Appointment Ch. 03

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Jimmie’s Mom was sitting in her recliner chair in their living room when he walked in the door. That by itself was different, normally she was busy with laundry or dishes or some kind of housework.

“There you are! Where have you been, sweetie?” She asked.

Jimmie felt his face flush, he was never late, not really, yet he had spent a good part of the afternoon at Marilee’s house, where they had been playing with each other a little. Things got very interesting, he ended up completely naked as she played with him, wearing just her pants. It was the very first time any girl had ever deliberately touched him like that, and it was actually Marilee, who was the very best looking girl in their entire school.

The very first bare breasts Jimmie had ever seen or touched, and he liked doing that. Marilee caused him to climax three times with her hands, Jimmie of course had done that himself but this was totally different.

It meant Marilee had decided to be his girlfriend, so he was extremely happy at the idea.

Then they had been caught by her own Mother. Jimmie was stark naked on the bed when her Mom had opened the door and looked in, catching him by surprise.

She had simply apologized and closed the door.

That had been terribly embarrassing, he had expected some yelling, some kind of blowup. After all, Marilee had no shirt on, so what they had been doing was certainly obvious.

But then, her Mother had shown almost no upset at all, and simply reinforced to Marilee to be sure and stay pure as Jimmie stood there looking at the floor. Perhaps the fact that she was a Doctor gave her different ideas about things like that.

Still, the older woman had now seem him naked, not once but twice. And so had Marilee, plus they had done a lot of touching and kissing. Jimmie was worried at first about being caught, but then both women had not acted like he would have expected them to.


Jimmie got back to old man Harrison’s yard, he was going to call it a day but the man wanted him to pile the brush so a truck could remove it the next day. Already late, that took another almost two hours, and now he was very late getting home.

“I was…uhh… working. Mr. Harrison, he wanted the brush piled.” Jimmie said lamely.

“I see. Well, I stopped by and he said you left with some girl?” She smiled at that. The way she said that was almost an accusation and now Jimmie was caught fibbing.

“Uhh..yeah. That was Marilee, Doctor Conner’s daughter. She was a year ahead of me in school. Yes, we went over to her house, just for a little bit.” Jimmie’s face flamed as he said that.

” OK, but why is your shirt buttoned up wrong?” His mom took a sip of her Tea, smiled again sweetly. He looked down, it most certainly was one button hole off.

“I..I don’t know.” Jimmie hung his head..

“OK. Sit down, honey, I am your Mother, we can talk about anything and I think it’s time, all right?”

“OK.” Jimmie sat down in the other chair. His Mother began to ask questions, Jimmie told her the truth, all of it, even what happened the day he got stung by those Wasps, and that Marilee was there with her Mother when they helped him..

“I see.” Jimmie could tell that his Mom was struggling to keep a straight face as he told her about it.

“Well. You are a young man now, honey. No longer a boy, but you are still young. I want you to promise me, you will be careful. I remember when I was your age, and your Father was a fine young man like you are. He wanted sex, of course he did, just like you do. And so do young women, that is how I ended up having you. I don’t regret it one bit, but that was hard, honey. I didn’t get to go on to college, taking care of you was more important.”

“We didn’t do anything, Mom, not really. Just.. you know, playing around stuff.” Jimmie managed.

“She is my girl friend now, and maybe we will even get married.” He added boldly.

His Mother smiled at that, took another sip of her tea.

“Maybe, someday. But she is also young, and playing, experimenting. It could be that is all it is, really. So, like I said, be very careful, you don’t want to get her pregnant.”

“We can’t, she won’t even take her pants off!” Jimmie blurted out, his face instantly reddening even more.

His Mom burst out into laughter at that.

“That’s probably best.” She finally managed to control herself, trying again to appear serious.

“So all you two did was.. touch?” She asked after a moment.


“Did she help you… climax, Jimmie?”


“That feels good, doesn’t it?”

“Yeah.” Jimmie blushed at that, one foot pawing at the floor.

“Is Marilee on the pill?”

“I don’t know.”

“Do you know about condoms, how to use them, honey?”

“No, not really.”

“OK. Just a second.” His Mom got up and went into her bedroom, she came back with a package of them, handed them to him.

“If things get.. out of control, be sure to put one of these on, OK?”

