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ArroganceArrogance You had me pinned on the sofa, my hands above my head, and my face centimetres from yours, looking into your eyes with a mixture of shock, innocence, fear and longing. Your eyes stalk the path my tongue has taken over my lips. I watch as your eyes dilate entranced by the movement. There is a growing side of me that wants to hysterically laugh at the situation because this type of thing doesn’t happen to good girls, or so I thought. I realise that my situation is very real and this guy is intent on fucking my brains out, I scramble to think of a way to get him off me. This bastard beats me hands down in physical prowess, his strength overpowering mine easily, hence my current predicament. “You definitely couldn’t win in a battle of strength between us, not even in your wildest dreams, plus I won’t give you the chance to use that clever brain of yours to get away from me. I know what you’re thinking, so a word of advice to you, stop thinking and just feel me baby.” I look at you thinking how much I hate you’re arrogance, you think you’re so irresistible and you’re not even going to ask if I want sex, you’re just going to take it. You must know what I’m thinking as I see your face dimple into that smile you shower the girls with. I call it the Ken Doll smile, cheesy, overused and commercial. I feel your kisses travel along my side and up and down my back. I feel your hands pushing me onto my side as you’re tongue begin to circle my spine. Your lips feather light on my skin, causing me to erupt into goose bumps, the hairs on the back of my neck standing up in anticipation. Your lips are so close to my skin I feel every word uttered from your mouth.”I’m gonna fuck you like you have never been fucked before….So tell me something, have you had a man take his time to lick every inch of your body leaving no part untouched……make love to all of you, body, mind and soul?”While you’re talking you lean in and begin nuzzling and teasing my neck. The effect this touch has on me is instant and without thought I start moaning ever so quietly. My body starts responding quickly to the stimulation and by pure instinct I draw my knees up. The predator in you sees the opportunity to get closer to your prey and with slick and uncomplicated ease you move between my legs. “Thanks for the opening baby, I knew you wanted it.”Annoyed and in shock I open my eyes, You look into my eyes and I try to move but you start to lick my neck nice and slow, making my body want to arch in pleasure but I manage to keep still. One eyebrow draws up in surprise, and then your lips break into a seductive smile as you slowly but deeply start grinding me. Crushing your body to mine, enjoying my miniature gasps and hisses and small convulsions. I feel you hold both my wrists in one hand and then your free hand runs from my inside thigh up underneath my top all the way to my breast. You start teasing the nipple out the bra as you continue to nuzzle my neck. “Jasmine, I know you like this because you’re desperately trying to bite your lip to stop yourself from moaning. But the thing is, I can’t allow you to do that because I WANT you to moan for me,…Arch your back for me…I want you to CUM for me.”Still holding your hair, he leans in to kiss me. I try to pull away but you force your mouth over mine. I feel you shove your tongue deep into my mouth, I thrash trying to push you away. I feel your hard chest and realize your shirt has come undone. You reach behind me to pull me closer as you suck my tongue and kiss me deeply. I begin to return your kiss only realising that I am when I hear you moan into my mouth. You allow me to break the kiss only to slowly start unbuttoning your shirt and trousers, allowing me to have my first view of your hard chest and steel hard cock. I can see your six pack and smooth skin shine in the light; my hands itch to touch your body so I ball my hands into fists not wanting you to know how much you turn me on. You smile knowingly but don’t loosen the grip you have on my wrists. My eyes travel down the length of your body savouring the sight, but I am careful to maintain a very uninterested expression. You raise your hips enough for me to see your cock stand up high, you moving it for me to see it jump, laughing at my eyes widening in shock. I’m momentarily mesmerised till I hear your devilish chuckle. I realise my mouth has dropped open forming an almost perfect O, hastily I close my mouth. Moaning, you lean in and kiss my lips with more passion and lust only breaking the deep kiss to ravish my sensitive neck and ear lobes. Your hands reach up to undo the tie on my top and I gasp as you let the sides of the top come