Anything for her Daughter

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***All characters are over 18 and are fictional. Any resemblance to any real-life persons is purely coincidental.

Sandra had to pour herself another glass of wine. She had been drinking a lot of it lately, fearing she might become an alcoholic. But it was the only thing to help her get passed her troubles with her daughter, Megan, who was out with her douchebag boyfriend, Derek. She hated the name Derek; it was as if his parents saw what he was going to become when he grew up and just gave him a name to match.

She needed the extra wine after she saw on her daughters’ Instagram page a photo of her and Derek holding each other with the caption “True Love Never Dies.” It was only a week ago when she was with her daughter all night, consoling her after Derek broke it off with her, again. She vowed to never see him anymore, like she always did, and now she was out with him at a night club.

Her daughter had been on and off with Derek for about four years, since the summer after she graduated high school. She had just turned 18 and was hanging out with some friends on the beach when the then 26-year-old Derek spotted her and put his moves on her. She was flattered that a cute older guy was interested in her and it didn’t take long before she fell head over heels for him.

Sandra also fell for his act in the beginning. He was charming, helpful around the house and always knew what to say. She was concerned about him being older than Megan, but she trusted her daughter and saw no problems from him at the time. He did flirt with Sandra a lot in the beginning, but he never crossed any line so she assumed he was doing it in a friendly way, much like how her male friends sometimes would.

A few months into their relationship, things began to go sour and Derek abruptly broke it off with her. Megan was ok with it at first, then cried when she found out that Derek started seeing someone immediately after the break up. They eventually got back together, but then broke up a few months when she caught him cheating on her, then took him back again a few months later.

Megan did go out with other guys in between the breakups, many of them showed her a lot of respect. Sandra even set her up with a few guys shew knew, each one she had a lot of fun with and never mistreated her. But eventually, Derek snuck his way back into her life and used her like he always did.

When Sandra saw what was happening to her Megan, she tried her best to get it to stop. She spent months trying to convince Megan to permanently break it off with Derek. She tried to convince Megan that he was a fuckboy who was using her but she didn’t want to hear it.

Sandra’s friends warned her that by disapproving of their relationship it would only push them closer together. She saw some truth in it because the same thing happened between her and Megan’s father which led her to getting pregnant with Megan. Back in high school, Sandra had a boyfriend who was much like Derek. The more her parents disapproved, the more she wanted him They did break up in their senior year, when she was 17, but only because she found herself pregnant and he didn’t want to be part of it.

So, for the next several months, she didn’t interfere with their relationship. She didn’t show any approval of them, but nor did she try to interfere with them. She decided to just be nice and let it play out and hoped her daughter would come to the right decision on her own.

Unfortunately, the plan backfired spectacularly. Although they had broken up and got back together three more times during, Megan still found her way back to him when he came calling. Not only that, Megan thought her mother changed her mind about Derek and approved of him, which made her only want him more.

Even worse, Derek’s friendly flirting towards Sandra evolved to straight-up sexual harassment. Whenever Megan wasn’t around, he would make lurid comments to her and occasionally smacked or grabbed her ass. She was usually quick enough to stop him from putting his hands on her, but he was often quick and got her when she was least expecting.

Eventually, Sandra gave up being nice and went back to showing her disapproval about Derek; doubling down on showing how much she hated him. Again, it only made Megan want him even more.

Just after midnight, Megan came home with Derek. She could tell Megan had been drinking from the way she was moving.

“Hey, mom,” said Megan.

“Hey, Sandy,” said Derek.

“It’s Sandra,” she reminded him.

She didn’t mind being called Sandy, but only by her friends not by people she despised.

“We’ll see you in the morning,” said Megan.

They walked upstairs to Megan’s room; Derek gave Sandra a wink as he followed her.

Sandra didn’t mind if Megan brought a man home for the night. Megan was an adult and was going to have an active sex life. She also thought it was a good way to make sure she was alright, instead of wondering where she was most nights. Plus, Sandra had enough boyfriends spending the night Etiler escort with her over the years, and Megan was always ok about it.

The next morning, Sandra was in the kitchen getting the coffee pot ready. She was about to turn on the coffee machine when she was startled with a big smack to her backside.

