Another Train, Another Girl Ch. 01

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Author’s Note: This story can be read as a standalone, but for those interested in the backstory of Amy’s earlier train escapades, they are available as the “Felt up on the train” series on this site.

Amy walked down the platform at Euston station, scanning the carriages of the train as she passed, muttering the letters under her breath, “A…B…C…D…E”. That was her, coach E. She lifted her suitcase up through the door, and stepped up after it. The doors from the lobby into the seating compartment opened automatically and she stepped through. “Seat 4F”, there it was, first row on the right next to the window. She lifted her case into the rack and slipped into the seat.

The coach was quiet, as she had expected for a train in the middle of the day. The three other seats round her table were empty, the table across the aisle was similarly occupied by just one person, a young woman sat in the forward facing window seat, looking down at a tablet. Amy took her book from her handbag and placed it on the table in front of her, then took out her phone and flicked to selfie mode to check her hair. She placed the phone back in the bag on the seat next to her, and settled into the corner of her seat, her back resting against the seat back and the wall of the carriage so she was facing slightly towards the aisle.

As she reached for her book she looked across at the woman opposite. She was dressed casually in a vest top and a short denim skirt. She was brunette, her hair in a neat bob to her shoulders, her face pouting slightly as she scanned the screen in front of her. Amy realised with a start that she looked very like another girl she had met on a train once, a long time ago. She smiled as she remembered how that particular journey had ended, the girl’s hand in her knickers, and what it had led to – a summer fling with an 18 year old which had awakened Amy to a whole side of her sexual preferences which had previously been hidden. She had lost touch with Beth some years before, and she calculated quickly that she’d be nearly 30 by now. The girl opposite was a lot younger than that, barely more than 20.

The girl looked up from her tablet and glanced over, noticing Amy staring at her. Her lips curled into a slight smile, “See something you like?”

Amy instinctively looked away, blushing. “Sorry,” she said, “you just remind me of someone I used to know.”

The girl smiled more broadly, “In a good way I hope… I’m Mary by the way. On my way back north to see the parentals.”

“I’m Amy, going all the way to Glasgow for work.”

They chatted casually for a few minutes. Amy learned that Mary was the youngest of 3 sisters from Lancaster, now a student of English Literature in London, getting out of town during her reading week to enjoy her mother’s home cooking and hopefully get some serious revision done for her finals later that year. In return, she told the younger girl about how following her divorce she had gained a position in senior management for a national retailer, which necessitated her travelling extensively around the country.

Eventually Mary turned her attention back to her tablet, and Amy picked up her book. She had been reading for a few minutes when she sensed movement out of the corner of her eye. She glanced over to see that Mary had twisted round to put her feet up on the seats, lying across the row with her legs facing towards the aisle. Amy paused and took in the view. Black socks with cute pink hearts at the end of a pair of shapely legs, raised in front of her in an inverted ‘v’ shape. Amy’s eyes followed them, up to the knees and then back down. Mary’s legs were slightly apart, allowing Amy to see clearly between them and up the girl’s skirt, to where the thighs ended in a triangle of black material covering her pussy. Amy’s eyes looked lower to where the material narrowed to a thin strip which hid itself between Mary’s round cheeks.

She forced herself to look back to her book, but her mind was elsewhere. She tried to focus on the words, but she couldn’t keep her eyes from stealing quick glances back to those legs. Mary was concentrating intently Anadolu Yakası Escort on her tablet, her legs opening and shutting slowly and absent-mindedly. Each time they opened Amy’s gaze was irresistably drawn to those knickers. In her head she was back 12 years ago, to another pair of legs on another train. She could feel herself getting wet as she recalled the feeling of Beth’s fingers on her pussy, rubbing her clit ever closer to orgasm.

Amy shook herself crossly, this wouldn’t do. That was then, this was now, nothing like that was going to happen this time. She put down her book and picked up her phone, flicking to her email. A few annoying messages which she needed to reply to sometime, but nothing of substance. She considered flicking to Literotica to find something more exciting to read, but rejected that idea quickly – she was horny enough already, the last thing she needed was to get herself even more worked up.

Her eyes flicked back to Mary. The legs were open even wider now, Amy could see right up to the tight material stretched between her thighs. She imagined she could almost make out the shape of pussy lips through the back cotton. She wondered who was the last person to see what was underneath those pants. Was Mary sexually active? Did she have a boyfriend to dive between those legs and make her feel good? Or maybe a girlfriend? Or was she forced to fall back on her own fingers to rub her pussy to ever greater heights of pleasure until the satisfaction of orgasm crashed over her.