eryaman escort loose as you reach around me and undo my bra, my breasts immediately springing free and spilling onto my chest. Lightly you kiss my neck…shoulders……chest, taking my breast into your mouth as you suck as much of my breast into your mouth as you can hold. You make popping sounds with the force of the suction and release, the waves sending my brain into pleasure overdose. Taking my nipple in your mouth, you lightly start flicking your tongue over the hard nub; I hiss as my back starts to arch. This spurs you on as you starts sucking my nipple hard and letting your tongue trace around the tip of my nipple, my moans increasing and getting louder. Slowly, you run your tongue down my stomach, my body arching and jerking with the direction of your tongue, until I’m fidgeting with sensory overload, my eyes tightly closed and my body trying to overcome my mind. I pull my legs together tightly to avoid what is coming next, as I feel you positioning your body perfectly between my legs. “Louder baby, I know you want me to take it to the next level, so I’m going to make you scream my name, I’m so glad you didn’t wear any panties. It’s almost if you had wanted this… I’m going to fuck this tight pussy real good. Mmmmmm….Damn, look how wet you are, your dripping”Just to prove your point, you lightly let an index finger trace the length of my pussy, making sure it touches my clit where it dips and runs a few lazy circles. I respond against your fingers by thrusting my hips towards you and biting both lips and muffling my moan. I see you lift your wet finger to your mouth, looking at me in a way that makes me shiver inside as you suck your finger clean, moaning and telling me how sweet I am. I see your head dip between my thighs as you greedily eat my pussy, causing me to cry out as my body writhes and twitches as if lightning is coursing through my body. I feel you kissing my pussy deeply as you suck up my juices, playfully pulling at the lips and letting your tongue play with my clit and nibbling my pussy just to get my hips thrusting into your face. I start shouting out as you suck harder on my clit my body shaking with like lightning hit me as your tongue dips deep into my pussy. I feel your hands grip my hips as your tongue dips deep into my pussy, I can feel you try hard to keep me still, moving your face even closer to my pussy. You’re light stubble grazing my inner thighs and the soft feel of your hair teasing my knees. “Ooohh…Sssssssss…Uhhhhhh……Damn Fucking …Oh my.” Is the only thing I can say.“You like the way I lick your pussy Jasmine? I bet you haven’t had someone make you wet like this ever huh…You want me to go deeper Jasmine? Say it baby, I want to hear you beg me to eat your pussy and make you cum. You taste so good I could eat out your tight little pussy all day. Yeah woman, you know you need me, just like all the others…Hmmmm…I might just keep you depending on how deep you can take my cock.”I’m gulping in breaths trying to control my moaning and to twist away as your tongue tastes me. I can feel my body rise in temperature and it feels like I’m on fire, even the blood in my veins feels like they have turned to molten lava. My body is convulsing with the force of the orgasm I can feel approaching and you starting tongue fucking my pussy while two fingers rub my clit. I erupt into a massive orgasm and I scream my pleasure, as I feel your tongue moving within me. I am triumphant at least that I didn’t beg you to keep eating my pussy. A satisfied smile crosses my lips. “I bet you haven’t cum like that before in your life, I know that cum did wonders for you, look how wet my face is. It’s a damn good thing that I can swim, or at least hold my breath under water for long intervals.”I turn my head away from you, my latent disgust returning in full force. I can’t believe you are so arrogant and the knowledge that you made me cum is a bitter pill to swallow.“Look at me when I’m talking to you Woman. I know you hate me but you want me more right now and that’s good enough for me…for now. Jasmine I’m going to take what’s mine now, moan for me.”With that, you physically move my head so I am looking into your eyes, my disgust must have been apparent because you laugh at me and kiss me deeply, making sure I taste my pussy on your lips. You kiss me so softly and so deeply that anyone watching would think you were making some serious sweet and tender love to me. I feel your cock slap against my belly as you start moving between my legs, never once breaking the deep kiss. I feel you fumble on the floor and pick something up and with lightning quick eryaman escort bayan movements you tie my wrists to the couch.