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Another one of my storiesWell here we go again. Like I said 100 percent true a c***dhood friend of mine wanted me to post some of my stories. I’m no writer but your comments are welcome. Back to the department store I worked at for the cleaning company there was this merchandise coordinator. She was a third key in other words she could open and close the store. About 5-2 black hair 120 pounds she was cute as a button as they say. Well one Sat. morning she had to open up with me. We had to be there at eight but the store officially opened at ten. So just me her and another sort of manager was all alone for two hours. Now this wasn’t the first time we opened together on a Sat. I was running late as usual like I said I had no boss I was probably only five or ten minutes late but as soon as I walked in the door I hear over the intercom please lock the door behind you. I knew the drill because sometimes customers come in and wait for two hours at the inside door. I turned around locked the doors and got to work. I put my ipod on and got busy first order of business the restrooms. The ladies in particular because their always in worst shape then the mens. I’m working fast not realizing what time it is because I still have to burnish the floors when the manager I’ll call her S startled me a little. She said something I couldn’t hear. I looked around to see if the fat one was around but didn’t see her so I smacked s on the ass. This was a daily routine she didn’t mind me or any other alpha male smacking that booty. When I smack it I grab and spread her cheeks to send a shiver to her pu**y. She mumbled something else smiled and left. I still had my earphones on so I didn’t hear a word she said. I never thought it would go farther than a couple smacks on the rear every now and then because she was married but I did hear she like to make out with people when she got men and women. So I go about my business deep cleaning the ladies room and lightly cleaning the türbanlı escort mens. I mopped the floor and gwet ready to burnish but thought f it its a saturday the floors look good enough. I start sweeping the steps leading up stairs when S comes back up on me. She’s wearing a dark blue blouse and some white cargo type pants. She stars talking to me I tell her to hold up and remove my earphones. She frowns and asked if I heard anything she said all day. I go the day just started. She giggled a little and goes I was saying how the hell do you deal with this sh*t I’m so damn bored I could strangle somebody. I ask her if the other lady keeping her company. She says thats the b she’s about to strangle. I tell her I can think of something to pass the time. She says whatever I’m not your type plus your a little to conservative. With that she walks away swaying her as* and tells me she’d be in the office if I need her. I put my earphones back on and it dawns on me she went upstairs to the little office without a camera instead of the main office. I start to walk behind her but I see the fat b walking up to me fast. Did you see S she asked me. Yeah upstairs I say, So now I’m fake sweeping the steps waiting for this fat b (excuse me for saying fat b but thats how everyone described her) to leave the office. I start pulling trash out the cans when I spot her leaving out. F it thats my excuse for going in there I walks in hey S you have any trash to pull. I notice her shutting the top drawer fast as hell. No one use this office so why would I have trash ugly she says. I smile but can’t help looking at the top of her breasts which for some reason was exposed more then I remembered. You think i’m ugly was the only come back I could come up with. Stop looking at my breasts she said what you never seen white titties. Not up close I lied. You never been with a white girl she asked. Nope i said because I know most white girls like türbanlı escort bayan to hear that. She didn’t believe me. My boyfriend before I got married was black she told me. He was a real a**hole. Not all of us is I assured her. Are you one she asked. I said of course. So why did you really come in here she wanted to know. I looked at my ipod it was only 840 to make out I said. What like kissing and shit she said. Yeah we can start with that and see where it leads. Okay and just like that she got up out her chair and we started kissing. We started with those little c***dhood pecks then I took over. I learned how to kiss at an early age so I went in stared sucking on her tongue flicking mine around biting her lips and the whole time I was grabbing that ass spreading it open and sinking my fingers in. I made the next move and pulled one of her titties out and started going to work on it. She was moaning like crazy. Her husband was a military man and had been deployed for some time. While I was sucking her left nipple i reached my hand down her pants and to my surprise she wasn’t wearing any panties. I soon had her bare ass in my hands pulling at it like a wild man. I got her off me and spun her around pulling her pants down to her ankles. I palmed her pu**y with my right hand practically lifting her up in the air. She was already in a state of arousal. As my hand massaged her mound she started cumming already. I then opened her ass but she said no that’s strictly for my husband. I honored her request and took aim at that sweet sweet pu**y. I had some resistance because she was tight as all hell but her wetness made up for it as I finally got all the way inside her she started having another orgasm. I know women can fake orgasms with sunds and noises but you can’t fake those seizure like vibrations your body has when a real one hit you. I left my di*k buried inside her while I unbuttoned my shirt and tried to escort türbanlı throw it off but my earphones got caught. So I took my cock out her and carefully removed my earphones. I could still hear the music so I re entered her moist mound as tupac’s all eyes on me played. I slowly entered back and forth slow and long with a lot of force. I was grabbing her ass spreading her cheeks as I slowly pounded her good pu**y. I llike her round soft white ass and was able to control her from my grip on her butt cheeks pulling her back into me Every time I hit the bottom of her vagina. This slow fu*k was driving her wild as she started telling me how good I was. I then poked part of my thumb in her anal passage not releasing my grip. She begin having multiple o’s every time i put my weight on her and poked the deepest she went over the edge. Her face was flat on the desk and I could barely make out anything she said. I never lost focus as I fu*ked her into oblivion. She begged me not to cum inside her. I for the most part oblige a women’s request especially the married ones especially if I have to see them again. So when I felt myself at the brink I pulled out and nutted all over her gorgeous white ass aiming for her anal rose bud. I began smacking my di*k on her butt as I emptied the last drop on her back. I wasn’t done with this one but when I looked up the fat b was standing there in the doorway enjoying the show. S was drained but she surprised me and said are you going to just stand there and watch or are you going to lick my a** . Before she could respond I yanked S pants up and smacked her a** so my cum could stick to it. She smiled and said you are an asshole. The fat b stood there for a while so I motioned her over. I pushed her down on her kness and stared smacking her in the face with my cock. She then gave me a good old fashion ball licking bj. She then licked s Pu**y. I was about to bend her big ass over but time wasn’t on my side. So I put my Di*k away without busting a second time and we all left out the office to open the store. Later that day S whispered to me her a** still had my dried up cum all over it. I told her I should have let the fat b clean her up. We both laughed she said she was glad I didn’t because she like men that are assholes.

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