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Eric Walker was driving home, he had had a quite satisfying Saturday, and it would have extended right through the night as it had it been intended. But it had been cut short because of stomach cramps would you believe, not him, but the young beauty he had been in bed with for most of the day. He had intended to stay all night, but being with a sick woman wasn’t his idea of fun. Though neither he, nor she, was to know, that the stomach cramps were the onset of the pregnancy she was in.

The young beauty was the younger sister of his wife, her husband was working away somewhere, and he had gone over to keep her company. His wife knew of his whereabouts, and in fact condoned it. They had an open marriage and having different sexual partners wasn’t a problem to them. The only stipulation had been honesty, no secret trysts and the like.

Mona was his second wife, his first had been tragically killed in a driving accident fifteen years ago caused by a drunk driver, he himself had been injured but not seriously. It had been Mona, he second wife, who had got him onto an open, some would say swinger’s life. He had actually found it stimulating to have other women, and to recount his exploits with Mona, as she recounted hers to him.

Mona had been the one to get her sister interested in extra marital sex with Eric, after talking like close sisters do. She had told Mona of her husband’s lack of virility in bed, his sex drive was low. And that her marriage was in danger, whether she loved him or not. Mona knowing what a rabid sex animal her own husband was, offered his services, on a trial basis if she wanted to. Caroline, her sister, after long talks finally agreed, and now Eric was a regular lover to her.

Caroline her sister, was as sexy as they came, a real wildcat in bed, an astonishing beauty, small, auburn haired, and perfect bodied. It was in stark contrast to her elder sister, who was a 5ft 9″, auburn haired, statuesque voluptuous lovely. She was ten years younger than he was, Eric was 43, Mona was 33, Caroline was 27, Eric was fit as they came, very good looking, athletic, and with a magnetic appeal to most women.

This was what had attracted her to him in the first place. And there was one thing that he liked about Caroline above all others, it was her love of talking to her husband on the phone, while happily sucking him off. It thrilled her greatly to know he was talking, and she was sucking. It always spurred her on to finish him.

So Mona had snared him, and Eric found happiness once more, both were independently wealthy in their own right. Hers from her parents giant business. He was wealthy from sound investments from money bequeathed him from an Aunt, and a very handsome payout from the insurance company when his wife had been killed. Now they lived in a very exclusive estate of seven houses, it was in a leafy part of town. It was a cul de sac, 3 large separate houses on each side, while theirs, which was the biggest, and was set in 5 acres at the end of the grove, and facing right up it.

He had told Caroline not to call her sister and tell her he was on his way home, the reason? It was because, he had said, “I might not get there.” Caroline had known what he was talking about, and agreed not to call her, laughing, and saying he was a lecherous dog! Now as he turned into the grove he immediately saw a car on their drive, a car that should not have been there without his knowledge. Unless of course something was seriously amiss, but, he thought, if that was the case I should have had a phone call about it.

Now he was suspicious, it was in his nature to be so, he wondered why it was there, what could be the reason? He thought long and hard, he almost called Mona to say he would be home in thirty minutes and see what happened. Instead he made another call. “Hello Kelly, it’s Eric, Is Liam there please Kelly?” he asked.

“No he gone to see Aunty Gemma,” she replied, “she’s ill or something.”

“Will he be long?”

“He called me an hour ago, and said he was staying the night, and he would call me in the morning.”

“Okay no problem, I’ll catch you later, bye” Now he knew something was awry. He decided to take a few photos of the car in his drive on his phone, making sure the date and time was right. He was formulating a plan of his own, one he was 99% certain would succeed.

He left his car and walked down the grove, up the drive and to the back door, there were no lights on in the house except for their own rear facing master bedroom. He unlocked the door with his key and entered into the darkness, he wanted to pee, he was kind of excited. He did so quietly in the downstairs loo.

He made his way upstairs, he could hear noises, and he knew it wasn’t the TV. Stopping here and there to listen, he knew those noises. He had heard them countless times, and he had seen the action many many times too. Mona, his wife was having riotous sex. The door to the bedroom wasn’t shut but slightly ajar, he gently moved it a few inches and peered through the crack.

He couldn’t have said he was surprised bursa escort bayanlar because he already knew what was going on, but he just had to see for himself. There on the bed in full view, was his gorgeous 33 year old wife, her athleticism knew no bounds. She was naked, on her back, her full tits flattened and wobbling about, her feet high over head, her long legs spread. Her hands holding the headboard, “how many times have I seen that,” he thought, “what a wonderful sight!”