“Good morning, Sandy,” said Derek.

He had smacked her ass as he walked past her to go to the fridge. He was shirtless, only wearing his jeans. He took out a bottle of orange juice from the fridge and began drinking it from the bottle.

“That’s disgusting,” said Sandra.

He finished the bottle and tossed it into the garbage.

“I needed to replenish my fluids after last night,” he said smiling. “If you’re curious of what I mean, I can show you.”

“You’re just committed to this douchebag stereotype, aren’t you?” replied Sandra.

“You know you like it, just like your daughter does,” he said as he walked a little closer to her. “I wonder how much the daughter takes after her mother.”

He tried to put his arm around her waist but she pushed him away and took a few steps back.

“Oh my God, you’re the worst,” said Sandra in disgust. “Don’t you have any shame.”

“Babe, you have no idea how shameless I can be,” he relied. “I can show you exactly how if you let me.”

“I really home my daughter is on birth control,” said Sandra.

Before Derek could respond with another crude comment, Megan came down the stairs to the kitchen wearing skimpy pink pajamas.

“Good morning, mom,” she said.

“Good morning, sweetie,” Sandra replied.

“Good morning, babe,” said Derek.

“Good morning to you too,” she replied and gave him a kiss.

The coffee maker finished brewing so Sandra made two cups for her and her daughter, and sat with her at the kitchen table. Derek went upstairs to get dressed and came back to the kitchen to say his goodbyes; before he told Megan he took $40 from her purse and promised to pay her back. Sandra rolled her eyes in annoyance again because she knew how he never paid her back when he took money from her.

Derek said his goodbyes and left through the front door.

“He did it again,” said Sandra. “He smacked my ass.”

“He was being nice to you,” said Megan. “You have a nice ass, take the compliment.”

“How about when talks about fucking his girlfriend’s mother, am I supposed to take that as a compliment as well?”

“Oh, come on, mom, not this again,” said Megan rolling her eyes. “He playing around, he doesn’t actually mean it. Also, he would never cheat on me with my own mother.”

“Trust me, he’s definitely the type who would if given the chance,” replied Sandra. “Besides being a douchebag, he’s a total fuckboy who would screw anything with a whole in it. But knowing how this has been going for so many years, if he did fuck me, you would still take him back.”

“Oh, no,” replied Megan. “That kind of violation can never be forgiven.”

Sandra noticed how serious Megan looked when she made that statement. Some crazy thoughts were going through her mind and she wanted to know more about from her daughter.

“So, if he were to ever fuck me, he would be gone from your life for good?”

“Of course,” said Megan. “I mean, it’s bad enough that he has cheated on me in the past, him fucking you would be the ultimate form of betrayal. No matter what he says or does to try to get me back, all I will be able to think about is how he has so little respect for me that he would do such a thing.”

Sandra was getting very curious about the whole subject.

“At least I know you have some kind of limit with him.”

“But that’ll never happen,” replied Megan. “You made it abundantly clear on how much you hate him.”

“Yes, I do,” said Sandra as she sipped her coffee.

Megan finished her coffee and went to get dressed so she could go to work.

Sandra got herself another cup of coffee and thought about the conversation she just had with Megan. An insane, yet perfect idea of how to get rid of Derek once and for all had came out of nowhere and fallen on her lap.

It was a crazy thought, but she seriously considered the idea. She was sure Derek would fuck her if given the chance. And if Megan was sincere about what she told her, it would be the end of Derek and she would eventually be forgiven for her part in it. She was sure if she did it just to prove how awful Derek was, Megan would forgive her even faster.

The only part of the idea she hated most about it was the thought of having Derek have his way with her. Sandra had her share of bad relationships with men like him, Megan’s father being one of them, but none were as bad and Derek was. She felt disgusted with the idea of letting Derek put his dick in her.

She finished her second cup of coffee and went to get dressed to get to work as well. She pushed away the idea she had from her mind. She may be desperate to get rid of Derek from her and her daughters’ life, but even for Megan, she didn’t think Beşiktaş escort she could ever go through with it.