“What the fuck…” Is the only thing I manage to say?I give you a serious dirty look, you know the kill bill type of “If looks could kill you would be dead” look, but your arrogance resurfaces so you laugh it off, the dimple more prominent in your cheek.“Wouldn’t want you thinking you had any chance to escape me now, would we? “ “Plus you don’t want to miss the main event now do you? Jasmine, I want you to feel when I slide my cock into your tight pussy, nice and slow. I want you to feel every vein, every inch from tip to base. I MUST fill and stretch that tight pussy. I can’t wait to hear you call my name when I’m giving you the best fuck of your existence.”I realise that you’re not just using me for an ego trip completely; you’re going to fuck me in a different way. I twist and pull at the knots holding me, but it only serves to make my breasts move and I see you dive onto each nipple to suck and tease it as your finger goes into my pussy drilling it without mercy. Your tongue licks from my nipple to chin and then back into my mouth, kissing me so deeply you nearly take my breath away, literally! I break the kiss, gasping for air; you look at me like a scientist would look at a specimen. You bend down to whisper in my ear…“Your body taste’s delicious; I wonder why I hadn’t chosen to break you in sooner? I could have had so much fun between your legs, well, no matter, I better make up for the lost time, oh and by the way, I have decided that I’m going to cum deep inside your pussy instead of making you swallow my load. Don’t look at me like that, I’m giving you the honour of being the first to be filled with my cum.”My mind registers alarm bells and I renew my fight to be untied, many thoughts go through my mind but anger surges to the top overcoming everything else.“You’re crazy, why do you think that I would want to be filled with your cum?”“I want you to know from now on that your mine, I own you. If I say you’re going to be filled with my cum, believe me your pussy will be dripping my cum. I know you’re shocked now, but you’ll get over it. I have decided that you will have my c***dren, your old enough, beautiful enough and come from a good family, so I’m going to break you in and breed you, which kills 2 birds with one stone.”I open my mouth to speak to you and to tell you where to get off, when you end up pulling my hair back and kissing my neck as you move back between my legs and slide your hard cock into my pussy real slow and firm. I hear you moan as the tightness of my pussy sends you into momentary shock. You reach under my waist and pull me close to you. You put just the head in but I feel every contour and my body responds by pulling you deeper into me. You pull out and show me how wet and dripping the head is. Laughing you then slide it back in teasing me with the head, making my body jerk with anticipation of the full length. “Jasmine, I want you to know what it’s like to fuck a real man. I need you to know that it is my cock you feel between your legs, entering you, reaching into the depths of your pussy and making you cum”.My moans grow in intensity as you slide deeper into my pussy. My pussy stretching to accommodate your size and length as you push deeper into me. Without warning you pull out and after briefly hovering over my entrance you slide into me full length. My eyes close tight as my muscles convulse at the intrusion and the pain. I see your eyes fly open and scan mine quickly before I close mine. I hollered out in shock pleasure and pain and you shouted out at the amazing tightness and in the knowledge that you just took my virginity. Your cock pulses within me as if it needs to be deeper, even though you’re completely sheathed within me. I have no wish to look at you even though I know you want me to, I feel you move within me, prompting my eyes to fly open. A lone tear falls down the side of my face, your tongue flicks out to catch it. Your eyes soften for a moment as I see you lean in closer to me, your lips pressed against my ear, I feel your breath tease my skin.“” I didn’t know a woman as fine as you would still be a virgin, I know you want this, and I can see how wet and swollen your pussy is. You have seen how hard and fat you make my cock by just being near me. I have seen how wet your pussy is, just being teased by me. I want you to be addicted to my cock Jasmine. Moan for me Jasmine, I want to hear you moan as I get deeper and deeper into your tight pussy”Then with slow deep strokes, you began to fuck me. I was shocked when you gently grabbed escort eryaman my face and started kissing me softly. I moaned ever so slightly as you continued to kiss, tease and suck at my mouth. Instinct soon took over and my legs somehow managed to wrap around you causing you to plunge deeper. Damn, I