It wasn’t the fact that she was being thoroughly fucked, but that he hadn’t known. She hadn’t told him, it must have been arranged, he told himself, because she knew where he would be, bound up in her sisters arms while he screwed the night away with her. It was obvious he wasn’t supposed to know either. Holding his phone to the crack in the door, he snapped three pictures, and a short video, he daren’t do any more in case they heard it in between the gasping and the bed squeaking.

He left them to it, and hurried away, in his car he pondered his next move. And he checked the photos, one wasn’t any good, it was too blurred, but the other two, and the video caught them perfectly. “Mona would be proud of them, perfect” he thought sardonically, “if perfect is the right term,” he thought. Her face was a mask of pure pleasure as the man’s cock thundered in and out, his body muscles were tensed as he drove at her.

“Kelly, I need to see you, can I come round?” he said, he was already halfway there.

“Yes Eric of course, what’s wrong?”

“I’ll tell you in ten minutes okay?” and he put the phone down. He had lusted after her from the moment he had met her, but because of who she was, he hadn’t pursued her, or it. But now all bets were off, he was going after her. She knew of course that he was a lusty man. He had told her a few times that if she wasn’t who she was, he would have chased her to the ends of the earth, seduced her, and taken her to bed. And Kelly had picked up a few tid bits in his, and Mona’s company, to know he was a prime sexual beast.

Kelly had laughed, and joining in with him had said playfully, or not, he wasn’t sure. “And I can assure you that if we weren’t who we were, I would definitely chase you as well!” He had nearly been shocked by her answer, but it had stayed in his mind too, now he was intending to find out if she was ‘game for a laugh or not?’

Kelly was the wife, of the man screwing his wife in his own bed. And the man screwing his wife, was his own son! Kelly was his son’s one year old wife, a relatively new bride. She was of eastern origins from long ago, she was absolutely gorgeous in a soft feline way, with long flowing jet black hair. Eric had never made an effort with her because she was his son’s wife, but now it was different. Eric Walker was in hunting mode, his predatory instincts were on full alert, and he was going after his son’s wife, his daughter in law.

“After all,” he said to himself in the car he was driving, “he’s gone after mine, and succeeded admirably!” he thought ruefully. He tried to think back, why he hadn’t seen any signs, “this can’t have been the first time, that’s impossible.” But try as he might he couldn’t. He arrived at his son’s home, then made a call before he went in.

“Hi Mona, how are you?” he asked.

“Hi baby, I’m good thanks,” she sounded a little breathless he smiled. “Is Caroline in good form Eric?”

“Couldn’t be better,” he told her, “What are you up to Mona?”

“I’m in bed with my book,” she said.

“Your book, ah okay then Mona, well,” he said, “I had better get back,” and he snickered.

“Yes Eric, give her my love won’t you?” He knew now his son would not be arriving home unexpectedly.

“Will do, goodnight, and I’ll see you tomorrow afternoon,” he closed his phone. Now it was all up to him, him and his hopefully unregistered assault on his son’s beautiful wife. He was sure she had never been unfaithful, not yet! He chortled happily to himself.

He knocked on the door, and was glad he had showered before he had left Caroline. Kelly answered it, and she was only wearing a dressing gown, ‘ready for bed?’ he told himself, ‘might be half way there already!’

“Hi Eric, great to see you, but what brings you here at this time of night, Mona will think you are being naughty?” she said cheerfully.

“Actually Kelly, she doesn’t know I’m here, so it’s our secret okay?” he said as he walked in, he caught a whiff of her perfume, it was delicious.

She looked perplexed, “So why are you here then?”

“Let’s sit down,” he murmured, “I need to talk to you, and show you something, you might not like.”

She looked at him worriedly, she was already worried about Liam, he seemed to have gone off her a bit lately, and they had only been married a year. He had been picking faults and the like. She was actually wondering if he had met someone else.

“What is it Eric?” she said as she sat on the sofa, so he sat right next to her.

“You know how much I love you Kelly bayan sarisin escort bursa don’t you?” he said, she nodded her lovely dark head. “And that I wouldn’t hurt you for the world,” he gazed at her, “even though I get excited every time I’m near you, especially being alone with you like I am now.”