She went to work at the beauty parlor where she was a hair stylist and the assistant manager. It was an easy day for her; a lot of simple hairstyles she had to do, only a couple of dye jobs. She was actually hoping for a busier day so she wouldn’t have to think too much about her daughter and the only idea she could think of to get finally get rid of Derek.

When she got home in the evening, she found her daughter crying on the couch. She didn’t have to ask what it was about; she knew instantly. She held her daughter as she cried on her shoulder; through her tears and whimpers she explained how Derek, once again, cheated on her, this time with a stripper, who he got pregnant.

Throughout the entire time she was consoling Megan, she was secretly hoping in her mind that this meant Derek was finally out of the picture. She hoped that he would do the right thing for once and be with his stripper girlfriend to take care of his kid, that way he would be out of Megan’s life for good.

A week later, when it seemed like Megan was looking to move past Derek, Sandra was on the verge of introducing her to the son of a friend of hers who had just came out of the Marines and going to school to be a lawyer. She was sure they would make a good match, especially since Megan has expressed interest in military men in the past. But before she could bring up the subject, Megan had some news of her own.

“Derek and I are back together and moving in with each other,” said Megan.

“What the fuck?” Sandra yelled.

They were having dinner together, a new tuna casserole recipe that Sandra was trying out. They were having a good time until Megan suddenly blurted out that news.

“What about the stripper he knocked up?”

“It’s not his fault, she told him she was on the pill and tricked him into getting pregnant,” Megan replied. “Now he’s stuck with having to take care of a kid.”

“She tricked him? And you actually believe that?”

“Why would he lie about that,” said Megan.

Sandra felt like smacking her daughter, but held back.

“And what, you’re going to help take care of his kid?”

“I think I would make a good stepmother,” said Megan.

“Stepmother?” said Sandra with a surprised look. “Are you talking about getting married?”

“Not yet, but if we move in together, it will happen eventually,” said Megan.

Sandra shuddered at the thought of her daughter actually marring Derek and being a stepmom to his bastard child he got from knocking up a stripper. She wasn’t sure if Derek would actually go through with them moving in with each other, but she really didn’t want to take the chance. Even if he backs out of the idea, Sandra was sure he would find his way back into Megan’s life.

She also considered what would happen if Derek got Megan pregnant also. The thought of Megan having his child scared Sandra Immensely. She liked the idea of being a grandmother, especially at a young age where she could watch it grow up. But the idea of her daughter having his baby made her feel ill.

She felt she had no choice of the matter. As disgusting as the idea sounded, the only way she could think of getting rid of Derek was to get caught having sex with him. Megan specifically told her it would be the ultimate act of betrayal that cannot be for forgiven and she could not think of any other plan to get rid of him. She would do anything for her daughter, even if she had to do something so degrading.

Over the next week, Sandra planned out how she was gong to go through with it all. She could easily get Derek to have sex with her, it wouldn’t be hard for a man like him. But she needed to find the right moment and have it done the right way. If it all went wrong, Megan would never forgive her and she would end up letting Derek have sex with her for no reason.

The perfect moment finally came one morning when she woke up early and she heard Megan in the bathroom. She and Derek had spent another night together in her bedroom. Sandra felt a little lucky because it was Derek who was usually up earlier.

Sandra went to the kitchen fast and dumped out whatever was left of the orange juice and threw away the empty bottle. She then began setting up the coffee machine like she always did in the mornings.

“Good morning, mom,” said Megan. She had shown up wearing her normal skimpy pajamas.

“Good morning, sweetie.”

Megan went to the fridge and noticed the orange juice was gone.

“We’re out of OJ?” said Megan. “Derek is going to be disappointed.”

“He’s still asleep, why don’t you go to the store get some?” Sandra suggested.

“Good idea,” Megan replied.

“And while you’re there maybe you can get us just a few things so we can all have breakfast together.”

“All of us?” asked Megan.

“I figure if he’s definitely going to be in our lives, I should make more of an effort to be nicer to him.”

Megan Taksim escort smiled with delight.

“I’m so glad to finally hear you say that,” she said as she gave her mother a hug.