wondered how deep his dick could go. I lay mesmerised as you grind me pelvis to pelvis, watching your eyes change into various shades of Brown. The sweat is starting to pearl all over your body and mine. You start moving your hips, rotating them as you plunge so deep my pussy starts making sucking noises as your balls slap my ass. You alternate your stride and shorten your thrusts so you end up touching the deepest part of my pussy and it feel likes your trying to stretch me in order for me to take you deeper. We both start moaning as the pressure builds, your tongue licking my neck and shoulders as your chest hair grazes my breasts, making them tingle. Leaning in, you nuzzle my neck with your lips. Your thrusts decrease in intensity. Rather than long, hard plunges, you only slightly move your dick in my pussy. u*********sly, I raise your legs high in the air to allow your cock more access and to get in as deep as possible.”Damn, I’m going to cum in you so deep. I’m going to fill you with my cum…you want to cum too, don’t you? Don’t fight the feeling, just let go, nobody needs to know… You know you want it… Just let it go, baby.” Rising back up on your arm, you increase your thrusts. Faster and faster, you slide your big cock deep into me. My moans start to get louder and wilder my gasps more frequent. The orgasm already lighting a fire between my legs, but this time I don’t fight the orgasm but embrace the feeling. The sound of our moaning, the wet slapping sounds and the squeaking of the couch mingles. You untie my hands and automatically I move them to your ass guiding you deeper to me. “Take my cock deeper woman, I want to get deeper.” you quietly command. I nearly shoot off the sofa with the force of your thrusts; you get faster and faster, a lot deeper than when you went in me that first time. You start growling and your cock starts swelling within me and pulsing, so I know you’re ready to cum soon. You grip me tight pushing the air out of my lungs, as you grip my ass cheeks tighter towards you. You pick up the speed and I feel my juices running down into my ass, my legs and splattering on your abdomen. You watched me writhe against you my ass grinding against the sheets. You hear my muffled cries of pleasure, and just as he exploded inside of her, you hear me scream. Taking one of my hardened nipples into your mouth and rolling it around on your tongue; suckling my skin, biting it. This annoying man knows every one of my sweet spots and enjoys hitting them all. I cum so hard that my muscles tense everywhere, my back arches into a near perfect C shape and all I can do is vibrate as you continue to work my pussy relentlessly, telling me to cum harder.“Fuck baby, you’re going to strangle my cock, you’re going to make me cum hard….Fuuuuuuck”With that I feel you pump hard and deep into me, hitting my cervix and pumping your seed deep into my womb. Your body still pumping as I vibrate with every spurt of your milk, sweat beading over my body and dripping between my breasts and down my temples. My body relaxes from its gymnastic arch and I lie down trying to restore my breathing to normal. My eyes finally open and I try to focus, I see you exhausted with your head resting on my neck as your hips leisurely rotate making your cock pump within me. I can feel your seed even deeper in me and I try to push you and your cum out. Your hands slowly trace up my arms causing me to involuntarily shiver at the contact and you untie my wrists. I sigh in pleasure as I feel the blood rush around my limbs once again and I absently rub at my wrists so ensure they are okay.“My cock is still hard and I intend to fuck you until it either falls off or becomes soft. The only reason why I untied you is the fact that you are much too exhausted to fight me off now. I always keep a promise and I am a man of my word. I told you today that your body is mine and that I will ensure you have my c***dren, I meant that. I hope you’re ready for round 2 Jasmine because before I let you go, you will know what it the true meaning of being thoroughly and completely fucked is. I want to give you something to talk about with and tell your friends about.”With my mouth agape I feel his cock stir and once again become hard as steel, my mutinous body already responding to it, despite my tender pussy. My pussy already getting wet at your words. With that I see that maddening dimple and once again my word is turned upside down. Anyone who was looking in from outside would see two people engaging in some marathon hot lovemaking and anyone looking at my face would believe I am having as much fun as he is.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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