“Eric, don’t be naughty, you have said this before, we both know I’m your son’s wife, you can’t feel this way about me, it’s not right.”

“Yes I know, but you do excite me, okay?” he said, and then laid a hand on her knee, she never flinched. “I think, no, I don’t think I know, Kelly,” he said, “that Mona is seeing another man behind my back Kelly, someone she shouldn’t be seeing.”

“No, not Mona, I can’t believe that Eric,” Kelly said, “are you sure?”

“Yes Kelly I’m positive,” he said, looking down, hoping for sympathy. Then she said words that were music to his ears.

“If Liam did that, I’d kill him, and I would fight fire with fire!”

“Fire with fire Kelly, what do you mean?” knowing full well what she had meant.

“I would do what he was, and he would be the one to break, not me!” she scowled. “What proof do you have Eric?” This was sounding promising Eric thought.

He squeezed her knee affectionately, “I have a couple of photos of her in bed, having sex, or making love, or whatever you want to call it, with another man.” He looked crestfallen, she embraced him, he moved closer, and his arm went around her waist to hold her.

“This is unbelievable Eric, who is he, do you know him?”

Eric nodded his head sagely, “Yes Kelly, I do, and so do you.”

“I know him, who is this terrible man? If I could get my hands on him, I would… I would…” words failed her. Eric took out his phone, but moved closer to his target.

“This is the photo and a short video I took outside my house tonight, it shows his car, there’s the date and time,” he told her showing it to her. Kelly peered at it, confirmed what he had just said, then she looked closer, her eyes widened.

“Wow Eric, it looks just like Liam’s car,” she said, then she looked at him, she saw the look on his face. “No Eric, that can’t be Liam’s car, why would he be at your house?”

He flicked the phone, his arm tightened around her, “here we go,” he said in his head. “Look at these two photos and the video Kelly,” he told her. They were clear shots of Mona having sex, she was on her back, her oval face intent on him as he screwed her, her were feet over her shoulders, her hands holding on to the headboard. The man was obviously hammering her, and then recognition dawned.

“No, he isn’t Eric, he can’t be, she’s your wife Eric, his step mother,” she sucked in an urgent breath, “the bastard, no wonder you are upset.”

Eric pulled her close, she went willingly, he kissed her cheek, told her to try and stand apart from what he was showing her. “I’m here for you Kelly, you know that don’t you?”

She cried tears into his chest, he comforted her.

“No wonder he’s been off with me lately, they are having an affair, and you and I are victims of it. How unfair can that be!” she shouted.

“Yes we are Kelly, we are victims,” he said softly, he was using his best seductive, helpless little boy lost voice, “but if you want to think about it, we don’t have to be victims do we. Remember what you said. Fire with fire, unless that was just words?”

“I will, I would, Eric, what are you suggesting?”

“Fire with fire Kelly, that’s what you said, I can’t think of a better way for some revenge. And we are already close aren’t we?” He hugged her close, but without actually saying so, he was telling her he was ready to make love to her. Payback!

“Revenge Eric, Hah that would make me, and you, as bad as them!”

“Yes and what fun it would be,” he told her, his fingers stroked across her nipples.

“Eric, don…” then Kelly suddenly, realised what he was meaning, and she just as suddenly saw the revenge in it too. Even if they never knew, just like she and Eric weren’t supposed to.

“Ah now I see, yes, revenge, it would be,” she said, she was thinking of the fun part.

“Revenge might not be the right word Kelly, but I’m blowed if I am going to let them get away with it, and not fight back.” he deliberately brushed her nipples again.

“Eric, I said don’t…” but the revelation that her husband was screwing his step mother, the wife of his own father behind his, and hers back, dawned fully now. What she had told him about each chasing the other now sounded a pretty good idea.

“How much do you want me Eric, I am your daughter in law after all you know?” Without skipping a beat, the highly sensitized predator man that he was, took the leap. He gripped a nipple, kissed her cheek and then her neck, as he squeezed and rolled the captive nub.

He heard a small sigh as he caressed, rolled and squeezed it, the little sensitive bullet of flesh. He knew the value of what he was attempting. Although he didn’t want to rush her. He bursa evi olan eskort knew almost certainly that she would give in to what he was after given the time. It was important, he believed, that she led from the rear, even if she didn’t know it. That she believed that it was she who was going to be pissing on her husband’s parade.