Amy was jolted back to reality by the realisation that Mary had lifted her eyes from her screen and was looking over at her, an enigmatic smile on her face. Amy hurriedly looked back down to her phone, feeling her face blushing bright red. Mary must think she was a right perve.

Out of the corner of her eye she sensed a flicker of movement across the aisle. She forced herself not to look directly, but she could sense Mary climbing out of her seat and disappearing through the door at the end of the carriage. She returned a couple of minutes later, settling back into her seat with her legs up in front of her in just the same position as before. Amy willed her eyes to stay looking downwards, but she couldn’t resist and it wasn’t long before they once again drifted over the the younger girl. Those lovely smooth legs, rising beyond the knee to creamy thighs, a little thicker than Amy’s but far from fat. The skin was smooth and unblemished, and Amy was sure it would be lovely and soft to the touch. Amy’s eyes continued their journey along those thighs, to where they met the edge of the short denim skirt, and then on, down towards where those legs would join, a lovely smooth shaved pussy.

Amy started, and looked again. No, she hadn’t imagined it. The knickers had gone, and Mary’s pussy was on clear display. She was completely shaven to reveal a neat pair of outer lips, tinged red and slightly parted. It seemed Amy wasn’t the only one who was slightly turned on.

Amy lifted her left leg into a bent position on the seat, turning herself slightly to face more directly towards the seat across the aisle. This gave her a clearer view up Mary’s skirt with the added advantage of relieving some of the pressure on her own pussy which was beginning to throb gently. She glanced round the carriage, but there was no-one else near them. She was the only one who could see what the cute student opposite was showing her.

The only one too who could see as Mary took one hand from her tablet and slid it slowly and purposefully down her stomach. As it slid beneath the waistband Amy could see the fingers appearing beneath the material of the skirt, sliding down towards that pussy. Mary ran her middle finger up her slit, wetting it with her juices, then began to roll it around her clit.

Amy gave up any pretence that she wasn’t watching, and determined to enjoy the gorgeous site of the young student masturbating in front of her. Mary lifted her eyes from her screen and met Amy’s gaze. “Now do you see something you like?” she muttered softly.

Amy just nodded, Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan looking back down to where Mary’s finger was expertly working her pussy. “Very much so,” she whispered.

“You should join me.” Amy was slightly startled at the suggestion. But she couldn’t deny that she was getting very aroused at the view in front of her, and her pussy was ready to be touched.

She glanced nervously round the carriage, but there was still no-one near her. “Go on,” she told herself, “why not? Opportunities like this don’t come every day.” She picked up her bag from the seat next to her, and placed it on her lap for extra cover. Then slipping her hand under the bag she unclasped the waist of her trousers and slid her hand into her pants.

She was far wetter than she had even imagined! Her fingers slid through sopping curls of public hair, slipping easily over the moist flesh beneath. Her clit was already hard, poking out between her lips, ready to be played with. As Amy ran her finger over it she could feel that the hood was pulled back, the sensitive inner nub exposed. She shuddered a little as her finger glided over it. God that felt good.

Opposite her she could see that Mary now had two fingers pressed against her own clit, and was rubbing round in little circles. Her pussy lips had opened further and Amy could see the wetness inside. Looking upwards she could see Mary biting her lip slightly – her eyes were open but unfocussed, her attention fixed on her masturbation.

The train PA crackled into life, announcing they were approaching Milton Keyes. Mary’s eyes snapped back into focus. She pulled her hand swiftly from her skirt and snapped her knees together as people began moving down the carriage towards them. Amy too pulled her hand from her trousers. She didn’t have time to fully adjust herself, but the bag on her lap would prevent any passing passengers from seeing that her trousers were unbuttoned and slightly tugged down.

A couple of people left the train, and then a small group of new passengers entered. Most went further down the carriage, but a young black man, about mid-20s, slid into the seat opposite Mary. Amy felt a wave of disappointment. It appeared the show would be over for today.

She turned her attention back to her book and read for a bit, but she wasn’t really taking it in. Her clit was still throbbing. She reached her hand down under the bag on her lap and pressed against herself. She could feel the wetness of her cotton panties as they touched against her clit. She allowed herself a couple of quick rubs, shivering at the feel of the material against her swollen pussy, then reluctantly she pulled her hand away again.

She glanced across the aisle. The young man was settled in his seat, headphones on, staring out of the window. Mary was still sat with her legs up on the seat in front of her, knees now tightly closed, looking down and her tablet. Amy briefly considered whether she should make her way to the train bathroom to take care of herself. But she had done that once before and it had to rank amongst the least erotic of her orgasms – cramped and smelly and highly unappealing. She would have a nice comfortable hotel bed to enjoy that evening, and she would make of her frustration then.

