Arcade Fun

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Ava Addams

Part of this is true. Part Fantasy

Having fun at the arcade

My names Alex. I’m a 22 white male. I’m 6 ft 1 and weight a nice 190. I’m not ripped but nice and toned. Well one day me and my girlfriend were fighting, which escalated into us breaking up. “Fuck her” I thought. I can have any girl I wanted to. Not only can I but I will. I hit up my friends and went for a drink on the town. I started bar hopping taking drink after drink. But no luck on finding a girl. I tried and tried but was constantly shot down. I was drunk, horny and wanted some newly single sex but I was going home lonely. How the hell can this be? On my way home I passed by a porn store XXX adult arcade their sign read. And being drunk I said fuck it I’m going to at least go home with a magazine and jerk off. So I parked outside and got out of my car, I now finally get a good look at the store. It was run down. Dirty looking with no windows very little light, just a shit hole, hole in the wall place. But me and my drunk self decided to go on inside anyways. When your horny and drunk u give 2 shits less of were your getting your porn. As I walk in there’s an older gentleman standing behind the desk. He’s about 5’10 200 mid 40’s. He’s eyeing me like I was thanksgiving dinner. I walk over to the wall with the magazines on it and start to browse their selection. this made me even hornier. My dick was throbbing n my pants begging to be released. I was having a hard time walking when I heard moaning. I looked around quizzical and noticed the sound was coming from a curtained area with a sign “Arcade” above it. I thought to myself they must play porn back there, I can just get off now and relive my sexual tension! I walked over to the gentleman behind the counter and asked 4 a ticket to go back in the Arcade. He gave me this weird sly smile like I was up 2 no good, honestly it creeped me out but he gave me the ticket and I proceed to walk behind the curtain and there was a hallway with a bunch of doors leading to “booths” as I now know them. I walked over to the first opened door, the excitement building up in me. I walk in and close the door behind me locking it as I do. And before I even look at what was on the screen my dick was out of my pants and my hand was around it. Oh it felt so good to have my hand gently squeezing my rock hard warm 6 inch cock . I was so turned on at this time I could feel my dick throbbing in my hand. I started to slowly stroke it and was getting so into having my dick in my hand that I almost forgot there was a TV with porn. I stop pleasuring my self to look up and bam! To my surprise there’s someone bent over while this guys 8inch cut dick, is pounding away at their ass. He’s pulling all the way out till you see the tip than drives it all the way in, his balls were slapping the ass each time he thrusted. Than I noticed that the ass which I assumed was a girls was actually a guys. He had a pathetic little 2 inch limp dick that was smacking himself in the stomach every time the other guy thrusted. At first I was shocked and a little turned off, but something intrigued me about it. That the guy who was getting fucked was enjoying it, he was grinding on the other guys dick and moving with him while he got fucked. He wanted every inch of that 8 inch cock deep in his ass. And it started to turn me on. My hand wrapped back around my cock, I didn’t just jerk off, I fucked my hand imagining I was fucking some guys tight hot ass. I was getting more and more into this when I thought, how would it feel to be the bottom. To get railed from behind from a dick. Well I didn’t have anything around me that looked like a dick so I figured what the hell ill slide a finger up my ass. It was tough at first. My finger was dry and my ass was so tight. So I stick my finger in my mouth imagining I was giving a random guy a blow job to get him wet. I even tried to deep throat my finger which didn’t work out to well because I started to gag. Well I pulled my finger out of my ass and started to play with my asshole again than all of a sudden it slipped in. I was caught off guard it hurt a little bit but how amazing it felt. I started fingering my ass then I got adventurous and slid a second finger in and then a third, oh it was pure ecstasy. I was so close to cumming when knock knock knock. Someone was at the door. I panicked, oh shit who is it, was I being loud? I pulled my pants up real fast just buttoning them up not bothering with the zipper than I opened the door. There was the old man from the front counter when I walked in. I looked at him weird and he stepped in the booth and closed it behind him locking it as he did. I’m confused and nervous now. What’s going on I thought than out of no were his had was on the front of my jeans rubbing up and down. I was completely stunned, was this really happening? Before I was able to come to my pants and underwear were down and around my feet. And my dick was in his mouth. I was going to protest but god was he able to give a damn good blow job. He would take my dick out of his mouth and just play with the tip with his tounge. Than he would drive all of my cock in his mouth I could feel his throat on the tip of my cock. He gave better head than my ex did and I was not about to stop him, even if I had wanted him to stop I couldn’t cause as soon as it had started it started coming to an end. I started cumming rope after rope of cum in this mans mouth and he took it like a champ. Swoloed every last drop and even cleaned my dick with his tounge.h stood up and I thought that was the end…. But I was wrong. He pulled his pants down and out sprung a 7 inch dick. I was shocked that a man that looked like he did was able to get it up without a blue pill. He looked at me then his dick and I thought does he want me to suck on it? So I started to lower my self on my knees getting his cock eye level, oh did it look bigger closer up. He smiled and nodded at me and I wrapped my hand around his cock. It was so hard I started to jerk him off. He must have gotten impatient with me, next thing I knew he had both hands on the back of my head and had pulled my face toward his dick and thrusted at the same time. I would like to say I tried to pull away, say I fought him but I can’t, I wanted that dick in my mouth and he gave me his dick. I opened my mouth letting him stuff me full with his hard dick. He started slow, thrusting gently while holding my head in place. Than he picked up the pace fucking my face, he tried shoving his dick down my throat and I gagged, he tried again and again I kept gagging and coughing, tears started coming 2 my eyes. I actually think he enjoyed hearing me struggle with his dick in my mouth. This guy kept at it. I didn’t know what I had gotten myself into. And I didn’t know when it would end. Then he pulled his dick out of my mouth completely. He smacked me across the face with his wet dick. I took the opportunity to stand up to get away from his dick. It started off enjoyable but by this time I wanted nothing more to get dressed and get out of there. I felt violated, just a piece of meat 2 this unknown man. I was bending over to pick up my pants to leave but the guy had another thing in mind. He grabbed me and threw me against the wall. He then turned me around and holding me against the wall started humping my ass. His hard dick sliding in between my ass cheeks getting them wet with my saliva. Next thing I know I felt a pressure on my ass hole. Omg he’s going to fuck me. I pleaded with him not to but he didn’t listen I started to slide all of him dick in me. It hurt much more than It did with my fingers. More tears came to my mind I begged him to please stop but the more I begged the more he pounded my ass. Faster and harder, I thought I was going to be split in 2. Than he tensed up slammed his dick in me as far as it could go and let rope after rope of cum deep up my ass. He kept his dick up in my ass till it went limp and he pulled out. His cum started leaking out my ass as soon as he had removed his dick. I slumped against the wall and slid to the ground completely exhausted and worn out. The guy proceeded to get dressed, winks at me than left. That’s it. No words were exchanged at all. He used me and left.

The end.

Feel free to leave feed back. First story I have written.

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