Antonia’s Story Ch. 02

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The story so far – Antonia is in her early fifties and recently divorced. Her friendship with Sophia, A big, beautiful olive complexioned, bisexual vixen of 45, gradually becomes sexual. Sophia has plans for them both.

When I arrived at Sophie’s place she answered the door naked while talking on the phone to her travel agent. I poured myself a glass of wine, stripped off and took my towel and book out onto the terrace. She joined me a few minutes later, looking sexy and radiant as usual but with a wicked glint in her eye.

“I’ve booked flights to Athens for late August.” she said. “You need to get your shit together by then and clear your diary for two months.”

By “shit”, Sophie meant the settlement and financial aftermath of my divorce. I hadn’t thought beyond the court ruling and knew I’d have to engage a professional to tidy up the arrangements for the disposal of assets and management of several condos that I’d be getting.

“No problem, dearest.” I replied. “It’ll all be arranged in couple of months.”

With that we settled back into what had quickly become our routine of swimming, tanning, chatting, reading and delicious love making by the pool.

We talked about Greece and Sophie’s plans for our holiday. She had a few days work to do in Athens, mainly at the archaeological museum and university, after which we’d be island hopping for a couple of weeks before setting up for a long stay in southern Crete. According to Sophie, this would be a idyllic sun, sea and sex holiday with nude beaches, good food and wine and some exploring by car and by hiking to remote coves and beaches. It sounded wonderful to me.

I did have a few misgivings about the nude beach aspect. While I was entirely comfortable spending my days naked in Sophie’s private garden, I wasn’t sure about going public, especially as I was familiar with news stories about perverts and voyeurs hanging around our local nudist spots. Sophie reassured me that, in Europe, public nudism was a more routine affair and that the beaches would be relaxed and friendly. Her take on the whole thing was that American-style hang-ups and perversions were a product of suppressed sexuality and that continental Europeans didn’t necessarily associate nudity with sex. Her emphasis on “necessarily” made it clear that she knew of exceptions.

“Besides,” she said, smiling. “Who doesn’t like to see a bit of free-range pussy and cock? And I get quite turned on being ogled by strangers!”

Not exactly mollified, I let the issue slide and decided to quiz her about her research instead. She explained that her latest book was about the intersection of psychology, fantasy and myth. She loved the ancient Greek myths and was keen to explore their deeper significance.

“The Greek Gods were a pretty wild bunch,” Sophie enthused. “I personally connect with them on a primal level and I was keen to explore that in a more academic way. It sort of brings my degree studies together and I get to play with some out-there ideas.”

I asked her to explain but she said I’d learn more – a lot more – on our travels. I wanted her to go on but I was starting to feel horny again and her gorgeous round ass so nearby was making it hard for me to concentrate. I couldn’t quite believe that I had transformed from a sad sexless divorcee to a horny mature lesbian in only a couple of weeks. I wanted Sophie’s pussy so badly but, even then, I knew this too was just a foretaste of what was in store.

Sophie must have caught my vibe. She rolled onto her side, facing me, and smiled. I swung myself around on the lounge and knelt beside her, running my hand the length of her body while leaning over for a deep kiss.

She cupped one of my breasts but broke the kiss. “Let’s go inside for a while. I have someone I’d like you to meet.” she smiled.

I was curious. There was no one else in the house. We walked across the terrace hand in hand and Sophie left me in the kitchen while she disappeared upstairs.

When she descended a few minutes later, I suddenly understood what she meant. Swinging from her groin was an erect seven inch cock, a pink and veined shaft with a swollen purple head. Thin straps around her hips and thighs held it in position.

Of course, I knew all about dildos and strapons but this was a new experience for me. I must have gasped as she approached me because she smiled and said “You will really enjoy this, Ant. Come with me.”

Sophie led me to the couch in the adjoining room and positioned me sitting back with my knees spread. She knelt before me and raised my legs, kissing my tummy as she did so. I watched as she went down on me and shuddered as her expert tongue gently massaged the base of my clit. I was already wet and her fingers traced my lips and maintained a gentle rhythmic pressure before circling the entry to my vagina. I pushed my pussy into her face, wanting more.