Across the aisle the young man now had his eyes closed, lost in his music, or even falling asleep. Amy looked back at Mary. The legs had drifted apart a little now, her pussy just visible between those thighs, still looking very red and moist. She seemed to sense the gaze of the older woman, and looking up from her screen she smiled slightly across the aisle at Amy. The knees parted a little wider, giving a clearer view of her arousal. She glanced at the young man, then back to Amy, then to the young man again.

Amy watched, wondering what was going through the young student’s mind. But she didn’t have to wait long to find out. Mary kept her eyes fixed on her companion at her table, but her hand began its journey downward again. Amy watched as those fingers pushed under the waistband of the skirt, Escort Anadolu Yakası and once again began to stroke around Mary’s pussy. They teased around her lips before dipping themselves into the moist slit between. Then slowly stroked up to the top of the slit where they began to rub in small circles over the clit.

Amy felt her own clit throb in response. She quickly looked away from Mary and scanned the carriage. It was still quiet, the young guy opposite Mary the only passenger with any possiblity of viewing what was going on, and his eyes were still firmly shut. She looked back across the aisle, fixing her gaze once again on those fingers, rubbing slowly but purposefully over Mary’s clit. With a sigh, Amy pushed her own hand back into her lap, under the waistband of her trousers and into her pants. Finding her own clit she mirrored Mary’s movements, small little circles on the clit. It felt so good, but not quite enough. Pushing her hand lower her finger glided down to the opening of her pussy, and curled inside. It was warm, and tightened gently around her finger as she pushed it inside. She began to move slowly in and out, enjoying the feeling of her pussy being penetrated as she watched Mary continue to masturbate.

Mary’s hand was moving quicker now, and pressing harder against the clit. Still the same basic pattern, circling again and again, but more rapidly. Looking up, Amy could see that her breathing was heavier, and looking up further still a look of tense concentration on that young face, eyes slightly closed, teeth biting gently at her lower lip.

Amy slipped a second finger inside herself and increased her own pace. Her hand, cupped over her pubic mound, meant that the palm pressed against her clit with each thrust of her fingers into her hot cunt. She was very wet, and the juices running out from her were covering her hand in a warm, thicky, sticky coat. She moved faster still, imagining that it was Mary’s hand, not her own, that was thrusting deep into her pussy.

Across the aisle, Mary’s hand was now a blur on her clit as she rubbed herself to greater heights of pleasure. She glanced across at Amy, her eyes filled with raw lust. Her mouth was open slightly, her breathing rapid. She glanced back at the man across from her, but he was still oblivious to all that was going on. Looking back her eyes locked onto Amy’s. An intense look, slightly unfocussed, slightly panicked. Her fingers still drumming on her clit, her legs beginning to shake, biting on her lip again.

Then, suddenly, surprisingly even though it was what this had all been building to, her legs snapped together, her back arched, her body shuddered, a soft “O Fuck!” from her mouth as her orgasm hit. Amy felt a jolt like an electric shock through her own body as she watched the younger girl cum, and realised in horror she was closer than she’d thought herself. She snatched her hand out of her pants, her clit throbbing, her pussy clenching. God, she was going to, no, not here… She fought against it, but pressure kept building. Her eyes darted round the carriage, still no-one near. She rammed her hand back into her pants, her trembling fingers finding the throbbing wet clit, so sensitive, she barely needed to touch it and her own orgasm hit, pussy clenching, pumping out wave after wave of her hot sex juices into her already sodden panties. God, that was intense.

Coming down from her high she glanced across the aisle. Mary was watching her, an amused smile on her face. Between her legs Amy could see the moisture coating her pussy, and her fingers which still rested on it. Seeing Amy watching, Mary pulled her hand from her skirt and sensually pushed the fingers into her mouth, licking the juices from them, tasting herself. Another mini wave of pleasure rolled over Amy as she watched.

They sat in silence for a minute or two, basking in the afterglow of their shared orgasms. Then, slowly, Mary pulled her legs down from the seat and stood up. She slipped out into the aisle and turned towards the carriage door. As she slipped through she looked back over her shoulder, a smile on her face, a slight tilt of the head, an eyebrow raised questioningly. There was no doubt what she was trying to communicate.

Amy hesitated, but only for a second. “What the hell,” she thought to herself, “why not have a bit more fun?” She climbed to her feet, her legs shaking slightly beneath her, and followed Mary through the door.

To be continued…

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