“OK. But I don’t know how to, not really.” casino şirketleri He looked at the strip of little packages.

“I think you can figure that out. Those are the Magnum size, they should fit your…penis… I noticed that you are pretty large, just like your Father was. Bigger even, nothing wrong with that.” For a moment, she got a wistful look on her face, but quickly recovered.

“What you do is when you get an erection, put it over the tip, flat like this.” She held one up for him to see.

“Make sure it is turned this way, or it won’t go on easily. Then just roll it all the way back, OK?” She slid it down over her index finger. There was a loose section right at the end of it, he had never seen one of them before.

“This is to catch.. you know.. so it doesn’t squeeze out the bottom.” She wiggled the condom covered finger at him. She was mildly blushing herself now.


“Anyway, we are on the same page now, right?” She stripped the condom off her finger, tried for a moment to roll it back up, but gave up and dropped it in the waste basket.

” I don’t think Marilee would do that anyway.” He told her.

“I think you need to be careful, because she probably will if things happen just right.”

Jimmie was in his bed later, about to fall asleep when it hit him.

His Mother had condoms in her bedroom? That meant that…? But, he had never seen her bring anyone home, not ever, although she did go out a couple of times a month. But he had never seen her with a man friend, and never even talked about any.

His Mother must be having sex with someone. A vision of her slid into his thoughts, his Mother naked, with some man doing…that?

He fell asleep with that on his mind.


Jimmie got a lot of work done the next day, even though he kept looking up to see if Marilee was coming by. But she didn’t, all that day and the next. So after he finished up the second day, he decided to go over and see her.

Marilee’s Mom answered at his knock. She still had on the blue smock he had seen her in at her office. It was barely 5:30, she must have just gotten home.

“Jimmie! Hi, come on in, honey.” She held the door open for him.

“Is Marilee home?” He asked after he glanced around.

“No, she is out, they went to the afternoon movies. Her friend Billy is home for the weekend. Would you like some soda?” She asked.

“Uhh..sure. Marilee is out with Billy?” He asked.

“Yes, honey. They have been friends since 3rd grade, and they are both grown now. She is still a young girl, so she wants to know what is out there before she settles down. I thought as mature as you are, you would understand that.” She handed him a Cola.

“I guess I do, I just thought…?”

“You thought Marilee letting you do some petting meant she was your girlfriend, right?”

“Well yeah, I guess.”

“She is barely 19, honey, and she is a long ways from being ready for any kind of serious relationship, and so are you. But, I understand all about young boys, and the desire for sex. That’s normal, but you need to keep that in check. And don’t worry about Billy, Marilee knows how to keep things under control.”

“OK.” Jimmie was a bit miserable at the idea of Marilee being out with Billy. Would she be doing the same things with Billy that she did with him? He didn’t know, but he was hoping she wouldn’t.

“Honey, do you masturbate?” Marilee’s Mom asked him bluntly.

“What?” His face suddenly flamed again.

“Relax, I am a Doctor, you can talk to me about things like that. Of course you masturbate, everyone does, that’s perfectly normal and also healthy. Nothing to be ashamed of at all.” She smiled and took a sip of her drink.

“I guess so.” He answered.

“Good. Be honest about it. Do you like it better if someone else does it, or when you do it yourself?” The woman leaned forward slightly. Her tongue absentmindedly flicked over her upper lip.

“I guess someone else, but Marilee is the only one that ever…?” He admitted. He was beginning to squirm in his chair at the line of questioning.

“Oh, that is why she is so important in your life. The very first time, that never gets forgotten. Honey, people enjoy sex, touching is a safe way to enjoy that, it’s perfectly normal and harmless if you keep it to just that.”

“I suppose so.”

“Well, if you like, I can give you some tips that make it even better. We can’t do that at my office, but if you wanted to drop by some evening…?” She was smiling now.

“I guess. You mean, like lessons or something?”

“Yes, like that. The first time can be not very good and spoil things, so.. I was thinking? For example, do you know about oral?”

“Oral? I don’t know what you mean.”

“That’s when two people use their mouths on each other, licking and things like that.”

“Oh! Yeah, Marilee wanted me to…she did that.. here.?” He blurted out, touching his chest. His mind flashed to when she had licked at his nipples, and wanted him to do it back. casino firmaları Then he realized what he just said.

