s head. Feeling his hands all over her body is driving her crazy. He forces his tongue further down her throat, loving the taste of Maddie.

After a few minutes of making out like this, Arthur takes a step back. He knows he’s close to cumming, and needs to take a break from the handjob. Maddie’s disappointed to feel his fingers pull away from her vagina. Her hips naturally buck forward, desperately wanting to follow him.

She looks at him expectantly, and a little annoyed, wanting to know what he’s doing next. A mischievous grin spreads across his face, sending chills down her body, the anticipation driving her crazy.

He grabs her breasts with both hands, squeezing them roughly. She loves the feeling of the silk against her nipples, and enjoys how aggressive he’s being.

Maddie gasps when his grip tightens and he rips the romper off of her shoulders, revealing both her beautiful boobs.

“I fucking love your tits,” Arthur says, breathing heavily.

He steps back forward and takes her right boob in his mouth, sucking as hard as she’d attacked his neck. She reaches down, but isn’t able to reach his dick to keep rubbing it. She starts playing with her own pussy as a consolation prize.

Arthur notices, and the evil grin is back.

He grabs her wrist and holds it up above her head, against the cupboard. Then, he drops to his knees and pulls the silk to the side. He likes seeing that her pussy is cleanly shaven, he finds nothing more distracting to a good session of head than getting a hair stuck in your mouth.

His tongue attacks her clit, rubbing it rhythmically up and down. After a minute of licking away, like he’s still enjoying the popsicle, he switches to running his tongue around her clit in a circle.

Feeling his tongue is driving Maddie crazy. She feels like she’s about to come, she just needs a little bit more to push her over the edge.

“Get inside of me,” she pants. “I need to feel you.”

His tongue doesn’t stop, lapping away at her juices like a dog in front of a water bowl. He slides two fingers inside her cunt, thrusting them in and out of her in rhythm with the circles his tongue’s running on her clit.

She’s about to cum, and he knows it from her groans and moans. Arthur takes a deep breath and quickens the pace of his tongue, pressing down on her clit more forcefully.

The sound of the front door opening interrupts them and Arthur jumps backwards from the counter. Maddie’s moans had drowned out the sounds of the car pulling up. She slides down from the marble, pulling her romper back into place and quickly doing the buttons up.

Hearing their parents voices, Arthur slinks away back to the basement stairs without saying anything more to Maddie. It’s uncomfortable walking with his raging boner, but it would be more uncomfortable talking to his dad right now.

He can’t believe what just happened between them, and doesn’t want anyone, especially their parents, to see the state he’s in.

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