Appalachia Ch. 03

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***The feedback so far has been great, and if you all keep it up, I’ll keep posting these little stories. I’m also not opposed to having the fans direct the story to some degree, so send me some feedback, tell me what you want to see and I’ll work it in! Thanks again to Mistress Lynn for working me into her busy schedule!

Don’t forget to comment and vote!***


“Sally Mae Tanner, get your butt down here!” rang a deep voice through the small cabin. It echoed off the logs and crumbling plaster of the centuries old farmstead, and of course sounded like “SallymaeTanner, getchyo butt dow’ ‘ere!” Sally sat bolt upright in bed, three of her fingers still wedged in her dripping pussy. The sensation made her already abused sex squirt into her hand, and she reluctantly but quickly pulled her digits from inside her. The need to cum was overpowered by her father’s voice when he used that tone.

“I’m commin’, Pappa!” she shouted in return. She didn’t see any panties or pajama pants readily at hand, and didn’t dare to take the time to look. Instead, Sally Mae just pulled the hem of her brother’s T-shirt, her preferred sleepwear, down over her ass and leapt into the hallway. She didn’t see her brother walking down the hallway to his bedroom after getting through his shower. She wasn’t the only one moving quickly as he was almost tripping over his own feet.

The two of them crashed together in a mashing of excited flesh, Cody’s towel coming off his waist and Sally Mae’s shirt riding up. When they finally stopped moving, Sally Mae was on top of her brother, straddling his hips with his rapidly re-hardening cock trapped under her swampy, Isparta Escort still creaming pussy.

“Ohh!” they both moaned in surprise. Sally Mae’s hips started rocking involuntarily, but as her brother’s cock started stiffening under her, it became a slow, drawn out stroking of his meat with her pussy. It didn’t take much more and she had Cody exactly where she wanted him. His hands were on her hips, making her rock back and forth over the entire length of his cock. Sally Mae giggled, moaned, and bit her lip every time the thick head of her brother’s dick kissed her clit.

“Sally …” Cody moaned.

“Hush up now,” Sally Mae said, silencing her brother with a single finger to his soft lips. “Don’t say nuthin’,” she said as she rose her hips up. “Jus’ you lay there,” she continued, and slid her pussy to the top of her brother’s dick, feeling the thick mushroom pressing to her entrance. “You let me do all th’ work, brother,” she said and sank down. The realization of what she just did hit Sally Mae’s over-sexed mind, and it turned her on even more.

“Oh fuck, Cody! If I’d have known…” she panted as she sank down as far as she could. Sally Mae felt her pussy stretch and try to swallow all of her brother’s cock, but there was still at least a handful sticking out of her. It hurt so bad and yet made her feel so full and so good; just like when the football team fisted the varsity cheerleaders on the way home from winning the state championship. She started cumming just from the entry of the massive tool, and the fact that it was her brother made it even better. She’d stared at his dick for years, Isparta Escort Bayan and now she was squatting on top of him, with at least ten inches of his exquisite cock swallowed by her cunt.

Sally Mae’s walls were quivering as more of her brother’s cock slid deep inside her. Every squat and thrust got more of him inside her deliciously painfully stretched pussy. Every feeling of pleasure just made her want more and more, and soon she was bouncing on his dick, her long red hair flailing as she furiously fucked her brother in the hall.

“Sis! Mamma and Pappa are gonna come … ” Cody managed to get out in between shallow, panting breaths.

“I’m gonna cum! Don’t give a shit about Mamma and Pappa!” Sally shot back amid her moans. Cody’s hips started bucking up into her, and the sounds of their wet passion were getting louder in the old hall. The floor boards were beginning to squeak under the two with the force of their movements, and both were covered in a mixture of splattering cum and sweat.

“Sally Mae Tanner!” rang Pappa’s voice again. The motions of the brother and sister stopped, both of them freezing in panic as they both shot a nervous look to the top of the stairs at the end of the hall. No Pappa, so Sally Mae, never one to waste an opportunity, started where she left off. With a couple more hard bounces, she finally took her brother’s entire length into her stretched pussy and froze in place, enjoying the feeling for a split second before her orgasm rocked her like a freight train.

“Sally Mae!” came Pappa’s voice for a third time.

“I’m … cummin’ … Pappa!” she Escort Isparta shouted as her body shook and convulsed. Her pussy started milking Cody’s shaft, and it wasn’t long until he blasted another load, this time deep inside his sister’s sweet sex. Together they shook and groaned as Cody’s huge load filled Sally Mae’s pussy. She kept an impossibly tight grip on the base of his shaft, and the cum emptying into her stretched her even more. It was almost like her pussy was a water balloon getting filled beyond anything she’d ever felt before. In silence, the brother and sister twitched and thrashed as their bodies started to finally come down. With her strength leaving her, Sally Mae collapsed onto her brother’s chest, his massive tool still hard and still inside her.

“Oh brother!” she purred and traced patterns on his chest with her fingernails. His dick jumped inside of her and Sally Mae giggled. “I can feel ’em dancin’ in me!” she said and wiggled her hips. She moved them too far and lost her grip on Cody’s shaft and her pussy emptied of the thick and plentiful combination of their juices. “You need another shower,” she said and pecked her lips to his. She got up, but Sally had to lean against the wall to keep from falling over. “We’s got to do that again!” she said, and bent down to pick up Cody’s dropped towel to wipe the river of cum flowing out of her gaping pussy. Cody stood next to her, then walked away.

“You’d better get downstairs, Pappa’s gettin’ mad,” Cody said. Sally nodded and almost skipped down the hallway. She could feel little bits of Cody’s cum still flowing out of her as she moved, and the cool air of the house felt great on her aching pussy. After almost falling down the stairs, Sally Mae pulled her brother’s shirt down as low as it would go and then walked into the kitchen. There she saw Pappa with his arms crossed and tapping his feet, while Mamma standing next to the stove, getting ready to clean the house.

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