Looking up, he saw she had a huge smile on her face.

“I better go back to work.” Jimmie made his excuses and escaped shortly after that. All of these recent events were piling up on him, it was almost too much.

Good lord, did Marilee’s Mother actually suggest what it sounded like she was suggesting? In the last few days, he had three women see him naked, one being his own Mom. Then Mom had handed him some condoms, almost like she expected him to be having sex before long.

He thought about what it was like playing with Marilee in her bedroom, never in a million years would he have dreamed of that, not with her anyway.

His mind wandered to what it would be like to have sex with Marilee. If they did, he wanted it to be really good for her, he liked her and wanted her to be his own girlfriend. But he had no idea what women liked, not really.

Maybe that was what Doctor Conners meant?

“Hi, honey! Can you put the groceries away? I set them on the kitchen table.” His Mom called out as he walked in, breaking his train of thought.

Jimmie went in and began to put away everything, then he spotted a small white sack. Looking inside, there was a new package of condoms. His Mother was buying more condoms? That could only mean that she was…?

His world changed at that moment as full realization set in. His mom really was having sex with someone, and had been for some time, but he had no clue at all as to who or where. She wasn’t trying to hide them, so…?

“What do you want me to do with the condoms, Mom?” He called out in an impish moment.

“Oh, those go in my purse, honey.” She answered. There was no sign at all of any discomfort in saying that.

It was clear that things had changed around their house.

He went upstairs to change and clean up before dinner. Then he got one of the condoms his Mom had given him, there had been five of them but now just four. He opened the packet, placed it over the end of himself. He was already fully erect, so he rolled it back. It went part way, then rolled itself back, so he tried again until he got it in place. It was very tight. He began to masturbate, but his hand was causing it to try and roll off.

Then he got an idea. He got some soap, ran a little water and made his hand slippery. That seemed to work, in seconds he filled the tiny tip. Then, he took it off carefully, inspected it.

That seemed to work OK. He picked up the three remaining, put them in his dresser drawer, then showered and went down for dinner.


The next day was Monday, Jimmie had planned on maybe getting to see Marilee but that was probably out the window. He looked outside, it was a bright day so he decided he would go over and finish up the work at Mr. Harrison’s place. All that was left was one corner, where a shed to hold firewood was planned.

He called out to his Mom to let her know, got no answer. Glancing outside, her tiny little car was gone. It dawned on him that for some time now, she went somewhere on Mondays. Of course up until recently, Jimmie had always been in school on Mondays, but now? He was realizing there were things he just knew nothing about.

It meant his Mother must be having some kind of sex life, that took some thinking to wrap his head around. She was still an attractive woman, and not even 40 yet, so likely. But up until the conversation about the condoms and his girl friend, that had never crossed his mind.

So much that was new to him had happened in the last few days that his mind was in a whirl. He was thinking that getting busy, working up a serious sweat would help. He was also still upset at the idea of Marilee with Billy, so he was really swinging the axe, splitting the blocks of wood he had salvaged from Mr. Harrison’s yard.

Then he thought of that strange conversation with Marilee’s Mother. She had actually asked him if he.. masturbated, like that was normal. Then she suggested he come over some evening? She was also a nice looking older lady, probably close to the same age as his own Mother. His mind drifted to the way she looked, her hair was long and reddish, just like Marilee’s but a different shade of red.

Probably dyed, his own Mom colored her hair also, that he knew about. He had never seen Marilee’s Mom in anything other than that blue medical gown, but she appeared to be slender and pretty good size up top.

He felt himself getting an erection thinking about her, then he felt a flash of shame. That was silly, reacting to thinking about some older lady. He swung the axe harder, trying to get his mind off all of that.


“Nice job, son. Thanks!” Old man Harrison handed him a wad of cash. It was more than Jimmie expected, he thanked the old man.

“No, thank you. I will have more work for you later on if you like.”

“OK.” Jimmie turned to leave.

“Oh, just a minute. Your lady friend’s Mom dropped by a note for you this güvenilir casino morning before you got here, hang on, let me get it for you.” He went inside and was back in seconds, handing Jimmie an envelope. He stood there expectantly, but Jimmie slipped the envelope in his pocket, said thanks again and headed home.