Megan went to get dressed quickly while Sandra made out a list of things for her to get. It was only a few things, just enough to keep her out of the house for just right amount of time she needed. There was a chance Megan would be out longer or come back sooner than expected, but it was a risk she needed to take because she wasn’t sure how many chances she would be getting.

As soon as Megan left the house, Sandra made sure she had the right look she needed. She went to her bedroom to put on a black negligee and over it a short silk robe that covered everything up top but showed enough of her legs. She thought about putting on a little makeup and perfume, but thought it wouldn’t look right for a morning look. Instead, she just fixed her hair a little and put on some scented lotion. She wanted to look sexy but not too obvious about it.

She felt lucky she had a kid 17. At age 39, she still looked pretty young, often mistaken for Megan’s older sister which she loved hearing. She had beautiful long blonde hair, a good body from a workout routine she always sticks to, and good size D-cup breasts that her friends were jealous of because they were still very firm for her age. It was because of this, she still had plenty of men coming after her and maintained a good sex life.

She heard Derek go to the bathroom and quickly went back to the kitchen. She grabbed her smartphone and placed it close by. She turned on a recording app she recently downloaded and tested several times. She made herself a cup of coffee and heard him come down the stairs. She stood by the coffee maker with had her back turned while drinking from her mug, pretending not to hear him coming from behind.

“Nice robe, Sandy,” said Derek.

She braced herself for what she knew was coming which was another big slap to her ass. This time he didn’t just smack her ass, but gave it a good grab as well. Even when she knew it was coming, it still hurt.

Derek, was once again shirtless and wearing just his shorts. He went to the fridge and noticed the orange juice was gone. Instead, he went for the half-gallon of milk and began drinking straight bottle.

“Where’s Megan?” asked Derek.

“She was called into work early,” Sandy replied.

She hoped that Derek wouldn’t check his phone to see if he got a text from her and he didn’t; she assumed he just didn’t care enough about Megan to check. Instead, he just continued drinking from the milk bottle.

When he was done, he put the milk back in the fridge and then took a good look at Sandra in her short silk robe.

“You’re looking extra fine today, baby,” said Derek.

“Do you really plan to move in with my daughter?” Sandar asked, getting straight to the point.

“I thought about it,” Derek replied. “But let’s face it, it’ll never work out. But it’s a good way to keep leading her on as I always do.”

“So, you actually admit that’s what you have doing to her this whole time?”

“Hey, it’s her fault for not learning her lesson by now,” he replied. “I just keep making apologies and she keeps taking me back even though she knows what’s going to happen.”

Sandra took a few steps closer to him.

“And I’m assuming you’re being this blunt with me because you think Megan would never believe me if I told her this, am I right?”

“You haven’t been able to convince her to cut me loose by now despite all the evidence,” he said. “So, it doesn’t matter what I say to you.”

Sandra got even closer to him, enough for him to smell her scented lotion.

“I really want you out of my daughter’s life,” she told him. “What will it take for you to finally be gone?”

Just as she hoped, Derek was too distracted by her appearance to really think clearly. He reached up his hands and opened the front of her robe a little to take a good look at her cleavage. Sandra didn’t stop him and gave him a fake smile.

“There is something I’ve always wanted,” he began to say. “If I finally get it, I think it would be the incentive I need to finally be done with your family and move one.”

“So, if I let you fuck me, you would finally leave Megan alone for good?” Sandy asked.

“Of course,” he said. “I’ll get what I wanted, after all.”

“How do I know you’re telling the truth?” she asked.

“I’ve been getting very bored playing around with your daughter,” he said. “It was fun in the beginning using her like I do, but eventually it became less sporting the way she takes me back so easily. The least she could do was make it a challenge and make harder for me to get back into her life, but it was all too easy.”

“And I’m a bigger challenge?”

“Oh yeah,” he said. “Fucking my girlfriends’ mom would be the ultimate goal.”

“So, we have a deal then?” she asked. “You fuck me, and you leave Megan alone.”

“Yes,” he said. “After I finally stick my dick in you, I’m done with your idiot daughter.”

Sandra had to hold back her disgust throughout the whole conversation, especially for the last part. She undid the belt of the robe and let it fall to the ground, showing him the negligee, she was wearing.

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