His teeth nipped her ear, her head moved into his space, he leaned over a little and kissed her gently on the lips, a tighter squeeze on her nipple brought her closer. “Eric,” she whispered, she was doubting the wisdom of this, she was faltering. He had to act, he kissed and bit her neck a bit more, he squeezed her nipple harder, but not hard enough to hurt.

He felt her relaxing, then she tensed, and said, “But what if Liam comes home?”

“He won’t be back tonight Kelly,” he had planned this bit, “I have called Mona already to check on her, she told me she was in bed with her book. I know my wife, Liam will be there all night. I told her I would see her tomorrow afternoon. Just to let her know, how safe she would be up until around lunchtime.”

“And now,” he said, “I’m here, you are here, we are alone with no possibility of interruptions. The world as they say, is our oyster, if you want it to be that is?” Kelly relaxed proper then, but his fingers were already working their magic while he had been talking. Kelly was appreciating the wonderful buzz already spreading to the bits that matter in a body like hers. She was succumbing to her father in law, and she liked it. She had always thought of him as a sexy man, a man of the world. Then his mouth closed on her hot lips proper for the first time. Her husband was getting turned over by his own dad, just as he was being turned over.

She knew she was going to be unfaithful to her husband of one year with this older man, her father in law.

“Are you sure this is the right thing to do Eric?” she whispered as he leaned her back into the sofa.

“I don’t know if I would use the word ‘right’ Kelly, but this is going to be such fun, and if you really get into it. You can picture them, both in my bed. They, thinking they have put one over on us big time, when in actual fact, it’s going to be the other way round?” he told her, as he captured a nipple proper. Kelly’s eyes closed at the touch of bare flesh on bare flesh, and the thought of what he had just said, Kelly would object no more.

Her hand drifted on to his thigh, it was a show of unsaid consent, Eric knew what it was and gave a sigh of relief. He gently, but insistently attacked her, never stopping his assault. Her neck, her lips, her face, her eyes, her ears, her nipples. Everything he did was designed for her total seduction without another thought from her. Kelly laid back and revelled in the loving touches, kisses and caresses. He was over her, he had hoped to get her straight into bed. But now thought better of it, he would make love to his gorgeous 21 year old daughter in law right here on her sofa. Then he would take her to bed while she was still up in the air.

Soon her blouse was open, her bra of no use, her skirt came down and off. Kelly was groping for the cock she had been feeling pressing on her thigh, she was becoming urgent to get it in her hands. He stood quickly, there was no point in struggling to get his own gear off, that would waste precious time. She had never seen him naked, Eric had a good body, and he was proud of his good looks. He briefly stood over her, she let her eyes roam over him. Then he was over her, leaning, and towering above the beautiful girl she was.

Eric kissed her passionately, softly and lovingly, she grasped him, he was hard and he was big, Kelly swooned. “Put me in you Kelly,” he whispered in her ear, she rubbed the soft firm velvet head on her glistening pussy lips, he pressed, and then he slid in like a train glides into a rail station.

Kelly moaned, “Oh, oh, oh, Oh Eric, Hmmmm, Oh yessss, that feels so nice Eric” she hissed. He pulled back, he was still being gentle, once he was all the way in, then his beautiful daughter in law would feel the benefit of a cock, that had been made by God himself for the sole use of satisfying women. He bottomed out, withdrew slowly and slid back in, he was slowly speeding up, as that gliding train had slid in, it would gather speed to full throttle, until it was flat out. Like an unstoppable express train, and it would bypass all stations until she crashed and burned in total train wrecking climaxes, orgasms, and detonations.

Eric was a master, even his wife didn’t know this man, he had used this method before, this was his second time. He knew women, and if he got the chance of someone more than special, and his daughter in law was more than super special. Now his concentration on her was total, what he wanted didn’t matter, she was the prime receiver and hopeful benefactor of his complete loving, that was all that mattered to him.

He would reap his reward later with her, he knew that. Kelly was a vibrant, beautiful sexy young woman, and she was in need. She had more or less told him that, he would satisfy that need now in spades. His wife Mona was a beautiful sexy woman too, of that there was no doubt, but Kelly had what Mona used to have, but now no longer did. Kelly had naiveté, youth, expectation, the desolate need of a scared girl to be loved by her daddy, well daddy was going to give her all she needed even if it killed him.

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