Old man Harrison shook his head. There sure seemed to be a lot of comings and goings with this young man, and that Doctor lady was a hottie if he had ever seen one so he had been curious as to what the woman wanted.

Oh, well. He went inside, poured himself a cup of Coffee, went back to his porch and looked over his cleaned up yard. That boy sure did do a nice job, he was hoping what with these womenfolk sniffing around they wouldn’t get him too distracted. The contractor had quoted him almost 15 grand to build the wood shed, he was thinking Jimmie could do it for about half that, material and all.

Just then Marilee came down the street. She waved, and asked where Jimmie was. Mr. Harrison could see that she had gone to great pains to look as good as possible, hell, looking at her caused a glimmer of a reaction in his own pants. There was no bra, her cute little titties made nice bumps in the soft cloth.

“I think he went on home, he was all done here for awhile.” He told her.

“Oh, OK.” Disappointment showed on her face, she waved and went on down the street. Yes, probably a distraction right there, but he couldn’t blame Jimmie one bit.


Jimmie looked at the note Marilee’s Mother had left for him. It was an invitation to drop by Friday evening, so they could discuss some more about what they had talked about.

He didn’t quite get that, what was there to discuss? She knew of course about Marilee and him messing around in her bedroom, and she knew that had been pretty sexy.

Probably she wanted to impress upon him to not be having sex with Marilee. But she had already made that clear, and the last thing he wanted was to try and do anything that might upset her. Besides, he had plans. Wednesday he was taking his driver’s test, then he wanted to borrow his Mom’s car and take Marilee out on a real date, since now he had some cash in his pocket.

Then there was a knock at his door, he answered it and there stood Marilee. She looked so good it almost took his breath away, he let her in and she sat on their couch.

They visited for awhile, then he asked her if she would like to go to the movies Friday night.

“I take my driver’s test tomorrow, and I bet I can get Mom’s car.” He added.

“Oh, Friday? We are going to the concert at the park Friday, it doesn’t get over until eleven, sorry.”

“We? Who is we?” He asked, already knowing.

“Billy and I, along with some of our other friends. We have had tickets for months.”

Jimmie only barely managed to not blow up, but his upset showed, he could not hide that.

“Billy again, huh?” He muttered angrily..

“Billy and I have been friends since 3rd grade!” Marilee got up.

“Well. I have to go, good luck with your driving test.” She told him, and left. His angry expression had upset her.

Jimmie sat there fuming. He didn’t want to appear jealous, but Marilee should be his girlfriend. He was wondering if she did some of the same things with Billy that she did with him.

Apparently he had made her mad, the last thing he wanted to do. Maybe he would go see Marilee’s Mom, she might have some idea about how to deal with all of this. Every time he turned around, it seemed that her friend Billy was in the way. She mentioned Friday, and since Marilee would be out until late, why not?


Jimmie passed his driver’s test easily, he had practiced and studied so it was easy. His Mom was happy to let him use her little car, after the two of them went out and drove around most of the day Thursday. Of course he had been driving with her in the car on his learning permit, and he had been in no hurry to get his license.

Now he was in a hurry, he needed the car to be able to date Marilee.

He told his Mom he had a date, she assumed it was with Marilee so she never even questioned that.


A couple of minutes early, he pulled into the driveway at Marilee’s Mom’s house.

She answered the door with a smile. Jimmie noticed she had on a soft white blouse and a skirt, her legs bare. The skirt was surprisingly short. Her hair was brushed out long, and she had on a trace of makeup.

She actually looked pretty nice for an older lady, he had never seen her in anything but her work outfit she wore at the medical clinic, with her hair pulled back in a tight bun.

“Have a seat, honey. Would you like a beer?” She asked.

“I.. I’m under age, I’m not supposed to drink beer.” He told her.

“OK. Soda then?”

“Sure, thanks.” She was back in a bit with a cola, handed it to him.

“So, Jimmie. The reason I asked you to come over is so we can have a serious discussion about sex. Since I saw you and Marilee.. you know.. the other day when the two of you were… petting? I thought we should have a long talk about that.”

“I didn’t.. I mean, we weren’t actually.. doing it, we were just…”

“Yes, I know. But hormones get in the way and next thing you know, it’s out of control.” She told him.

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