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I’d like to say that to spice things up and liberate my conservative wife from her inhibitions, I’ve introduced various “spices” when we make gentle love by candlelight. But, nah! The truth is I’m just a horn dog with kinks!

The kinks so far have included dressing her like a slut, dirty talk about seeing her getting fucked by someone else (man or woman), oral-anal sex, sex toys and masturbation. It’s the last “spice” I want to share with you.

First about my wife, Anne is indeed sexually conservative, but being the loving wife she is she goes along with me. Although, I think secretly she enjoys the fact that she can blame me while she explores her passion. After all she cums 6 or 10 times, something I wish I could do.

Anne is 12 years my junior and very pretty. She doesn’t look like the 45 y/o she is but someone in her 20’s. Her blonde hair is cut short, highlighting her green cat eyes. But the most eye catching feature is the size of her tits. With a bra size of 38C, her shapely figure is quite noticeable on her 5″4″ frame.

Over the years I’ve bought her different vibrators and dildos. My “gifts” have always been appreciated and to my delight and pleasure used in front of me. The latest gift has proven to be our favorite. I purchased a double headed very large and thick 18″ dildo with raised veins that’s bendable. I jerked off feverishly izmit rus escort on just the thought of using it on Anne.

At first, Anne protested,saying it was “obscene”. She even urged me to return it! I explained to her that was not an option since I had already removed it from the packaging. No doubt my convincing her was going to be a challenge this time around, I was going to have to seduce her. Knowing this I began to plan…

So, the next time we fooled around I said nothing about it. Absolutely, nothing! We fucked and sucked like we usually did. I could tell Anne was expecting me to bring out the new toy and was surprised when I didn’t. Instead, I just cooed into her ear more of my dirty talk. The time after that, I did the same.

Then the moment had come, (actually I couldn’t contain myself any longer), I planned to bring it out. As we spooned, I stroked Anne’s pussy, pressing my cock against her ass at the same time. I kissed her neck, softly biting. Anne pressing her ass back into me. I alternated touching her now very wet pussy and squeezing her tits.

As I kissed her ear lobe I started my dirty talk. Telling her how hot it would be to watch her get fucked by another man in front of me. Anne started to breathe harder, my magic was working. I pinched and pulled on her clit and pussy lips, causing izmit escort her to moan. Anne came with a shutter when I stuck my tongue in her pretty ear.

With Anne’s eyes closed as she came, I reached over to the night stand and pulled our new “friend” out of the drawer. Its heaviness and girth made it quite impressive. I rested it between her open thighs and began stroking her pussy with one of the heads of the dildo. Anne opened her eyes, as I pushed the head slightly in. But instead of annoyance or anger, I saw lust and passion in her eyes.

Even though she commented as to how obscene the size was, she parted her thighs even more to give it access. No additional lubrication was needed, her oozing pussy juice was enough. I inched the head slowly in.

Slowly, very slowly I put more of the dildo’s thick shaft inside. Anne groaned as the first raised vein rubbed against her clit. I pushed it further in. She bit her bottom lip as the other raised veins now made contact as well. By now she had about 5 inches inside her. I then drew it out quickly and just as quickly plunged it back in again, just harder and deeper. The suddeness causing Anne to arch her back in passion. I continued fucking her with it like this until she came again and again. Anne later admitted that she enjoyed very much the feel of something that thick and fat inside her pussy. Little kocaeli escort did I know just how much.

One day I came home early from work and heard loud moans and groans coming from the bedroom. As I entered, I immediatedly saw Anne with her long legs wide open masturbating with it. The twist this this time was that she had both ends of the dildo inside her! Not only was it in her pussy but she had bent it and had stuck the other end in her ass. With a fury she would push the ends in and pull them out simultaneously.

Her eyes closed in pleasure, she didn’t even notice that I had entered the room. Stunned at the awesome sight, I quietly sat on a nearby chair. My cock hard now, I started to stroke it through my pants. Anne noticed the stirring, opened her eyes and looked in my direction. Without missing a stroke she continued fucking herself as we locked eyes. Through half closed and gritted teeth she urged me to jerk off in front of her.

As I now stood next to the bed, I pulled my cock out and stroked it with one hand and squeezed my balls with the other. This seemed to cause Anne to fuck herself even harder. She now bucked up and down with each stroke of the dildo. I couldn’t believe how much of that monster she had managed to get inside her. Not being able to take it any longer,I exploded and came all over her thighs. My cum was everywhere! Shortly after that Anne came also with a muffled moan.

As we laid next to each other afterwards,Anne confided that not only had she been pleasuring herself daily with it but she had named it! She had christened the monster “ANTONIO”!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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