Another Football Season…

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It’s the middle of August and already my son of a bitch husband has started his annual pilgrimage to his “man cave” to watch football. It doesn’t matter if it’s college or the pros Barry just can’t get enough.

From now until the middle of January I’ll be a football widow and he’ll forget that I even exist.

Pre season means Thursday night games of the local pro talent. The pig skin addict’s chance to see if the top draft choices actually are worth the millions their being paid.

After a quick supper Barry announced he was going downstairs to catch a game. “Oh of course.” I said adding. “See you in January.”

Barry looked over his shoulder with a disgusting grin on his lips. I think he actually enjoyed doing this every fall.

I flipped him off just before he disappeared down the basement stairs to his man cave.

“Fuck him.” I thought. “I’ll just go spend some of his hard earned money.”

I went upstairs to our bedroom and changed into a tight pair of jeans and an even tighter white tank top. I ran a brush through my short auburn hair and slipped into a pair of sneakers. Perfect for an evening of shopping at the Strawberry Square Mall.

Barry’s law degree and junior partnership at Yost, Yost and Burns allows me to enjoy almost anything I like and what I like most is shopping.

I put the top down on my silver SLK55 AMG and sped off to the mall without saying good bye to Mr. Pig Skin.

Strawberry Square is a short drive and in no time I was pulling into a space at one end of the mall.

As I approached the entrance a couple of college boys strolled by and checked me out. I was happy to realize that at thirty five I could still attract the attention of a couple twenty year olds.

But then again I do work out regularly and since Barry decided he wanted his trophy wife to have, as he put it, “slightly bigger tits” my tank tops reveal enough to attract anyone with a cock between his legs.

First stop Monica’s Boutique.

“PEG!” Monica nearly screamed as I rounded the corner of her display window and entered her shop.

“Hi Monica whats new?” I asked.

Monica smiles all the time but her smile widened as she approached me.

“Peg I don’t think I’ve seen you all summer. Where ya been darlin?” Monica asked.

My golden tan should have told her but I answered. “Spent eight weeks down the shore this summer.”

Monica shook her finger at me and warned. “That sun is gonna give you wrinkles if your not careful Peg.”

“Maybe but I still love relaxing on the beach and letting my skin bake.” I admitted knowing Monica was completely correct in her warning.

“So Escort Bayan Gaziantep darlin what brings you to the mall on a Thursday night?” Monica asked.

“Football.” was my one word reply.

Monica grinned and said. “Oh yes another glorious football season. My business always picks up when the gridiron action begins.”

“So show me whats new Monica.” I asked.

“Right this way Peg.” Monica answered waving me past and deeper into her cute little boutique.

For the next forty five minutes I tried on everything from business suits for women to sexy lingerie and dropped a couple hundred of Barry’s hard earned dollars.

“Well Monica I suppose I’ve spent enough can I stop by later to pick up my packages. I wanna see whats hot at Muhollands Shoe Store and I hate carrying all these bags.” I asked.

“Sure Peg I’m here til closing tonight.” Monica replied.

“Thanks hun I’ll see you around nine.” I said.

As I window shopped my way to the other end of the mall where Muhollands was I noticed those two college types still lurking around and checking me out.

Feeling rather brazen and knowing it was going to be a long football season I walked up to them and said. “Are you two following me?”

One turned bright red but the other kept his cool and replied. “And what if we were. You’re certainly a very hot looking MILF.”

I had never heard the term MILF and not wanting to back down to this guy I asked. “And just exactly what is a MILF?”

He grinned and instantly answered. “MILF stands for mother I’d like to fuck.”

“Shouldn’t that be MILTF then?” I asked.

He looked confused until his youthful mind figured it out.

“No matter.” He said. “I’d still love to throw a quickie into you.”

“Not a snowballs chance in hell buddy.” I quickly replied before turning and leaving the two of them trying to figure where they went wrong.

Muhollands was empty and I made short order to another buck fifty of Barry’s cash and headed back to Monica’s with a new pair of stiletto heels and another pair of high heeled boots.

“Monica you’re never going to believe this but some college kid and his friend called me a MILF earlier.” I said as I returned to Monica’s Boutique.

Monica grinned and said. “And what’s your point Peg. You are a MILF.”

“Maybe so but he was so obnoxious about how he said he wanted to throw a quickie into me.” I told Monica.

Monica grinned and said. “Peg being a MILF is a good thing. Think about it. If someone young enough to consider you a mother still wants to get you in the sack you must still be looking pretty good.

