Arizona Awakenings (ch. 3)

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The noise was coming from the front bedroom again. The squeaking sound. Sidney was awake and he wondered what time it was. He looked at the alarm clock. It was about 4:30 in the morning. He listened hard, but he only heard a murmur of voices. He really wanted to know what Debby and Fred, his foster parents, were doing this early in the morning.  He was not covered by his sheet because it was hot outside. All of the windows in the house were open, if they could be opened, and the screens kept the bugs out. The door from his bedroom to the front bedroom was closed. But there was another door. The one from their room into the front room. Wearing only his jockey shorts he arose slowly so as not to awaken Faith. The two of them were living here for about three years now. They weren’t brother and sister, but they shared the bedroom. There were only two bedrooms in the bungalow house. Even if they were both sixteen year old teens now, neither one minded sharing a room. They had been much more crowded when living in separate foster homes when they were younger. He sat up on his bed side. Faith was there right beside him in her twin bed. She was softly snoring just a little. There was a nightlight in the bathroom just off of their room and he could see that she was also lying uncovered. She lay on her back with her chest slowly rising, and the outlines of her small breasts were visible under her tight camisole. She also had on some panties that were tight against her crotch. He could see the impression of her pussy slit. His friend Ross had told him they were called pussy lips, or maybe a cunt. He didn’t care what it was called. He only knew it made his cock get hard if he looked at it long enough. He liked to wake up before Faith and just look at her. Sometimes he would gently touch one of her titties, or her pussy. But not a lot. He didn’t want her to wake up. She might tell their foster mother, Debby. That would not be good. So he would touch a little and then, when she moaned or moved, he would pull his hand back. Now he was interested in finding out what Debby and Fred were doing in their room. He made up his mind to find out. But he needed to be very cautious. He carefully stood up and crept quietly out of his bedroom and into the bathroom. It had two doors. The other Arnavutköy escort bayan opened onto the front room. But it was an inner door and was usually left closed. He went through. Now in the front room he could hear more clearly that something was going on in their bedroom. He got on his hands and knees and crawled over to their door, and slowly, very slowly, peeked around the edge of the door jamb. He could not see what was going on. The light was too dim. But he could hear clearly now. The bed springs were squeaking louder here and it seemed they were doing it faster. Then his foster mother could be heard. Her voice sounded like she was in pain. But she was begging her husband to do it harder. So she must like what he was doing. And Fred was grunting now. Sidney could hear them both clearly. “Freddie, please, I feel that baby. I feel that deep. Lord, I need it now. Please baby, harder, do it harder.” “Damn, girl, I’m fucking you as hard as I can. Jesus bitch, just take what I give you. I’m about to come now, you silly cunt.” “Please, not yet Freddie. Suck my tits for me. Make me come, too, baby. Please.” “Shut the fuck up. God, oh shit. I’m coming now. Coming, coming, oh fucking hell, coming.” Then Sidney heard Fred begin grunting as Debby sounded like she was crying. He didn’t know exactly what had just happened but for some reason he discovered his pecker was hard now. Fred had called it a pecker, and he said it was the best thing a man had. Sidney’s was hard now, and a little wetness was soaking through his jockey shorts. “What’s that?” Fred was speaking now and Sidney pulled swiftly back, terrified of being caught. He crawled as fast as he could, trying to stay quiet, and got to the bathroom door. He closed it silently, got up and went into his bedroom. He was lying face down in his bed when the door between the bedrooms was opened. “I don’t think it was anything Freddie. Come back to bed, baby. You have to sleep.” Sidney kept quiet, breathing as if asleep, and finally Fred closed the door again and all was quiet. He sighed. Then he touched his prick and felt it growing again as he thought of what he had heard. He knew it was sex. He even wished he was doing it. Maybe with Debby. That was probably wrong but Escort Avcılar it made him harder to think of it. Or with Faith. He looked at the clock on the nightstand between them. It said five o’clock. They would not get up until 6:30. He was not sleepy now. He was hard as he laid on his stomach. He liked the way it felt when he rubbed himself against his sheets on the mattress. It got tingly and felt strangely good. He ground his cock into the sheet harder now. It felt better and better. This was new. He hadn’t had this kind of experience before. It was happening fast to him. He felt something rising up inside, and suddenly he was squirting something wet out of this cock. It scared the shit out of him, but it felt so good. It felt great. It kept spurting and he couldn’t stop it. He didn’t want it to stop, either. But finally he wondered what Debby would think. He had gotten his underwear dirty. In the low light he sat up, pulled the fabric back, and could barely see the stuff. It looked white, or clear. No piss or blood. Maybe Debby wouldn’t notice it when she did the laundry. Maybe. He was a little worried, but then he remembered how good it felt. Maybe he could do that again. If it was possible. Maybe he could try to do it again soon. The next Saturday Fred was not working. They decided to go down to the Colorado River and spend the day on the sandy beach. They gathered together what they needed. Faith and Sidney sat in the back of the Ford while Fred and Debby were in front. They drove, but it was only about ten minutes away. They passed through the neighborhood where Ross’s family lived. There was no one around on the beach they found. Maybe on the other side, but this shoreline was quiet and empty. They all were wearing their swimming clothes because they were so close to the river from their house. Debby and Faith were both wearing new bikinis. They were popular at this time. Fred and Sidney had on some roomy swimming trunks. They rolled out two old blankets and put their lunch on it and then sat down. Fred started fiddling with his transistor radio and finally got one station to come in. It was crackling a little but they could still hear the music. Fred loved country western music. That was all he would listen to. Now they Bağcılar escort were just sitting, listening to Roy Acuff, and watching the river flow by. Off in the distance were a few water skiers being pulled by outboard motorboats. “Say, Sid. You want to float down the river a piece? We can walk back. Let’s try it.” “Fred, be careful please. I don’t know if he can swim that well or not,” warned Debby. “He’s fine. I taught him to dog paddle last year. He can swim. Come on boy. Let’s go.” With that Fred walked over to the river edge and began entering the water. Sidney followed quickly. Both of them felt the cold water and began shivering a little. But they gradually got used to it and began drifting down the river, floating along. It was kind of fun. Fred would talk to him a lot when they were alone. He did now. Finally they looked back and saw how far the river had taken them. It was time to get out. They would have quite a walk back to the women. But it was good to do things with his foster dad. Sidney liked that. They got to the shore, climbed out, and began walking back upstream, dripping along the way. While they had been floating, Debby and Faith had done some swimming. They were now setting out the lunch. Their bikinis were still damp and Sidney could not help seeing that their nipples were hard on both of them. He didn’t mind at all. He hoped Fred didn’t mind either. He hated when Fred got angry. They had some baloney sandwiches and some potato chips. Also, they had some pickles. Fred loved his pickles. And for dessert there were some peanut butter cookies Debby had made this week. It was all good. They washed it down with Nehi soda pop. Fred left for a three day run to Tucson during the next week. Fred had told Sidney he was the man of the house, laughingly.  One night Sidney was lying in bed unable to sleep. He was wondering about what had happened that night when he leaked stuff from his pecker. He touched himself and thought about it. He took his cock out and began rubbing it with one hand. It was getting hard. He did it a little faster and it felt better. This was good. He was learning something new. He kept doing it and it felt good and better and really good. And then it happened again. White stuff shot out of his cock and onto his belly as he lay there on the bed. God, it felt so good. He had done something magic. He wondered if he was discovering something new. No matter. He would do this again and again. He thought about Faith sleeping beside him. Hey, it would be fun to do it while looking at her. Maybe even touching her a little while she slept.

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