Within a few minutes I had thrown back my head and was arching my back as her fingers went deep inside me. She suddenly stopped and moved her body forward. I could feel her rubber almanbahis giriş cock bump my asshole and labia as she leant forward and kissed my nipples while stroking my sides and tummy with her hands. I squirmed against her cock and pleaded with her to fuck me.

Without a word, Sophie reach down and rubbed the head of her strapon against my snatch, covering it with my juices. She gently flicked the head against my clit and lips as I moaned. Then with a single motion, she positioned the head against my cunt and slid it inside.

I honestly don’t remember much after that and what I do remember may be out of order. I must have come as she, at first gently and then with greater force, slid more and more of the cock inside me and fucked me harder and harder. I remember feeling that I was loosing control and was flailing wildly as I slid further down the couch. I know that Sophie stopped at some stage to let me catch my breath but then continued to pound me to orgasm after orgasm. I have an image of her face above me, contorted in ecstasy as she herself came, thrusting deeply as if releasing her sperm against my cervix.

When I opened my eyes, Sophie’s cock was still inside me gently fucking me through the retreating pulses of my subsiding orgasms. I realized that we were entwined on the floor rug in front of the couch. We smiled at each other and I stoked her hair and kissed her deeply. She licked my face and worked her way down to my nipples which were still hard and sensitive. Slowly, her cock slipped out of me and she moved to stroke my pussy and rub its wetness over my thighs and ass. As she did so, a finger massaged my asshole and slipped inside. I shuddered instantly and felt my pussy contract and squirt again. That was a totally unexpected and wild feeling.

I had never had anal sex and it wasn’t even something I fantasized about. I had watched porn with plenty of anal action but it really didn’t do much for me. But at that moment I felt an intimacy and lust for Sophie that over-rode any misgivings. With her finger tracing the inside of my sphincter, I said “Fuck me there, darling”

Sophie smiled and pumped her finger gently in and out of my anus.

“Maybe next time, my sweet. Right now I want you inside me.”

She rose and undid the straps holding her rubber cock in place. It was then that I realized that a part of it was actually inside her; a slightly smaller version of the pink rubber penis curved from the base and fitted into her cunt. Between the two cocks was a section of flexible rubber material that moulded to the outside curves her pussy and had soft little nipples obviously designed to stimulate her clit. I now understood why Sophie had come while fucking me.

We sat together and each licked the cocks. I then knelt before her while she inserted the smaller of the two cocks inside my still wet and gaping hole and fastened the straps around my hips and thighs. Sophie sat back and admired my cock. When she jiggled it, I could feel the corresponding sensation in my cunt and it was delicious.

I moved towards her, a lascivious look no doubt on my face. Sophie stopped me.

“Take me from behind,” she said as she turned and raised her ass.

I couldn’t resist licking her snatch first and even put my tongue against her asshole, causing her to moan softly.

“Fuck me, you teasing slut.” she said.

I obliged, but not before rubbing the shaft along her open slit a few times and using a thumb to put pressure on her clit. My lubricated cock entered her easily and I began to thrust slowly, feeling the dildo inside me moving back and forth as I did so. The sensations I was feeling inside my own cunt and around my clit made it hard at first to get into a rhythm. That didn’t last long as Sophie started to moan and thrust her ass at me. I had to hold onto her hips to keep up and stay inside her. She came at least twice, one orgasm flowing into another. I felt I was just holding on for the ride. As I started to calm down a little, I returned her recent favor by slipping a finger deep into her puckered anus and coordinating thrusts of cock and hand. She exploded again, drenching my thighs with her juices. I could feel the rubber cock in her cunt through the wall of her ass and that turned me on to the point that I came, pulling out of her as I fell back against the couch.

We both lay where we were, panting and grinning.

“God, Toni, you are great fuck.” Sophie gasped after a minute had passed. She rarely called me “Toni” but it seemed appropriate in these circumstances. There was something about fucking another woman like this that gave me a sensation of virile maleness that I’d not recognised before.

“Same to you, slut.” I responded between breaths. “I thought I was over all this but I’ve never felt so fucking horny. It feels new in so many ways.”

Sophie turned over and met my eyes. Smiling, she said “I’m so glad you feel that way. You know I’ve waited years for this?.”

I must have shown my puzzlement on my face because she went on.