“So what should I have done Monica?” I asked.

Without hesitation Monica replied. “Ya should have brought both of them back here and we could have had some fun in the back room.”

“Oh my God Monica you have to be kidding!” I exclaimed.

Monica looked at me with a serious look on her face. She said. “Darlin your hubby is home staring at a football game. What are your chances of getting any from him tonight?”

“Slim and none.” I replied.

“Exactly.” Monica said then added. “So you had a chance to go home satisfied and gave up the chance. Now you’ll just have to be happy with making yourself happy later.”

Monica was right. Even if I walked into Barry’s man cave wearing nothing but my new stilettos I’d be lucky if I could get him to let me suck his cock while he continued watching the damn football game.

“Next time two young studs call you a MILF darlin you grab them by the balls and drag them back here and we’ll share some hot young cock.” Monica suggested.

“We’ll see Monica.” I said as I grabbed by bags and headed for the exit.

It had cooled off some by the time I left the mall and as I walked across the parking lot my nipples reacted to the cool night air and became twin nubs pressing at the fabric of my tank top. In the back of my mind I wished those two young studs would be waiting outside for me. I know if they had been my hard nipples would have encouraged them to give me another shot. And after my talk with Monica I very well may have given in to their desires.

They were no where to be found and as I drove out of the nearly empty lot I thought. “It’s a long season I’m gonna have to keep my eyes open for those two and see if Monica was right.

The garage door closed quietly behind me and I gathered up my purchases and walked into the kitchen. Barry had his head stuffed in the frig looking for something.

“What is it half time?” I said with a disgusted tone of voice.

He straightened up holding a beer and said. “End of the third. Gotta go.” Then turned and disappeared downstairs.

I stood there in the kitchen thinking. “He’s an idiot. I’m standing here with my nipples nearly tearing the material of my tank top. If he’d have just asked I would have followed him downstairs and fucked him silly.”

“Fuck you Barry.” I whispered so only I could hear.

I headed to the bed room alone and rather horny. Once there I stripped naked and after brushing my hair slipped under the cool white cotton sheets of our bed.

As I lay there stewing over my son of a bitch husbands ignorance my mind returned to the mall and those two boys who had tried to pick me up.

My delicate fingers moved to my breasts and began softly massaging the warm creamy flesh. My nipples returned to the erect state they had been in earlier.

I imagined how much different my night would have been had I given him more than a snowballs chance in hell and been more receptive to his comment about throwing a quickie into me.

My fingers slid down from my breasts toward the cleanly shaven mount of soft flesh above my pussy. I imagined his young hand sliding there and beyond.

I dipped my finger between the outer lips and found the moist warm folds of my pussy. With closed eyes I fantasized his middle finger slipping between those lips and finding an erect clitoris.

My own finger found that nub of pleasure and began circling the hard bulb at the center.

In my minds eye I reached for his erection and slowly began rubbing the length of hard cock shaft with soft delicate fingers.

I slipped a second finger between my swelling pussy lips to join the first at my hard clit.

As I became more and more intoxicated with the motion of my own fingers my mind raced with the idea of holding his throbbing cock naked in my hand.

The heat of youthful cock. The rock hardness of his cock shaft pressing against my palm. The soft flaring flesh of his sensitive corona as my fingers sensually slid over it time and time again.

My fingers slipped down and deep into the wet searing heat of my completely alive pussy. Involuntarily my hips began moving against my fingers.

I could almost feel him as he positioned his body over mine. His strong hands pressing my thighs apart spreading me open to accept his blood engorged cock.

A third finger joined the first two and my hips began to move faster and faster as I fingered my soaking wet twitching pussy closer and closer to orgasm.

My fantasy continued. His taut cock head touched my pussy lips and I spread my self wider in anticipation of his first lustful plunge inside.

And then he was inside. In one mighty youthful thrust his rock hard cock was buried to the hilt. Throbbing pulsing twitching inside my searing hot soaking wet pussy.

“Fuck me!” I whispered imagining my youthful lover was there to hear my plea.

My fingers in a blaze of erotic motion brought me to an incredible climax. My pussy flooded with fuck juices. Spear after incredible spear of pleasure shot from my loins up into my brain where I imagined my wonderful college boy fucking me until he filled me his boiling thick salty tasting cum.

As my orgasm subsided I slid my fingers to my mouth and licked the sweet juices from them. It was going to be a long football season. As I fell asleep I almost couldn’t wait until the next game.

To Be Continued….

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