“Sweetie, I knew almanbahis adres you were an adventurous bi the moment we met ten years ago. I had a serious girl crush on you but didn’t want to scare you off. I also knew you were unaware and were too busy with your life to take the plunge. I held off, hoping that something would happen. And now it has, I couldn’t be happier for both of us.”

“Really?” I responded. “I guess I had a crush on you too, but I put it down to my declining sex life with Ted and being just generally horny for a few years there. How did you know I was bi?”

“Little things, really.” Sophie said. “A hug held just a moment too long, the way you looked at me or other women, the way you walked and how naturally you laughed at my wicked jokes.”

I nodded, recognising the symptoms she had listed.

“Guilty as charged.” I smiled. “Luckily I wasn’t swept off my feet by some predatory dyke before you saved me.”

Sophie had always been quite frank about her sexuality and, now that we’d become lovers, it did strike as a little odd that it hadn’t happened earlier. Her perceptiveness and sensitivity about my own psychology and needs was, however, typical of her. I wondered how she got to be so confident about her own nature and intuitive about others’.

“Have you always been so …well …” I was groping for words.

“What? Bi? Horny? Sexy?” She grinned.

“Well, yeah. All those, but confident about it too. I’ve always known you as a totally sensual, well-adjusted woman who was comfortable with who and what you are. I was just wondering how you managed not to be fucked up like the rest of us.”

Sophie smiled and kissed me again.

“You really want to know?” she asked. I nodded.

“Well, get us both a glass of wine and I’ll tell you a story.” I rose and went to the kitchen, finding a cold bottle of white and two glasses. By the time I returned to the lounge,, Sophie was seated, legs curled beneath her, ready to begin. Here’s what she told me.

“I guess my childhood, and particularly my adolescence, was pretty unusual. Dad was pretty traditional and straightlaced in that Italian sort of way but Mom was unusual, if not unique, for her time.

“She’d always given my older sister, Frankie, and me a pretty free rein. We lived pretty wild on the farm for our first few years, exploring the orchard, the creek and the wood without very much supervision at all. Mom was always there, of course, but she didn’t interfere unless needed to tend to cuts and sprains. She actually encouraged us to explore and to question everything. We could ask her anything and she’d always give an honest answer. There was no such thing as an inappropriate or adult subject.

“I remember Frankie asking her once about the difference between men and women and Mom showed us pictures of naked adults and close-ups of pussies and cocks, including erections. Where she got or kept that book, I’ll never know, but it was pretty explicit without being overly medical. The shots and illustrations were quite arty as I remember them. The discussion was all very matter of fact, informative and fun. She even had us laughing.

“That freedom and sense of being autonomous people, rather than “just kids” continued through our school years. I was initially surprised when school friends referred every little thing to their parents.

“Dad didn’t share Mom’s openness but didn’t interfere.

“Mom had a number of similarly enlightened friends who formed a kind of extended family for Frankie and I. Mom’s unmarried sister, Anthea, also had a special relationship with us and by the time we were finishing grade school we were spending as much time with these multitude of Aunts as we were at home.

“Anthea was a huge influence. She was a real character and a bit of a hippy. Our life at her farm was even more self-directed and free than at home. She lived almost always nude and we did the same. We swam in her farm dam and cooked on open fires whenever we could, gathering food from around the farm. She was no wild woman. She was well educated and surrounded herself with books and music, which Frankie and I explored as much as we did everything else. Nor was she a nun. Regular and casual lovers, both male and female, would come and go, often for week or more at a time.

“Others of Mom’s friends were similarly open and generous with their lives. I learnt to appreciate art and music and developed a real interest in myth and erotica. By my late teens, I had a pretty thorough grasp of the theory and mechanics of sex and lust.

“When I had just turned 18, the women organized a little “coming of age” ceremony and a party. They impressed upon me that I was a very sexy young woman and they gave me advice, particularly about assessing potential lovers and how to control, or at least deal with, alpha males. They didn’t hold back and urged me to explore my sexual fantasies and to share what I learned. I used a beautiful old dildo, one that Marta kept as a sort of communal icon, to deliberately break my hymen almanbahis giriş and masturbate to orgasm while they watched and encouraged me. Frankie had gone through the same ceremony the previous year and was already on her way.

“In these circumstances, losing my virginity wasn’t a huge trauma or a big deal. In fact, I planned it. A cousin, slightly older than Frankie, was visiting from interstate during term break. He’d been given a room off our back porch overlooking the orchard. He was dark haired, tall and a bit of a hunk, but terribly shy. I’d caught him looking at Frankie and me a few times but he quickly looked away and pretended not to be interested whenever I did. By that time, Frankie had already done it with a few boys and a couple of girls from school. I discussed my plans for our cousin with her and she agreed that he’d be “good first fuck”. We both thought that he was probably a virgin himself.

“He used to shower before he went to bed around 10.00 each evening so I planned my seduction, as I called it, around that routine.

“He was using our second bathroom, also off the porch, and I slipped in there just before his usual shower time. I stripped, turned off the light, sat on the edge of the tub and waited. Five minutes later I heard his bedroom door open and close and the sound of his bare feet padding across the porch. I was nervous but my pussy was damp with expectation. He opened the door and switched on the light. He was dressed only in a towel and didn’t see me sitting there at first. He folded the towel and put it on the clothes basket before turning towards me.

“I still remember the look of uncomprehending shock on his face. He froze. I summoned all my self-composure and stood up, holding a finger to my lips in the universal sign for shut-the-fuck-up. His jaw dropped and he blinked several times before looking around for his towel. I moved quickly to him and took his arms in my hands.

“Do you want me or not?” I said softly, moving his hands to my hips.

“He really didn’t know what to say or do so I stood on tiptoe and kissed him on the lips while moving one hand to his tummy and moving it slowly down towards his still limp cock. At the same time I pressed my breasts into his chest. I had imagined doing this very act many times but wasn’t sure what his reaction would be.

“He broke the kiss and stammered “Yeah..hey..I mean..I guess..I mean, sure…of course..if you want to…” He kept on mumbling things about my parents hearing, was it safe, wasn’t I too young. I didn’t respond to any of it once he’d said “yes”. My hand reached his cock and I renewed kissing as I stroked it.

“He hardened quickly. His cock was long and thin. I remember thinking it was just right for a virgin. He started kissing me more passionately and moved his hands to my tits. He was clumsy but eager and started trying to manoeuvre me to the floor. I pushed back and told him we should go to his room but needed to be quiet. He nodded and retrieved his towel before opening the door a crack and checking that the coast was clear. I think I giggled at the sight of him peering out along the porch with his boner waving about. There was no one about – which I knew as my parents had had an early night and were safely upstairs in bed themselves.

“We silently crept along the porch to his door and entered. I leaped onto the bed and beckoned him over to continue kissing and rubbing his cock. I remembered that Anthea and several of my other aunties had warned me that younger guys are easily overstimulated and can blow their loads too quickly, so I slowed the pace and let him work on my tits. I guided a hand to my pussy and he started rubbing, too roughly at first and trying to get a finger inside, but I slowed him down and lay myself back with parted thighs.

“Like any first time, especially between virgins, it was bit clumsy, but I had been mentored well and set the pace. I let him fumble around my snatch briefly before taking things in hand and guiding him in, whispering for him to let me set the pace. He was obedient despite his enthusiasm and we eventually started rocking together and I could feel him going deeper as I raised my ass to his thrusts. I was right to suspect that he would come quickly, well before I was anywhere near coming. I could feel him unloading inside me even as he continued to push his cock in and out of me. I loved it and gave a little yelp – more of achievement that of sensual pleasure. I wasn’t a virgin anymore and I had the come leaking out of my cunt to prove it.

“I kissed him and stroked his ass and back as he slowed down and pulled out of me. I told him it was great, just as my aunties had advised me to. He was blushing and muttered that he thought he’d been too quick. He needed the standard reassuring.

“I used his bath towel to clean myself up and hopped straight back into his bed, hoping that his youth would mean a quick recovery and another chance. I wasn’t disappointed and this time he was more relaxed and gentle. I had my first orgasm from a cock fuck that night and it was great. He came again, of course, and I took his deflating cock in my mouth and tasted his and my juices. I’m sure he could have gone again but I left him lying starry eyed on the bed and crept back to my own room, still feeling my pussy pulsing and oozing come as I climbed the stairs.

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